Dreamcatcher - Silent Night Lyrics


Nalkaroun mallo nal deo jageukhae Yeah
Joeuisigeun eopseossgessji neoege

Don't break my heart no more
Sumi makhineun War woo

Jogeumssik sarajineun bich
Baljagukdo namji anhneun gil No No

Gyeondil su eopseo
Keojyeo ganeun i bulgireul pihaeseo
Gipeun sumeul deurikyeo uh

Gyeonun kalkkeuteun
Gyeolguk doraoge dwae
Deo dagaoji ma
Deo dagaoji ma

Don't wanna see your blood

Silent night
Goyohan i bame

Need some light
Don't knock at my door

Set me free
Beoseonago sipeo ijen

Just pray for you
Banbokdoel munje
So I'm just silent
Just pray for you
No mercy No gain son moa bilgil
Baneungi oneun Vital sign
Chimmugi bonaeneun chongareul tang

Mageul su eopseo
Beonjyeoman gal i bulgireul pihaeseo
Gipeun sumeul deurikyeo uh

Gyeonun kal kkeuteun
Gyeolguk doraoge dwae
Deo dagaoji ma
Deo dagaoji ma

Don't wanna see your blood

Silent night
Goyohan i bame

Need some light
Don't knock at my door

Set me free
Beoseonago sipeo ijen


날카로운 말로 날 더 자극해 Yeah
죄의식은 없었겠지 너에게

Don't break my heart no more
숨이 막히는 War woo

조금씩 사라지는 빛
발자국도 남지 않는 길 No No

견딜 수 없어
커져 가는 이 불길을 피해서
깊은 숨을 들이켜 uh

겨눈 칼끝은
결국 돌아오게 돼
더 다가오지 마
더 다가오지 마

Don't wanna see your blood

Silent night
고요한 이 밤에

Need some light
Don't knock at my door

Set me free
벗어나고 싶어 이젠

Just pray for you
반복될 문제
So I'm just silent
Just pray for you
No mercy No gain 손 모아 빌길
반응이 오는 Vital sign
침묵이 보내는 총알을 탕

막을 수 없어
번져만 갈 이 불길을 피해서
깊은 숨을 들이켜 uh

겨눈 칼 끝은
결국 돌아오게 돼
더 다가오지 마
더 다가오지 마

Don't wanna see your blood

Silent night
고요한 이 밤에

Need some light
Don't knock at my door

Set me free
벗어나고 싶어 이젠

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Dreamcatcher Silent Night Comments
  1. slujino

    I'm trying to stan Dreamcatcher, because I'm in love with like all of their songs, and can I just say I'm deep in lovre with Jiu's voice.

  2. Kenneth Rayco

    #7 B-sides Kpop 2019 from MTV NEWS

  3. DeKa TV

    I still can't believe this b side track does not have a mv,-)

  4. black roses also bloom

    my night is no longer silent

  5. Nursofiya Athilah Sallehuddin

    why are the lyrics describing the deja vu mv,,

  6. Wilson Mendes



    Their songs are exactly my type

    I Stan them :3

  8. Marta Montesinos

    Dreamcatcher has such different (in a good way duh) music

  9. Ekwan Prasetyo Azlin

    Underrated song

  10. Lus Hums

    this is not the christmas song i was looking for but i'm not even complaining

  11. Orblink !

    My new fav group I'm ulting them

  12. Stupid Lucy

    God, Dreamcatcher and BLACKPINK are the only female groups that really convinced me to listen to their songs, people recommended listening to Itzy, Everglow and... No, they couldn't give me the satisfaction that Dreamcatcher and BLACKPINK gave me.

  13. RobotoMon

    Imagine if this was their comeback? Deja Vu is a really good song, but Silent Night wouldve shook some people

  14. Enya :0

    1:30 I SCREAMED

  15. Little Panduh

    That drop just gives me so much life 😍

  16. Dream Soda

    Special Clip for Silent Night; do it, Happyface!

  17. PapaBlink

    These girls Kick Ass with there songs, vocals, and their dancing!! They need to perform at MAMA 2019 and then at Coachella 2020!!!

