Drowning Pool - Reminded Lyrics

Down too long like I was before
And I've never thought I'd see the day
Can't be wrong 'cause I know the score
And I guess there is no other way
Reminded of you
There it is all in black and white
And it looks like that's the way it goes
Doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
'Cause by now I'm sure that I know
Never felt so undecided
Everything I've ever had has been taken away
Little boy so scared and frightened
All of the things that have happened I'm surely to blame
Accept your fate then you'll be well but the truth is that it never ends
You can say that you've been through hell
But you'll always lose another friend
Never felt so unimportant
Everything I've ever said has been taken in vain
Little girl so scared and frightened
All of the things that I do are still subject to change

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Drowning Pool Reminded Comments
  1. hell rider

    fuck yes🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘



  3. Colin Miller

    Favorites: Bodies, Tear Away, Reminded (this), Follow and Sermon

  4. Jabbar Muhammad

    Reminded of you!!!

  5. jay gillespie

    Where's the lyrics?

  6. Nihilo The Punk

    Drowning Pool - Reminded
    Completed Lyrics version:

    *insane metal instrumental*

    Down too long like I was before
    And I've never thought I'd see the day..
    Can't be wrong 'cause I know the score
    And I guess there is no other way..

    Reminded of you! (x4)

    There it is all in black and white
    And it looks like that's the way it goes..
    Doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
    'Cause by now I'm sure that I know..

    Reminded of you! (x4)

    Never felt so undecided.. (undecided!)
    Everything I've ever had has been taken away!
    Little boy so scared and frightened.. (scared and frightened!)
    All of the things that have happened I'm surely to blame!

    *insane metal instrumental*

    Accept your fate then you will be well
    But the truth is that it never ends..
    You can say that you've been through Hell
    But you'll always lose another friend..

    Reminded of you! (x4)

    Never felt so unimportant.. (unimportant!)
    Everything I've ever said has been taken in vain!
    Little girl so scared and frightened.. (scared and frightened!)
    All of the things that I do are still subject to change!

    Reminded of you! (x4)

    *insane scream mode activated* REMINDED OF YOU!!! (x4)

  7. Youssef Rezkou

    novembre 2019 :)

  8. Untitled Destroyer

    Green minded of you

  9. Blaine Hall

    fuck Dragon Ball Z! This is a great band with a great singer who had passed! Why is everybody so obsessed over stupid video game?! Ugh!

  10. Alex Krzywicki

    SpongeBob should sing Reminded by Drowning Pool or it should be a PMV instead. I figured out how to make 1, 2, or 10 hours of the song.

  11. Liam Cullen

    Drowning pool brought me hear just saying

  12. Untitled Destroyer

    Remind interview?

    That's what I hear

  13. Taylor Straede

    Who else likes drowning pool and searched for the song instead of hearing of the song from dragon ball z? Thumbs up so I know whos real.

  14. Exotic - Truth - Seeker - Artist



  15. Shrek the 100th

    My great taste in music has brought me here.

  16. Potluck5

    Let's ENJOY THE SONG, and not DBZ. I have nothing against DBZ, but let's just take some time to listen to Dave Williams.

  17. ProGoalie

    So im the only one who didnt come here from dbz

    Blaine Hall

    ProGoalie I know me too

  18. 5altineツ


  19. mandoro kely

    fucking Dave Williams, fucking singer, awesome, i remind you guy :)

  20. ollie

    I’m just here because this song showcases Dave William’s voice beautifully. RIP

  21. soulassassin0g

    What's this? Saiyan insect! Prepare to be squashed!

  22. William Register

    I will be Will. Oh well, just trapped in a world where everything is in my head exclusively and I am possessed by the God of it. No help for me, then again, I am getting SSI...

  23. Matthew T Olson

    Everything I ever had has been taken away.

  24. StingerGamer

    "You got a lot to learn brother"

  25. KGBeast

    Freiza i'm coming for you you murderous traitor it's over! so amazing

  26. Chris Oliver

    You've got a lot to learn brother

  27. Dustin Ludlow

    2:34 you have a lot to learn brother

  28. Kyle Boomer Xx

    99% animie shit comments
    1% normal Comments

    Like if agreed


    I found out about Drowning Pool before Cooler's Revenge but I came here becouse of that movie lol. I guess you could say I was "reminded"...

