Drifters, The - Drifting Away From You Lyrics

I, I , I used to be happy, happy and so carefree
My worries were [?] as can be
But now they've started all over again
He caused you to drift away from me, drifting away

I love you, my dear, for it's plain to see
Your heart is cold and you want to be free
Come back, come back, I need you near
Oh, please, don't drift away from me

Darlin', please, don't, don't be a fool
And listen to what I have to say
Darlin', don't, don't walk out on my life like this
Oh, please don't drift away

Now, that you know, you know the way that I'm feelin'
Tell me what, what will your answer be?
Yeah, you fill my heart with happiness
Or will you drift away from me?
(Don't drift away from me)

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Drifters, The Drifting Away From You Comments

    I haven't heard this in about 10 years..gerhard in fine fashion..i listened 2 this song endlessly way back wen I 1st heard it..great powerful lead 👏👏

  2. Mike Vallen

    Supremely fine.....deep soul .

  3. Bob Friedman

    Are these Thrasher Brothers the same as in the Thrasher Wonders on Disc New York. Drifters' histories all talk about the Thrasher Wonders and the Mt. Lebanon Singers.  I found it so interesting that James Baldwin's brothers were in the Lebanons.

  4. James Binsted

    The Bell Vocat Boys sang this in the hallway

  5. Paul Efreme

    Gerhart in fine form, sharing the lead with Johnny,fabulous.

  6. TheBaylor22

    One of the great lead singers, ever!

  7. T and Z RV Life

    My uncle is AWESOME on LEAD!

    W. Roland Chambers

    Well, Jimmy Oliver is a distant cousin. lol

  8. thefonz003

    Gerhart Thrasher had such a great voice. I really have to wonder why they didn't give him more lead duties. (I also wonder if he's the one who caused the whole group to get fired by cussing out the Apollo's owner, but that's another story.)

    Darrian Mitchell

    I've heard the story as Gerhart cussing out George Treadwell for refusing their request for a raise or royalties

  9. 13loomisst

    Man, Gerhart is fabulous. He also sang lead on one of my favorites, "Your Promise to Be Mine." Thanks.

  10. Robert Green

    Thanks Tom