Drowning Pool - Follow Lyrics

Right now
Here I am understand
With this comes frustration
A better way to follow through
I'm far from done
The truth is right there in front of you
A better way to follow through
I'm far from done
The truth is right there in front of me
Realize through my eyes
I can't speak so damn weak
The face before me shows what my life will be
Everybody knows everyone but me
The truth is right there in front of you
The truth is right there in front of me

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Drowning Pool Follow Comments
  1. Man de Gaturiss



    한게임 스타리그 오프닝곡 ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. junsik park

    NHN Hangame OSL 2003~2004 Opening BGM.

  4. Spoon

    2:15 that's the good part.

    Jaimie Lannister

    good part? this riff is legendary

  5. kenan çetin

    aşırı iyi

  6. DownBYOB

    this at 0,5x is fucking amazing, but i don't know how to do it from ma phone


    U can't 😩😢😭

  7. mizo0ooo0o

    sounds like a ppv song from wwe

    Alexis Espinoza

    It does but its not. WWE have used Sinner in WWF Vengance 2001, Tear Away in Wrestlemania X8, then Bodies in mainly ECW

    Patrick Thibault

    And the game

    Kry Kry Stott

    Sadly WWE no longer uses Metal or Rock anymore 😭

    Adrian Puerta

    WWE Vengeance 2005 custom theme

  8. Nathan Corron

    anybody ese think that sounds like conner oberst from Bright Eyes in the bridge? I thought for sure it was him, but if it was he recieves no credit.

  9. Eric Cardona

    Jeremy McGrath Supercross World, Baby!

    patrick miller

    Eric Cardona it was a bad game haha but 6 year old me didnt know or care

  10. RenRenRan

    Mmm, wonderful!~

  11. alina94a

    still 0 dislikes

    shinobi dragon 12

    Well you get a like from me because I'm not mindless have a good day/night

    Patrick Thibault


  12. The Chad

    Best song to listen to when ur grinding through ur tricep workouts

  13. StreamerVideo

    great song for weight lifting.. when you gotta do those last reps and then the solo starts playing

  14. Nikora Cosmin

    SO COOL SOLO !!!!!!!


    I love the ''shaky'' voice in this song. I do wish they woulda experimented more with that.

  16. Mister Vegan

    Drowning Pool!

  17. Damian Deakin

    phumbs up if you knowticed that he missed a part of the line in the lyrics he has in description bit "A better way to follow through"


    noticed u dumbass

  18. Dany Sixx

    Right Now!!

  19. Dany Sixx

    Follow yeah

  20. Jackson Nestler

    @H3XAGaming Had it on gamecube!

  21. MrCaCaaaaaaaaa

    Am I the only one who thinks that Original DP stuff made Dragonball Z movies more intense? Don't believe, watch Cooler's Revenge!

  22. Daniel Malý

    When i hear this song i have EPIC ENERGY

  23. Af Ex

    This sure was one good album back in the day still is.

  24. Albina Lambert

    Niceeeeee <3

  25. frikky1989