  18. Winminiee Eniie

    If this in anime im gonna broke(this sound like an ending song of an anime)I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

  19. 。STRAY DINO 。

    I’m really proud of dreamcatcher. This comeback people appreciate their b-sides as well 😊

  20. Naofumi's slave

    Pusing lah ini lagu nya enak bgt

  21. PetitCookieKawaii

    I like Yoohyeon 😍😱❤️

  22. AkAsH

    You will be popular dreamcatcher

  23. Uncanny Spector

    I like SuA, Handong and Yoohyeon's low-pitched, dark vocals in this song!

  24. ringdingdong

    this..THIS RIGHT here. could've been a title track damnnnNNn

  25. Dr. Røckү

    Best bside released this year

  26. SIGN OUT

    Ok.....I loved the whole album but.....Silent Night should've been the title track, not Deja Vu. My opinion though, but I find that this definitely has a better title track vibe than Deja Vu.

  27. shusaku endo


  28. Superangelo 64

    from k rock to k dubstep xdxd

  29. Midnight Neko shine


  30. susan hannah montana

    literally dreamcatcher is one of the only groups where none of their songs are skips because i dont think they know what a bad song is

  31. Coronachivista Goldenyoreins

    Definitely jamming to this on Christmas Eve.

  32. Fahrizal Nr

    So happening if dreamcatcher ft. Skrillex, blue stahli, celdweller, pendulum 🔥

  33. celine min

    I’m in love

  34. hakunaagata


  35. saturn ksoo

    essa música é genial meu deus

  36. Stray Kids make me STAY

    Literally the only girl group along with (g)i-dle who has good bside songs

    cockroach juice

    Don't forget about red velvet tho

  37. Stray Kids make me STAY

    The outro reminds me of eurodance genre I love it

  38. iitu

    I'm in love with this song😍😍

  39. Kenneth Rayco

    I can't wait for Rock/EDM title track! 😍

  40. Adi Satrio

    damnnn this sounds so good. who are they? how can i not know them?! this is one of a rare gold! dreamcatcher huh? I see you now, girl!

    Lin M

    Thank you for recognizing them !

  41. Soft boy Minho

    The drop at the end kind of remind me of Straykids side effects and I'm LIVING FOR IT, I LOVE IT❤

  42. Poopchoks

    That ending ...

  43. Jasmine

    This is so worthy of a side title track ahh I would love to see them perform this live

  44. 박형철

    잘 하네요

  45. reiji matsumoto

    Lindsey stirling ft dreamcatcher 2020

  46. sabian ahmed

    the problem with this song is that


  47. Setsuna Plus

    Dami got me feeling some type of way with those deep notes. Same with Handong.

  48. Sara V. Monteiro

    Sem palavras pra descrever a emoção, eu amo essas garotas 😭❤😍

  49. Kpop Eve

    wow so good

  50. Amulet

    0:54 This isn’t Gahyeon. It’s SuA.
    The official King's Raid already has a lyrics for this on this video. It’s written on the information. https://youtu.be/b2OCTc51PLQ

  51. White Mint

    Pretty sure that last adlib is Handong


    White Mint yes

  52. -FieryCancerian-

    That solid Handong beginning tho

  53. Xxhuntressx

    I can imagine this song from Kaneki's POV (Tokyo Ghoul)

  54. Saanvi Salkar

    Wow I love that psytrance vibe ending 😍


    Saanvi Salkar it’s more like a hard style vibe

  55. you are my darlin’

    okay, i did not expect this ending holy shit i love dreamcatcher and their versatility

  56. Michael Moscoso

    Que obra de ARTE!!!

  57. Rose Da Queen

    Time to stan them, was not expecting that ending😍 I’m in love with them

  58. ranma2chan

    Yoohyeon's first line is my favorite part of the whole song 😍

  59. Diana Abagat


  60. INC BMProducer

    the iconic music drop is in the ending woahh

  61. Chimmie

    Sua's voice makes me cry

  62. I live like a flower

    If someone can recommend me a few songs in the same style it would be so kind! I really like that song 😭

    Rey Laura

    You should listen more songs of Dreamcatcher. Their vibes are unique( the curse of spider, piri, ...)

    Fahrizal Nr

    U should check their songs sleep-walking

    I live like a flower

    Thanks guys!

  63. Zelda Wolff

    I didn't think I'd like them doing EDM, but this is simply a good song. They don't disappoint

  64. emerald


  65. Debbie Nguyen

    Usually for an album, there are only 1 or 2 good songs that i like to hear. But with this album, all of them are good and i listen to all of it every day. The beat at 2.46 is awesome.

