Drille, Johnny - Finding Efe Lyrics

I am waiting here again
Will you come today
Are we worlds apart
I wan dey there where you are
Where are you now
Are you anywhere around
And even if we are worlds apart
I wan dey there where you are

Have you moved away
I don't know yes or no
Did you get the mail
That I left you months ago
Will you come tomorrow
I no know if na yes or no
Well I don't know tomorrow
But make we jam for here
I dey wait you my dear

I am waiting here again
Shey you go come today
Are we worlds apart
I wan dey there where you are
Where are you now
Are you anywhere around
And even if we are worlds apart
I wan dey there where you are

The first time when I saw her
She looked beautiful but I no tell am
I just walked away
And now I'm dying hard to see her face
I dey come here almost everyday
I wa ye gua lo we oghomwen
If I ever ever find you Efe
I no go ever let you go again

I am waiting here again
I don't know if you'll come today
We are worlds apart
But I wan dey for dere where you are
Where are you now
Are you anywhere around
But even if we are worlds apart
I wan dey there where you are
I wan dey there where you are

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Drille, Johnny Finding Efe Comments
  1. Mutonyi Beth

    This song reminds me of someone special in my heart though things fell apart.

  2. taakah

    This guy is simply underrated

  3. paul osa

    When i want to forget about those thieves ruling Nigeria, i just switch to your songs.

    Darlington Oriaku

    Ohh. This touched me

  4. Chisanga Siwale

    Where are you now Nana

  5. Samuel Jarri

    Whaaaat!!!!!! I’m speechless...I him again.
    Sounding like Coldplay. Great job my African cowboy 🙌

  6. Andy Adjei ODUMANG

    This guy sings so emotionally...he is the African James Blunt...

  7. Abigeal Olahansoye

    While Johnny drille finding Efe am here finding my Johnny drille 😜 can't stop listening to this song,
    Then I will be like 2020 here we come

  8. Jermaine Oputa

    Dear John Drille, please never change.

  9. princeking MONDA

    Am Hudson monda from nairobi Kenya this is my song indeed keep it up Jonny

  10. John Nath J N

    I love your pattern John Nath.💯✔

  11. Adaboke Otega Emmanuel

    So wait oh, the Mechanic in Romeo and Juliet is not Efe? Ah, we really have to start asking Johnny why he keeps looking for new ladies oh... Choiii... I am a big fan jare.

  12. Kadiatu K Kamara

    I liked before listening 🤷‍♀️

  13. star pack

    Hahaha my edo brother done speak benin oooo

  14. Ms Stealth

    Yasss Johnny Yasss!!!


    my best singer

  16. Emma Robric

    I love Jonny drill the only guy who can make me cry through his music in Nigeria I love you jonny

  17. Solange uzamukunda

    You're the one singer for me

  18. Carol J Acan

    I am watching here again 😊😊😊...much love from Kampala Uganda💕💞💕💞💕 November 2019 I dont know how many times I have been here❤❣🤗

  19. Olabosinde Oladipo

    1:06 made me love this song

  20. bella nimyel


  21. Franca Asoro

    Mans so underrated... TALENTED soul

  22. Franca Asoro

    The more i listen to his songs, the more i fall in love... definitely playing at my wedding

  23. Blessed Belovedu


  24. aloli swu

    Who else click here randomly,?

  25. Mbuta Bilesi

    Great song

  26. Dance Kvng Caly


  27. Samuel Freeman

    Johny Drille Issa bomb... A real blessing to Africa...

  28. Agyenimaa Bempong

    How come I just found you yesterday, I don't know, but I know one thing, you my new love, love from Ghana 💗💖💖💖

  29. Monica Kassi

    My crush,,,,,,, your music message in it, your voice OMG so amazing.


    Johnny drille you rock!!!

  31. Badpoemz AL

    Efe means wealth ...he gives me this khalid vibes

  32. Haddassah Branford

    this guy is the new back street/Westlife combine solo you are too much....

  33. Edwards Adjaino

    Now this is what you call a music video.
    The Nigerian industry needs people who put this much effort into songwriting and video concepts.


  34. Wild Cat

    This nigga has never made a bad song. Damn

  35. Carol J Acan

    Where have I been, such a beautiful soul...wow❣❣❣ 13th Oct 2019, who is watching 🥰👌🏾

  36. Mercy Koskei

    The best singer

  37. Carib 4 Life

    Simply Beautiful

  38. little girl little girl

    No naked girls, wonderful lyrics, good music this guy is a legend, he should be getting awards everywhere. Love from 🇷🇼

  39. Biodun Fayomi

    Indy voice and alllllllll, he's sounds out of this world🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥he stands shoulders with the worlds best, thumbs up if u agree

  40. watwego daniel

    Johnny you've left Efe to be all but a phatom to us, we may have seen her but how can we tell if she is the one, so that we let you know na. Show us Efe na!! :) I love your music Johnny, very soulish. And you're my friend's look alike lol! With love 254/255

  41. Adesuwa Okungbowa

    So this guy really wrote a song for efe.

    Chai johnny you need sing for Adesuwa cos I'm jealous.

  42. Onwuatuegwu Nelson Chijioke

    Wow, so beautiful, you remind me of owl city alot❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Yusuff Saheedat

    Hey drille! Am your efe am right there ❤

  44. Liliane Mugwaneza

    We love you composition ? We love you too , am rwandese 😴😴😴😍

  45. Lucky L

    I don't know why you're not trending no 1 everywhere
    Most people don't know good music. You're great!

