Dream Theater - The Path That Divides Lyrics

The evening stars shine brightly
Over Heaven's Cove
As night descends in silence
The fated scene unfolds
Consumed with trepidation
Arhys hears his brother's voice

[Gabriel's Voice:]
As you're facing the path that divides
I will always be here by your side

I feel my pulse begin to race
Beads of sweat drip down my face
I have made a grave mistake
What have I done?
My blood for my son?

It's not too late!
I won't betray him!

I knew the day had come
And you could be tempted
To give up the Chosen One
And finally end this
Do anything for your son
A terminal weakness
But now you're as good as done

I didn't have a choice
And I was defenseless
I didn't believe his voice
And fighting was senseless
But now I can see the truth
I've come to my senses
I shouldn't have trusted you

Arhys was never aware
His son had followed him there
Confused and deathly afraid
X watched his hero be brave

On the path that divides
You were there by my side
There will be no betrayal tonight!

I found courage and strength
In the words you once sang
Tore the truth from the lies
On the path that divides

You dare defy your prince?
Well, you just threw your life away
Along with Xander's dreams
You chose the wrong man to betray!

Two hungry warriors
Clash in the shadows of the night
But there's a cost with every fight
And Arhys' fight for hope
Cost him his very life

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Dream Theater The Path That Divides Comments
  1. locxha

    maybe the would have been better without artwork


    Definitely the most underrated DT song... one of my favorites.

  3. Masoud Fardini

    This song go to my heart directly

  4. MoonchildLive

    Best album song

  5. Jacob Johnson

    illumination theory jets

  6. Jen hanchett

    2:30, iam the fnouewhnotfaeGFEWne;wrtf4ergfjonewfeknfqlerbhe😵

  7. louis martin

    2:17 get him Arhys

  8. louis martin

    the ending of the song where James said the fight cost him his very life shocked me

  9. RIFF DT

    0:59 Perfect begin

  10. Ivanyi Attila

    One of the best Labrie's moments I think!

  11. Mark Suckerburg J

    This tune well exemplifies the band's musicmanship. It is the most versatile and dramatic tune of the album, melodically, instrumentally, vocally, lyrically, etc. All the good stuff is condensed into one track. By far my favorite.

  12. mr198221

    When i do one of my rock mix tapes, first one since 1998, i'm going to sample that rap part over and over. 'I knew the day had come,' (cut, scratch), 'I knew the day had come,' ( cut, scratch). About 5 straight times, let it play, cut in with another part. It's gonna be epic

  13. AliToons

    Best song on the Astonishing!

  14. Ayman Hazim

    wow Opeth :P

  15. sebastian Jansson

    The art work is just so gringe worthy, but the music, the concept and the story... Oh God it's amazing! =)


    Yeah the artwork looks like an cheap RPG game off steam. Music and concepts is great.

    Haris Ign

    funny you said that, now they got a turn based strategy game on steam based on the album for like 3 dollars XD

  16. Nicolas Massonnier

    For all Petrucci fans, check out my guitar cover of this song.
    If enough people like the cover, I will provide a detailed video tutorial of the song.

    Eugenio Herrero

    Dude!!!!!!! That's by FAR THE BEST guitar cover I've heard on YouTube so far!!!!!

    Nicolas Massonnier

    Thanks man! really appreciate it :)

    Matias Jazzman

    Nice!! Wat gear u use?? Sounds just lik ma nigga Petrucci

    Nicolas Massonnier

    Thanks man! I used a LTD KH-202 and my computer. Stay tuned for a possible tutorial :)

  17. theater of souls

    Sounds like symphon x... like it!!!

  18. Guillaume S.

    fucking amazing !

  19. Natalia Haratym

    I'm addicted to this song!

  20. David Knight

    There's a few parts in this song that remind me of VOIVOD from their Outer Limits album. Not the whole thing of course.

  21. Andrei Milicin

    at 0:59 begins the best riff ever


    Sounds like something from zelda like the fairy song

  22. Rob Ackley

    Reminds me of the synchronize-with-the-guitar Meshuggah type vocals, except sung rather than growled.

  23. ひかり

    You dare defy your prince
    Well you just threw your life away
    Along with Xander's dreams
    You chose the wrong man to betray

    In my opinion, this part is one of the best of album.

