Drille, Johnny - Forever Lyrics

I think of you tonight
You're always on my mind
It's a miracle that you're mine
I can see it in your eyes
I see it deep inside
Under sun or rain
You will be by my side, yeah yeah ah

Dem tell me things about you
But I will never doubt you, my baby boo
Girl you are sent from heaven
I can't believe I found the sunshine in my life

Stay with me forever
Our love will last forever
No man can put asunder
What God has joined together
Stay with me forever
This love will last forever
No man can put asunder
What God has joined together

Walking down the aisle
Make me wanna cry
This angel is about to be mine
Finally, you are for real
No longer that girl in my dreams
My baby dey here with me

So if dem tell you things about me
Baby believe them
I'm a very good guy
Yeah, yeah yeah
And if I tell you, say I love you
My lady, do believe me
I no dey lie yeah, yeah yeah

Stay with me forever
Our love will last forever
No man can put asunder
What God has joined together
Stay with me forever
This love will last forever
No man can put asunder
What God has joined together

All my love, all yours
Now and forevermore
I'll be your man, I'll be yours
Take my heart, take it all
All my love, all yours
Now and forevermore
I'll be your man, I'll be yours
So you can have it all baby

You and me forever
Our love will last forever
No man can put asunder
What God has joined together
Stay with me forever
This love will last forever
No man can put asunder
What God has joined together

Stay with me forever
Our love will last forever
No man will put asunder
Me and you will be together
Stay with me forever
This love will last forever
No man will put asunder
What God has joined together

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Drille, Johnny Forever Comments
  1. Nuhu Helen

    Is so easy to fall in love with Johnny music

  2. Najjat Namukose

    Much love from Uganda

  3. Abigeal Olahansoye

    If they tell u things about me, baby don't believe them... Am a very good guy, Johnny please why are you always bursting my brain

  4. Shade Ani

    His voice is amazing

  5. Okoro Beatrice

    Jonny you have amazing voice

  6. babolona ma

    Ce ma musique préférée 🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🙏

  7. Sarah Muthee

    i swear Jonny's songs make me feel beautiful and amaizing...i play his songs everytime i want to feel fabulous...

  8. Nnenna Ruby

    Ahhhh all the feels 😍😍

  9. Shema Justin

    thx Jonny for btfl songs and voice. keep it up!!

  10. Andrew Waters

    My wedding song,thanks for making my day Johnny Drille

  11. chiamaka Nnabuihe

    Johnny Drille you made my day, u are my favorite artists.

  12. Babatunde Lamidi

    Found my second wedding song!

  13. Emmanuel Folorunsho

    If i don't like this..... Wetin i gain?

  14. Onwuchekwa Liz

    Your songs are always amazing you start feeling mushy after the song and all loved. Keep it up

  15. Andrew Waters

    My wedding song ❤️❤️❤️

  16. gift okojie

    More love 💕 I gat for u bro ❤️💯

  17. norasco mbedule

    Sauti nzuri

  18. Nelson Christian

    Am in in love with you

  19. Susan Maina.

    He's like a male Simi

  20. Dj SaLvino Miranda

    Amazing voice brother.... 😍

  21. Martin Mugo

    Man like Johnny D.

  22. Brave Innocent

    So amazing!!! Talented man. I really like Johnny, the drilling music....... Haaaa


    My wedding playlist.. thanks for composing. I just Love LOVE.......💓💞❤😗

  24. Linda Francis

    My baby boo ❤❤

  25. Rilwan Azeez

    The bridge of this song is the most powerful bridge from a Nigerian song in decades...

  26. doris ijebu

    your voice is something elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  27. Kwesi Witter

    Johnny, I ws d first Ghanaian to ever buy your music from Apple Music, and guess what I had listened to you jx once and I'm already in love with your music. Keep it up man. God bless you. My son can finally start listening to some good music w/o f***k and s**K d*8k

  28. Lanre Nasir

    Whos this country voice from my Home....Just in awe and marvel of your talent!

  29. Bilal Naser

    The flute at 2:53 always gives me chills😩😩😭😭😭🙌🏽

  30. Bene Dicta

    why does this have only 64k views nitori Olorun?!

  31. osaro evidence

    Keep it up bro just enjoying my self with your songs don't stop giving us your lovely songs please 🙏🙏

  32. Shamuna Arimiyaw

    Lovely voice you get ❤️very emotional


    if you really want to enjoy this song.. use headphones

  34. Antoinette Glover

    Still praying for the 8 people who disliked the video...guys don't allow the devil to use you 😁😁😁

  35. Oshioke Osiregbemhe

    jonny drill i see you are in a journey to breaking into a new atmosphere, where everyone we get to understand that music should be very much poetical.... lets take mediocre off the stage

  36. Nshuti Eric

    Wonderful Song , great

  37. watwego daniel

    such a beautiful wedding song. future husbae add to the list of songs you will surprise me by. looooooool.

