Drille, Johnny - Papa Lyrics

He calls me to pray
He tells the Lord
To watch over me
Oh my papa
He can like to say
As you go away
Don't forget where you came

If you lose your way you can pray
Don't be afraid, don't lose faith
You will find your help, there'll be a way
Just remember to pray and you'll be okay

He calls everyday
He asks me son
I hope you're doing okay
Oh my papa
He too dey fear say I gho go astray
Cos I walk a stranger land
And my home is so far away

Papa says if you lose your way you can pray
Don't be afraid don't lose faith
You will find your help there'll be a way
Just remember to pray and you'll be okay

Me sef dey pray for Papa
Make him find more strength and grace
And may the good Lord keep him longer
In Jesus name

If you lose your way you can pray
Don't be afraid, don't lose faith
You will find your help, there'll be a way
Just remember to pray

If you lose your way you can pray
Don't be afraid, don't lose faith
You will find your help, there'll be a way
Just remember to pray and you'll be okay
You can pray
Don't be afraid, don't lose faith
You will find your help, there'll be a way
If you remember to pray

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Drille, Johnny Papa Comments
  1. Jerry Sunday

    I love Johnny drille more than any other singer

  2. Lloyd Manganii

    Rip my papa

  3. paul osa

    Before I watch I simply like first. Bless you, Jonny!

  4. Kennedy Ndubuisi

    The next Grammy award winner

  5. ghost Dog

    Whenever i feel weak, i listen to this song and i feel like dads giving me answers. Thanks youtube for always recommending this song whenever i need dad to tell me to be a man

  6. Richard Meribe

    At least , we can for once honor our fathers. Not mother’s all the time😊

  7. Francis Rich

    this is my 2019 song and cant and wont stop listening to this even in 2020. the message in it is alot and is just got me motivated from my state now


    great voice drille keep it up bro

  9. Bint Siraj TV

    To those who disliked this song.... We really feel your pain, you thought you were gana see nudity...... Awwn, sorry we hurt your feelings.....🤪🤪

  10. Chris Asher

    @Johnny, please allow me to replace Mamaa wherever I see Papa
    #One Love from Ghana

  11. Fansy stones

    Tears drop down my cheek when I listen to this song. Rest In Peace Dad.

  12. John Nath J N

    I love your pattern that my pattern
    My is John Nath. Am a coming up musician and a comedian.

  13. Kelvin Dill

    I can't just stop lovely this guy song If you love the let see
    hit like

  14. Godwin Ikeazor

    Unique music.. Great artist... Nigerians will never stop loving noise.. Jonny got good music, good lyric, good style of music, performing wonderfully great.. Love u Jonny.. I wish u could do another with Simi again.. That's is another cool talented artist

  15. bella Nelsa

    Just saw this now..but can't stop listening..means a lot to me.
    You add meaning to music..
    Love you..

  16. Zaifa Hartz

    Miss my dad

  17. IZABAYO Pauline

    nice song, please do the one for Mama too!

  18. Delighted Duncan

    To be Honest with you I think this guy is one of the most brilliant musician in Africa!
    Everything he does is beautiful and magical!
    I come sit all and listen to Only his songs all day.
    It bring such tranquillity! Peace and Joy.

  19. uwajambo abdias

    thanks for this song it is like my story

  20. Gildas Hounmanou

    May mine rest in peace

  21. Udoka Christian Njoku

    why is it that the very good and calm songs dont get so much views...... This song deserves more than the views it is getting now.

  22. JustinAboh - Maveric_x

    my Dad my best friend, died 2 years ago from heart issues and this song just hit all my nerve ends, i can only reminisce the fun moments and his words . .. and I hate to cry Johnny

  23. Emmanuel Akoja

    I like this song, exactly the line of this lyrics is what my Dad and Uncle used to end there words whenever they are encouraging me "Just remember to pray and things will be ok"

  24. Carol J Acan

    Wow, can't believe I just found Johnny 13th Oct 2019🥰 who is watching and love his music ❣👌🏾

  25. Esty Osagie

    Now i miss my daddy so much been far from home is killing me😪....i always no that with your humble background you will go far God bless papa and mama..God bless you Johnny

  26. Chidi Godwin

    chaii I loss my daddy years ago, 1999 😭😭😭😭,RIP daddy, Johnny thank you for this song.

  27. Tolu Shotade

    Hats off!!! Awesome stuff!!!!

