Dry Kill Logic - Buckles Lyrics

Pain-is deserved
For there's one thing you've forgotten to
Say- to acknowledge
That you've taken what's been given
Away-for the last time
And there will be NO forgiveness
Today-nor ever
As the walls close in around you... ... within these walls

I spend
All my life
searching for something
And it starts to seem like it's a lie
The more you run, the less your chances
Are you scared to quit? Scared to die?

Because it's all my life [chorus]

Shame- you're feeling
As the choices made reveal what
Remains- forever
Soon you start to lose your sense of
Control- As its fading
As you sense that it is slipping
Away like old time
Now it all comes back to haunt you... ...within these walls

[Chorus (leave out last part (scared to die)]

Scared to be ALONE
You want and need to be ALONE
Now as you strive to be ALONE
Now I'm afraid to be ALONE
But that goes away...
Within these walls I spend
Within these walls I spend

[Chorus x2]

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