  24. Simon Dulovec

    In my beyerdynamic dt 990s pro is snare so punchy and big

    Simon Dulovec

    sounds like delicious well cooked piece of flavorous meat

  25. McDontherTheSecond

    This is one of those songs that just gets better and better after multiple listenings... the story significance, the dramatic shifts. I reckon this is a pretty good demonstration of what DT has accomplished with the whole album. Absolutely genius.

  26. Kaze_Senshi

    I can't resist to click on this video when I see it on the suggested videos section just to see that video album with full resolution :P

  27. Crisan Adrian

    I just watched some comments ... Guys the images are nothing... You can close your eyes!

  28. Crisan Adrian

    Astonishing like the whole thing

  29. Davidharvest Gunawan

    The verse sounds like awake album

  30. ひかり

    Continuation of the A Tempting Offer

  31. TheNerdyGinger

    Best song on the album IMO

  32. Suk Dufai

    2:47 and 4:07 are magic.

  33. MrCoosmiyn2

    Why do people critic the photo? It's about music! It's music! Talk about the fucking music (which for me is awesome because of the story, how Ahrys hears his brother's voice "On the path that divides.....").

  34. brazwen

    The guy on the left looks some where between Peter Petrelli and Sylar. xD

  35. ShadowMKII

    So fucking terrifying. They did a great job with this song.

  36. Chris Lodge

    Risk rim listen to the path that decides

  37. Lidia S.

    *Lie down
    *Try not to cry
    *Cry a lot

  38. necroplastful

    4:13 up till the end, listen solely to that guitar... Its gorgeous!!!

  39. progvincent

    2:46 totally in love with the LTE sounding keys!

  40. Pedro Morais

    I've been a big fan of Dream Theater from the moment I first time I listened to one of their songs. The first one I listen to was Dance of Eternity and the second was The Glass Prison And I just fell in love with both DT and progressive rock/metal...

    I have to say that after all this years and a handful of DT concerts, I thought that never an album or a music would really amaze me more than what I had already heard; I felt I had already listened to all the songs that could give me goozebumps.

    But this album just made me cry. The whole thing is just intense. When I thought no band could surprise me anymore, Dream Theater did it. Again. What a f***** masterpiece. They definitily have to make more concept albums. Scenes from a Memory and The Astonishing are two of the best albums I have ever heard.

    Thank you very much

    DZEKE09 YT

    My thoughts exactly dude! This one is very special to me.

  41. Carlos Eduardo Alves Guimarães

    "there will be no betrayal tonite!" This part sends shivers down my spine.

    Carlos Eduardo Alves Guimarães

    and "Tore the truth from the lies on the path that divides." brings tears to my eyes. Too gay, I know, but I don't care.

  42. Arick Alejandre

    #PrayForArhys :(

  43. Cutie Panther

    Why Xander is red?

    Logan Ali

    Evangeline is red

  44. inquisition_ angel

    this is the coolest thing! I love the way it's actually like a show. oh god I would love to perform if this became a real acted show with dream theater doing the music too

  45. Vegard Haugstvedt

    YOU DARE DEFY THE PRINCE! wow, the last 70 seconds of this song are just magical

  46. Metal Dude

    This is why James LaBrie is my favorite vocalist of all time.

    Ryan Slater

    Ive loved him sense the first time I heard him 10 years ago. He is an amazing talent.


    Metal Dude I agree man! JLB is amazing! His voice always calms me and bring me beautiful feelings! The Astonishing made me love him even more!

    Ryan Slater

    I've also had the luxury of hearing him live 3 times. His voice is stunning in person, so fuckin powerful.

    Masoud Fardini


  47. forceinfinity

    You know, when I first heard this song (and without the benefit of the lyrics or the cliff notes from Dream Theater site), I honestly thought the vocals beginning around 2:30 might've been the voice of the NOMACs, just given the chirpy, rapid fire, emotionless sound of the vocals.

  48. Mandeep Rajpal

    2:47 best keyboard riff !

  49. Cap Z




    Cap Z

    you chose the wrong man to betrayyyyyy... doodle do do doodle doo doo


    Oh man that whole section, most powerful vocal line on the entire album.


    Then in The Walking Shadow you get "WHAT HAVE YOU DOOOOOOOOOOONE!?"

    Isaac Rumley

    Lmao I literally read this entire thread right when that section started that was weird haha

  50. Russel Blacker

    2:05 Symphony X

    Hwan-hee Lee

    Does anyone know the lyrics of that choir???

