Drille, Johnny - Count On You Lyrics

I wanna grow old by your side
All my days and all my nights
And I'll get rocking chairs for two
Let's start a future me and you
I'll tell you all I have concealed
I'll show you all want you to see
My intentions are crystal clear sky blue
If you open my heart you'll find just you

All my life I waited to feel like I do now, yeah
And I can't wait to have you

Baby, this is day one of forever
We made it through
Nobody thought we'd ever come this far
I know I can count on you
My baby, you'll be my best friend too

I wanna wake up next to you
Watching your eyes as they open
Be a loving father be your man
In your arms forever my plan
The future's bright with you in sight
We go survive the crazy nights
You have my attention all my love
I plan to give you more and more

All my life I waited to feel like I do now, yeah
And I can't wait to have you

Baby, this is day one of forever
We made it through
Nobody thought we'd ever come this far
I know I can count on you
My baby, you'll be my best friend too

I can be the perfect one for you
(Let me be your best friend too)
I want to be with nobody else but you
(Let me be your best friend)

Baby, this is day one of forever
We made it through
Nobody thought we'd ever come this far
I know I can count on you
My baby, you'll be my best friend too

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Drille, Johnny Count On You Comments
  1. Allan Lawless

    This guy will surely win Grammy

  2. Haryeesha

    Please let’s get this beautiful video to a million views please. Thank you.

  3. Kehinde Adelabu

    I love this song so much 😘😘

  4. tizzle boss

    This guy.. this guy.. once again thank you for your good music

  5. Paul Addae-Mensah

    A Pre - Wedding video brought me here

  6. buzzbee Bubzille

    We need Ed Sheeran to see this guy. A collaboration is necessary.

  7. Obinna Williams

    This is what a song should feel like. Lyrically sound and impactful! This is good song

  8. brea nadi

    You have a voice that is out of this world! I love your songs, your new fan from the 254 Kenya.

  9. Queen favour folade

    Love Johnny, you're the best

  10. Fapohunda Motunrayo

    my day is incomplete without me listening to ur songs.

  11. Em Gakiza

    Such a soulful and beautiful song. Heartfelt lyrics.

  12. Tosin Ebenezer

    This one is John Legend brother o

  13. Thisis Samani

    My heart is melting, oh common no one should ever say there’s no love !! I want to love my woman now till entity ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Ozioma Olanma


  15. yoobasket Asonyu

    I count on you for what i call food for the soul 🙅💕🎶🎤

  16. henggy

    If you're listening to this song in 2020 hit like. I love the song.

  17. black vibe

    What a beautiful song 😭❤

  18. mowa mulenga

    Why am I crying? 😭😭😭😭

  19. official teolee baby

    Why good song hard to be recognise..

  20. Sarah Gracious

    So beautiful..... Keep it bro

  21. Marteen Kenon

    Please hold on your true love is on its way..

  22. Quinthia Irakoze


  23. Spurz Tunez vevo

    O.M.G it’s so emotional 😭

  24. Ehijie sabato

    God bless Nigeria and Nigerians

  25. Jay Ebiks

    anytime i listen to this song, i smile because this is exactly how women are supposed to be treated especially the genuine ones

  26. Safari The Senior

    you are the one and ony

  27. jackizadollar Dollars

    Waouh! This is talent ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Soft and soul touching music.This guys level... just like John legend singing.
    Glad I found u. I will rock your songs 💃🏽💃🏽

  28. japheth john

    this song give me bumps whenever I listen to it.... My love for Johnny....

  29. Ampurire Peterson

    Who else believes this guy is the best soul artist in Africa?

  30. Olachi Akwarandu

    This song is a must on my BIG DAY!!

  31. Anthony Emmanuel

    By his grace on my wedding day u will there live and direct johnny more love

  32. Vivian Akurut

    I just love this guy😍😍

  33. Kamukama V Rahim

    I believe u are a good musician dear Johnny

  34. Ennyman Ozuwo

    Once in ten thousand lifetime, you can meet an awesome talent such as Jonny. Bless it was my lifetime that such beautiful music was made. Thumps up Jonny.