  66. milly solis


  67. Isha Ocasio

    Why in the world I discovered this song NOW?!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔❤❤❤❤❤❤

  68. someone k

    Its weird you'd expect a song named Silent Night to be slow

  69. Dr. Røckү

    This is the kind of perfection that pushes me forward in life

  70. letylek

    omg this is the best song on the album

  71. Alexa

    Can someone recommend me more Dreamcatcher amazing songs?

    Kerrigan A.

    Sleepwalking is a lot like this one! I aldo recommend Wake Up, Mayday, and Trap!

    相生heart to heart

    what you and i chase me

    Zemoura Anis

    Good night; you and I; piri ; star


    Diamond; And there was no one left.

    C H E R R Y格格

    7th July

  72. E.M Channel


  73. Hylian Headache

    Are there any artists which do a lot of this style? Because I love it and I've never really heard it anywhere else...

    Saanvi Salkar

    Stray kids does psytrance style of music also you should check out their song side effects

    Hylian Headache

    @Saanvi Salkar Looks like I just got another cool song to listen to XD

    Saanvi Salkar

    @Hylian Headache since you're planning on listening to them listen to their new song double knot as well 😊 if you want more song with psytrance vibes then I recommend hyo - punk right now

  74. rei_knivez_online

    Handong's line and Dami's Rap keeps my life moving on

  75. destiny shinn

    at 0:54 it's SuA not Gahyeon


    It's Gahyeon. It has grit. Sua's voice would be 'smoother' than that.

    destiny shinn

    @pearlofivris I mean I thought it's Gahyeon too but in the king's raid's lyrics video it says SuA in the description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2OCTc51PLQ

  76. nayshine _

    so are y’all gonna keep this group a secret from us all because im only now listening and all of the members slap


    y'all we're the ones sleeping on them 🤷🏽‍♀️

  77. Rawan Omer

    Really where i were why i didn't find them before ?.. Their songs are on of the best songs why they are not famous? Like other group , most of girlgroup do lip syncing and they are famous ? Unfair .. sorry for my bad english

  78. Coldby

    *Cyberpunk intensify*

  79. Lana Mirman

    Why is this sooooo good???


    Because its from Dreamcatcher.

  80. K Watson

    Sleep walking and silent night are like sister songs

  81. Hernández Lopez


  82. ChekDreamcatcherGroup ветрами

    Одна из сильных песен у Dreamcatcher 💎

  83. Dương Vũ Đức

    Damn, the english lyric is fit

  84. Lara Sasso

    Yoohyeon in the beggining reminds me so much of Tiffany! Am I the only one???


    Yeah haha the smile

  85. Kailin Blue

    and there was no one left + sleepwalking= silent night

  86. Snow Yuki Yap

    All Dreamcatcher members have good vocal !

  87. Jack Harper

    *Before it gets deleted spread the word and ask HF/DC to make a collab w WD Co*

  88. Yoora Jang

    We need a special clip for this

  89. kaunnie

    this is SuA in 0:55


    That's Gahyeon. SuA doesn't have that kind of 'grit' in her voice.

  90. hello jello

    my kind of night jam

  91. Najmah Chant

    the visuals this comeback tho

  92. Watakushi ID

    Side track or lead song, every DC songs are really damn good !

  93. Stan GirlGroups for Good Life

    1:58 the adlibs

  94. White Mint

    I wish they performed it I want it so much

  95. Camilla Lima

    Dreamcatcher is the only girl group I like every song. B sides, A sides, singles, whatever it is, it's good. No, not good. It's perfect.

    Gabrielle Wong

    A sides 🤣

    • Melyssa 616s •

    Listen to LOONA, they make amazing B sides too. <3

    Suzen K

    @Gabrielle Wong you can try Redvelvet too they make great Rnb bsides


    r.i.p replay button

  97. That one Introvert in class

    *Omg but gahyeon and handong’s “dont come closer” is making me feel things~* 😱❤️❤️

    And the ending is like so unexpected i almost jumped out of my chair

    Rose Da Queen


    star moonbyul

    i heard everybody thinks the first ‘don’t come closer’ is gahyeon but i think it is suA because of the king raid pandemonium official lyric video

    That one Introvert in class

    star moonbyul well sua does have a really low voice like gahyeon but i still think its gahyeon because that line really shows her potential as a lead rapper also lines. Sua is also good but think whoever you want to