Dropkick Murphys - Who Is Who Lyrics

My friends call me enemy cause they're a fucking joke
They'd better get their shit together it's time that they awoke
I'm cast out by my relatives cause they don't want me around
I just sit in a corner and I don't make a sound - Not one word

The walls are closing in on me
I don't know what to do
Tell me who is who
Tell me who is who
Tell me who is who

Policemen are my friends so why do they always stare
Raid our clubs bust out parties condemned for short hair
Teachers are my friends so why do they make me stand
In front of a class of gawking fools who'll never understand - They never understand

The world around me falls apart
I don't know what to do
Please tell me who is who
Tell me who is who
Tell me who is who

The world around me falls apart
I don't know what to do
Please tell me who is who
Tell me who is who
Tell me who is who

Tell me who is who
Tell me who is who
Tell me who is who

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Dropkick Murphys Who Is Who Comments
  1. Cade Walker

    Who else is here from American wasteland

  2. herringfest

    did they do it live?

  3. Zagyva Alex

    ♥♥♥ THAW ♥♥♥


    Zagyva Alex easily one of the best games of all time!

  4. Felipe Daniel


  5. Runningspecter1999

    I wish there was the lyrics but there is none can you make it?

  6. Pleisteition

    Games... No Original Band... OMG :\

    The Adolescents is... Dead D:


    f*ck The Adolescents


    Nevzu シ fuck you

  7. Miguel Nascimento

    i dont mind they like the music because of the video game thats the way i found it too, and how is spamming THAW!!! hundreds of time showing the love for something? ffs its just pure spam

    Mitchel 7346

    Miguel Nascimento then get the fuck outta here.

  8. Miguel Nascimento

    you video game fanboys go somewhere else, spamming always the same shit. I liked the video game too but I wont spamm what hundreds of people are already saying. You all seem to give more atention to the game than to the music something is wrong

  9. Miguel Nascimento

    Really? Top comments and the all fucking rest of the comments talking about video games? Talk about the fucking music for christ sake this is a great song and all I see in the comments is how games got worst, or just saying the name of the game this is in ...

  10. Rafael N. O

    tony hawk american wasteland

  11. Nicholas Gudgeon

    how come when i type in who is who by dropkick murphys it gives me everything but that? i actually had to put THAW after everything so i could get my FUCKING SONG!!!!! FUCK YOU YOUTUBE, i wanted a SONG, NOT a CHANNEL

  12. Steve Chaolan

    American Wasteland :D

  13. Holzkatze!

    American Wasteland, best Tony Hawk Game ever. And last good game.

  14. Warren M

    projest 8 was amazing but american wasteland sucked and I agree everything new sucks thps3-thug2 was great

  15. kiborgGR

    yes it is billhicks

  16. Raii Margera

    Luv the dropkick Murphy's. This cover is awesome.

  17. yankeessuck1138

    That's what I meant

  18. yankeessuck1138

    Adolescents, great cover

  19. Amine shaim

    Thumbs up if u Came Here From THAW ! :D

  20. stbreal

    brutal legend! fallout can suck it

  21. Icebears4ever

    THAW! Good old times!

  22. Felipe Gonzalez

    @inuyasha5114 i agree, specially proving ground, i just started playing it and after one hour of loading and 30 seconds of playing i went all like: "Fuck this shit!"

  23. Callahan Hirrel

    i don't know guys, pro skater 4, both undergrounds and wasteland..all awesome gameplay and awesome soundtracks gotta lot of memories just chill in playin those games old school on gamecube. they're all great

  24. GorillaInella

    @BillHicks420 yep

  25. GuntherUnderneath

    The first Underground was the dopest game ever, with arguably the best soundtrack. Wasteland wasn't bad and I enjoyed THUG 2, and all the Pro skater games were fantastic, but Underground 1 had Jurassic 5 in the intro and an Online Gameplay that was retardedly addicting. Alkaline Trio, Stiff Little Fingers, NoFX, Mustard Plug, Nas... That game could've been shit and the Soundtrack alone wouldve made it better than most, luckily it was a fantastic game.

  26. zeoalexo

    @inuyasha5114 no, YOU'RE wrong! "wasteland" was awesome. YOU just never played it!!

  27. blabla

    oh old times <3. played this allday when i was 10, my mom always said: don't listen to this music this is bad music, but i just love skate and punk.

  28. zeoalexo

    @inuyasha5114 wasteland was awesome, shitface critic

  29. Nightmare Lyra

    @PxAxAxFxPxOi Yeah, nothing beats Underground 1.

  30. PxAxAxFxPxOi

    are you kids serious? american wasteland the best TH game? i gotta disagree and say 4 or the first underground as the best

  31. PxAxAxFxPxOi

    @totallycoolboy no they didnt..

  32. TheOneTrueAJ

    they kicked the adolescents ass with this cover.

  33. WollongongWacko


  34. TystheGuy

    I've beaten THAW about a thousand times. Classic mode too. Can't get enough of it.

  35. RadicalSid

    This an Adolecents song, no?

  36. Tucin09

    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland!

  37. kabal5000

    @inuyasha5114 we need another american wasteland, just base it in the 80's in any city with a huge hardcore punk scene, NY LA Minneapolis

  38. rocknrollporn

    freaking dumbass ppl, look at the related vids and youll see whos song it is instead of wasting space on the internet... fuck

    jakup king

    I dont think that's how the internet works bud...