  35. Chikaodinaka Unachukwu

    wedding vibes oooooooohh

  36. Allan Essien

    Wow, this is something.
    I have found the John legend of Africa but this one is uniquely in a league of his own (i dont wanna use the term "better").

  37. Ia Wambui

    My dear future husband,am still praying for you n waiting for you my lovely hubby...find your way to me..#i count on you

  38. lisher Kunda

    This man sings with passion, it's true music is in you drille,,,,, love all the way from Zambia

  39. Ladidi Kheemy

    Johnny you are making me believe in love once again. I pray the universe assist me to find my love. I pray we find each other. I’ve waited so long.

  40. Peya’s World

    I love this song

  41. Faithful Emamezi

    Brother Johnny, all I have to say to you is...STICK TO WHAT YOU'RE DOING 🙏

  42. Stephy Tempest

    Johnny this lyrics forced tears from my eyes
    I swear I love this song So emotional
    Thank u

  43. Zoey Siloka

    He deserves a million views😪😍

  44. Justin Kabemba

    if u haven't subscribed get tf out here. . like for this guy

  45. sammie vilakazi

    This track makes me want to walk down the aisle over and over again! 😍🥰😭😭😭😭😭😭

  46. Justin Tuyisenge

    The song that i heard most! Thanks Johnny...

  47. Bello Jamiu

    This guy sabi sing sha..

  48. Amumpire Gift

    Be my best friend to

  49. Kennedy Sha

    Your 🎶 is 😎 l love it GOD bless

  50. Nicole Egede

    I love love love love this 😢😢😢😢😢


    Johnny drilled a born singer

  52. Nadine Houansodji

    One of my favorite artists. Love you so much Guy!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  53. M Eritaibeth

    Have you considered a collaboration with Jon Ogah and Bez? You three will produce the best romantic song of all times.

  54. Rose Maina

    Weddings 2020 register here... Ur dj is waiting...perfect down the isle groove... Eish bana Johnny spare my uterus

  55. Ayorinde Shayo

    I'm obsessed

  56. moise kavul

    Johnny drille il es comme Johnny Hallyday le français, ce qu'il chante sa touche le cœur et ça nous pousse à réfléchir avant d'agir, top son.

  57. Mutonyi Beth

    I believe I will play this song on my weeding day


    I've never stopped repeating this song. I taught it was sang by a white man at first, am so happy to know it's Nigerian. The lyrics and the voice are so wonderful and emotional too 💖💖. More knowledge and inspiration dear God bless you.

  59. Defansco Boutique

    If he was an American he would have been Globally recognised

  60. Defansco Boutique

    It pains me to know that Jonny drille is underrated in Nigeria ..dotn worry bro your story would change like burna boy . Nigerian's ain't familiar with this genre of song

  61. Dumkelechi Ifeanyi

    The love song of the year!!!!!!!!!

  62. matthew nice

    best in Africa you playing in my wedding

  63. Joseph Martins

    I don't know why Johnny Drill is not yet recognised in the world stage. If you believe Johnny Drill is underrated lemme see your thumbs up.

  64. Emmanuel Uwem-Akpan

    This is "day 1 of forever....." this line always gets me.... it means alot... a simple word but carries all the essence of LOVE

  65. Val

    Only Idiots will unlike

  66. Mean Titty

    Can't still get enough of u 🤕

  67. Alisa Linkin

    I came to watch this back when they got married in Dubai 🥰🥰🥰🥰.so pretty

  68. Juliet Oghogho

    What a beautiful voice......doing great job🇳🇬🇩🇪

  69. Drucilla Sherry

    Beautiful music you never disappoint 😍😍🎧

  70. Maryanne

    I just went through a painful breakup from someone I was set to get married to next year. This song makes me feel sad but it also makes me feel hopeful. Someday God will bring someone into my life, not to date briefly but for a lifetime.

