Dream On, Dreamer - Voices Lyrics

Hope god, can you figure it out
I swallowed the ocean but it won't stay down
Sinking in the sea of my doubts
There's blood in the water, it won't be long now

You've got your hands around my heart again
You've got your hands around my heart again

Focus, repair
Tell those voices in your head
We're living, we're not dead
So let's sit here alone and wait for this storm to end
For this storm to end

Hopeless, we were lost in the sound
I swallowed my feelings now they won't come out
Sinking, falling through your clouds
Nobody can tell me, and I don't know how

You've got your hands around my heart again
You've got your hands around my heart again

Focus, repair
Tell those voices in your head
We're living, we're not dead
So let's sit here alone and wait for this storm to end

We used to care, you and I
You used to make my words come alive
But I just wanna know where to find
Our way, our way
We used to say all the time
If we're strong enough we can survive
But I just wanna know where to find
Our way, our way

Focus, repair
Tell those voices in your head

Focus, repair
Tell those voices in your head
We're living, we're not dead
So let's sit here alone and wait for this storm to end

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Dream On, Dreamer Voices Comments
  1. dream øn avatar

    Voices by Our last Night
    Voices by Crown the Empire
    Voices by Dream on Dreamer
    Voices by Disturbed
    Voices by Motionless in White

    Love all of these songs :D

  2. Kelvin Chandler

    Love you guys. Keep on keepin on😉

  3. Bruna Oliveira

    Uma das melhores do álbum !!!

  4. Evers

    Best song on the album imo. Amazing.

  5. Lari Esteves

    Magnificent the voice every day a new song surprises me

  6. bildungsroman

    BMTH who? WSS who? Other metalcore bands who?

  7. bildungsroman

    This is unbelievable.

  8. Gianluca Giacomelli

    fantastic song, Keep on digging it Dreamers !

  9. Mikel MANOFF

    Sellouts all these bands going mainstream trying to get on the radio you guys use to be unique sucks you went down this path I loved blinded and midnight thoughts those songs got me through some tough days

  10. fabolous JEARLL

    those vocals are fire!!!

  11. Josh Grimm

    Man this isn't bad but what happened since 2015? I know Marcel was sick but the change in sound is drastic.

  12. Duncan Lim

    This song is LITT!!!👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Tanjila Tasaba Mumu

    It's awesome! ♥

  14. Mk Mehan

    What a start <3

  15. SlothsHere

    This is incredible. Glad I found this band. :>

  16. Michael Elwell

    but i am ready more for bleeding through sence alot of bands have gone soft

  17. Michael Elwell

    out tomrrow yes

  18. TheTenosynovitis

    new album is gonna be so lit

  19. NuNu Suth

    Love it!!

  20. M E T H I S G O O D V E G E T A B L E

    Brilliant song guys

  21. Jacob O'Dell

    this will go down as my favorite Dream on Dreamer album by far.
    the ambiance of this album is truly amazing.

  22. Haytham E. Kenway

    Ahhh I love it <3

    Pls More !!! *-*

  23. Rage rex

    Very awesome song,😊🤘🤙

  24. Kelly Marie

    Preordered 💖💖💖


    thank you

    Kelly Marie

    DreamonDreamertv thank you for making breathtaking art

  25. Ryan Miller

    So another band went from being post-hardcore to radio rock...... I blame the newer generations for ruining music and especially metalcore in general.


    blue world can't tell if troll or not, but either way, open your mind a little. Bands are entitled to put out whatever style of music they want regardless of what anyone else says. This sounds utterly amazing in its own right, if you don't like it don't listen to it, simple.

    Ryan Miller

    I tried to open my mind but newer generations keep on ruining music. Thank goodness I grew up in the early 2000s because music nowadays is complete trash. People then actually made music because that is what made them happy. But nope that stopped when bands tried to go mainstream and went from being metalcore to radio rock..... Yeah I am such a troll when my favorite genre is getting ruined by kids.

    Mikey Money

    blue world agreed

  26. Treven Utter

    Wait these guys and motionless in white released a song called voices in the same day, except this song’s better

  27. Mrs PlrefR

    Portugal crl

  28. Cristian Maggot Fernandez Insanity

    and the screams? 😠😒👎

    Mal Rosette

    Cristian Maggot Fernandez Insanity sometimes screams aren't necessary when vocals and compassion takes over their voices. 😏
    Loveless and Heartbound are hands down my favourite albums but this also sounds good. It's different, unique, pure, raw, just name it. They're so talented. They're not like any other bands out there. These guys are beyond wonderful human beings ever and I really hope they continue DOD because they deserve everything. I just want to give them my money so they can come to North America and play a show here & that I could meet them. This band has really saved my life and I really hope they continue to save many others as well!! ❤🤘

  29. Leonardo Dellanoite

    It is so beautiful, thank you DOD, i love you and i can't wait for the album comes out! <3

  30. SammyBoy

    Album of the year !!!!!

