Dream Theater - Three Days Lyrics

The admiration
The applause and the cheers
I am impressed
You've brought us all to tears

To think I didn't notice
The way you looked at her
Now step down from your throne
And let me bring you back to earth

Need I remind you?
I am the ruler here
Don't overlook that fact

Swearing allegiance
To anyone but me
No, I won't put up with that

Hide and protect him
Send him away
I'll never play this game

Stand by your savior
One thing remains
I'll find him just the same

[Imperial Guards:]
Brace yourself!
Bow down to Nafaryus!

Pray for help!
Kneel before Nafaryus!

He'll surrender on his own
If not, there'll be hell to pay
I'll tear down this city stone by stone
You only have three days

Send home the rebels
Call off the fight
In no uncertain terms

Should you refuse me
Fear for your lives
Ravenskill shall burn

[Imperial Guards:]
Brace yourself!
Bow down to Nafaryus!

Pray for help!
Kneel before Nafaryus!

With this frightening decree
Nafaryus departs
They're left to weigh the gravity
Of his threatening remarks

Judgment day will soon arrive
In only three days time
Will Gabriel get out of this alive?
This remains the question on their minds

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Dream Theater Three Days Comments
  1. Adam Kallin

    "This Jesus must die" vibes.

  2. IHaveToTalkAboutHeavyMetalOrI'llThrowAHissyFit

    This song feels like I'm in a theater, a dream theater.

  3. TheScape55

    LaBrie is having so much damn fun playing a villain, it's great.

  4. AsAbove SoBelow

    En su puta vida Mike Portnoy va a tocar como Mangini, sobretodo la parte del final

  5. SiniorGolazo

    Lord Nafaryus is my favorite Disney villain.

  6. Derrick Khroun

    This album is a gem Master Piece!

  7. andy rivera

    megadeth !

  8. Isaac Peretz

    With no doubt the best song of the album, and noticing theres other songs like Our New World and Dystopian Overture, that's saying alot!

  9. obadiah650

    3:33 swing music + Blast beats = win

  10. Rons Dad

    Like for Nafaryus, ignore for Gabriel

  11. Grape Flavored Antifreeze

    Why couldn’t the whole album be as unique and perfect as this song? This was the one ounce of masterpiece that this album produced.

  12. k0l3

    meh, this song is too Avenged Sevenfold for my taste

  13. AlexPlaysDrumsGodly

    Am I the only one who is picking up an influence from Megadeth on this song?

  14. Loadry

    Now step down from your throne And let me bring you back
    to ÆëīRTHHHH

  15. Moe Krause

    That outro tho..

  16. C2H3Cl

    Guys guys guys. Just think about it - the melody that starts at 00:46 reminds me of Inspector Gadget. If you think it's odd as hell, then I respect your opinion ;)

  17. The_Thoosher

    Magic, Awesome, OMFG... 10/10 IGN 11/10 ME

  18. Shallan Brightness

    Why does Nafaryus get the best songs haha? This is the best track on disc 1 in my opinion

  19. Rothleyy

    I would love to see a full length Musical theater production of the Astonishing

    Philipp Lang

    Or a movie?

  20. Pratyush Gupta


    kevin smith

    Gaand mara le chutiya!

  21. Luis Daniel Antón O.

    Regarding the last part (the instrumental one that starts at 3:28), what instrument does Jordan imitate? As far as I know he does it with his keyboard but obviously it represents a real instrument's sound.... Thanks in advance

    J.S Bach

    Luis Daniel Antón O. Lol yea same question,


    It sounds like three instruments: a clarinet for the melody (on the right channel), a muted trumpet for the backing (on the left one) and a trombone for the bass

  22. Jonathan Solis

    What game is this for? Just amazing!!!!

  23. João Emmanuel

    Portnoy blocks the creativity of the guys

  24. Brian Givens

    Sounds like its part of a musical tbh

    Aaron Wilson

    That's kind of the point... lol

  25. Lucas Weissenborn

    Best song on the album by far

  26. 3trewpeaceday

    Does anyone else think that this kinda sounds like it could be a Disney Villain Song?

    Logan Ali

    2:46 djafar theme from alladin

    Daniel Murphy

    Dream theater claims to be heavily influenced by Disney scores. So it was designed that way

  27. OutlawStarkiller

    DT goes Symphony X haha. Labrie sounds like he's having a blast singing this song!

