DREAMERS - Painkiller Lyrics

Fix my heart
Leave me on the floor
Hurts like hell
She's a painkiller

Woke up on the bedroom floor
With a bottle rocket in my hand
Strung out and I'm almost gone
But I'm coming after you again

And it was nice to meet ya'
I'm coming to see ya'
Walking the streets after midnight
Feel my bloodstream
Halloween daydream
Baby, come make me alright
Whoa, it's a long, long way down

Fix my heart
Leave me on the floor
Hurts like hell
She's a painkiller
Fill my lungs
Make me beg for more
Keep me numb
She's a painkiller

Backed out by the city glow
And the sun's not coming yet
No way I'm coming clean
Of the demon in my bed

And it was nice to meet ya'
You were the fever
Driving alone in your black car
Hardly breathing
Down on my knees
And sinking alone till I see dark
Whoa, it's a long, long way down

Fix my heart
Leave me on the floor
Hurts like hell
She's a painkiller
Fill my lungs
Make me beg for more
Keep me numb
She's a painkiller

Whoa, it's a long, long way down

Fix my heart
Leave me on the floor
Hurts like hell
She's a painkiller
Fill my lungs
Make me beg for more
Keep me numb
She's a painkiller

Fix my heart
Leave me on the floor
Hurts like hell
She's a painkiller
Fill my lungs
Make me beg for more
Keep me numb
She's a painkiller
She's a painkiller

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DREAMERS Painkiller Comments
  1. u r

    So i searched painkiller on youtube for listening the one by ruel, but i scrolled down, and i found this. This shouldve been the top result

  2. jangleo

    Painkiller is my favorite song. I'm fallin love with these guys.

  3. goodcult

    funny to see him with natural coloured hair

  4. Sofia H.R

    Well then
    That was really good
    And it was a 2-in-1 cause after i got an ad for cradles - sub urban

  5. david Marto

    Any idea where I could find tabs for this song?

  6. Elise Sarli-Freeman

    Y’all are so good!! Fire ur manager lol I should have heard about ya sooner.

  7. Nadia C

    I've listened to this song at least 25 times just today, give or take. The contrast between the dark lyrics and snappy beat is just iconic. Thank you for bestowing my ears and eyes with this gift, I'll never be able to repay.

  8. Rusty Gatorade

    I think he might need a bandaid

  9. Nieroshai

    Things that "she's a" that it sounds like more than "painkiller:"
    Person who turns three-syllable words into two-syllable words

  10. Erika Lim

    I was looking for another song with the same title and I found this band. I'm glad I did.

  11. SoulMagMusic

    Love this funky genre mashup

  12. Flavio Lopes

    Faster than a bullet
    Terrifying scream
    Enraged and full of anger
    He's half man and half machine

    Rides the Metal Monster
    Breathing smoke and fire
    Closing in with vengeance soaring high

    He is the Painkiller
    This is the Painkiller

    Planets devastated
    Mankind's on its knees
    A saviour comes from out the skies
    In answer to their pleas

    Through boiling clouds of thunder
    Blasting bolts of steel
    Evils going under deadly wheels

    He is the Painkiller
    This is the Painkiller

    Faster than a laser bullet
    Louder than an atom bomb
    Chromium plated boiling metal
    Brighter than a thousand suns

    Flying high on rapture
    Stronger free and brave
    Nevermore encaptured
    They've been brought back from the grave

    With mankind ressurrected
    Forever to survive
    Returns from Armageddon to the skies

    He is the Painkiller
    This is the Painkiller
    Wings of steel Painkiller
    Deadly wheels Painkiller

    He is the painkiller
    This is the painkiller


    Can't stop the Painkiller

  13. nuclearskull

    Saw/heard you guys today at Planet Hollywood and the music was solid and better than what I expected... BUT to give you some Positive Advice = You have to "work" the crowd in between songs and get them into it....The "Dead Air" in between songs was embarrassing...Nothing that cant be Fixed and other than that - Good Show : ) ....and Good Luck in the Future moving Forward & Beyond------->


    i need that jacket she was wearing! also this song is my life's soundtrack

  15. Eve McLoone


  16. LalalouVavavee

    You've got great music in here, new band to stan geez

  17. maria vasquez

    I’m gonna Stan them before they get bigger

  18. Emmanuel Ramos

    Why was Rami Malek dragging a guy with a concussion to a bar?

  19. Angel of Music

    I personally like Judas Priest’s version better kshdkdjdkd

  20. Lance Hogarth

    Need this on Apple Music!!

  21. Johnny Nowhere

    Some new stuff is just good. This is one of them.

  22. TheOfficialTrashKing

    Personal timestamp 2:05

  23. TheOfficialTrashKing

    I loved this!!!!!!!!

  24. Bryan Pacheco

    "Keep me numb, shes a painkiller"

  25. Ookla Moc

    Thanks pandora, these blokes are badass!

  26. Kahrennn

    Jacob is GORGEOUS!!!

  27. Pippi Hummell

    I have been trying to find this song for so long

  28. ncogkneetoe x

    darling it's just a little Maryjanes blossom. And it was your idea to go into flooring.

