Dream Street - They Don't Understand Lyrics

They don't understand

They say we're just playing games
That it isn't real
But it's what we feel
(Oh yeah)

And they say it doesn't make sense
That we're just wasting time
And they wonder why

You know we got our own special language
That only we can speak
And parents never know just what it means
(Oh no)

They don't understand
How we communicate
Or so many things
That we do and say

They don't really get what it's all about
No they never can understand

I can't explain
If they don't know why
You see it's everywhere
Well, they must be blind

Pika - what? And geo - who?
It just doesn't prove
They don't have a clue

You know we got our own world to live in
And so far apart
(Oh yes we are)

To make it clear I don't know where to start
(Oh no)

They don't understand
How we communicate
Or so many things
That we do insane

They don't really get
What it's all about
No, They never can understand

(Understand Pokemon)

You know we got our own special language
That only we can speak

And parents never know just what it means
(What it means)
What it means

They don't understand how we communicate
Or so many things
That we do insane

They don't really get
What it's all about
No they never can understand

They don't understand how we communicate
Or so many things
That we do and say

They don't really get
What it's all about
No they never can understand

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Dream Street They Don't Understand Comments
  1. Tyler Murdock

    Where was this


    The voice of Greg always be the best that notes.

  3. Allan Martinez

    I always thought of Dream Street as the mini version of NSYNC lol

  4. Jacob Lashner

    This is an awesome Dreamstreet song! They are wearing the same clothes as they did in their It Happens Every Time music video, this concert must've happened the same day that they were filming the video.

  5. Anthéa K

    Jesse 🥰

  6. Shawna Gatch

    The crowd didn't go crazy until Jesse McCartney took over haha damn a real star since childhood

  7. Danny Diablo

    What I never understood was who was supposed to be the front man of the group.

  8. slick vick

    This song popped into my head out of nowhere

  9. luiza ö

    when i watched this in my dvd i was like 9 years in 2005 or 2006 and thought they were already grown up who loved pokemon that feels right! now i comeback and related their voice to Young Michael Jackson and justin bieber! sorry they disappeared

  10. Wally

    Damn this is the perfect representation of late 90s/early 2000s culture right here 😣

  11. Cassandra Scott

    Love this song! Even in 2019


    Jesse's voice aww💖

  13. J2 Kay

    they sounded pretty stable. gosh america had the potential to have groups like kpop with the dancing and singing, but they didn't train the dancing enough i guess. but to move around like they did and still sound stable enough, unlike most singers nowadays, is great. they could have been big like kpop is nowadays.

    The Makadray

    J2 Kay the concern from their parents was that they’re wasn’t going to be allocated time for them to continue with their education, they were already being overworked and there were issues with them not being paid straight away for their performances. So their parents pulled the plug on them. To be honest, they weren’t that good, and they came out right when the boyband and girlband craze of the nineties and early 2000’s was dying out. At least we still have Jessie McCartney.

  14. Pratik Roy

    I've heard about their "Flying without wings" used in a pokemon movie or soundtrack but never this well it's still catchy. Jesse's high pitch almost knocked me down. for a kid he could produce that no wonder he grew up to be a special one.

    Nathan Toca

    That was westlife tho

  15. Chris More

    They were a great band and my sister mom and I saw them in a phillipburg mall radio Disney concert when I was 13. But like only half an hour. Too bad they left but they had no choice but to move on

  16. Albireo


  17. Jonathan Wozniak

    I still like this years later

  18. Felice Chen

    pokemon is how i was introduced to. dream street andi still love them to this dat.

  19. Reynbowz

    This was painful to watch. Some of the most embarrassing elements of the late 90s/early 00s right here

    Jonathan Wozniak

    Reynbowz f you mate

    Zero Fighter

    Jonathan Wozniak  To be fair, I have to wonder why this song was chosen for the soundtrack. It has nothing to do with Pokemon other than the boys dubbing in the word 'Pokemon' periodically through the song. It's more about the clash between parents and children with parents not knowing what their kids are saying, and the kids feeling comfort in knowing they have something of a 'secret language' to communicate with one another. Specifically, it's like the rising chatroom / text lingo of the turn of the millennium that kept parents guessing, like how some parents thought BRB meant Burning Righteous Bibles, and how ASL meant Alter of Satan Lit. It was relevant at the time, so a song was written about it. Then, out of nowhere, they throw in the world 'Pokemon', and it gets tossed onto the album to fill time on the CD, and make it seem worth the price to buy it. I honestly don't even remember it being in the movie, and if it was, I imagine that it was just in the end credits, again, just to pad out the runtime of the CD.