  38. Katampe Shekwolo

    can we please get an instrumental of this song

  39. Angel Anjowa

    I can't help it I've fallen in love with this... 😭😭😍.

  40. Sofia Joseph

    Johnny you touch my soul with your songs I fall in love over and over with your voice

  41. Mobolaji Victor

    Reaaaaallly..... Am I really hearing this? Damn mhen. This is super dope. Vocals on point, the vibe sinks deep. Bless up Johnny.

  42. prince onyemaechi

    Johnny nwanne ndewo I'm proud of you I have hope that someone from 9ja can take us all the way round bluesssssss if you love Johnny hit the like

  43. Ehimen Etinosa Junior Akhimien

    My Bini people where una dey ? Let's support our Brother

    Elebute Aanuolu

    Karamo. Anyway, I also love him.😘😘😘

  44. Josiah Thompson

    You deserve to be bigger

  45. Adedayo Adeleke

    2:55.....uh uh uh uh uuh uuh uuuuh, uuhh. Thank me later

  46. Caleb Jacob

    Good one Drille👍

  47. Marvis Gabriel

    Big up bro just can't stop listening to every song from you (naija to the world)

  48. Milimo Mutembo

    Masterpiece ❤

  49. Jennie KiKi

    this guy is so good. an na 9ja boy be this o? damn

  50. Joy Ayeni

    My obsession with you Johnny isn't from this world. Your music light up my world.

  51. Benjamin Adegbolagun

    Johnny, just DOPE as usual. Thanks for sparking love in someone's heart somewhere.
    Love you Johnny.

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    My wedding gbedu

  53. sacka1000

    From Rwanda love your music

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    I looooove this song !!!!!

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    Never ever change your style, Johnny! You are a breath of fresh air...

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  57. Deegold Kreationz

    My wedding song💖💖💖💖

  58. Anne Gakuo

    Stay with me forever,this love will last forever,what's God has put together,no man can put asunder,Perfecto!!!!

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    you are number one


    this is great and amazing, jonny drille talented ever!

  61. Rachael Nabimanya


  62. Akoje Ojoma

    I love you!!!

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    from zimbabwe l love love love love this song ...wow good work Johnny ...cant stop playing it

    Macdee Kays

    shuwa here

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    255 Tanzania

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    OK but I just got one nice piece for my coming wedding next month😍😍 love it

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  67. Poikilos Diary


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    Thank you so much for this beautiful song,you killed it as usual.
    I love you.

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    This is beautiful

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    Awesome song, I like you man

  71. sunday david bassey

    Thanks for giving me a special for the one I love!
    Johnny Drille, your song dey make person soft sha!

  72. Hawa Dudu Kromah


  73. Thokozani Kanike

    Beautiful song Drille!!!!

  74. Jeanne Ukunda

    Johnny Drille I love you so much!!!! you are the one in my life nice song!

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    I love this song❤

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    Johnny is too good...

  78. Roland omokalo

    me and her had a little misunderstanding this morning. then she sent me this song. . lol. and i listen to it about 1 minute. then i text my girlfriend that i love her. the fight ended. thanks for this song bro.

  79. Regis Guí Dia

    Love from France 🇫🇷, I like your songs and your melody Johnny Drille, I don’t end my day without listening to your music ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Take my hands and dance with me, my love...
    on repeat Johnny ON FIRE.
    Such a cool wedding song.
    playlist updated.

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    His songs has been my ringtone for a long time.

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    my favourite singer johnny jus luv u ur fan from Tanzania..

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    Johnny Drille the *Lover guy* 😉
    You’re songs are always beautiful😍😘😍😍

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    JD is underrated. He’s a legend in the making. His ability to create timeless music is epic 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  88. Desmond Chukwujekwu

    I waited for your song since December and finally you are here with this beautiful and romantic music. The only najia songwriter that drives me crazy each time I listen to your music. Listening to the lyrics makes me crazy. I love you.

  89. Harold Onuoha

    johnny Drille can do no wrong...

  90. Kenny Ose


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    Johnny drille #thewaitforme corner thanks for staying with us and filling our hearts with such melodious pieces #ridingwithJohnnydrillealltheway

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    Now, believe me. This is good music. My message to my wife, in Johnny's voice!

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