Drowning Pool - Children Of The Gun Lyrics

I don't need anybody but me
I don't want anybody but you
All this faith and still I don't believe
I don't need anybody but me

Come onget up get off your knees
We'll bring down the machine

All my sisters, all my brothers
Burning in the sun
When we fight we die together
We are the children of the gun

I can't see anyone before me
You can't see anyone before you
All this faith and still I don't believe
I can't see anyone before me

Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger
Don't shoot me...

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Drowning Pool Children Of The Gun Comments
  1. Alfredo

    La primera canción de metal que me encantó y me metió en este maravilloso mundo<3 Grande Drowning Pool<3

  2. Konstantin Petrov



  3. Ade S Putra

    Good song

  4. Сергей

    Кочает. Прям для кочков и кочек.

  5. Strong Bad

    Holy shit this pumps you up! Great workout song.

  6. Alfredo Aguilar

    WWE NO WAY OUT 2012 SONG. :)

  7. PREY3R

    A blind man brough me here but he stumbled under the bass line and got shot by the children of the gun .... and i lived happy and had alot of kids :D*

  8. Marcus Tucker

    Love the band .
    Long live in texas

  9. Clogged Veins

    Well back when machinima used to upload Black Ops montages and stuff, like a year ago, they uploaded a Black Ops montage and this song over here was in the montage... So yeah

  10. Colin Brown

    Pump it up bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. vendel

    I brought myself here, cause I'm a king!

  12. Erik Wolny

    I brought myself here. Kick ass song! \../

  13. xkillerzx13

    I like Ducks.

  14. Cicjob

    Lmao I keep thinking they're going to say Children of the Corn.

  15. ARSJ Gaming

    Your mother brought me here.

    Andrew Cooper

    your mom is dead. isn't she :)

  16. MineForBlockz

    My girlfriend brought me here

  17. GreenNamedDude

    My best friend brought here, love this song!

  18. TheWanderer

    Yes they are trying to get your attention to sell something to you that's business but asking for thumbs up isn't so can we please stop this argument because i gotta go it some ice cream

  19. TheWanderer

    no! an ad on tv or a video game is just some people try to sell something but they dont ask for thumbs up

  20. TheWanderer

    There's nothing wrong it's just stupid to ask for thumbs up all the time

  21. Mike Chavez

    what the hell is machinima

  22. Albert Atshemyan


  23. BeLiev3!

    Drowning Pool - Mute!

  24. Lo Fi

    I hated Drowning Pool because of Bodies being used by fucking 11 year old kids, this song somewhat changes my POV on it a bit

  25. MrSpiritcrusher666

    What's no way out!?

  26. Raynare

    No Way Out 2012! :D

  27. 289patrik

    thumbs up if you don't see the dislike bar !

  28. loserkings007

    I'm here because WWE No Way Out.

  29. GeoffnSchtuff

    Heh, I got here from looking up one of Nutnfancy's videos

  30. Collin Shoobie

    Man they went cock rock, I cant tell them apart from all the other trash on the radio. It reminds me of some fat 40 year old man on a motorcycle checking out bleach blonde whores.

  31. uy342


  32. bananawaffelskinz

    I broke my neck moshing to the epicness...

  33. Marcus Knutsson

    Come on, get up, get off your knees! We're bringing down the machine!

  34. FreestylaBoy

    rage against the machine!!!!! OCCUPY! Fuck NWO!

  35. Nes

    @MetalGamesandBooze Good point

  36. Nes

    How did this get over 230 thousand less views than the machinima montage?

  37. Thelema

    This band was good with Dave Williams.

  38. OuttaThyme

    4 people arnt children of the gun

  39. kkjustified

    @deluxen64 why im just saying i like arrows in the knee im not saying anything bad against drowning pool and i would not say anything bad against drowning pool cause they are awesome

  40. kkjustified

    i like arrows in the knee LOL

  41. 777vukasin

    There are some songs that simply dont get old thumbs up if you think Drowning Pool-Children of the Gun is one of them !!

  42. George Kaperonis

    I am here because I love Drowning Pool which machinima introduced to me... what's the problem in that?

  43. Malibu Skyy

    Best band ever

  44. Hagai Cohen

    your mama brought me here

  45. Jacob Adams

    @TheRomanoLV lol @ machinima almost getting triple your coment

  46. Vicious Zero

    3 people were shot by the Gun.

