Drifters, The - Suddenly There's A Valley Lyrics

Oh, when you've climbed the highest mountain
When a cloud holds the sunshine in
Oh, suddenly there's, there's a valley
Where the earth knows peace with man

When a storm hides the distant rainbow
And you think you can't find a friend
Oh, but suddenly there's, there's a valley
Where friendships never end

Touched only by the seasons
Swept clean by the waving grain
Surveyed by, by a happy blue, bluebird
And kissed by the falling rain

Oh, when you think there's no bright tomorrow
And you feel you can't try again
Oh, suddenly there's, there's a valley
Where hope and love begin...

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Drifters, The Suddenly There's A Valley Comments
  1. bluenote824 jones

    A super flip side

  2. bluenote824 jones


  3. Myron Coleman

    Love this song first time hearing th is they are my favorite group.

  4. Robert Velez

    A great record! Bobby Hendricks add spice to his sparkling high tenor on this memorable tune!

  5. bob feltmen

    I still have all their 45's from the 50's

  6. bob feltmen

    great song thanks

    ernesto rivera


  7. Richard Smith

    "B" side of "I Count the Tears".

  8. Bob Friedman

    Bill didn't really have a natural bass voice and this doesn't sound like Bill. Tommy's under rated, didn't have too many to shine on.

    William Hepfer

    If you want to hear Tommy Evans look for The Carols records on Youtube like fifty million women.

  9. bluenote824 jones

    Love this song and group

  10. Wayne Sprauve

    The Late Great Clyde McPhatter singing the high tenor.........R.I.P.

    Dave Rr

    Thats McPhatter sound-a-like David Baugham.

    Elliott Lebron

    No that's the checkers Lil David Vaughn

    Paul Hood

    That's not Clyde McPhatter or Bill Pickney; it's Bobby Hendricks (tenor) and Tommy Evans (bass).


    That's not clyde..its Bobby Hendrix n Tommy Evans on bass

  11. bluenote824 jones

    one of my favs by this wonderful group.

  12. James Burdett

    BBEK- (Before Ben E. King)

  13. onthegoldenline

    Bobby Hendricks was great - try 'Itchy Twitchy Feeling' to hear what I mean.

    Paul Hood

    Indeed. I love that tune.

  14. Mike Mangan

    This sounds very much like Bill Pinkney & The Driters pre 1955


    My Drifters bio says Bobby Hendricks and Bill Pinkney share the lead on this tune recorded at the same time as "Drip Drop" in 1958. Issued as the "B" side to "I Count The Tears" in 1960. Tommy Evans first session ended in November of '56 with "Fools Fall In Love" and he didn't rejoin again until July of '61.

    Rich DeSilva

    this was Clyde & Thrasher & Bill on Bass

    Frank Czuri

    Not on Suddenly. It is definitely Bobby Hendricks

  15. thatreggaewoman

    I agree dcjazzman1!

  16. thegroupharmonyalley

    Great concept and arrangement, despite the that it was near the end of the pre-59 Drifters career. A testament to their talent, for sure. Too bad it wasn't released until 1960. If by chance, radio would have picked up on it, maybe the whole Drifters story would not have taken the turn that it did.

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  17. Robert Green

    @carlanthony62 If you scroll down of Marv Goldberg's page, he shows this being released in December 1960 on Atlantic 2087. I believe it was recorded in April 28, 1958


    Interestingly, a couple months after if was released Tommy Evans re-joined the Drifters...

    Paul Hood

    This was recorded during the Bobby Hendricks Drip Drop session, but it wasn't released until late 1960 as a B side to I Count the Tears, which, in my opinion, was a damn shame. This duet between Hendricks and Tommy Evans is one of the original Drifters best tunes.