Dream On, Dreamer - Snowpiercer Lyrics

As its passing by all the time, we're running
It's a constant climb as we forget the things we know

So where do we all go this time?
You said that I could rest awhile?
Did I get the feeling wrong
All we do is wait in line
Hoping just to lose our time
When you're on your own,
You were on your own

The streetlights on again
I walk without a name
Strangely beloved, yet unrequited,
Do you feel like you missed it

There's safety in your eyes
To walk without disguise
I was wrong and you were right
There's no need to lie

Your giving it away this time,
How could you ignore your mind?
When you were on your own,
You were on your own [x2]

I'll be careful with the soft spots I'll be smart,
If you're careful with my heart.
Everybody gets lost somehow
It's where we were meant to start
Now I was right and you were wrong,
every single night I sleep alone
You see some men can't face defeat,
Some let it leak into their bones... but not me,

I'm not scared of the things that I love,
it's with them that I sleep at night when the devil comes.
Listen, it was there right from the start, all along.
It was there right from the start, all along,
it was there right from the start, all along.

I'm giving it away this time
How could you ignore your mind?
When you were on your own,
You were on your own

Don't throw it all away this time,
Only just to lose you're mind
When you were on your own
You were on your own
You were on your own

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Dream On, Dreamer Snowpiercer Comments
  1. Legen Dary

    I listen you guys from 2011 and still today,you are my favourite band .Thank you for your awesome songs and hope to see you in Ukraine)))

  2. Dario M

    i can’t stop but remember...

  3. xGuardian AngeL

    that first chord just gets me everytime without a fail :(

  4. Jasper-Holland

    Underrated as fuck

  5. Charlie99 YT

    I cried with you

  6. Leonardo Dellanoite

    I love so much this song! Thank you Dream on dreamer <3

  7. liE

    This means so much to me

  8. Tawhid Utsho

    this is one of the most underrated band ever..
    more people needs to hear about them

    Jeremy Rogers

    Violent pictures made me fall in love with this band. Their lyrics are so deep

    Allan Judd

    your pretty right there mate there brilliant

    Emanuel Ricardo

    Thats the first time for me. I love it. What a fck music

  9. guillermo garcia

    Im in love with the song ❤️

  10. Derk Ender

    Is this based on the movie :P


    We wrote this song after watching the movie =]

    Derk Ender

    @DreamonDreamertv thought so :) awesome song and movie.


    DreamonDreamertv Will you do a live version of this song? It is really underrated

  11. Stefania Raco


  12. Hayley Emma

    I keep coming back to this song its just SO good

  13. JoeFromPho

    love this song. so good

  14. Tigran Hakobyan

    beautiful !

  15. Blop.

    Ending reminds me of Nothing More.

  16. Redação Barrazine


  17. Almostalwaysart

    This is amazing! I wish that the ending kept on going!

  18. Esteban Fonseca

    Why did it take so long?

  19. old man jenkins

    This song hits so hard. You hear the passion and emotion that went into this song.

  20. Travis Youker

    The first word gave me chills. Haven't heard the full album yet but wow this song got me feeling some sort of way. Damn this is beautiful.

  21. Lovely Tofely

    Oh my FUCKING lord this song is made to be adored


    Andy Daniels lol you reminded me of master yoda xD no offence intended

  22. Phantom1

    Good job, guys. Keep it up.
    Much love from EU

  23. Jeremy Lauter

    best song in the album!!

  24. butsecks


    just one frame of art


    Shane Peavy

    butsecks I love u doland

  25. ilikeH3ntai 77

    So eargasmic.

  26. Victoriano De La Cruz Lara


  27. Menina Luz


    Nich Medeiros

    Nice musica