    @Zero Fighter It was not in the movie. But it was on the official soundtrack according to Wikipedia.

    Zero Fighter

    I'm pretty certain it was used in the ending credits, though I admit it's been over a decade since my last viewing of it. My point stands though; I don't see why it was chosen for the soundtrack to begin with.

  20. Elizabeth Anne


    cotton candy

    Elizabeth Anne did they die?

  21. Raster Affandi

    1:19 Jesse McCartney is That You!? Hahaha i can't believe haha he's very cool even being a kids.

    slick vick

    Wow that's so funny 😂

  22. shaelenelarae

    I love this ❤️

  23. Rachel Morga

    awesome I miss them  they were a great boy band...

  24. ExtraordinaryDork

    how i feel towards people not in the pokemon fandom

  25. john danielson

    damn the early millennium was a solid time for music and pants

  26. Your mother

    How the internet will feel to people who don't play Pokemon on October 12th

    Zero Fighter

    So, what was supposed to happen on October 12th again? Because people are still playing Pokemon games.

  27. Jacqueline Roberts

    I know I am an adult now and it's not the most dignified thing to ever admit I ever had a childhood. People might make fun of me and start calling me a kid or immature or something like that. Or gay even.

  28. Elizabeth Schiada

    More like the early 2000s. I miss the 90s and early 2000s so much!

  29. lewishamm

    Reminds me of my youth doe

  30. lewishamm

    This is terrible

  31. Tyler Ruck

    This is terrible! I'm a nineties kid too but this, this is retarded. Why are people cheering and filming? What kind of tone deaf unmusical disrespectful to Pokémon freaks are they?

  32. MollyNakao98

    This was the best! I remember them from when I was like 5

  33. Mahone Trance

    Jesse can get really high and he is a really good stage pro former

  34. Cassie Priest

    i'm 18 and still LOVE pokemon! just got my nails painted like poke balls :)

  35. THEmightypsyduck

    ture dat

  36. Mokumokuren13

    Who the hell are they? I live in The Netherlands and I never heared of them.

  37. Kango234

    no Im pretty sure they still were, but Facebook didn't exist so you didn't have to hear about it 24/7

  38. Neha Shah

    lol dean reblogged this :')

  39. Jbsnumber1girl39


  40. Madison Frye

    Pokemon is Awsome, I don't get why people make fun of it

  41. XGN VanillaCake

    you got that damn right!

  42. BiebTimeSloan

    i used to think this song was about teen language and parents not understanding it but now it's all clear: POKEMON

  43. annnnjell

    pokemon looooool<3

  44. Bryan Swanek

    @GrOoVyChIcK90 Umm not really, Jesse's voice is WAY higher, just sayin. He still makes the same facial expressions though.

  45. Bryan Swanek

    @Swackers90 Its for pokemon you dumbfuck.

  46. busbee101

    jesse is so AMAZING!!!<3

  47. Raveena Mccartney

    Jesse McCartney !! He Is The Best <3

  48. Rebecca Kay

    i love the front part...oh oh oh! oh and jesse looks like zack, their voices sound the same too!

  49. DisneyFans959

    like this if you're still watching this in 2099 :)

    J2 Kay

    and ash/satoshi is still 10.

  50. jamella persaud

    like this if ur still watching this in the year 2011

  51. fred7dre

    @randomclipz90990 i still do i loved this song when i was little and pokemon rock back then

  52. randomclipz90990

    thumbs up if you still listen too dream street and still like pokemon :)

  53. Jacqueline Roberts

    They want me to know that real life is never like television.. 9.9

  54. Jacqueline Roberts

    hhmmm....why is the real world full of so many trashy boys? Who r not princes but frogs?

  55. Jacqueline Roberts

    These boys are just so charming. Its too bad that in the real world I cannot find five princes like this.

  56. Cindy Pena

    whos the guy in the blue shirt with spiky hair?


    stargirl Chris trousdale

  57. The Imaginary Duck

    I understand Pokemon... I just don't understand this crap.

  58. sports news

    Nostalgia status: Murdered.

  59. wasabisushi404

    I swear... the stage was bigger than this. O.O

  60. Shannon Helgerod

    @christer234iffy jesse is the one in the black n red <3

  61. MyLittleStarKobix

    @christer234iffy The blonde that sing the solo at the end. You can't recognize him?