  29. levente rácz

    Ma life

  30. sickness_cuz_duhh -

    Frieza we dont work for you anymore got it oh yea and theres just one more thing boom pow bardok dies an planet vegeta dies

  31. Kyle Boomer Xx

    Comment section

    10% good song

    90% I cane here from coolers revenge dbz

    5% best song ever



    1% Random comment replying to another random comment
    100% comments.

  32. Adrien Somoza

    Same riff as Limp Bizkit --> pollution https://youtu.be/N08hvOQ4qGE

  33. Myths OF

    Anyone know any simular songs to this?

  34. Robert Dixon

    its just awsome

  35. Conrado Montiel Zamora

    This track is so fucking powerful!

  36. Keara Yuki

    I grew up on this band<3

  37. Matthew Sinsel

    this song always reminds me of people ive lost in my life people I miss but ill see them on the  other side

  38. Damian Stachowski

    Song that plays when Cooler make a bad decision

  39. Bryan

    How about a middle finger if you've been listening to this shit since the album came out 16 years ago. I like dragon ball Z just as much as the next person, but some of you all fucked up if you only got into them from Dragon Ball Z.🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  40. Technicolor Snail

    Cozy type of music can anyone recommend anything else like this?

  41. Steel 74

    this song was perfect for the beginning of bardock : father of goku

  42. Tammy Hauck

    Dedicating to those, who take me in vain, Lacy, Frankie, Jewely, Cait, Athena, Vicki,, David, Mercedes, etc.

  43. 1Fertig1

    A genius band which was active for far too short.

  44. Tarlo The Boar

    Bardock: FREIZA!!! IT'S OVER! YOU HEAR ME WE QUIT! WE ALL DO! *Freiza Charges Up Supernova Whilst Cooler watches from his ship*

  45. Jeffafa

    The sound track of DB Super could never touch this....

  46. Reflective

    "FRIEZA, I'M COMING FOR YOU, YOU MURDEROUS SELF-SERVING TRAITOR IT'S OVER" "Hehehe, No way Frieza" "Frieza listen up, we quit ALL OF US, GOT IT, WE DON'T WORK FOR YOU ANYMORE" 'YOU CAN FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK" "Frieza, You've lived long enough, actually it's been to long for my case." ETC. ETC. ETC.

    sickness disease

    Perfect Cell hell ya I love that movie poor bardok thou

  47. Kimi97

    You know what... fuck DBZ.


    DBZ is the best, and so was DBGT and DBAF.



    Gabriel Rodriguez

    Kimi97 I actually like DBZ but I totally respect your opinion,this is an awesome song btw

  48. Kyle Boomer Xx

    Where are the lyrics

  49. Edge Valmond

    Bardock is a badass heh. The irony though the one saiyan Frieza feared the most had his son return to defeat him in the end. Frieza's arrogance was his downfall. Also cooler's laziness as well. If cooler killed Goku while he was making his way to Earth,none of the events would have taken place. So in a twisted sense,Cooler's hatred for Frieza caused all of their downfall. Bardock was the strongest saiyan of his time. He became so strong that he made it onto Frieza's threat list(providing he has one of course). The ending of the movie was sad really. In the end Bardock realized he could be good. Goku managed to change him in the end,but that did not stop the fate of Planet Vegeta. The whole Bardock episode thing was good,but I believe it wasn't canon. Which is good because if it was,it would have taken out of the entire moment. DBZ super does not hold a candle to Bardock's short story.

  50. Jacob Meunier

    the song kicks ass

  51. Berg das Piruleta

    Fuck DBZ
    This music is a classic of Drowning Pool (And the Best)

    Mr. Heart Man

    Oh snap, because fictional characters can do that.

    Q Reeves

    "Fuck DBZ" Lol, you sound like loads of fun.

    Chill Will

    what is this don't talk about your father like that

  52. Uniqua, Dominator of Earth


  53. Zero The ᎮᏒᎥᏋᏕᏖ の


  54. Thelazyllamaextraordinaire's !!!!

    My new favourite song love it <3

  55. Justin Irizarry

    Well kakarots father really had it handed to him huh.


