Drowning Pool - Alcohol Blind Lyrics

Come along, don't be afraid
Come along now, everything will be OK
Don't let it hurt, don't let it break
Just come along, I'll wash it all away

I own every ounce of pain
And I'll shoulder every ounce of blame

Love of my life
I've gone alcohol blind
Too many wrong roads
Drove me out of my mind
I did it one more time
For the love of my life
Down another wrong road
Drove me alcohol blind

I own every ounce of pain

Keep it up, until the end
Keep it up I'll be your best and then your only friend
I'll never hurt you, I'll never fault you
Just keep it up until the bitter end

I've seen blue skies turn into grey
Just like when dreams fade away
And I've seen my pride turn into shame
It all fades away

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Drowning Pool Alcohol Blind Comments
  1. Дмитрий Гоблин

    вы мои особенные любимчики

  2. Shaun C

    best cds still are desensitized and sinner. nothing has matched up to those yet from dp. not even close. enuf said.

  3. Marco Aguilar

    this song really vibes with me, left alone in alcohol tears

  4. The Biggest Foot

    Fuck you Dave im glad you're dead


    +nuk3townusa i mean, not a great song, but i do wish he was still alive :/

  5. zambie909

    When did it start sounding like country music

  6. starbucks99obsession

    Saw them here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.. that was one fuckin awesome show.. Rock to the fullest extent of the word.. They better come back.. I'll be there in the front again, head bangin' and rockin out!!!

  7. Tang Rockn'roll

    @p1tri0t ดี

  8. NefariousJester

    @jasonvanleijden Oh man.I was hope you would have said "i have encountered one before and i threw a water bottle at him"

  9. Craig Von Ruden

    one of their best songs ever. as far as the soft ones go. and i like this more than a lot of the hard ones. very great song

  10. sakrist91

    @GuiGuiFruix14 which one?

  11. tehko

    yeah i hate to say it but dave made dp ryan is great for SOiL but eh i dont like the transition from he malicious angry metal they had in sinner compared to the sex drugs and rock n roll they have going on now and for some particular reason they sound like alice in chains a bit which isnt a bad thing' just not my cup of tea i guess its not bad, it just doesnt feel like dp to me

  12. 94supersonic

    @raduROACH It's self titled

  13. Chris Mullins

    no dislikes! 100% like percentage! woot!

  14. wwyd4akb

    im so fucken excited that theyre making vids for every song on this album...

  15. James Guarino


    Disagree, both good in their own respects. Neither is better.

    Agree, he is just as good.

  16. James Guarino


    your high

  17. brnleague99

    If this album is half as good as Desensitized....and a fourth as good as Sinner...it's worth buying.

  18. Patrick Slaga

    dave will always be the drowning pool singer and the best 1 at tht, but ryan is the only other person in the world who can do the band justice

  19. Hatilix

    epic vocal

  20. Batowan1

    New album is VERRY GOOOOOOD !!! only further

  21. Antonio Barriga

    This is pretty good but I prefer the harder version of Drowning Pool, still great album.

  22. NorwegianMetalFan

    this album is the best i've heard in a long time, the opening track just blows me away and this song, just wow... everything on this album is piece of art.
    thank you Drowning Pool for topping my favorites once again.

  23. MrMooseBallz

    I agree with Spyder. Ryan is an extraordinary singer, he's great for all types of rock/metal, and combined with the musical talents of the band, it rapes. Simply. I love it!

  24. drum372

    Great album and the music and song writing is great.

  25. єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM

    all the fucking songs sound the same. i accept this one. i can really relate. jason jones shoulda sung this song though. amc!!!!!!!!!!!! number 1

  26. Boom Schors

    Man I love this album

  27. Chris P. Bacon

    @SpyderOne1981 In my opinion this album isn't that great compared to full circle. But yeah Dave was the best.

  28. Freddy FLiNSTONER

    I am completely digging this album, I am far from disappointed. It is of course not as good as Sinner but it can surely compare with it.

    Dave was a legend in the making when he died before his time but he will always live on as long as this band is around.

  29. SpyderOne1981

    This album is the best Drowning Pool has put out since their debut album with Dave! With the death of Dave it seemed the end for a great band...but Ryan has brought them back and made them great again!

  30. Def-fones Inc

    loving this new album