Drowning Pool - Anytime Anyplace Lyrics

Hey you, what is this all about
You up in my house trying to run off the mouth
What now, did you forget my name
You think this is a game until I’m up in your face

You graduated to the hit list
Take a minute to collect yourself
I know you’re not ready for this here
You didn’t really think this up so well
Take a drip on your tongue
If you really want some

Anytime and place
(Anytime and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting
Name the time and place
(Name the time and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting
Come on, with one hand blazing
Come on, with one hand cold
Anytime and place
(Anytime and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting

Hey you, you’re dying everyday
You’re looking for some pain
Well it’s on the way
What now, you want the hard true
Be careful what you choose
‘Cause it’s me and you

You graduated to the hit list
Take a minute to collect yourself
I know you’re not ready for this here
You didn’t really think this up so well
Take a drip on your tongue
If you really want some

Anytime and place
(Anytime and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting
Name the time and place
(Name the time and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting
Come on, with one hand blazing
Come on, and one hand cold
Anytime and place
(Anytime and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting

Anyplace, anytime
Anywhere is fine
If you wanna go, well we can go
Yeah, we can go
If you wanna go, well we can go
Yeah, we can go
If you really want some

Anytime and place
(Anytime and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting
Name the time and place
(Name the time and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting
Come on, with one hand blazing
Come on, and one hand cold
Anytime and place
(Anytime and place)
Anytime and I’ll be waiting

Anytime, anyplace

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Drowning Pool Anytime Anyplace Comments
  1. Northern Ninety7

    I actually like this. Those drums are crispy as fuck.

  2. Joshua Gutierrez

    Drowning Pool sounds like crap without Dave Williams

  3. SeeJay X

    Can You Do Sinner Album Next


    I feel like the reason why so many people hate this album is because the band is still called Drowning Pool and it no more resembles the original band than Linkin Park today resembles Xero.  I personally like this album and I like Sinner and Desensitized.  I just treat this band as Drowning Pool 2.0, not Drowning Pool.

    Adrian Ciszewski

    @hellhoundOFJUSTICE every drowning pool album sounds different dont they have different singer for each one


    +Adrian Ciszewski not by choice.

    Adrian Ciszewski

    +Edge_Head-24 doesnt mean its a bad thing

    Sohib Conner

    This is a real drowning pool, they its same members who wrote the music of first album. They would Evolve and not sound like their debut album even if dave hasnt die, thats what all bands do,
    Desentized and full circle and this are cool albums

  5. Reefman

    Cant stand any of the stuff after desensitized, no edge, no rawness, no heavyness, boring riffs, none of the great drumming and one crap vocalist after the other...what happened?? Im glad i have sinner and desensitized to listen to...sinner is the greatest but desensitized with jones is good to...RIP Dave Williams. The guy on this album is so bad it`s actually funny, no tone skills and no growling skills, just a kid trying to sound and look bad. I acutally cringe when i hear this album. Please DP, get your shit together.


    @James Hetfield Thx for the tip, i`ll check it out. 


    @James Hetfield The Music is better on this one but it does not work with this vocalist, he`s by far one of the worst vocalists i`ve ever heard.


    @James Hetfield Agree 100%, and your thoughts on Dave on this record, man that  would kick some serious ass! 


    @James Hetfield yupp, pretty much hit the nail on the head here. 

    john A.

    @xYushiro I can accept Ryan but not every song he has done. The album I love every song on is Sinner and the unlucky 13 anniversary of the sinner album with the demos

  6. Jay Surratt

    Still its drowning pool ROCK!

  7. sion

    i find amazing how people LOVE to live in the past, dont get me wrong, i love sinner too

  8. CRAZYburns55

    Heard this song on pandora and im digging it

  9. Lucas Silva

    Não chega nem perto do album Sinner.

  10. Knightwalker V Peace

    *NEURALYZED* (°_°) !?

  11. ChuyMJ12

    Do you like these bands?

  12. Daniel Harris

    is that good or bad??

  13. Matt Barnes

    I loved the old style drowning pool, but i'll admit this is quite good too.

  14. MrKrozam

    New singer or not, personally I like the Drowning Pool starting from Full Circle much more than the first two albums. The quality practically shot through the roof, from a mediocre band to a really freaking good band, between the 2nd and 3rd album. And the two albums that followed Full Circle, they've kept the quality consistent, if not even slightly improved. You could say that DP is my favourite band nowadays. Well, just my opinion.

  15. Carlos Rojas

    :S wow too much difference betwen sinner....

  16. JaybayJay

    And that's their fault that Dave Williams died of Heart Failure at 30? I like the fact that they didn't give up, kept trying and true fans kept listening.