    Tope . S

    It is well dear ! sometimes God removes a person from our lives cos he heard conversations we did not ! What is ur's can never be taken, it surely will be there waiting 4 u till ur path crosses in Jesus mighty name, Amen ! 🙏


    @Tope . S Amen! thank you so much for your kind words

    Tope . S

    @Maryanne U're very much welcome, smile!!! God got u babe !👍

  71. Onyinye Judith Onyeama

    Its just the onions,I am not crying at all. This is really beautiful, the kind of song you play 50 years from now and still have your heart strings pulled.

  72. Betina Naimou


  73. Christine Tinah

    His accent i thought he was white 😍

  74. Bonita Benita

    U are the best Johnny drille

  75. Emmah Kimari

    When you get lost in YouTube and this happens. 😍

  76. Easter Watson

    This was just beautiful.. I just watched the Bam Teddy Story today.. this is Just AWESOME....... congrats Bam Teddy

  77. emmanuel seun

    A friend in Vietnam used this song for his wedding match in and was asking him you sing this lovely song. Never knew its my brother here in Nigeria. This is more than amazing! Wow......This Johnny is super talented. I have to download every song you ever released right now. I need fee myself song good songs. God bless you man.

  78. Pool Boy Pool Boy Man Strong


  79. Shade Ani

    Marvin records get this guy a collaboration with Ed Sheeran. He is absolutely superb. Future Grammy winner .

  80. moonchild july

    I love it😍😍😍♥️♥️

  81. Amelia Cowles

    Your vocal is very amazing u singer wait all your filling and heartyou are borne wait talented God ditto Bless u


    Beautiful. We need more of this in the Africa Market.

  83. Laila Ibrahim

    The funnest thing with Johnny Drille songs is that if you think one is the best he create more that are even the bestest if we have this word in English.

  84. temitope adesanya

    This is a masterpiece. If I wasn't watching the video, i would have argued it's not a made in Nigeria Music.I'm so proud of how far our music industry has grown.Love love love this music


    Lovely video here I really like it

  86. iicekingagogo

    I love your songs and I would love to see ft with @kizzdanielflyboyinc

  87. Aubin Erwan Tchuenté Kom


  88. Nahamya Lenny

    Awwwww...this is beautiful

    Nahamya Lenny

    I thank God l have someone that l can count ....

  89. Fostier Nzuzi

    Wow, this will definetly be played on my wedding, can't wait

  90. Ms Stealth

    Johnny Drille to the world!!! Your Grammy is on the way!!

  91. Jane Aa

    Oh my, this brought tears to my eyes

  92. M Eritaibeth

    I so love this song. I’ve believed in you since the time a video of you surfaced where you were singing with your friend playing the guitar. It’s nice that despite the fame you both are still together. Many may not get your style of music but I so believe you are an example of creativity meets melody. You sing from your heart and your voice is soothing. This song has been on repeat for me (just like your other songs) so much that I picture my wedding in Nigeria with you singing it live. Your live concerts sound even better than the recorded version. Keep up the good work and just develop your uniqueness the way it is without trying to please anyone. At the end, your uniqueness will always speak for you, for there’s no one like you Johnny. I pray that all you envision for your love life and life partner become a reality (if it isn’t already) and we perceive greater glow from you when that happens.

    Who knew we will have such talents in Nigeria? So many people in Nigeria just underestimate the potentials of many Nigerians and expect others to believe in them. Who will believe in us if not us? And who needs international collaboration when we have people like Johnny? There can be many more like Johnny who show forth our beauty and uniqueness as Nigerians and Africans as a whole.

    Don Jazzy really did well by signing you and helping to develop your brand. Always remember that there can be only one Johnny Drille, so please don’t sell out to start singing pangolo music that even a 3rd grader can compose o. It’s better to just leave your name in the “sands of music” with your classics than deviate to pangolo songs. Just be you and leave the rest to fans who have good ears for tasteful music like yours.

  93. Ireen Kandala

    Omg am so emotional now 😍😍

  94. Kenry Anani

    Who else is watching this for the 10th times?

    This song is 🔥🔥💕

  95. thantei c


  96. Xiw Fre

    You the man Johnny

  97. RosieCiana Karma

    He's the best💝💯 with my favourite 9ja couples too✌

  98. Patra Moisam

    love the song but love bamteddy alot NYC Jonny