  29. Marcello Zanatta

    ela é um analgésico hahahahah

  30. Elodie Lo

    Looks like Sam Gamegie

  31. Alexander Proulx

    Can't wait to see these guys live in september :D

  32. jaxon Mohow

    At 2:00 he uses the force choke

  33. ncogkneetoe x

    She sounds awful. Don't introduce her to your mom.

  34. The All Mighty Sponge

    This sounds like an homage to the song Maneater.

  35. norski

    I love this song so much!!! 😭😭😭😭

  36. Stephanie Warren

    Haha I also met these guys tonight at band Splash 2018 in Tempe Arizona. They were the closers and they tore down the house man. Every band tonight from Mikky Ekko 2 Robert DeLong and the unlikely candidates all play the show and was absolutely destroyed that concert it was epic. Pretty chill dudes not at all Starstruck that they're famous seem like pretty down-to-earth people

  37. Zeus Singh

    I thought it said she’s a pain in my heart

  38. S u n l i g h t

    I think i'm in love with this band

  39. Happy Merchant

    Wth was with the demon on the dance floor

  40. Carlee Gillespie

    Does anyone know where I can get a good full look of the vest the girl wears?

  41. Владимир Рябыкин

    Очень круто

  42. Alessia

    you guys are going to be big

  43. Sonnel


  44. Matthew Williams

    Listened to this song for the first time and few months ago and it is still so amazing. It’s super catchy you can’t not dance and sing to it

  45. Chase Wade

    Is this song about drug addiction?

  46. Jonathan Uriostegui

    Should be included in Dream League Soccer

  47. Eli

    Such a bop!

  48. Diana

    Favorite Dreamers song!!!

  49. Dylan Smee

    These guys' music videos are f*****g awesome

  50. Margaret Adelle

    This band is playing on a concert I'm going to in April, so I'm trying to look through their work so I might know a song when I see them. Any suggestions?

  51. Sara Nichole

    That song you play on repeat x10 this is it.

  52. Ella Haggard

    continue to make music <3

  53. Fernando Capone

    Great track!

  54. SP FromNY914

    very fast rising band.Yall will be big one day

  55. GhostOvancy AJW

    This is so amazing!!

  56. Eva Hernandez

    Dreamers honestly have great music and I’m sure they’re going to be big one day. Never give up. :)

  57. Caroline O

    Cool video concept, I like it

  58. Fukc boi89

    This video is nothin but pretty boys

  59. Alana Chavez

    Just watch them in concert last night!! They were awesome 😍😍

  60. Cheri Sullivan

    My favorite song can't be any better!

  61. Look Behind You


  62. Brenden Ausdemore

    What's your YouTube channel name

  63. annaschffr

    I N C R E D I B L E

  64. Seth

    Why this song so underrated?
    PS: I forgot to put my phone on silent :/
    don’t you repeat it

  65. mishka sujau

    I really hope they become big one day, they deserve it so much, they're music is amazing

  66. Co Ri

    Came here from the Spotify Bill Stranger Things playlist which I got as a result from a music taste test. Love this song.

  67. Gordon Chamberlin

    This band is awesome!!!!

  68. Kenda Craig

    this is so good, it’s needs too good not to be known

  69. ycul


  70. ycul

    nick is still looking great, even if he's half-dead

  71. DettaEve Bites

    seen this live, it was so amazing! the whole set was great. COME BACK TO TUCSON SOON DREAMERS!!

  72. Killerjason2000

    Just got a autograph from you tonight

  73. creeper creslyn

    this was on my discover weekly on spotify and i thought it was an old song omgggg

  74. Burylown

    reminds me of "maneater" lol

  75. Karen Presley Joffrion

    I love this song. Can listen to on repeat!

  76. Juliana Pereira

    Best Band ♥

  77. Jackson Jotaeme




  78. clairemay_97

    I heard this on Alt Nation today I really like it

  79. Brooke Armeli

    Love this so much

  80. ajmorris2012irc

    Ha, I met Nick on a plane. Told me about his band. Crazy humble. We played Mario cart on my switch. I had no idea he was already this big. He is going to be world famous, I can tell.

    David Nexus

    That is why Mario Kart can be played split screen with two JoyCons! For moments like that

  81. Andrea Patricia Crowley

    This song is so catchy and the high vibesmyou should listen it more often

  82. Aurora

    😍😍😍 me encanta

  83. Kyle Smith

    This is why I love Alt Nation. Would never have found this song without the station

  84. MissGlamBAM

    This group is so good!! The elevator scenes give me Fight Club vibes

  85. 50thyCal

    Calling it, 3 months and a million views

  86. Red Moon 96

    Jacob seems happier and livlier ever since getting with Dreamers, he always seemed like he was bored with the Honey Trees.

  87. Kamil Jay

    18 k ? thats it wtf

  88. spooks

    I like this version of Twilight better

  89. Genevieve

    I just heard this song on the radio and I freaked out!! I hope you guys get big soon because you make great music

  90. Jeff Stazick

    Even better live. Great band.

  91. Kyloluke12

    im so suprised that these guys are not famouse yet

  92. Samantha Drapeau

    I could be a painkiller

  93. phantasticdun

    See you next Friday!!

  94. Chris Morgan

    Y'all need to come near Amarillo TX

  95. Šárka Krejčí

    Honestly this is one of the best written songs ever