Drifters, The - Ruby Baby Lyrics

I got a girl and Ruby is her name
She don't love me but I love her just the same
Ruby, Ruby I want you
Like a ghost and I'm going to haunt you
Ruby, Ruby when will you be mine

Well, each time I see you baby my heart cries
Well, I'm going to steel you away from all those guys
Come the sunny day I met you
I made a bet that I would get you
Ruby, Ruby when will you be mine

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Drifters, The Ruby Baby Comments
  1. maxb8097

    YouTube recommandations, thank you

  2. roland johansson

    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve it. Tnx posting.

  3. Gavin Visscher

    who first heard this from Donald Fagon?

  4. seanfitz81

    Donald Fagen ftw

    Gavin Visscher

    yes :) :) :)

  5. Joe Clark

    Why can’t I hear 50s music without thinking about Fallout?

  6. Bal Hervé

    Ah now said I love a girl and-a Ruby is her name
    Hear me talkin' now
    This girl don't love me but I love her just the same
    What'd I say?
    Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, Ruby, Ruby, I'm-a want ya
    Like a ghost I'm-a gonna haunt ya
    Ruby, Ruby, Ruby will you be mine, sometime
    Ah each time I see you, baby my heart cries
    Ah, it does, Ruby
    I tell ya I'm gonna steal you away from all those guys
    Are they wise?
    Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, from the happy day I met ya
    Now I made a bet that I was goin' to get ya
    Ruby, Ruby, Ruby will you be mine?
    Hear me talkin', in time, now, hey
    Hey-hey, come to me, now
    Hey-hey, gonna get ya
    Hey-hey, well, I tell ya
    Now I love this girl I said-a Ruby is her name
    Believe me, now
    When this…

  7. Linda Dee

    A great, crystal clear recording from the fabulous Drifters.

  8. Barry Anthony

    The original. Didn’t know Donald Fagan version was a cover. Fagan took it up a notch but this one rocks just the same.

  9. Massage Therapy For Injuries Fargo North Dakota

    These are the originals.. wow!... but man Dion did it better...

    b dlong

    no way this is much stronger

  10. rubyysoho

    Great Song;)

  11. waterdogpromotions


  12. martin derry

    ... the BLUES ...

  13. Bianca Bagnolet

    c'est fantastique c'est tellement génial j'adore ❤

  14. Bob Sillas


  15. 1978domy


  16. Joseph Kane

    Another Timeless Classic hit single from The Drifters as it is Called Ruby Baby as it came out around 1956

  17. Sad Cat Jpg

    Oh how lucky i am to have a Ruby in my life 😃

  18. kevin kolakowski

    love this version did not know it was around always thought of dion and the belmonts

    Joe Sampson

    This is the original version.

  19. Joseph Kane

    I would Prefer to Call this song Angie Baby as I would just loved it very Much so as I am so much in love with My Beloved Angela

    Sad Cat Jpg

    Joseph Kane awww sweet, i personally have the modt wonderful girl, and she would be my Ruby baby🙃

  20. thedoctor693

    It is Johnny Moore on lead vocals for this classic

    Skull Truth

    you are correct! Johnny Moore.

    Robin Campbell

    He sounds so similar to Clyde McPhatter

  21. Egbert Souce

    So this is where Dion came up with his version of "Ruby Baby". Always wondered, since I never heard this original until a few days ago!


    There's always a first time!

    bill chew

    Clyde McPhatter had to be a huge influence on Dion

    Joe Sampson

    The Drifters originally recorded Drip Drop which Dion later recorded.

    Bill Lloyd

    @bill chew But this isn't Clyde, it's Johnny Moore.

  22. Howard Spiegel

    White Christmas by the Drifters is an amazing record and so completely different that it should have been one of their biggest hits.

    Linda Dee

    Egbert Souce Love all the Drifters music but especially when Johnny Moore is on lead.

    Egbert Souce

    Linda Dee: Wouldn't bet my life that Johnny Moore is singing lead on this. Might be Clyde--sounds a lot like him?? "Drifters" leads can be tricky!!! Maybe you know more than I do??

    Egbert Souce

    Anne Jackson: It probably is Johnny Moore, but Clyde left in 1955 or late 1954--he spent most of '54 with The Drifters.

    JoAnn Robinson

    Then why does my recording say "Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters"?

    Bill Lloyd

    This is DEFINITELY Johnny Moore singing lead, it is NOT Clyde. Ruby Baby was recorded in Sept 1955 and released as a single in Feb 1956. Clyde officially left the Drifters in July 1955 but last recorded with them in Oct 1954. http://www.uncamarvy.com/Drifters/drifters.html

  23. Ted Spadea

    A Classic By The Drifters From 1956. Love It. Thanks For Posting.

  24. Pitt Brad

    Love this!!