    Stop calling me that!

    Justin Irizarry

    +XRT-3XREME-C0M8ATG4M1N9 PR0DUCT1ONZ excuse me?

  56. Cristian Pinelo

    Dragon Ball Z brought me here!

    Michael :v

    Yep man


    same here


    Dragon ball z brought all of us here

    Mr. Demetrius-sama

    Peter Griffin True

    Michael :v

    and now im out of it and into marvel

  57. ärsyttävä

    Ok so I was just listening to other music and found my way here and the first thing I thought when the song started playing was "Gasp! This was in Coolers Revenge!" xD

  58. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Possible my favorite DP song. This and "Tearing Away".

    Oh, and what's up with the formatting of your lyrics? I mean, they're all right, but... weird formatting. Guess I'm just OCD like that.

    Anyway, thanks for the post.

  59. sickness disease

    man to think Dragonball led me here now drowning pool is my 2 fav band

  60. Tyler Kearney

    dbz brought me here.

  61. BrolyLSSJ01

    Also, this may just be me, but I feel like this song really fits in that scene in Tekken: The Motion Picture where Lee is talking with Nina about defeating Kazuya.
    "The opponent this time is Kazuya Mishima. I have to finish him off. Because, I can't bare the thought of losing you, Nina!"

  62. BrolyLSSJ01

    "Frieza's the one in charge of this quadrant. Let him clean up his own mess. I've got seven planets to destroy by the end of the day. Why should I allow myself to get behind schedule just to cover his mistake? Besides, it's just a Saiyan child. He's no threat to us. [while watching Frieza on the screen] Ah, look at him. What foolishness. He's so pleased with himself that he's blinded by his arrogant pride. That could be King Vegeta in that space pod for all he knows. You got a lot to learn, brother."

    brent shedd


    sickness_cuz_duhh -

    And then goku kills him he couldve doged a whole world of hurt by killed goku but no

    Derek Clawson

    Because Cooler underestimated a child.

  63. KidXantanax777

    Coooolers revenge begginning

  64. ego death

    I fucking love that chorus.

  65. Muhammad Hasif

    where do I want to find full lyrics.


    the description

    Muhammad Hasif

    Where ?

  66. The Fantom Convoy

    DBZ brought me here lel

  67. Legendary SonicBreaker69

    my brother defeated by a sayin thats ubserd

  68. Legendary SonicBreaker69

    ha. ha ha ha. its wonder full

  69. sig mocs

    i wanna see some more drowning pool in the next dbz movie

  70. Justin Gutierrez

    This song is a rip off of Limp Bizkit's song "Pollution" released in 1997.

  71. Tyrannical Ty-rex

    im probably about 10000 of these veiws

  72. Latah

    "Never felt so undecided
    Everything I've ever had has been taken away
    Little boy so scared and frightened
    All of the things that have happened I'm surely to blame"
    That line gives me chill every time

  73. Quintillion Ent

    Dragon ball Z brought me here


    +Quintillion same lol

  74. superstarduck 3

    There were no lyrics


    Read Description buddy.

  75. Joey Peterson

    LETS GO!!!!!

  76. Paul F

    This should be the opening theme for the new series Dragonball Super.

    Koray Say

    @Paul Ferroni I agree, there should be a petition to FUNimation that they should put this in the OP in a nostalgic kind of way.


    The beginning guitar part instantly makes me feel like I'm watching DBZ

    Paul F

    Exactly, the current super theme is boring.


    *Frieza then hysterically laughs wiping out the last remainder of the sayian race, as a sayian child races off into space, heading towards Earth, an unknow ship sees the action from a distance attempting to finish the sayian child, after the course was delyed Lord cooler then seen what frieza has done* "You have a lot to learn...Brother....Lets get out of here..." *The ship then heardled off into space for several years and finally appears at the death of frieza*


    Boom, Introduction righ there, I love that movie :3




    *Barrdock then charged his final attack as he was ranting on how Frieza treated the sayians, he only met his child once and finally letting go of the attack, he then whipped his hand forward throwing the little ball of energy, a sudden attack was then made by Frieza, countering the atack that Barrdock had, he then seen the devistating power of Frieza, finally costing his life, the rogue hero's last memory was his son....Goku, defeating the evil Fieza alone in combat, as planet Vegeta was being destroyed with the rest of sayians* "Goku..."