  28. ひかり

    Very good the coral

  29. Dave Lospinoso

    this has become my new favorite dream theater song sorry Mike portnoy this new album has grown on me like a weed

  30. Knight3100

    My god! What's this? Incredible!!

  31. Tommy Breitwieser

    am i the only one who thinks this as a disney vilen song vibe to it

  32. Isaac Trail

    The horns! The blast beats!! The swinging drums!!! The laugh!!!! The organ tone!!!!! Yes dude!!!!!!

  33. Danchamp07

    Love a good villian's song

  34. - The1trueharf -

    That swing part is so cheezy

  35. Christian Dialer

    one of the greatest bands all of the world - i like it and go with Dream Theater future ways


    their is more songs that were made that weren't put onto the album just a heads up

  37. MrDeppness

    18 people dislike this: 1 Rascal Flatts fan, 3 Justin Bieber fans, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Lars from Metallica, 1 person who just doesn't listen to anything post 1976, 6 Coldplay fans, and the 4 Coldplay members!

  38. DimeWyldeSynTremonti

    1:55 that Vegeta laugh though...

  39. Fabricio P D Costa

    would aprreciate an add on with only nafaryus songs

  40. Willian Lima

    Listening The Astonishing in order, best song so far!

  41. Ylai Jah

    He sounds like Jack Skellington

  42. Edu Terra

    The swing part reminds me of a band called Diablo Swing Orchestra. Great Song BTW

  43. Radityo Ardi

    Liked the Swing part....

  44. TruthUnderFire

    Used to be 2 or 3 gay songs on each album. Now the albums are 75-80% gay. This one is good, but WHY, OH WHY must most their songs throw in that gay vibe. I just don't get it. Wonder if LaBrie gets it from behind now. The older they get, the more gay they become.

    DT was MUCH better when they were heavier.


    +TruthUnderFire Heavy doesn't mean it's good. And you sound like a homophobe.

  45. Moana1

    Am I the one who hear Carmen in the middle of the song ?

  46. zamkowicz

    I love 1:44

  47. Brent Arnwulf Banaag

    This song makes me imagine Nefaryus as an evil queen prancing around and spreading chaos throughout Ravenskill rather than a greedy emperor. Anyone feel me? I mean just picture it out lol

  48. Metal Dude

    Amazing symphony

  49. Kiritsugu Emiya

    Yay. Luigi's Mansion.

  50. Bjorn Ironsides

    Did I just hear metal, tango, and swing? lol awesome.

  51. Jorge Luis Rojas Santana

    Magistral este tema

  52. AlocsaV

    Petrucci is not only a great guitar player, composer, but also a great producer, because I don't know how he managed to make all these elements sound not only audible, but enjoyable. Astonishing frequency work!

  53. alejandrothefader

    For me definitely the best song in the album...

  54. RIFF DT

    1:56 - 2:12 Amazing!! Part

  55. skildude

    Paging Devin Townsend your 1:50 mark is calling.

  56. Marc Jacobi

    Gives me a Jesus Christ Super Star vibe. Which is good ;-)

  57. AliothSenator

    Brace  yourself
    Bow  down  to  Nafaryus
    Pray  for  help
    Kneel  before  Nafaryus


    +AliothSenator  p r o g r e s s i v e w a v e

  58. Gab Kab

    Perfect one! *,*

  59. Serfo

    Dream Theater meets Diablos swing orchestra at the end. The only song of this album I really like.


    +Serfo With a tad of Devin Townsend Project.

    Patrick Cruz

    great profile pic!

  60. Vinícius Santos

    Troldhaugen? Is that you??

  61. forceinfinity

    1:56 that laugh.... :-)

  62. MrJezzicho

    I say this as a monstrous Dream Theater fan.... I really don't like this album. The whole concept is just too cheesy for me to enjoy. I'm not happy about this... I never thought I'd long for the days of Mike Portnoy's dumb clunky lyrics. (Ala "By the grace of god above, everyone survived, ::LION ROAR::).


    +MrJezzicho My advice is just put this one away for awhile, maybe come back to it a later date and just wait for their next album :P


    Lord Nefaryus is jelly

  64. John Maconochie

    I love the ending drum part!!!

  65. kyzem86

    James LaBrie sounds a bit like Dave Mustaine in the intro :-)

  66. Cornel Castella

    I love James LaBrie voice in this album. His best album!

    Yuri Freitas

    One word: AWAKE!


    Images and Words


    He's fucking great here. The way he impersonates the different characters is outstanding.

