DROELOE - Only Be Me Lyrics

They're calling out my name from inside the room
I can look tough, but I don't think they'll notice
The girl on the train looked kinda cute
And I don't know what to say

Open all my doors
But it is hard to face the truth
So I'm trying to remember what it is I always do

When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me

When I'm with you
(You you you you you you you)
When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me'

When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me

Open all my doors
But it is hard to face the truth
So I'm trying to remember what it is I always do

When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me

When I'm with you
(You you you you you you you)
When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me'

When I'm with you
I can only be me
When I'm with you
I can only be me

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DROELOE Only Be Me Comments
  1. Yuki Daro

    Je suis allez a votre concert et c'était magique
    Merci beaucoup 😍

  2. Kubic

    I don't know what happened but I felt that

  3. Legacy

    this song means a lot to me

  4. Simon Mektouptchiyan

    Finally this song is getting the appreciation it needs, hope to hear you guys on the radio

  5. Zaxua Gank Tem 20GG

    In4 of the pink girl ? I want to know

  6. Mack Flynt

    Anyone try to call that number?


    I know the number worked before and you would be able to hear a preview from the song

  7. Zach Dilton

    There's the 2 workers that met and became friends, the 2 store clerks who seemed to already have a relationship, and someone who's trying to find someone else to start a relationship with.

    The 2 workers find each other when one of them awkwardly makes a mistake and the other one helps him fix it. He has another issue carrying a heavy box and the other worker helps him again and this starts to form a relationship between them and they have fun with each other. Their boss doesn't like it very much and gets annoyed by it but it doesn't do much since they start laughing about it and he seems to give up on them (at least I think so).

    The 2 store clerks were also having fun with each other in their workspace just like the others before but these 2 seemed to already have a relationship. One of them was robbed at gun-point and was terrified so her friend came to comfort her with a hug. Just like the awkward worker in the warehouse, she had a friend that came to help her when she needed it.

    The guy in the car is different because he doesn't have a relationship and is trying to build one with someone who he likes. He has a OBM Mask but refuses to use it and goes in the store to meet her but when he tries to talk to her, he couldn't tell how he felt although she wasn't too unhappy about it he gave up and went back to his car in anger. He glances at the mask and decides to where it this time and he felt more confident in doing so, but the lady wasn't so amused and he, once again, failed to tell her how he felt. Unlike the others, he thinks people don't like the person he truly is but they do. It's just that he was scared about what people would think about him, especially someone he's trying to build a relationship with.

    Many people think that they aren't good enough to have relationships or that their true-self is the reason they can't start any relationships. This is when they start acting like someone else that's not them. People are actually able to make relationships by doing this but it will always fall off at the end.
    People don't want people who are fake and who aren't themselves, they want real people, the real you. This song tells you that you won't get anything out of being someone who you are not, but that staying true to yourself is the only way you can find someone.

    Only be you. c:

  8. zim zum

    was listening to slipknot. youtube, and for your next song, this. what?

  9. Justin CG

    love this song. OwO

  10. fragz csgo

    may 8 is my birthday :)

  11. Buzzkill 78

    The people in this video are really pretty

  12. Maxobeat

    Это просто афигено

  13. BartBoy

    Één vraag > Waarom heeft geen een radio nog DROELOE gebruikt? Jullie zijn te goed om NIET bekend te zijn.. wattehek :)

  14. Selim03 #freepalestina

    Droeloe means poop in dutch

  15. Dark Garlan

    This is fire, needs to be put into mainstream advertisement

  16. Justin H.

    Pretty sick

  17. tavish dozier

    this video still fs with me becuse its saying there are no bad people there are only the broken

  18. Frank Gappa





  20. EQ OxY

    Thats Gabby Thomas

  21. Blue Leaf

    I love this Song, nice Work Dude! 🔥✌

  22. rodrigo Concuá

    <3 love the rhythm <3

  23. julian Ruddat

    i was so in love... i cry everytime when i hear that song :(

  24. I liek mudkipz

    Straight people: Wow they're such good friends.
    Gay people: Do i detect _t h e g a y?_

  25. Micah Barcus

    I wish there are more music vids for DROELOE music because the music is so good and the music vids have amazing meanings.

  26. [комментарий удалён]

    странно, душевно, интересно

  27. Walking On The Blue Surface

    Beautiful to whine. As always and to the end. Beautiful and thank you.

  28. Chimp Scape

    Erm... what's this gay shit doing coming on after Solway Firth? Totally just ruined my flow

  29. Lovable ѕυgα

    I'm a new fan of DROELOE!

  30. evol

    DROELOE is actually so underrated. hoollyyyy


    Have you guys heard our new single "Virtual Friends" yet?!

    Pop DeluxePlays

    Its amazing

    Micah Barcus

    Yes I ha e and I LOVE it

    Michel Klaasen

    Fuck yes. What the fuck is going on.

