Drifters, The - Your Promise To Be Mine Lyrics

To lose you would break my heart
You said that we would never part
But I won't hold you to your promise
Your promise to be mine

I'll be lonely when you are gone
Some way, somehow I'll, I'll carry on
Still I won't hold you to your promise
Your promise to be mine

After all in loving you
Who could think you could ever leave me
But now I'm I'm hurt, so hurt
Because you want to be free

I'll miss you, everyone knows
That's the way life goes
Still I won't hold you to your promise
Your promise to - be - mine

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Drifters, The Your Promise To Be Mine Comments
  1. Josie Lopez

    His voice is so On Hit!!!

  2. c3-8ate

    1:54 major major chills. WOW do not make voices like this anymore, well they do but they don't know how to use them.

  3. Robert Velez

    The ending of this song knocks me out everytime!

  4. betty matlack

    makes me crazy

  5. bob feltmen

    sorry I was wrong its not ben e. king

  6. bob feltmen

    what soul I can play this song all nite I never heard anyone that can do it better then mr king

  7. W. Roland Chambers

    Written by Jimmy Oliver my cousin. Photo is wrong Clyde was long gone. And Jimmy not  in it photo

  8. bob feltmen

    my favorite  song by the them what soul makes me feel so blue I play it over and over

  9. Katwaski53

    What a masterpiece!!!

  10. Paul Efreme

    Superb track with Gerhat leading .Note Johnny Moore backing.I have all the Drifters recodings, and this my favourite.

  11. bluenote824 jones

    In the top 10 ever made in the 50,s.super

  12. Robert Chesnosky


  13. Gilbert Goldman

    what a original group   fabulous    song and arrangement     great group  gill 382

  14. Pat Fernicola

    This probably the best drifters song ever and Gerhart Trasher owns it, he was untouchable.

    Richard Koenigsberg


    Jery Tillotson

    you're so right. fabulous singing and arrangement. cult author 'jason fury' used this very song in his most famous story, 'last of the seven beauties,' about seven amature men meeting for the last time. you can find it in story collection, "eric's body' by Jason Fury. Great story collection

    Al Heitzer

    Spell his name right! Geez, what jerks on this site.

  15. ildibildi53

    Simply breathtaking

  16. Gregory Rufolo

    Almost too good to be true......Ultimate reading of this classic!!!!!

  17. Lawrence Alvarado

    Gerhart Thrasher on lead!........The Bomb!

  18. Robert Courtney

    Typically great Drifters song

  19. Joseph P. Conboy Licensed Life Insurance Agent

    What a FANTASTIC cut from the Original Drifters.... I came across a great cover by a group out of the Philly area recently, Cornerstone, featuring Harry Schmitt on lead. If you have a chance take a look at it, and turn those speakers up, he really does the tune justice. Long live ALL the Drifters and the music they gave us.......

  20. Richard Koenigsberg

    Yes, one of the earliest--and greatest--rock 'n' roll songs. Profound.

  21. Frank Czuri

    This record gives me the chills!  Even after all these years!!

  22. TheBaylor22

    Great song, fabulous group. Gerhart Thraser and Johnny Moore of the early Drifters were unquestionably, two of the finest and most under appreciated lead singers of any vocal group, ever! Thanks so much for posting this.

  23. T and Z RV Life

    I love this song too because my uncle Gerhart  (Gerhart Thrasher) is singing lead and my uncle Bubba (Andrew Thrasher) is singing too!


    Never knew who sang lead on Promise To Be Mine or Drifting Away. Just knew that whoever was singing was fabulous. Your uncle was amazing! I'm only sorry that both he and Johnny Moore didn't receive the publicity and the credit they both deserved.


    PhDNaturalMe I don't mean to pry, but do you know why your uncle Gerhart didn't have more leads? He had a fantastic voice.

    T and Z RV Life

    thefonz003 I don't know, but he did have a great voice!

    Paul Hood

    Your uncles were wonderful singers!

    Zev Feldman

    from the group came the star clyde mc phatter

  24. coolfool60


  25. Gilbert Goldman

    greatest group song ever gill382

  26. NESI ANI


  27. Zev Feldman

    killer song

  28. snow8

    U promise to be mine ?? I miss you, and everyone knows that's the way life goes . 3

  29. OpenArms95

    I would have to say this is the best song the Drifters ever recorded. Gerhart Thrasher was the man, he owned this song, he had true emotion in his heart & his pipes!

  30. local4news

    Your uncles were very talented. This is one of the greatest recordings ever and so underplayed.

  31. Sean

    Typo: Clyde McPhatter created the Drifters and obviously was an original, Ben E. King was not... Clyde knew my uncles from the gospel circuit and hand picked them from the family group, "The Thrasher Wonders"

  32. Sean

    @Greeni70 - Thanks for posting this. I always would say my uncle doesn't get enough credit for his leads. For many, all they seem to know is Clyde McPhatter or Ben E King (not and original Drifter) though great in their own right, was not an original. Gerhart was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1988, but sadly his brother Andrew, a smooth tenor, was not, although he was on many of those great recordings, Including 'Your Promise To Be Mine'. Checkout Gerhart lead :"Drifting Away'

  33. Sean

    Gerhart Thrasher & Andrew Thrasher are my uncles, my grandmother's brothers. They were originally in a family gospel group called "The Thrasher Wonders", which consisted of the sisters, Bernice and Duane Thrasher.
    @ dennisUVGHRG - "I agree my Uncle Gerhart had perhaps the most powerful and souldful lead vocal performance on a doowop recording of that time, not that I'm bias :^)

  34. Robert Green

    @dennisUVGHRG Hi Glad you liked my post I was not trying to imply in the photo that those members were the ones on the song I just grabbed this photo because I liked it the best.Robert

  35. Dennis Holran

    To paraphrase John Facenda, the "Voice of God" for NFL films in the 70's & early 80's, this is the best vocal group harmony song......EVAH! Also a slight correction to the picture represented here, the great Clyde McPhatter was gone and Willie Ferbie was long gone. The third voice along with Andrew Thrasher & Bill Pinkney was Johnny Moore backing, what I also consider as the best lead vocal (EVAH), Gerhardt Thrasher. Thanks for a great post, Dennis - ultimatevocalgroup dot/com

  36. customkey

    Giving me chills over here......