  17. Cody Marple

    Cm punk themesong

  18. terminatoriser

    As your sister in my bed :)

  19. fanatyk


  20. MykeCheck95

    When I first played this in my friend's car through his radio system, it almost blew the speakers out. And the volume was halfway up! They must've amped up the bass in this specific song!

  21. Casey Devries

    I miss the old days

  22. vhjkcghk

    This is good

  23. Justin S

    and not because it isn't the "old drowning pool". it's just not good

  24. Justin S

    this sucks turds

  25. UserDude

    pretty nice.. though lyrics dont talk to me.. i mean get over yourself bro...

  26. MetalMakesMeEargasm

    Stop expecting Sinner Part 2, this is the new DP, new singer, new sound + old sounds combined, every singer they have had has that raspy singing voice, you all know what I'm saying.

  27. SuperSkull39

    why so hate about the singer? in my opinion he is very very good! not good as Dave but he is fucking good!

  28. caleb gossett

    It sounds like a band of god's

  29. KillgoreES

    Love this song. Unfortunately, most people here like to bash the band and their music rather then appreciate and like it. Wake up people, bands always change. You don't have to like every change, but if you only insult it, you're not a real fan of that band.

  30. Mullrattla

    and that's why i like it! :P

  31. Slippy Pig

    I like this singer a lot better. He doesn't sound like a country singer.

  32. Dragonsongz1

    2 things. 1. I thought Drowning Pool was dead there for...A long while. 2. I came here because i missread the title, i thought it said "anytime apocolypse"

  33. Az U

    nooooo a drowning pool le falta dave williams pero mucho :(

  34. xSMOKExEMxALLx

    Drowning pool sucks now:(

  35. saadsnake6

    i miss tracks like sinners,tear away,bodies,,,this is nowhere near to those tracks

  36. The101muncin

    Love it! In my honest opinion, this singer fits in the band great

  37. Mike S.

    this band has had like almost every singer in music today. i find myself going back to the first two albums.

  38. bbruner79

    yes he did he quit SOiL because of mutual differences over what sound they wanted... they wanted more scream less singing, ryan doesn't have that kind of voice... plus he left because he was tired of getting the short side of things at SOiL. Dave's mother called Ryan and asked him to fill in because its what Dave would want so he took the job.

  39. Conán Conchobhair

    Just saw a concert they were good!

  40. 123cafey

    oh ok sweet I love soil, but he was still really good in Drowning pool thank you :)

  41. Stanislav Zhelev

    no one can replace Dave but Ryan Mccombs was close. Jasen sucks...

  42. BlackTemplar2011

    so true they ave had like 5 singers in their time

  43. Grimalitism

    Eh, not feeling the singer.

  44. LivingVEVO

    he dead

  45. Arshad Khan

    this is so terrible...

  46. 123cafey

    what happened to Ryan McCombs??

  47. ChuyMJ12

    It sounds like a Nickelback's song played by Disturbed.

  48. blackmetalleo1

    Wow this is terrible! What the hell are thinking with putting some guy that sounds like crap. They really should've disbanded after Dave.

  49. jlm10181978

    Really good live with the new singer!! The most like Dave out of all his replacements!!

  50. jlm10181978

    It's better than drowning soil with Ryan!!

  51. tassgurl0909

    It's ok.

  52. megan mowery

    This shits Fucking sad. Fuck this

  53. maxime therrien

    this isn't drowning pool that i knew befor... but this is really good!!

  54. David Bonnell

    heard it sux i miss dave.....rip dave stage

  55. ReconX20

    Well after hearing this and the 2 singles I'm not exactly motivated to hear any more so I'll put this on hold for now.

  56. Whitebird527

    Nope, because then is a new band is like try to make new The Doors with kid who sounds like Lennon.

  57. Christian Walls

    Oh good lord in heaven.....this is horrible

  58. deepblueshroud

    This is terrible.

  59. Dean Searle

    If the band disbanded and set up a new band and then made Resilience, would you still moan? Is it must because they are using the drowning pool name?

  60. dave whlmus

    saturday night and one finger and a fist are definitely the worst songs on the album i would of took those songs off the album.

  61. CallumWalters98

    In memory of,Saturday day night,One finger and a fist are amazing this is just average i think not best song

  62. Chris Gaulin

    The best album is the first!

  63. Whitebird527

    When you build a fan base they have the right to bitch about what you do, when you listen of the DP album before this one all of them sound badass and even with the people talking about Sinner all the time they still got the feeling of DP with Full Circle, Deshumanized and DP and this guy is the first one who sounds way too far to make you feel you are listening DP.
    People have the right to bitch about what they want.

  64. jlm10181978

    Ryan in DP made them sound like Drowning Soil!

  65. jlm10181978

    Best singer since Dave W. RIP!!