  32. Gio Van der Vegt

    <3 how friendly this clip is, ma gawd its so cute

  33. Ashleym Taylor

    bruising all that lettuce smh

  34. Will Velline

    My sister is in this music video she is The with the black hair and the employee

  35. Starboy Medo

    I didn't know the real meaning of "underrated" till I discovered this guy :)

  36. HashTag

    the girl is so beautiful...

  37. Logan Wagner

    The guy in the car his phone case is what I have.

  38. I like to get pinned

    He forgot the lyrics at 1:00
    Check it out!

  39. luke danskin-anthony

    One of my favs by yous

  40. Theo Pean

    i like ur music

  41. Dank Artz

    the video clip still managed to be more amazing than the music, great job Droeloe!!
    Um abraço do Brasil a vocês😍😍

  42. tuấn còi vlog

    đăng kỹ ủng hổ với ạ

  43. Florencia Ruiz


  44. iPadTube777

    *500,000* STRONG! 🎲🎲

  45. kwazii

    How does this not have over a million views yet??

  46. Danissimo


  47. Nika Kuprava

    film name?

  48. Andy Minor

    wait WHAT!? Droeloe only has 45k subs!?!?!?

    You've been one of my favorite artists for years now and I just assumed you were already massive!

  49. TyTy on the WiFi

    Still waiting for DROELOE to blow tf up...

  50. FarhanMaulana

    1:49 *DUAAARRRRRR*

  51. nicus .official

    Anyone know what is her @?????

    Gabby Thomas

    @gabbycthomas :)

  52. Therspoor


  53. Shubham Bisht

    whats the girl @

    Gabby Thomas

    @gabbycthomas :)

  54. Pranav Dhingra

    the girl at 0:37 is so pretty.xD

  55. Rahul Rawat

    She looks like billie elish without depresssion.

    Gabby Thomas

    LMAOO thank u

  56. Hartono Sastra

    Who is she? Name? Blonde hair

    Gabby Thomas

    @gabbycthomas :)

  57. hy45 5

    Gabby thicc asf

    Gabby Thomas

    wow thank u so much

    hy45 5

    @Gabby Thomas lmao

  58. cedric

    This is dope tho

  59. Diego De Freitas

    This is dope!

  60. Sam Bolton

    1:47 🍑

  61. Creamy Qwerty

    Make some noise for D R O E L O E R O R O E L O E R O E !!

  62. Faris_ Ast

    This video kept coming on my feed until I couldn't ignore it any more, glad I didn't

  63. Claude Ronald

    Thank you YouTube recommendation 😍😍❤

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  65. Dylan Val

    wtf. how come i never hear about this guy. Awesome song

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  67. Enzo Gabriel

    Força Br se Manifeste !

  68. Nithin Ravi

    Thanks !!!!

  69. Aki Bismarck

    Kowalski analysis!

  70. Генрих Силин

    Sounds like Kintsugi

  71. Wiv

    Yeesssss music videooo

  72. Reinz Bill Dugan

    This song is gonna blow up sooner or later. The vibes are sooooo smooth🔥👌

  73. WonderLust

    Anne Hathaway?

  74. amanda seyfreid

    Gabby.. ❤️♥️

  75. idk

    That's fuckin truth

  76. יויו זלצברג


  77. Mr.Manchot

    C'est frais et original

  78. Varth Dader

    That's one hell of a Snickers Ad

  79. L a u r y n

    Okay but the long haired dudes hair was voluminous as hell

  80. Olivia Larsson

    for all those who wanna skip the creative ad at the beginning of the video: music starts at 0:34

  81. Dutch Ban Republic

    1:26 lmao taking shots at those notches

  82. ALI3N X_X

    I don't get it

  83. Ron Swanson

    This deserves WAY more views

  84. MrJamaicaMan

    youtube recommanded me this, a fucking good recommandation from youtube. Awesome music m8, you have 1 more subscriber now thx to youtube. Sometimes youtube actually recommands some good stuff

  85. shawn naidoo

    She looks like Charlotte Stokley haha

  86. ltz Jellyfish

    XD droeloe means drunk in dutch

  87. GlennTehBoss

    Your name means “drunk” in dutch streetlanguage lmao


    GlennTehBoss t zijn vgm nederlanders

  88. Zo GrAndd

    love it

  89. Cody Nates

    surely i am not the only one that thought Kayzo was in the car ahahah

  90. Laura Was Here

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!

  91. Tom Vrazo

    Man you guys are killin it, been there from the start! :) When I'm with youuuu

  92. Suan Lian

    wheres the lyrics guy?

  93. Lars Mulders

    Damn this is sick

  94. erick rodriguez


  95. Top Music Charts

    Google play music?

  96. Todd Squidderson

    I was listening to slipknot then this showed up

  97. NTHN

    this is an brilliant song.... first time i hear about u guys and its a banger