Dream Street - With All My Heart Lyrics

Late at night, awake and alone
I count the stars in the sky
Every cloud that rolls by
and I think of you, I whisper, I wish
With everything that I am
I'll do all that I can

'Cause baby I, I just want you to see
That baby you mean the whole world to me

It's so right
When I see the love in your eyes
All that I wanna do
Baby is to spend my life with you
and I know
As long as there is tomorrow
I'll be loving you right from the start
With all my heart

I can't believe what's happened to me
You stepped right out of my dream
Like nothing I'd ever seen
And I will love you...for the rest of my life
'til forever is gone
You'll be the one

Woh-Oh, 'Cause baby I (Baby I, Baby I...) never thought I would say
That baby you (Baby You) are my night and my day

It's so right
When I see the love in your eyes
All that I wanna do
Baby is to spend my life with you
and I know
As long as there is tomorrow
I'll be loving you right from the start
With all my heart

Woh-Oh-Oh, I know I'll be strong (I'll be strong, I'll be strong, baby)
With you in my arms (I want you in my arms)
Heaven brought us here together
We belong like this forever.

It's so right
When I see the love in your eyes
All that I wanna do
Baby is to spend my life with you
and I know
As long as there is tomorrow
I'll be loving you right from the start (With all my heart)
It's so right
When I see the love in your eyes
All that I wanna do
Baby is to spend my life with you
And I know
As long as there is tomorrow
I'll be loving you right from the start
With all my heart

(With all my heart, With all my heart)
Wo-oh-oh, With all my heart.

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Dream Street With All My Heart Comments
  1. cassandra mitchell

    Awesome song can't stop listening to it.

  2. ricalyn sotto

    This song touches ma heart everytime

  3. ricalyn sotto

    I love dream street!

  4. Babyraaa

    Suka banget, dari tahun 2016. Favorit bangettt💕💕

  5. 4everaaml

    Still listening

  6. Manuel Orozco

    I remember this song from the Biggest Fan Movie!

  7. Andrew Price

    Wish they did a reunion for the new generation. So they know what pop music actually is.

    Manuel Orozco

    Andrew Price That would be so cool

  8. Marissa Peña

    Still listening in 2019

  9. Marissa Peña

    I love this song so much!! ♥️

  10. TheFeBeShow

    who still listing to this 2019

  11. TheBibine97232


  12. Andrew Price

    I will say that i fell in love with a girl that loved these guys. Sad that we aren't together anymore but i can take all my memories and fun times with me everywhere i go. And where ever you are and what ever your doing know Nicole that i will always love you. Some things aren't meant to be but this music will always help me remember you.

  13. makenna bell

    Still listening to this in 2019 😍

  14. Jerica Peñaloga

    2019 and I'm still in love with this song. This'll gonna be one of my wedding songs. 💕

  15. Lian ll 18

    Oh gosh, december 2018 any1???

  16. MrsSavanna Marie Holsted

    i love you Jesse Mccartney keep singing my future husband i will always supporting you,

  17. Axela Sinar

    2018 & still here💕💕

    Manuel Orozco

    Axela Sinar 2019 and my first time on this video

  18. Kari2025

    I'm still pissed to this day what their manager did to them. They could've been around for several more years,


    What happened?

  19. bucky's_babe

    The part that Greg sings when he says “and I will love you for the rest of my life” is always my favorite part!! This song brings back so many feels.

  20. Jocelyn Medina

    Still listening to this in 2018🧡😭😍


    Jocelyn Medina 2019

  21. lil mirorogurl


  22. lil mirorogurl

    chris my love i be back i love u soooo much

  23. lil mirorogurl

    chris my darling why u marrry her marry meeeeeeeeeee whyyyyyyy i want to go back to 2005 waaaaaa mama

  24. dionne king

    are the couple in the pic still together??

  25. Gamava E.

    i really miss Dreamstreet movie, and their songs when i'm in High school till now in 3rd yr college. I'm always keep watching the movie.:'(


  26. Jemherka Chen

    i love dreamstreet

  27. Crystal Lee


  28. Fina Calista

    I love you chris and jesse!!!😍👍💚

    Richard Lam

    Fina Calista If you like them they are favorite

  29. Fina Calista

    İt is my favorite songs!!!👍👌✌

  30. Kayla Mathews

    they were cuter when teenagers

  31. Secret Bloom

    We will always count on you guys #dream street💓💓💖

  32. Kpopsicle

    Ill be loving dream street right from the start with all my heart❤️❤️

  33. Kpopsicle


  34. Secret Bloom

    We always love dreamstreet hope they will get back together


    Ikr love them so much❤️❤️

    Donna Beausoleil

    I hope they got back together too.

  35. Arviana Kenzie

    I watch the movie like 5 time , i love this song very much , miss this boy band , and miss old Chris Trousdale 😭😭


    Ikr i watched it awhile ago at fox family movies it made me cry alot😭💔💔

    Isadora Mondesir

    +Kenzie Kenzss I watch it 12 times no lie one after the other  I love the movie so much

    Megan McKnight

    Arviana Kenzie:Iam sure Jesse and Greg going solo didn't help with the band staying together

    Joan Lee

    You know Jesse McCartney is still around at least and going on tour this year!

    Jason Lewis

    Chris singing this song while treating us to the sight of his grand and glorious arm pit hair was the best part of The Biggest Fan!

  36. Keisha Nicole Danipog

    Jesse McCartney😘😘😘

  37. Keisha Nicole Danipog

    Chris Trousdale😘😘😘

    Lauren Wright

    Keisha Nicole Danipog amen to that!!