    Saulo Arcoverde

    Russel Blacker you wish

  51. kristolaos

    2:30 this is so "train of thought"

  52. José Francisco Carvajal Browne

    The last section of this song, when James sings "costs him his very life" its too Star Wars tragedy theme hahahaha I love it!

  53. José Ignacio Sánchez Domínguez


    I don't really stand all the sound effects of this album. The swords and the scream of the guy dying just turn me down so much. I mean. This guys are excellent musicians and I love their music, but sometimes they do really retarded things.

    Kianhael Aquilino

    José Ignacio Sánchez Domínguez how is that retarded?

  54. Alwi Hasan

    This track is all about transitions...

  55. Cap Z

    lmao... from 4:00 on is so good its scary

  56. MetalFaceOff

    I don't know what's worse: Arhys dying or "X" watching it happen! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGg

  57. George Apostolides

    One of the best songs in Astonishing!

  58. 226butters226

    the kid looks like a real photo and the other guys look like video game characters

  59. AceofMetal

    The best tune off the album

  60. Thyago Ribeiro

    Insane!! Waiting for the show in Brazil!!

  61. John Adams

    I hear so much octivarium in this song

  62. Ricardo Martins

    I was missing some heavy song!!

  63. Samu Pradas

    riff in 2'17 is so fucking powerfull

  64. D4ndrums Gamer

    Best song of the album

  65. Justin Richmond-Decker

    Anybody else wondering why they still fight with swords in the year 2285?

    Dom Fabio

    +Justin Richmond-Decker
    Because swords are cooler, nuff said.


    +Justin Richmond-Decker People have different suggestions, but none of them really make any sense because the NOMACs are in the story.

    kevin willems

    +Justin Richmond-Decker -because this story is more Future Fantasy than Science Fiction


    kevin willems So... like another world or reality?

    kevin willems

    @Cotramjoxxx precisely

  66. ricardo contreras

    que capacidad de composicion, un despliegue de tenica, una obra musical tremendamente elaborada, sin embargo encuentro muy pocos temas con los que me emocione, es para mi un album mas sereno, con un gran trabajo en cada detalle eso si!

  67. Azsrael TV

    I actually had a vision of me seeing this song live and cry at the end of it. It a freaking chef d'oeuvre ... <3

  68. Gökhan Ercan

    Best track of ACT II

  69. Maximus Meridius

    3:28 is classic DT. Moving from one flow to another with absolutely beautiful melody.

  70. Sd Ny

    DT fans are cool, no fighting over nonsense just appreciation of great music. Not that many heavy songs on the album. The couple I have heard are awesome. Either way the musicianship on this album is tremendous. Short songs but good ones.

    Oslam Phoenix

    Well, many DT fans actually argue a lot about that.

  71. fernando barragan

    this album is to many Rudess.

  72. mr198221

    2:08 on is just SIIIICK!

    Juho Noro

    +mr198221 We need more of this!

  73. Tom Seymour

    Why does this picture look like it comes from an RPG that is $.99 on steam?

    Dry Loner

    +Tom Seymour All of the artwork looks like garbage for this album

    Daniel Knorr

    yea I wish they went with 2d computer models, or better yet, costume and makeup. I wonder how they thought that 3d models were the best.

    johnny bongos

    @Daniel Knorr All the comments are naive

    Daniel Knorr

    @johnny bongos bruh, I don't even remember commenting on this video. Is that bad?

  74. cheesecake1monster

    at 4:04, what melody is this from? I think it's something classical but I can't remember for the life of me.

    Logan Ali

    carmina burana

    Luka Orkibi

    +Sodiq Ali definitely not

  75. Robert Lundkvist


    Dennis Radaelli


  76. Omar felix

    Tssssss exelente cancion

  77. mark matton

    Love it!!!!!!!

  78. Cláudio Alves_Re1load

    Fucking Awesome!

  79. Enkyl

    im the 6.666 visit, lol

  80. José Gouveia

    What is wrong with that kid?


    now we are talking with some worthy fast kinda metal riffs, still not heavy enough !

  82. EKM Beats

    4:00 best moment on the album for me

    Darwin Medina

    +Eklecticism YES!


    +Eklecticism i just red your comment and played the part , and instantly goose bumps man. one of the best parts indeed


    +Eklecticism Definitely one of the best moments for me, even better when you listen to everything that came before it and it builds right to that part, instant chills

    George Papadopoulos

    Totally agree.

