Drowning Pool - I Am Lyrics

I've never felt so alive
I've never had to run and hide
The things I want I cannot have
The things I need are all so bad
What you say
I could've been
I am
You could've been
You are
My best excuse is that I'm drained
From everything that keeps me sane
My sickness keeps me in control
From everything you'll never know
Does it make you happy
Does it make you mad
Why am I still laughing
Look at what you had
Does it make you feel good
Does it make you sick
That you knew that I would
Be the one to trip
No Control

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Drowning Pool I Am Comments
  1. Becca'sBunchThomas andMetalRules

    This reminded me of the old spike in 2003

  2. Lukaz Lkz

    2019 still AWESOME

  3. Thomas Pfeifer


  4. GameZedd01

    R.I.P to the best lead singer from Drowning Pool, may god rest his soul. So tragic, he could have been the million dollar child of Metal and it seems everyone thought so, we lost true talent. I swear Drowning Pool is cursed. But fuck their good.

    gawin gooden

    Very true

    Sohib Conner

    their second album is amazing too with great singer too bad he was a dick sot they kicked him out.
    actually all their albums are so good.
    im waiting for thrir new realese in 2019, the band evolved in a good way not like pussy bands that went soft

    Kry Kry Stott

    @Sohib Conner Imma give thier other albums a try but Idk if I will like em or not cause Dave is gone 😭

    Sohib Conner

    @Kry Kry Stottto me most important member is the guitarist cj pierce he write great riffs and evolved the band in great way in last 2 albums, u should try the second album desentized with the best vocalist that ever been with them

    Jesus Christ

    @Kry Kry Stott 2nd album is great. Honestly some songs outperform the first and thats saying a lot.

  5. Reprehensible Meshuggah

    This album is classic

    Patrick Thibault


    Jethro Del Fierro

    Definitely from start to finish

  6. Dr Puls3

    2017 still jamming

    Alex Dominguez

    Dr Puls3 2018 October still jamming my dude 🤘🏾

    Eduward Dee.

    2019 now

  7. Modern Warrior

    Damn this is good!

  8. Reuben Kemp

    Fuck yeah!

  9. Rorsasch V

    my best excuse is that im drained..from everything that keeps me sane....totally feel you bro


    That part resonates with me too.....perfect line. I couldve been.

  10. A2 Family Partners 2010-2013

    metal makes my life make sense


    +A2 Family Partners 2010-2013 Are you stupid? This is opera.

    Kry Kry Stott

    Same bruh Metal is in my bones 💯🔥💚

  11. Autumn Malinovsky

    i also luv Drowning Pool :D

  12. Autumn Malinovsky


  13. christian burgos


  14. klofik123

    You forgot about Pieces of Nothing EP(2000)?? ;)

  15. TheNightmare

    is sure friend XD

  16. jude jam

    and not to forget...dio has a song called "i am" too

    Eagle Eye

    jude jam so does static x

  17. Ore Courtlizards

    Actually,this was the hand of Dave Williams! If you observe him during Live Shows,you'll see he has the same tattoo like the one of that hand!

  18. Claudiu nyku

    this cool is band is the shit...fuck i love this

  19. NightmareSyndrome

    Im getting the SINNER from her hand tattooed on my wrist

    M-J Carbonneau

    That is a pretty cool tatoo now that I think anout it. Especially considering what it represents. I don't love Drowning Pool enough to have it myself though.

    Bananaman 219

    Def copying your idea, thanks bro lmao

    ChiKid 312

    Wisdom words

    Keenan Wilson

    That’s Dave’s hand lol

  20. Mitza E.

    And this is how i wake up ^^

  21. klofik123

    First EP drowning Pool :D!

  22. aestheticpardox9

    @crazygamer2ooo what are you talking about?

  23. freak4388

    i cuming i cuming oh yeah.....

  24. brnleague99

    I love DP's first two albums so much. Nice to see that other people share my sentiment.

  25. MAGAV 4 life

    @Brollyhero99TOP10 XD thank you

  26. radfasefrwaf

    Best Upload ^^

  27. radfasefrwaf

    Best Upload ^^

  28. robert sas

    very good quality, thank you!