Dreadnoughts, The - Cold Rain And Snow Lyrics

We've been gone for so long
Our rations are low
Sleepless nights under gray skies are going to show
When we left from our homes
Our confidence high would we know just how to get back

Well I'll be marching forward
Is this trial with our lifes?
How would we win this war?
Who among us'll survive?

With my comrades beside me
The glory aside
I've forgotten what country
We'll meet in this fight
While our sweethearts at home
Await for the news
Will they be kind or they be cruel?

I hope to see the morning
I hope to die in my sleep
Will death come without warning?
Pray my soul got to keep
From cold rain and snow

Good to see my dear wife
And my children free
Just once more, one more glance and my soul would be free
Oh dear God would you keep them from sorrow again
One humble wish in my despair

Would my life have meant something?
Will my death be in vain?
Will I ascend triumphant?
Is there end to this pain?
The cold rain and snow

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