  66. Tyler Lucarelli

    Oi. Tell me about it. Just about every band I listen to, there are always those assholes that are commenting about how the band was soooo much better in their early days when this happened or that happened. I honestly don't give a fuck. Listen to the music. If you don't like it, don't listen. If you do, good for you. If you're not going to listen to band because a band member changed... You sir or ma'am are just an ass.

  67. XeroPRODIGY

    Linkin Park was a horrible example, the changed A LOT. Drowning Pool has only made minor changes. Although I do agree with your statement. :D

  68. Kevin M

    Let the "haters" hit the F***ing floor!!!


    Love it !

  70. corruptor5150

    I wasn't really feeling "One Finger and a Fist," but this is a pretty solid song for a single. They should've released this song as the premiere single for the record.

  71. matthew dean

    drowning pool is still badass! i wish people would stop bitchin on how much of a change it is..damn people!

  72. Divination

    People bitching about people bitching about other people bitching. It's still bitching. And yes indeed, I am bitching about someone bitching about people bitching about other people bitching. If you have the balls to bitch about me bitching about someone bitching about people bitching about other people bitching, I will start bitching about you bitching about me bitching about someone bitching about people bitching about other people bitching. You better believe it!

  73. kvetycius

    i like hard dig but this is good change very interested for me hard and clear at once

  74. Vegetable

    Ahh the irony. Bitches about about people bitching about people bitching. The never-ending chain.

  75. musicfan731sj

    I've always loved DP regardless of the varying strengths of each of the lead singers. We saw them at House of Blues last night and although the new guy is young he gave it a good shot. It would have been better if he knew all the words to few old songs they played. It was super weird when the what appeared to be teen-aged members of the opening band came out on stage and had a pillow fight with DP members while they were playing Bodies!

  76. Daniel John Clement

    i have read at least 4 different reviews for this album so far.. and every one of them are positive... can't wait. \m/

  77. Daniel John Clement

    it wasnt bad.. but extremely mediocre IMO... Ryan was much better than Jason, and it showed - by having 3 top 10 singles - something neither Jason did, and Dave never got the chance to do... but i am over Ryan and now fully accept Jasen into this band - seeing him perform live in person brought me down off the fence..

  78. Alan Stober

    then y listen to it

  79. CallumWalters98

    not my favorite song from the new album prefer one finger tbh but sill got high hopes for album

  80. Arimus66

    Shitty mainstream garbage.

  81. ROCKofRYAN

    I have an autographed CD to give away when the new album comes out. Follow me on Twitter & ask me how to win! @ROCKofRYAN

  82. jkteddy77

    Sounds like they finally grew their balls back.

  83. Talk and Reaction

    I agree the Jones was better at growling, however when he was in DP they could've gone somewhere but Jones got greedy or something, and I've listened to the debut album of AM conspiracy and (once again IMO) I thought it wasn't bad

  84. ten101337

    hmmm....not as i remember them....

  85. Daniel John Clement

    good... that song was over 10 years ago.... time to move on..

  86. Daniel John Clement

    Jason had no vocal range, all he was good at was growling like a fucking animal - and right now he's wallowing in his AM Conspiracy purgatory - good riddance to that asshole as well... Ryan was good, no denying.. but their self title album was less heavy than Full Circle - with all respect to Ryan, they were getting soft with him as a front man.. this song and "Die For Nothing" kick the shit out of 'Feel Like I Do' - which could've passed for a fucking Nickelback song..

  87. Eshantha Samare

    Don't you people have ears??.Just compare this with an album starter song like Think.By the way the music in this song sounds little artificial not so raw either.

  88. Eshantha Samare

    Heavy my ass this is emoish punk.Jason and Ryan kicked insurmountable amount of ass compared to this.

  89. Daniel John Clement

    i hear a lot of Dave in his vocals - especially his ability to scream, which neither Ryan or Jason could match.... i think in time people will get used to Jasen.. people weren't as receptive to Ryan at first either, and he ended spending more time with the band than even Dave did... the problem i had with Ryan though, is that it felt like they were becoming too "rock" and not really hard or heavy anymore... the 3 songs with Jasen off this album sound heavier than the last album with Ryan.

  90. Jeff Schatz

    Drowning Pool Always

  91. Talk and Reaction

    "reminds me at times of the Desensitized album" glad I am not the only that got that vibe, but I've liked all the vocalist. I'll admit that dave was the best work, Ryan was great but "Gong" jones was better (IMO of course) the reason I prefer Jones at that time was cause of his "In your face" style which is one reason why I like the current vocalist

  92. xXxSwaglord420xXx

    the fuck this ain't bodies


    cant fucking wait for this album to be dropped!!!!

  94. iGokuStorm