    Jacob Coleman

    @Erza Scarlet He doesn't looks so frightening to me.

  79. Sensi

    Fuck DBZ.

  80. TheIronDude28

    Thumbs up if Dragonball Z brought you here.

    Trent Gaines

    TheIronDude28 : 👍

    Raquel Edwards

    TheIronDude28 thats cool dave Williams brought me here😍😭😭

    Raquel Edwards

    Darkscythe yes exactly

  81. ViRaL Assassin

    The band is still good but it's still sad though...

  82. ViRaL Assassin

    Sorry for Dave Williams... Died after his first album...

    Colin Miller

    I missed the best era for the band (1999-2002), I was born in 2003, I'm upset about that 😭😭😭

    Chad Fones

    Died the night before I was to see them. Saw them with Ryan McCombs though and that was awesome.

    Raquel Edwards

    ViRaL Assassin yes rip dave always 😭😭

    Raquel Edwards

    Colin Miller o wow

    Raquel Edwards

    Chad Fones yes

  83. Thrillbert

    funimation put together quite the soundtrack for "cooler's revenge"

    BestInTheWorld 92

    Also for Lord Slug & Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan those movies we're not only kick-ass movies but the soundtrack were awesome

    Satoshi Katsumoto

    Broly Second Coming had a badass soundtrack too.

    robert skurlock

    Damn straight!

  84. terry kohut

    this by far was drowning pools best album. this whole cd. kicked ass. 

    Justin DeRoo-Kent

    Well it was dave williams only album since he died. The current singer will never be anywhere near as good

  85. Mickael Prevost

    this song is grunge

  86. Darius Davis

    We quit all of us! (Speaks for all the cowards floating over the planet.

  87. lucas diehl

    Never the same band without dave. Man was a badass. All songs on this album are ctachy and great to scream your head off too

  88. Lil J

    Who else could watch dbz all over again


    Cooler's Revenge 👌


    I watched all of the series three times now


    didnt even watch it the first time

    OneTouch Games

    I wish i would just remove all the memories i have of dbz and rewatch them again

    Remco Wijngaard

    Who doesn't?

  89. 24mattaschu

    I remember hearing this on DBZ revenge of cooler movie shit was dope.

  90. Alex Stewart

    Were free we don't work for you anymore so here have it

    Alex Stewart

    If you watch the episode you will see

    Alex Stewart

    The father of goku that is the episode

    Damian Nunez

    U mean the episode were he get sent to the past I don't think that was Canon


    He means the movie "the revenge of cooler"

    Alex Stewart


  91. Brown Suga

    Can't be wrong cuz I know the store and I guess there is no other way REMINDED OF YOU REMINDED OF YOU REMINDED

  92. Andrew Martin

    Frieza I'm coming for you you murderous self-serving traitor. It's over

    Sakai Yuji

    @Erza Scarlet Frieza laughs hysterically as his supernova attack grows to a massive size. "No way!", exclaims bardock as supernova swallows his energy attack. Still laughing like a madman, Frieza launches his attack at Planet Vegeta. "No Frieza don't!", screams one of Frieza's soldiers as supernova rushes toward them.

    Josu Zatika

    Andrew Martin does anybody have the link for the dbz video? Is it still on youtube?

    Super King Ghidorah

    Long live Lord Frieza!!

    Dante Slayer

    you mean cooler

    Fridge Cold


  93. Amari Tate

    So cool

  94. Landon Aguonie

    SSJ God form of goku

  95. Landon Aguonie

    The song is so awesome
    I am listening to it right now it is so cool I think all the Dragonball z games and videos are cool r.i.p Bardock Goku is a strong fighter his is nickname is carrot just saying

  96. MetallicNate

    This is a gift.....HERE HAVE IT!!!!!

  97. Louis-Philippe Noel

    One of the best strip club song


    Louis-Philippe Noel what

  98. monesha mckinney

    This song is so fucking awesome!!!!!!!!