  46. Laurian Hiluka

    I never get tired of listening to this song✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  47. faith aliu


    zandi nhlengethwa

    Same here ❤❤❤

  48. Tapiwamwandi Phiri

    My favorite singer

  49. kernmo 042

    The song and his voice put me in a trance😭💖

  50. Romcie

    The dude talented

  51. titi berin

    JD u d best thg dat’s happened to African music 🤗

  52. Justina O

    Your voice is so soothing Johnny💕

  53. moya wilson

    African Khalid

  54. Lola Frances

    My new best ...you are so underrated ...I pray the world recognizes your voice

  55. eddie chimaobi

    Efe wee you come out from.ya hiding place and stop making our johnny drille worried!!!!😐😐 so he can settle down, be calm and write more amazing songs for us joor🙄

  56. Marie Benson

    Just like that? How will the song end without him finding Efe, in fact, forget that, How will the song end without us seeing Efe's face.

  57. Nk Maybell

    Love all the way from cameroon

  58. Nk Maybell

    Has he found efe?

  59. Blessed Queen

    Oh my God I want to cry that I haven't be listening to his song please am I love with you. What a voice.

  60. David Simbards

    lol I wish u found her on the road..lol


    Herh! Jonny Drille! You do all...!

  62. Lukas Okoya


  63. Omam Oman

    I love this song so much 💕😍🎶

  64. NosagirlTV

    I could listen to this song a million times and every time feels like the first time. Jonny drille so much love for you can’t believe we were coursemates from Great UNIBEN. This is awesome 👍👍.


    I fell in love with a stranger I have never met in person ,his voice was calming soothing 😭😭😭😭, we had a lil argument he blocked me on social media ,I felt like part of me left with him .I pray he comes back love is strong and magical , i rang him with a colleague mobile he picked promised to get back to me which he did and said we re not compatible 😭😭😭😭 my heart pumped so hard he left without saying good bye.

  66. Shalom Ihemefor

    It hurts me so much.. why ain't u getting more views and recognition. ... I hate to feel this way .. we Nigerians don't deserve u ... damn! 😢😢...

  67. Blessed Vorgar

    This guy is the best singer I have ever listened to !


    the first time i listened to one of his song , i was so addicted goodness i find that all his songs sounds great

  69. Laura J Flores

    I’m coming from “Wait for me” and I’m starting to like his songs 🥰


    Same here. Now I'm addicted to him.

  70. MissDAdolph

    He is so amazing! Every song you can visualize. It's like he writes to jog our memories and drawing emotion out of us. New fan! ♥️🖤💚🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Subomi Owoyele

    how about a movie where his initial goal is to look for efe but in the process, he ends up finding himself

  72. Lily Mutamz

    Chaiii this guy can sing 🙏❤️❤️💯

  73. nuruden alkali

    more grace to your elbow still here till 2027

  74. linda hlatshwayo

    omg your voice is amazing my brother keep it up

  75. Hirwa Florent

    If you got late at work or school...or spent all your recreations or break times listening to Johnny hit like!

  76. moviesmovies movies

    more love from +254 kenya

  77. Danstan Makoba

    Much love from Tanzania, East Africa. I remember crying with my 8 year old son ''Derrick'' when we were listening to one of your emotional songs. My son Derrick loves you much and he always ask me to play your music for him. He is in Boarding school and whenever I listen to any of your song I remember that day and starting crying.

  78. Mayokun A.

    Johnny, try the AGT dude and see where it leads you to. I believe you'll hit high even just an appearance will make a lot change to your career. You've got one of the best vocals i have heard in Nigerian music. Give it a shot, trust your gut on this. {this song:::A mix of Owl City+Avicii in Naija way.}

  79. BRENDA N.

    I dont know how many people from Nigeria realized he spoke bini :) its nt a big deal but thats my language.

  80. ashian molly

    u hv inspired mob hrts in Africa

  81. Nana Johnson

    Edo son...we are praying for you...keep it up

  82. Slim Rubberband

    Jos city!!!

  83. Hilary Nizeyimana

    oh my god

  84. Eguono Ohwojeheri

    Thanks for adding the Edo language, I think you should always do that. Am so touched.

  85. Eguono Ohwojeheri

    You are the best right now in Africa.

  86. Nyenpu Freeman

    Guess we are worlds apart yet so closed.

  87. Efe francess

    Johnnydrille for the fact dat you are from Benin city Edo state. I love you+thanks for speaking "bini" iwa yè guà lò wè oghomwen!!!

  88. Igbinosa Benjamin

    I wa ye gua lo we oghomwen...sweet song. thank you john

  89. Catherine Ozougwu

    I love his voice so much. God bless you more.

  90. Cynthia Kozikowski

    This man is so talented. I appreciate Johnny's wholesome music. My kids can listen too and I am not concerned about the content. ❤

  91. ogenesi uke

    Jos Bauchi roots location

  92. Ee O

    Is it normal that all of his songs make me cry?😭😭😭


    His songs are so emotional

  93. Violet Vincent

    Can't love less

  94. Deborah Whyte

    Anoda Mavin bobo 🤪

  95. Eva Lenad

    From tanzania🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿 i love all of hes songs❤️😝

  96. Lilian Ninsiima

    Any Ugandan listening to this lovely song 💋💋💋💋


    Look Mavin stop belittling this guy, Johnny Drille. He has what we call "not an everyday voice". I was one of the first to say to Don Jazzy that his voice was not only great for backups but also as a lead voice. He has done well for himself and others. Please, Don Jazzy hook up Jonny with Jammie Fox. Fox will help to promote this guy without stress on you guys. You have kept him hidden for too long. We are tired of those gbam gbam jim jim songs. We need Jonny out there, please. This is a passionate plea.

  98. Fansy stones

    I love his videos. No half naked girls, no tossing off money, no unnecessary show off, just natural as the average Nigerians are....

  99. Nozky Chife

    You are just full of talents bro

  100. Juliet Mwape

    Loving it