  28. ij moses

    😭😭 I lost my daddy 2009
    I missing him so much I rememberd him whn I hear dis wonderful song ! thank u drille

  29. Kingsley Valentine

    Without being sentimental rather rational, thousands of music in the world celebrate mothers alone diminishing the fathers as if they are irrelevant in the world but this song "Papa" has reposition the thoughts and has given the fathers due recognition.
    Thanks Johnny Drille for this song🎶 I love you for being different.
    Much loves❤ from Akwa Ibom in Nigeria🇳🇬🇳🇬

  30. Prince Nebolisa

    You are the best of all.
    Your music heal a wounded hearts

  31. Aur1de L

    Can't even finish it.. broke down on the first note 😢😢💔💔 Thank you Johnny, this is a very beautiful song 👏👏🙌🙌💯💯


    This is the first time I'm listening to this and I'm in tears. I love you beyond words Johnny💓

  33. Ismaila Mbye

    Artist with positive vibes are mostly underrated, with you type of music, if you were in the West and the Americas you would be in same circle with ed sherran and co

  34. Yusuff Saheedat

    Quality music drills😘

  35. ezenwa kingsley

    My dad died few weeks this song came out

  36. Ansa Ansa

    To all the fathers, J. Drille has finally acknowledged your existence.
    I love this, who else does?

  37. Lopuko Johnmv

    Listening from moroto-Uganda.
    Soothing music from Johhny

  38. Kabo Thabana

    damn who is this great musician?Johnny Drille u are going places just remember to pray
    Love from Botswana 🇧🇼

  39. Tangue

    Why is this song not having Millions views??? Anyways I am here...... I will play this song every day until it reaches 100M views❤

  40. Ihuoma Cynthia

    Honestly.... Is now I realised what being a dad means......

  41. Amani Mpangirwa

    this is awesome #Johny, it's deep

  42. lolo helmut

    I never had such a privilege to grow up with a father. This song is everything I would say if I had that privilege. I'm grateful for my mother who raised me. I hope we will meet one day Papa on that great day. Thank you to the Almighty for being the only father I've known. Thank you Johnny for your love for Music. Vintage and this song.

  43. Lewis Iwhere

    I lost my dad last year ,watching and listening to this music made me reminisce the days I had with my dad which made me cry.Thank you Johnny and Rest In Peace papa

  44. Tomide Olatunji

    I love you Daddy! continue to Rest in peace Dad!🙏👊❤

  45. Idle Talker Naija

    Now, I'm proud I'm gonna be a 'papa'....lol...🙈

  46. Ugochukwu Emeka-Chiemenem

    Damn! Papilo (as I fondly called you), even though you're in heaven, I still feel the effects of all you taught me. You are and will always be simply unforgettable! Four years and counting... I vow to always make you proud of me.

  47. eddie chimaobi

    Can all johnny drille true and real fans gather here and discuss how we can earn this great gem of a man a grammy!!! He deserves it👏👏 i would go first people needs to hear his music on billboards abroad🙌.........

  48. patty n

    Just saw your latest video you are really good. Very!

  49. Abiola Adeleye

    I will always continue to be your fan, johnny drille. Your song is a remedy to my soul

  50. Oluwatosin Obademi


  51. Soboyejo Idris

    God bless all the Fathers. I miss my dad. Jonny thanks, love man

  52. Aladi Joseph

    oooh my God this is just perfection

  53. Michael Kunda sings

    this guy is doing great,,,

  54. Nelson Nwokoma

    Miss you daddy,you were such a good and loving man. How can I ever forget you and all your encouraging words, continue to rest in peane , DADDY !

  55. Jessica Obirai

    when u realize that this guy is nigerian ,then I can believe that saying that's says there is hope for tomorrow

  56. mike shegs

    Pure nostalgia! He’s indeed a blessing

  57. Matthew Mulimbika

    The guy is amazing

  58. ejalonibu Odunayo

    Why has this baddest song not reach 1m views yet. Johnny you're timeless 💙💙💙💙


    So refreshing to finally hear something dedicated to our fathers as well.

  60. MissDAdolph

    I didn't make it 0.45 before I started getting allergies. This SOOOONG! OMG! Gives me chills it's so good. This guy needs to be on a soundtrack asap... or John Legends next album ijs. Amazing. Well done! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  61. Batupe Alain

    Nice song.God bless all the fathers out there who played their part as fathers.As for me I didn’t have a father to call me son.

  62. uche okafor

    johnny dont know what to say,you are a gift,your music heals my mind.thank you so much.