  83. Fran Alta

    Can somebody explain me what the album s story is about??


    +Fran Alta http://www.teamrock.com/news/2015-12-02/dream-theater-unveil-astonishing-album-art-tracklist lessmore


    +Fran Alta
    The artwork focuses on flying spherical devices they’ve
    called NOMACs, while three of the eight leading characters in the story –
    Gabriel, Emperor Nafaryus and Arhys – have been named on the band’s
    Dream Theater say: “This album cover extends an ominous invitation into the retro-futurist dystopian setting of The Astonishing.
    “The deceptively beautiful yet chillingly totalitarian image is a
    bold harbinger of the visual components and ideas presented by the sonic
    story that is our most ambitious creative work to date.”

    **from link teamrock**

    Fran Alta

    +DIMAS ARIYAN thank you so much for the information!!!

    Cesar Martínez

    +Fran Alta http://www.dreamtheater.net/theastonishingtracks

    Fran Alta

    +Cesar Martinez thank u for the info man!!

  84. barfyman362

    that picture..embarrassing

    Eduardo Wormittag

    +Alex Rebain You guys can draw shit, model shit,play shit and still talk like kings.

    Seriously you all suck so bad.


    @Eduardo Wormittag
    calm down kid


    +Eduardo Wormittag Ye lil' kiddo, calm da fuc down.


    +MXOY99 you again !!!

    Ryan Slater

    Its a fucking picture guys

  85. Pink Progressive

    I had an eargasm too lol

  86. Vic Santiago


  87. Vikram Shankar Music

    THRASH. One of my favorite songs on the record! I love the beautiful ballads, but it's nice to know they can still get heavy, when the story calls for it of course.

  88. Ismael Matos

    labrie arrebentando!!!

  89. Ismael Matos


  90. alexid


  91. Brutal North

    çok büyük adamlarsınız aq

    Gökhan Ercan

    +Kutsan Kaplan ohoo bi sürü var :d

    Free Fall

    +Kutsan Kaplan resmi dt fan grubu bile vardı türkiyede, lakin kapandı amk


    +Onurhan DT selam

  92. PanosOsbourne

    Canadian rapping at its finest

    Efrén Sánchez

    +PanosOsbourne The Dark Eternal Night is the name you are looking for


    Naaah, more of a This Dying Soul  LaBrie "rapping" section  imo. He should have joined Wu tang if you ask me


    +PanosOsbourne to me that part absolutely sounds like train of thought!!

    Daniel Verberne

    +PanosOsbourne Here I go
    I'm coming downtown
    wanna look around your town
    I'm gonna buy the biggest f***in thing
    And then I'm then gonna deep down
    I gonna go, back home, with that f***in thing
    Gonna give it to my
    Ya know
    What it is, I can't tell you
    But I'll be back next year, then you'll find out

    Yeah boy, lemme hear ya say HOOOoooooo
    Say ho ho
    I say good to go yeah
    I say suck on my a** and balls
    Suck on my a** and balls
    Suck on my a** and balls
    Suck on my a** and balls
    Eat my a** and balls
    Lick my a** and balls
    Go, go, go, go....


    Daniel Verberne The finest James rap is into "Honor thy Father".

  93. Sammy Tuli

    2:30 James Shinoda


    +Sammy Tuli Okay, I lol'ed. :)

    Lou Jr Is Autistic

    Shinoda is fit to wipe James Labries ass

  94. and then i said

    nice, at last some riffage... I was starting to think this album had none.

    Giovani Mansani

    +and then i said Yeah agreed


    +and then i said yeahhh!!!

    Dan D

    +and then i said Well it has very little in the way of memorable riffs. Disc 1 is a snoozefest for the most part and disc 2 has about 4 decent songs on it.

    and then i said

    @Dan D having finished listening to the album I have to I agree. 
    The DT I love has 2 kinds of riffs, the lovely Led-Zeppelinesque, memorable riffs you can headbang to, then there are the crazy good 9/4 time signature (that make you look like you're having a seizure if you dance to them. 

    I wish this album had more of both, but specially the first ones.

  95. Nik Nocturnal

    Best song on this fucking bejesus album sent from the heavens of the guitar gods (John Petrucci's house)

  96. Zoe Arlem


  97. Andre Odierna

    great job guys

  98. IceRoxasKH