Drowning Pool - All About Me Lyrics

Come on ,bore me, tell me a little more about you
Come on and bore me please bore me tell me what you think
I cannot believe I got through a single day of my life
Without you

This is all about me, this is not about you

Why every time I try
You never hear me, you only hear you
Why every time I try
I never get through
This is all about me not you

This time it's all about me not you

Hey wait, I think I might have something to say
Hey wait, I think I might have something to add
Ain't it funny how when my opinion starts to spill, it falls on deaf ears

I pledge allegiance to myself
To me, myself and I

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Drowning Pool All About Me Comments
  1. fede camusso

    Amazing song.

  2. Dawn Keibalz

    I can picture Dave singing this song🤘😈

  3. Logan Dutton

    I guess the seven dislikes must be people whom think it's All About Them.

  4. Nils j

    Anyone else who thinks, that this song would fit perfectly in the recent mad max movie?

    Michael Myers

    Nils Janssen omfg, I was just thinking just after I watched mad max lol! Holy shit

  5. Sumona Florence

    I know this isn't directed at me (of course lol) as I completely support that. People don't think though that the songs Dave sung are unique with his voice.. but the ones Jasen sings wouldn't sound right if Dave sung it too. Just like how it doesn't sound right when Jasen sung Bodies Hit The Floor.

    They're both great singers, loads of people just hate change and the move from original.


  6. Sumona Florence

    My favorite song, I sent this to my wife. The simple intention wasn't perceived as I thought it'd be.

  7. Ryan Brown

    Awesome song Ryan rocks

  8. ALone7AceX

    Because I listen to a7x more but both bands are in my favorite list of bands

  9. Ryan Brown

    Ryan is a amazing singer i like this song Ryan you rock man I like this album and the one before that which i think is called full circle i hope im right about the name i wish i can sing like you Ryan

  10. M.C. Anus

    Every time I see a comment saying this music is epic, it gives me a warm feeling inside, knowing there is still room for rock in a world of pop.

  11. ALone7AceX

    I have been a huge fan of Drowning Pool.

  12. Glitter champ

    This is great! I love this song, Thanks for Uploading this!. and great for Cynder!.

  13. Thestarbucswhore

    @SamuraiPipotchi Dave has been dead for a while, but the split off of this singer was more recent. Sometime in the last couple months.
    It's okay, now you know!

  14. Thestarbucswhore

    dave is dead. This singer is now split from the band.

  15. DarkJedi1991

    No dislikes. That's what I call Perfection!!

  16. DarkJedi1991

    @blackrazor55 Perfect!!

  17. blackrazor55

    WOWW!! 2 years and this song have no dislikes, i understand, this song is awesome!!

  18. Emanuel Mullen

    @zouga right fucking coming from lilmanny00720

  19. The89stang1

    GREAT SONG!!!! ...........glad to hear Drowning Pool kicking ass again!

  20. Jamie James

    amazing song

  21. Dorwayne Mclennon


  22. sakrist91

    @94supersonic best part is actually 0:00-3:41

  23. WickedJaxx

    I think Ryan is one hell of a singer... He is one of the most down to earth guys in the world too... DP Kicks Ass!!!

  24. 94supersonic

    Best part is 2:10-2:25 at least in my opinion

  25. Slender Child

    drowning pool....honestly @[email protected] i've never been this obssessed with u p.ple....now i have ur new albums on every one of my medias.....the comp ipod...u name it....i have ur albums on it all :3

  26. thearw123

    awesome !!

  27. Brandi Albright

    there's a VERY simple solution to this crisis you people seem to be in with the new singer.. DON'T LISTEN TO IT. as for me, i love both, so i'm gonna listen to the old AND new Drowning Pool. quit being ignorant, and take your hate somewhere else.

    PLEASE, and Thank You.

    anyway.. GREAT SONG :)

  28. GameFan401

    @zouga yup i agree

  29. GameFan401

    @zouga yeah i totaly understand you the previous singer had some voice though

  30. GameFan401

    @zouga dude i'm with you on that one i just startde listening to them after i had bodies on my phone for a while and i must say thay are EPIC

  31. bosdawg11

    @zouga personnally i like the newest singer, Ryan something, the best, but that is just my opinion

  32. Borjan Terzic

    kool song!!!

  33. NEWMESSIAH2000

    new singer fucks previous hahaha

  34. King35Dave

    @zouga i agree dude. it still sounds good. in fact its great. its great that this band is still together after dave died. this band did not change. and they are hating them just cause somethin bad happened. like they cant change tht. its never gonna change. they have to accept it

  35. Byos Productions

    Epic. Dave would have ben proud :)

  36. Alexandre Leal Pires Junior

    tATu: Its All About Us?
    Drowning Pool: ALL ABOUT ME!!!

  37. Panos Katakis

    Sorry but the singer sucks.Dave Williams was better and he made better songs :O

  38. Farmer Hobo

    There are post-Sinner Drowning Pool songs that I call "Dave songs" because they would sound much better with Dave doing vocals. This is a Dave song.

  39. jackwilsontube

    es como si Dave volviera a la vida con esta cancion

  40. HeroicD23

    hearing them write new songs like this... just makes me so happy :) Catchy metals my fav and this new album is some of the best of the style.

  41. zAllex Music

    got the album 2 hours ago . Pure Black GOLD!! >XD

  42. CPW1109

    2:12-2:26 definitely sounds like Sinner guitar work.

  43. CPW1109

    Kind of reminds me of All Over Me or Follow off of Sinner! This song is awesome!

  44. Krisztián Romoda

    this song rocks
    One of the best songs since Dave died

  45. SpyderOne1981

    Yea this def. sounds like Sinner material....and IMO this is the best album Drowning Pool has released since Sinner!

  46. Brett Girard

    This here is (in its own way), the new "Tear Away" of this album.

  47. Daniel John Clement

    this song has SINNER written all over it - the opening and guitar effects.... this is an instant favorite of mine off this new album.