  47. melkyrion

    3 people arent sisters nor brothers

  48. Lewis Kirkpatrick

    well i can safely say that IDUEL2010 brought me here NOT machinima, as it was the editor who brought me here you willy ^^] hehehe

  49. Matej Capan

    youtube search brought me here

  50. KarlWhale

    haha niekas nesupras ką aš parašiau >:D

  51. yoodee1993

    no description available

    none needed

  52. Lewis Kirkpatrick

    IDUEL2010 brought me here ! not Machinima

  53. Hulliganner

    people need to stop this "X brought me here" shit, seriously it's boring, over BS

  54. Edgy Robin

    this song fucking owns

  55. Andrew Kasabian

    @ZeCrossHatch Congratulations, you have regained my respect. Redemption is yours! <3 (You are on a drowning pool video - you have to be a cool guy)

  56. Jimples


  57. Andrew Kasabian

    @ZeCrossHatch You are instead telling your life story over youtube to someone that you try and make it seem like you aren't affected by? Interesting, surely a happy, healthy, normal 14 year old would have better things to do?

  58. Andrew Kasabian

    @ZeCrossHatch Making you more lingually diverse than me. Your point? My point is that you told someone not to reply to a comment, then commented twice further. I find that a little contradictory.

  59. Andrew Kasabian


  60. Enzanorm

    @esky21895 same

  61. EricPaz

    @MetaMilkProductions Agree, Taichi is better.

  62. NorwegianDragon13

    I laughed so hard from the comments xD

  63. Civinski

    fucking music :)

  64. vipunen11

    @Gunslinger931 ok are you fucking retarded or just trolling.

  65. DominoKiddo

    i was brought here because of the Machinima video, but i also liked the band before the Black Ops video was made so please quit asking for thumbs up and just enjoy the damn song. Thank you for your understanding, if not, GTFO

  66. Clogged Veins

    Thumbs up if you are because you love Drowning Pool, not machinima.

  67. sasgeta

    someone, use the BF3 trailers and any alpha footage u have (if u do) and make a montage with this song please

  68. metalface00

    @MikyWrita it teases me that no one has made a rap sheet of tabs for it yet

  69. G0tBlackOps

    Hoooooray for machinima!!!!!!!!!! and iduel

  70. Vastty

    @NorwegianDragon13 same here man, same here lol

  71. NorwegianDragon13

    A battlefield 3 montage with this song, i get goosebumps just thinking about it

  72. Panter485

    @fabiotocchi something that way ;)

  73. fabiotocchi

    @panter485 you mean 3 people are like lady gaga xD

  74. fabiotocchi

    2:20 awesome :)

  75. Civinski

    Drowning Pool owna

  76. Nes

    @Gabalpwnz Same here \../_(>.<)_\../

  77. Gabalpwnz

    every time i listen to this a cold chill goes up my spine


  78. G0tBlackOps

    @ROXAS998 why "lol"?

  79. Panter485

    3 people like lady gaga xD

  80. jeremy toro

    @G0tBlackOps Lol

  81. G0tBlackOps

    machinima than you so much :D

  82. Kemmar Roberts

    thumbs up if iDuel2010 brought u here?

  83. The False Light

    @giniacrazy ME TOO!! :D

  84. Jonasfull

    doesnt it have a clip?

  85. ihbloody

    vote up if machinima bring'd you here!

  86. Eagle Angelo

    the montage brought me here...but i dont regret it, the song KICKS ASS!

  87. Alex N.C

    We don't care about who or what brought you here. The most important is that you love videos and music ! =D

  88. DJGroopa

    @RaNd0mNeSs1000 problems with other peoples taste in music?

  89. Wellington Andrade

    That guy who overedit their vid idual broght me here

  90. Dorrektor125

    Gameplay montages need songs like these and not dubstep... not saying that dubba step is bad but they dont fit


    @INT3RV3N10N here
    black ops mv

  92. Epal Bwum

    a montage broght me here -.-

  93. dorpiano

    iduel brought me here ^^

  94. Jeroen Kuppens

    @DJX187 keep rocking brotha \m/

  95. Jeroen Kuppens

    drowning pool is back!

  96. TheOdinistman

    @RaNd0mNeSs1000 Its one thing to watch that video its a nother to to take the time to type in the name of this song and then come to this video and be a troll. Troll fail is fail. If you dont like it... dont come to the video and be a jackass just dont look for the video. ^^

  97. MrManguy

    @Thestarbucswhore ur crazy bro

  98. JumpingTomato

    Ah finally! This goes back to Sinner :)

  99. TooFastTooDoge

    anyone else here loved the ladtage? :)))