  67. Darwin Medina

    I cannot believe my ears. Every Nafaryus song is just outstanding!

  68. brazwen

    After hearing that swing part, I would to hear Dream Theater do a ten minutes version doing that swing.

  69. Recep Aydemir

    almost 1/3 of the way. great album so far

  70. yoav

    fuck I'm high af and this piece of art is tight and orgasmatic

  71. Felipe Paniagua

    Seven people dislike this? Ha, people without ears ._.

  72. Doni Kuntoro

    pushing the limit....

  73. PlanetHell92

    "He'll surrender on his own. If not, there'll be hell to pay."

  74. Στέλιος Δηλιωρίδης

    Anybody but me aknowledging Jesus Christ Superstar reference?

  75. Kevin Maurer


  76. betobareto1


  77. Niko Peñailillo

    Mike Portnoy has 6 youtube accounts

    Niko Peñailillo

    +oldGnRrocks1 I'm sorry, ten accounts.


    @Niko Peñailillo portnoy hater

    Niko Peñailillo

    +oldGnRrocks1 Portnoy's widow


    @Niko Peñailillo howd you know


    26 more...

  78. Nintenke


  79. Flebus Margera

    the best track of album!!!

  80. SheenaMurrayVEVO

    I love the bass and snare sound on this album, much better engineered. Keep listening to this song, some amazing note selection! Hauntingly awesome!

  81. Brian Joseph

    Love James as Nafaryus. Reminds me a lot of his solo work actually.

  82. MaNuX

    For some reason, this Lord Nafaryus seems as evil as Lord Farquaad from Shrek.


    +MaNuX Maybe because he's not evil :P Daryus is the #1 douchebag in this story.

  83. Fiends4

    This album is just so fucking good.

  84. Nat Julian Belza

    Emperor BUG!

  85. Kelele Head

    This is their new Master Piece, I think I can finally place Scenes From A Memory to 2th place

  86. Kasapadam

    masterpiece! thank you DT

  87. estevaolanghanz

    The first time I heard the jazzy part in the end of the song I was already surprised, but seeing it turn into a blastbeat... my mind was instantly blown! Geniuses at their finest!

  88. bunnihilator

    james kicking all the asseeesss

  89. Eesdesseses Erdt

    Heaviest chorus on the album, and holy fuck mangini, that blast beat at the end is fucking crazy!!

  90. Rebecca Ashley Peiffer

    I cannot wait to hear Labrie do the ridiculous evil laugh live XD

    Rebecca Ashley Peiffer

    That's too bad. Still, I'm sure it was a great show! :D

    Niko Peñailillo

    I hope the dvd makes LaBrie Laugh :3

    J Gimps

    +Rebecca Ashley Peiffer Saw them in NYC last month, and sadly this was sampled. Would have also loved to hear Labrie maniacally laugh onstage.

    Rebecca Ashley Peiffer

    Yeah, I finally got to see them in Mesa, AZ on Thursday. The sampling made me sad. I knew some parts needed to be sampled because otherwise it wasn't possible, but there was so much of it...otherwise, though a great show! I was not let down :D

    Jose D. Vargas

    Rebecca Ashley Peiffer Hey, I was there too! Small world

  91. zikrym

    how irony that lord nafaryus used to listen the music from the shitty NOMAC and the song in this album with his theme song is the best :/

    4hundred life

    Remember bug?

  92. R.O.T. Studios

    Oh shit, i didn't expect this.... like.. at all!

    Like... okay this is fucking awesome XD

  93. alexander ann

    ayreon? is that you?

  94. Twiceasnice

    Best song on the album, and one of the best they've done in recent memory - will be a kicker live

  95. Carli Shepherd

    This song makes me think of Star Wars... Nafaryus being a sith lord. I'm off to make a new swtor character because of this song! I love it :)

  96. Khalid Ennaji

    What a Fuckin' song !!!

  97. Lurch Murphy

    I keep listening to these individual tracks but have yet to listen to them album. I bought it yesterday but I haven't had the time to sit down and enjoy it. I'm hearing that it takes a couple of listens to get into and with this album clocking in at over 2 hours, I have a feeling I might be booking at least half a day off of work just so I can listen to it at least twice without interruptions.

    Tetsu Shatarii

    +Lurch Murphy Its so worth it if you can listen to the album from start to finish.


    +Lurch “Murf” Murphy That's commitment. Bravo!

  98. Michał Kuśmierek

    This song is just astonishing guys!

  99. korbmann2004

    I am impressed...;)