  38. Wan Norihan Wan Nawang

    I love chris

  39. Devaya Anargya

    <3 chirs <3

  40. Sharmie Devilz

    Chris 😘😘

  41. Raodhatul Aura

    i very2 love thiss song! love you guys (dreamstreet)

  42. Rensi Florensia

    I love this song more than everything.... I Love You Chris


    We all love chris😍😍😍

    Lauren Wright

    Kpopsicle he is so cute!! He was my crush!! Haha 90s baby all the way 💛

  43. khalesal

    i love this song

  44. Nur Adila Syairah


  45. Angeline Semmier

    i luv u MR TR0USDALE !

    Zaireen Adeena

    He was like 30 know

    Angeline Semmier

    +Zaireen Adeena Zuharman well. time g0es fast

  46. Angela May Mayor

    Chris!!!!!! #LoveHim

  47. CookyBTSJimin

    THE BEST SONG IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS I LOVE YOU I WISH I WAS DEBBIE OHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If ibwas debbie i wouldve already maked out with chris


    +Kpopsicle LOL this was 1 year ago omg its 2017 now lol

  48. Moureen Gabrielle Barbo

    I Love This Song , It makes me cry !!
    Love you Chris..!! :)

  49. aiza Mandong

    the biggest fan...i love this movie.... like cris...

  50. aiza Mandong

    i love this songs all the time i can sing becuse this so beautiful.... i  cry this song and this video... so beautiful... cris......my idol... antell now

  51. cathleen benton

    I LIKE his songs

  52. Anastasia Dedousis

    This song makes me cry

  53. wendy chua

    I really love this song ♫♫♫ From the movie " The Biggest Fan " It's so sad that Dream Street is now gone :(( Where's dream street go ? :// 

    Kinda miss them 


    Dream street is only now in ur wildest dreams

  54. Master Natsu

    I like this song

  55. ItsHana Dzul

    I just know about this song from the movie they acted...
    Sorry my broken english . I really love this song...

  56. Ashley b

    How did you make this

  57. amanda Calciano

    Love this song

  58. shan məˈkɛŋji

    I miss Dream Street :'(

  59. eribelle08

    I really love dem..wer r dey now???

  60. マカロかがやく

    I'm really in love with this song

  61. rerab

    Can we go back to the early 2000's?

    Angeline Semmier

    sure we can


    Dont worry im gonna try to invent a time machine 😂😂😜😜✌🏻️✌🏻😞😞 miss them too

    KasuSekai Chan

    Sad to say that this will never be a reality due to legal issues. =(

    cassandra mitchell

    LOL, 2000 I was only 7 but now I'm 26 sometimes listening to this kind of song

  62. Franco Fernandes

    The song at the last is Brian McKnight - Back At One

  63. Fazeera Azman

    Aww.. i miss dream street! I live this song!

  64. Francis .P. Tippett

    This is the best song ever. I love you guys with all my heart. Dream street never dies in my heart. :)

  65. Nichakarn First

    i love it

  66. makahearts


  67. Nosa

    OMG! sweet song ♥ love it!

  68. Ashley Countryman

    @Rachel Hickman oh. Well if they didn't have it under there contract & wanted to do it. I know. Matt is engaged, Jesse is solo, & Greggie is solo as well & I think Chris too. But I don't know what Frankie is doing

  69. Rachel Hickman

    they cant its under contract they cant do a reunion together they are doing thier own thing

  70. Ashley Countryman

    My sister met Greggie Rapaso from dream Street at his concert. She got a kiss, got to talk to him like an actual conversation, & an autograph on his new album. :)

  71. Ashley Countryman

    I agree with BellaDawnBreaking. They should do a reunion. But a tour around the United States. :D

  72. nicky rahimi

    I think that any song they sing is awsome:)

  73. Babygirl1999

    I luv this song so much!!!!!
    Can't beleive that they had 2 split
    They will foreva live in our hearts
    Luv u Dream Street
    U guys should totally do a reunion tour or something it would make all of us fans feel better

  74. RayRay PooteyTang

    Chris just got reamed on The Voice...Nobody picked him and even knew who the fuck he was! He's just a has been!!!! I feel bad for him...how embrassed for him! He tried to play it cool,but it did not work for him!!!!!!!!!

  75. Awesome Liz

    I love this song

  76. Jojo Chan

    ha, can anyone please tell me who sang which part? thanks

  77. allexabeieber101

    @elmaflips thanks

  78. Andrea Trevisan

    @allexabeieber101 Chris at the begging

  79. allexabeieber101

    whos singing this song chris or jesse and the beignign of the chorus part makes me cry

  80. allexabeieber101

    this song reminds me of a song for a wedding

  81. MissEva2010ish

    LIKE THIS IF: you are 18 or older and you still like DREAM STREET SONGS :)

  82. Himani U

    @bbyybear1014 Oh! I was hoping thee Other way round...But anyways...:) :D

  83. Felicity Barrante

    woooow!!! a video with no dislikes! yaayyyy!!! lol btw luvv this song sooo much!!! miss dream street :(

  84. Himani U

    Are u and ur bf still togethor? <3 :)

  85. Jacqueline Roberts

    ( ^ ^ )

  86. Kya Sean

    I absolutly love with song with all my heart♥

  87. sam tyler

    @bbyybear1014 I know and we both cant wait for it.. and im glad you put back at one to the ending bc thats mine and his song<333 but i love dream streeet<33

  88. sam tyler

    @bbyybear1014 awwwwwww! thats soooo cute<33 me and my bf have been together for 9 moths nothing compared to you guys

  89. sam tyler

    @bbyybear1014 Awwww thats soooooo cute! how long has it been?

  90. sam tyler

    are yall still together?