  63. Ikechukwu Mbachu

    Who else clicked like even before watching..

  64. Issaka Fredawus

    Its official.........There are only two musicians in Nigeria.
    Johnny Drille and "The Rest"

  65. Nelson Ayodeji

    Very powerful song. Shout out to all the dads watching from heaven. Love you dad. I hope am doing ok? I hope I made you proud. Mum is also ok.

  66. Joy Blades

    I haven’t seen my Dad in almost 4 years! This song makes me miss him even more!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  67. Adarex

    Just remember to pray, and you will be okay!

  68. essence 10.4

    How you keep our eyes wet like this man, be blessed young king

  69. Nana Johnson

    Son of the soil..Welldone

  70. John Moscato


  71. PRIME tv

    Hey Johnny D. This Song means more than just a song to me...
    I lost my Dad, 1998 due to a fatal accident on His way home to come see my Pregnant mum, His wife.
    I was barely 3yrs Old and he died April and my Mum gave birth to our last born 1st June, my Dad never saw her.
    So Sad, My Younger sister never knew him, i got to know him much more better via stories from relatives that knew him and images.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    God bless you more and more...
    His memories made me stronger and better day by day, bit by bit...
    Johnny you are the real King Man...

  72. Nnedi talks

    This such a thoughtful song. Often times the impact of fathers in the lives of their children go unsung. I love how this song celebrates and appreciates a father's love. Thanks Johnny

  73. Bubu

    i wish i had this relationship with my father... it resonate alot with my mom.. every word

  74. Virginia Mukandayisenga Cindy

    All of you out there that God has blessed with papa please don't take them for granted. if you don't mind, lend him to me at least for an hour. can't stop feeling the love and pain at the same time.

  75. esther ocansey

    Just remember to pray

  76. Ayobami Fajemisin

    This song made me reach out to my dad after our relationship collapse due to his infidelity. I shed tears remembering the dad he was terribly sick and still went to work to make sure we eat.

  77. black greek

    I Still don't get why people will just thumb down (disliking) this wonderful song that touch your heart n soul to share tear. Fire keep burning ya sorry asses!

  78. Kunduz Sharif

    thanks for the wonderful work

  79. Grace Ikhuoshio

    Johnny, Am proud you are a Nigerian, and am super proud you are from Edo State! Your music is food to the soul! Just keep doing what you do, the world will definitely celebrate you soonest.

  80. Grace Ikhuoshio

    I would sing this song over and over again in loving Memory of my late Dad - My Hero! Rest on Deacon Goodluck Orire Ikhuoshio. I Love You Forever!

  81. Jazz Aughton

    African artists are now officially on the most creative forefront of the planet #period ! This overwhelmed me


    He is just awesome I'm touched whenever I listen to his vocals

  83. Mustapha Bockarie


  84. universal facts

    Good music

  85. Esther Nish Official

    Nice one dear

  86. Ferkah Isaac

    Thanks father ur strict training makes my college started calling me (yesu) meaning Jesus cos I was different from them. Thanks Daa for everything.

  87. Princess Steeze

    It's lit 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥

  88. Fredrick Beauty

    My dad can't stay for one week without hearing my voice 😢 he used say " I was missing you and I told your mum to go get recharge card " he doesn't care how cost it is to call international calls, and I missed him so much, can't wait to go back home.

  89. anyoh marion

    ❤️❤️still in awe

  90. Delinamaria Swartz

    I love this song and reminds me of my father ♥️❤️💌 even though I miss him it gives me a certain rest of peace 😍🥰❤️❤️💌 I love you dad 😇💋 your baby daughter 😘😘😘💋

  91. 有無申carlyto77

    This song made me remember all the good times

  92. Atieno Otieno

    This song makes me miss my dear father even though I don't remember much about him. Thank you Johnny drill for the most beautiful melody ever written.

  93. Atieno Otieno

    Am crazy about this song...

  94. bianca baby

    This song move's me to tears
    Nothing compare to a love of a parent for his child
    This reminds me of my mother advices as I was living home

  95. antoine kaboome

    very emotional

  96. chibuikem onyeaghala

    Jonny drille is a blessing to this industry.. Damn

  97. Atuyambe Martha

    A thousand likes❤️💞

  98. Oluwasegun Obassa

    If you release an album, I'am buying one time..... even if its sold at 2k. You are one of the very few that enjoys such privilege in my heart. Big ups bro! Shine on infinitely


    solid song. different and unique vibe