  39. rocknrollporn

    @Afrosamurai532 yes

  40. Stupid Idiot

    this song was made by the adolescents, the original is better, but both version kicks ass

  41. Saam Redshuz

    @HayatetheHurrican I do !!! But that's not one of them song. The band who's composed that song is The Adolescent

  42. Outerspaceman21

    @138FrOsTy138 agreed

  43. Finlay Morrow

    i think the singing in this is better than the origional, but it's a nine inch nails vs jonny cash senario, both are awesome

  44. Alice Kirbyson

    pop. rap. RnB. hip hop. emo. metal. blink 182. GO DIE IN A HOLE, BITCHES! Punk RULES this town.

  45. Anandito Hutomo Jr.

    WHO AM I???

  46. 138FrOsTy138

    prefer the original :P

  47. soundsofviolence

    @BillHicks420 ya

  48. BillHicks420

    Isn`t this song originally by the Adolescents?

    Robert Flores

    I'm seven years late and yes it is!

  49. guitardrumskate

    when i was playing tony hawks american wateland i thought they were saying "dummy and the shoe" lmao

  50. dat boi

    @cody91191 but he's wrong, everything after wasteland sucked, i mean project 8 was iffy, but jesus. ride. proving ground, shred...

  51. dat boi

    omg is that not the single most badass logo ever?!?!?!

  52. cody wood

    @77COMRADE77 YES THIS VERSION IS IN WASTELAND.. I won't argue with how shitty the tony hawk games got tho

  53. cody wood

    @HayatetheHurrican that could possibly be cuz dropkick murphys covered this song specifically for that game, most of the songs on wasteland are covers of old school punk songs

  54. Clint Crosby

    @HayatetheHurrican first by the adolescents and this version isn't in wasteland,by the way tony hawk games sucked as soon as thug2 came out,just sayin. i not proud that i own thug 2 or wastland.

  55. Saam Redshuz

    @HayatetheHurrican I do too !!! I prefer the Dropkick Murphys version than The Adolescent one's !!

  56. FluffyLizards

    I wonder who knows that DM didn't make this song.

  57. B Deep

    I don't like "emo" as much as the next label but when you start hating whole groups of people that's when you become a fascist
    bad times
    good song, good band, but think original vocals are better

  58. Augusto Tankian

    Fuck emossss
    Foda-se emosss

  59. Riku7538


    YAY EMOS!!!

  60. Esquerdo Canhoto

    song the tony hanks american wansteland

  61. ColinTheButthead

    @aaronwanker1 your sooo cool

  62. aaronwanker1


  63. Cpl593H

    @fryer22 adolescents

  64. traxxasdude10

    @HayatetheHurrican i know it from american wasteland lol

  65. Can'tbuyunderwear Ballsdon'tfit

    @iNoSssweati son
    the true definition of emo is lost on the kids now. i'm not an emo, but like you say some are just as happy as the rest of us. the jawbreaker era of emos gone, the My chem is in.

  66. TystheGuy

    @lolageXD Oh yeah, I totally cut myself all the time. Life's such a waste of time, I don't even know why I'm bothering to reply to you. Wanna see my fucking scars, you fucking ass wipe?

  67. TystheGuy

    Why the fuck are we talking about emos? Any PUNK who comes out and just starts sayin' shit about emos is most likely a dumb ass. And if I'm not mistaken a lot of punk songs have some pretty as you would label "Emo" lyrics. I'd also like to take this moment to tell everyone to FUCK OFF. Have a nice day. Pricks.

  68. The Sad Guys

    linkin parks a bunch of fagets and however conperes these gys to them is to

  69. Zick Scitt Swinn

    i like it. adolescents was good too

  70. xnightofragex

    Wow way to butcher a good song, this is nowhere near as good as Adolescents.

  71. Janessa Frykas

    totally. i love the game so much, i swear ive beaten the story at least ten times by now on each difficulty setting.

  72. Ortizsensei

    i heard this version b4 i had even heard of the adolescents, and i like their version bttr. good cover still

  73. CymruDK

    what album is tihs???

  74. CreamLightPudin

    thay suck

  75. CreamLightPudin

    dude the adolescents version sucks!

  76. damaniman

    yeah sense rockz xD

  77. Mihai Catalin Pacuraru

    yeah i love this song and the game is awesome

  78. Garrett McCullough

    somone with sense^^

  79. superdudex6

    The best Adolescent cover ever!

  80. GuitarHeroCrysis

    woooooooooooooooo thaw song!

  81. Rob Keller

    OK LOL
    i was seriously about to sya what the f*k haha
    well it's a damn good band for being such a weird ass style isn't it...

  82. LA_SPEED3

    nah DKM aint emo, just making a different point

  83. Rob Keller

    um...are you saying DKM is emo, or are you just making a different point?

  84. Rob Keller

    (from desc)...same with time to go...
    I'm glad the guy posted it as a reply to this.

  85. ShitAbysss

    one hell of a cover!

  86. doggsaredead

    yay tony hawk american wasteland

  87. Poppa Squatz

    fuck emo

  88. LA_SPEED3

    Dude every other "Emo" band that did covers on the Tony Hawk game all listened to punk when they were young too, at first i thought it was bullshit too, but i grew up and i dont hate on those "Emo" bands as much anymore, i dont listen to their music, cus it sucks, but i know they grew up listening to punk too, they may not play it cus they wanted to make sum money (I guess, that and be on maybe MTV)

    so let them do whatever they want, their HONORING those who came before them

  89. Outerspaceman21

    I like the original version by The Adolescents better, but this is alright.

  90. BlackRing4

    srry the dead boys were the original makers of Sonic Reducer

  91. BlackRing4

    that because its a cover they did for Tony Hawk American Wastland
    The original song was by a band called the dead boys

  92. Chris Castiglioni

    Great song by a great band