  62. shelleybell1992

    two of my fave things great entertainment and pokemon!

  63. Olivia Floate



  64. TrialzGTAS

    There pants need to be skinner... lmao

  65. toyaroxit

    @RawrrItsAshh cuz it's about friggin Pokemon haha,plus jesse's voice is frreakishly high pitched here! lmao

  66. toyaroxit

    @RawrrItsAshh cuz it's about friggin Pokemon lmao

  67. Shanaris Edwards

    omg wen jesse started singing i got goosebumps cuz i never new about dis group n out of no where i started tearing up lol wth XD

  68. Jessica Pruitt

    and the funny thing is, is that he spent a majority of this performance on the side, yet Jesse is the only one who actually has a major career xD

  69. Alexis Ang

    i cant get enough with jesse.I've watched this for more than 10 times

  70. lilgoddessoflove

    i love the songs....anybody kno all there names i dont thats y i asked....sorry but they got talint.

  71. Ok Den

    "That dancing requires major skill !"
    you guys are awesome.

  72. Alexis Ang

    jesse is the best its perfect when he hits the high note

  73. Olivia Floate

    that dancing requires major skill.!

  74. Bianca Stiches


  75. Leonie B

    no really!!!! i didn't know that! DUHHH. everyone know's that. XD

  76. Isobel

    Dream Street's moves were sooo much better than the older boybands like nsync and backstreet boys. Plus they brought the BOY back in boyband :)

  77. TakashiUmi

    They disgust me. They look retarded. They also try too hard to be cool. With the main guys stupid "Uh-oh mmm mmm uh-oh". Look at what they are wearing. the only two that look appropriate and are wearing close that fit them nicely, are the two blond boys. The words aren't bad, but they are really trying too hard to be like other boy bands.


    Hahaha this comment always made me laugh hysterically and it still does. The kid in the red shirt is appropriately dressed, but I do agree with you on the kid in the blue jacket, with the "Uh oh, ooh ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah", so obnoxious. Keep in mind, these guys were 12-14 year-olds at the time, so it's expected that they would think they're hot shit and act like older boy bands

  78. Aleisha A

    bro u can tell its jesse it still sounds like him excpet hes younger

  79. HonestAddy

    I LOVE THIS SONG! I sing along with it

  80. omgbrittanyyyx

    jesseeeeeeeee< 3

  81. Joebros245

    How do you not know that that's Jesse Mc Cartney. One thing's for sure, this band truly is missed, and Jesse sent a better message to his fans as a kid than an adult.

  82. sebomach6

    whos the boy with the black shirt????

  83. Ciearra Neff

    lol, nice

  84. HonestAddy

    How old r they in this vid?

  85. HonestAddy

    Go dream street!

  86. HonestAddy


  87. Alexa K

    Wow can Jesse really hit the high notes!!!

  88. Queen Kurokoi

    Cuz the producers wanted them to quiz school and focus totally on the group. The parents didn't like that, and then they found out one of the producers was into teen porn. So then they all got into some legal issues and so the result was Dream Street was disbanded, and they weren't allowed to perform as a group again. I dunno if that prohibits a reunion tour someday.

  89. genekoenen

    lol jesse is over here 13 and they are all 15 :P

  90. Raevyn C. Harkyn

    Why the heck do I like this song? XD

  91. Melissa K

    yea. they had to be close to the time they made their "It Happens Everytime" vid. They're wearing the exact same clothes! lol

  92. mokeyboo368

    i miss them i try not to remember that they spilt up 4 a long long time

  93. Grace Her

    hey, how come Matt didnt have a solo?? that's sad.. well, he's still cool..
    brings bak such wonderful memories.. watching dream street perform.. hehe..

  94. Mintsz80

    * accent LoL I spelled it wrong. but I think its part of the song LoL

  95. Mintsz80

    Omg I just realized that Jesse have an actsent when he sings and i still love Dream street. and there awesome.

  96. PasswordFreak

    oh the memorys

  97. Akira Ichika

    they rock man, i love this song, and i love the lyrics of this song, pokemon!

  98. Hadey Deppio

    i wanna BANG jesse

  99. Nicole Salas

    i w0nder why gReg is wearin that shiRt...
    it d0esnt seem c00L..

  100. Nicole Salas

    what happend t0 the pika-what and ge0-wh0..it just g0es t0 pR0ve that