  31. Mr. Dragon

    they're becoming the second Young Lions?

  32. Aylê Roqueiro

    I LOVED IT !!! <3 <3 <3 \m/

  33. NoMedia.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ficouuu ótimooo <3

  34. Hernandes Sullivan

    What music! :O

  35. Nik Nocturnal

    My dudes killing it! <3

  36. JoeFromPho

    Where is the heavy? I don't mind that there are no more screams cause you can still sing over heavier instrumentals

  37. yBowSlenderMan

    like 291

  38. Mahdi Alinia

    Damn .. the are becoming real fantastic

  39. Axerlious

    Love that intro <3

  40. Mikey Money

    After hearing their first 4 songs off this album I’m going to take a guess and say that there is no heavy on the new album. Kinda sucks


    This kind of comment is so generic. Just like when aa, bmth, btf, etc released "softer" albums

    Mikey Money

    MoZ yeah and they all sucked compared to their heavier stuff


    nah man. it's just you being a "fan" that's close-minded and doesn't like change. there's always a group of people that prefers the softer songs more than the heavier ones and i like the fact that they've got out of their comfort zones to make something different that works. and there they are making new fans here and there. i actually like almost every songs they've released so far, whether it's rough or soft. that variety of genres shows us what they can do in the industry. to show us that they're capable of making songs that are softer than they usually are but people still like em anyway. plus they need money off of their songs and one of the best ways to earn it is through having some new fans to buy em. to spread the word that this band is doing a fantastic job and if their stuck with the same thing, making heavy songs over and over and over again, there won't be more people buying their songs which could lead them to stagnant or perhaps declining financial growth. i'm not saying that they're sellouts, but a man's gotta do what he gotta do to earn some cash rite ?

    Mikey Money

    MoZ not closed minded - I said the songs were decent but I want to hear more of the old style, that’s the type of music that I enjoyed the best from them. To each their own bud.

    T M

    Best music you dudes have released IMO, let the haters hate. But you have to let us in on the underlying themes of the album, art, vids, lyrics etc!!! Come on guys!!!

  41. Galiyev

    Çok iyisiniz lan!

  42. HyperiaMusic

    Let it in and Runaway really made on me high spectations for the album, but the last two ones lowered the hype a bit. Still good songs but not powerful as the other two i mentioned or even DLYH

  43. Luis !

    Muy bueno de nuevo, será un gran álbum, a la espera

  44. Maxwell Madara


  45. MeloHardCore

    Yeahhh i'm early!!! And I LOVE THIS ❤❤❤❤

  46. Obieżyświat

    This is awesome !!! I waiting for this album :)

  47. mariemiley100

    So freaking awesome! In love 😍.

  48. Brawling Beast

    I absolutely loved this song!

  49. Ray Slavenburg

    As excited as I was after the first two singles, my expectations have been lowered a bit. All these singles so far sound like they make one giant song. It's so much of the same. But I'll gladly be proven wrong when the album drops.

    Ray Slavenburg

    guilmon981 haven't yet. Will let you know

    Ray Slavenburg

    I've never been super into them, and their pre-announcement singles like Don't Lose Your Heart had been my favs by them so I try not looking at it like that. I enjoy the sound of the album quite alot, sounds like they've really found their own sound. i've listened through it twice now and I feel like it's gonna be a grower. Usually the albums that grow on me turn out to be my favorites, haha.

  50. Andrew Floresta

    Great song will definitely be one of the best albums of 2018

  51. getthefunkoutmaface

    I love DOD as much as anyone, but a couple of these new songs just aren’t doing it for me. They just feel kind of boring. 😓 hoping the rest of the album kicks it up a notch!

  52. BoOmbactic♥

    Love it!❤

  53. Pooven Mootoosamy

    looking forward for 25th of may

  54. KatanaNightcore

    😍😍😍you guys becoming my favorite band way to fast😂love your music!!

  55. Dawnsii

    Love it keep rocking

  56. Jan Rollinson

    God you guys are fantastic

  57. Benji Bruce

    this worth for waiting new song

  58. Bochio

    OMFG I’m kinda afraid, they’re becoming my favorite band too fast


    same here :$

    Mal Rosette

    They're amazing. Spread the word. 🤘

    M E T H I S G O O D V E G E T A B L E

    Been my favorite for years check out (younglions) for sure, Zach's other band

    Matt V

    You missed them at their peak

    Jimmy Lynch

    Matt V eh idk, this is my fav of their albums tbh

  59. Aymée Middendorp

    I love it soo much omg! You guys never disappoint me♡

  60. Anaya Nobody

    Just listened to it on Deezer. I can't wait to hear the whole album now !!! You guys are awesome, keep it up ! ♥

  61. Patrik Pastel

    Awesome as everything from you 👌❤️