DRAM - The Lay Down Lyrics

I prefer we go upstairs
'Cause I want to show you my room
And this California king size
Feel how nice the sheets are
Perfect thing to sleep on, or freak on
Just in case you wanted to, baby

Cause I
Want to lay it down with you
And I
Ain't trynna play round with you
And I
Want to lay it down with you
And go to sleep, after we

This bedroom's nice and candle lit
I've been in it dreaming of you
It's like honey suckle flowers
Stay a couple hours till the morning after
You don't have to but I'm glad to spend the end of eve with you

Cause I
Want to lay it down with you
And I
Ain't trynna play round with you
And I
Want to lay it down with you
And go to sleep, after we

Bad vibrations from my phone
Can't blow my high on airplane mode
My services belong to you
The signal's strong, we set the mood

I said, bad vibrations from my phone
Can't blow my high on airplane mode
Tonight I just belong to you
The signal's strong, we set the mood

The signal's strong, we set the mood

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DRAM The Lay Down Comments
  1. VoiceOurNoise

    No shock thunder

  2. VoiceOurNoise

    U suck off ur self

  3. gabozkhi

    What's up with the dislikes?

  4. Lisa Toro

    💕🖤💕🤎💕 reminds me of the late 60's early 70's

  5. Sijan Grg

    Straight FLAMES🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Sijan Grg

    Shoutout Shawn Cee😢

  7. Gino Cassano

    What an amazing song... that outro 🔥🔥🔥 . Snubbed by the Grammys

  8. PolixeniB

    90s vibes?

  9. dmodmodmo


  10. Toya Marshall

    Smoking lead me here in 2020 as we speak 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. ulysses arao

    Carl Jade brought me here

  12. Christopher Ashby

    Oof that was a killer song.

  13. roderick anderson

    Dram get your own cologne designed by you and get it sold to the masses this can be a great $1,000,000 situation for you www.whiff.com

  14. Myri Duck


  15. Walter Higo

    This is SO SO SO OLD SCHOOL!!!!
    I mean that in the BEST WAY!!!!!!

  16. Mace Windu

    another LA dweller that falls for this indie neo soul funk fusion. its really huge

  17. Eureka Radiposo

    Basically this is the 80s+90s+20s all jammed into one song!!!!! genius

  18. Winter Qasim

    💖 Way better than the rapping, DRAM ☺️

  19. Tina Jackson

    That guitarist is married to the music; sweeettt

  20. celestial vibrationz

    Lovely. The hook reminds me of Roberta Flack n Pebo Bryson "Tonight I Celebrate My Love" 🖤

  21. KALI

    Probably the most underrated song of 2019

  22. Olivia

    I didn't know Jordan Peele could sing. I'm impressed

  23. Edouard keneth EDK

    It was a real pleasure to work with you. I sing love also in my music.

  24. Edouard keneth EDK

    Thank u for good vibes

  25. bruhzdug

    I’m tryna remember who asked if you came from Shawn Cee

  26. Kevin Ilango

    Okay. SOMEBODY tell me who the boy in that floral shirt is at the end.

  27. Bryan Bump

    H.E.R. Makes anything look or sound good😍 that’s bae frfr

  28. Fatma salum

    The guitar riff 😍😭 ecstasy!!

  29. Xeno

    It's not often that the guitarist kills a song, but GODDAMN that solo!!!!!

  30. Brian G


  31. Ambra Harris

    Video is wonderful...This song gives me butterflies!

  32. Gildeone Soares Vieira

    man, love this song oh my god that good vibes my nigga

  33. Kushmaster FLEX

    best song of 2019 !!!!!

  34. Peachy 23

    I love how Dram and H.E.R just took us back to the 70's with this one! I'm definitely feeling this song!

  35. Mztee Walker

    hot! YES DRAM

  36. Red Pillow

    Gawd Daaamn! Now that's real R&B music

  37. Mewto Khalid

    AJAY. Thanks 👌

  38. vl w0nders

    Idk who Shawn cee is but this song is smooth

  39. Flxcks

    But like when did you change your music from broccoli

    Green Hornet

    He’s been changed up. Listen to his song with eryka badu

  40. Flxcks

    Yo love da music

  41. Pelon Martinez

    I’ve heard the solo about 42736483937 times and I still climax every time. The song leads to it so calmly and perfect.

  42. G Welch

    This has got to be the best damn collaboration of the decade. Couldn’t dream of a better way to close out the 2010s!

  43. Lil Aze

    Shawn Cee a legend for introducing us this fire ass mf song

  44. vegitausa

    Who the fuck is shawn cee. Came here after HER put me on it months ago.

  45. onpoint1180


  46. Devaldy Jonathan

    who's here NOT from shawn cee?

  47. Pinkrevenge101

    H.E.R looks so beautiful ahh the effect n dress wow

  48. Shaquan Ingham

    Shawn cee is the reason I’m here

  49. Abhinav Venkatraman

    One of the best songs I’ve ever heard

  50. Dallas Sniper

    I just came here to see how many posted comments asking who came here from Shawn Cee.🙂

  51. Abiely Flores

    this song took my virg*nity

  52. Fah reza

    Shawn cee? Yes, he is!

  53. Keelan Sanders Jr

    Shawn this shit not no song of the year 💀💀💀💀

    Green Hornet

    Speak for yourself lol

  54. Desiigner git git thrahhh

    You know why you're here

  55. Mister Maco


  56. Viizzy TV

    Y'all think H.E.R be fuckin wit her shades on😂

  57. Papifarts

    i love this song so so much

  58. Jads SP

    The chorus fuckin- I need my inhaler

  59. Italulus

    Jesus this is a vibe


    So is this supposed to be number 1

    Green Hornet

    Yes, and rightly so

  61. Somaya Rebee


  62. Calburn -カルバーン

    Shawn Cee sent me

  63. Daniel Rivera

    Shawn must be proud of what he's done here.

  64. M3RCURY:- X

    *this song is infatuation* - Shawn Cee,2019

  65. Jameel Collins


  66. gibby

    Wow...thanks Shawn. Haven’t heard DRAM since Broccoli...this shit is different and actually perfect.

    Green Hornet

    You should listen to his song WiFi with Erykah Badu. It’s a treat

  67. Duppy215

    Joe Budden podcast sent me here earlier this year but Shawn just brought me back

  68. j g

    Shawn Cee?

  69. soufian

    shawn cee brought me here

  70. Review Rafe

    i always just thought of him as the broccoli guy, i didn’t know he actually had heat

  71. Kyoto

    No words, Just 😩😩😩😩

  72. King Chris

    Who’s here because of Shawn Cee?

  73. Mogix

    Shawn has a great taste in music

  74. Jason Bernardi

    I'm here from Shawn. Not gonna lie I'm not surprised this is his #1 song of the year.

  75. Patrick Severe

    My guy went from smoking broccoli with Yachty to making soul

  76. JYMBO

    Shawn Cee Sent Me

    Kirsty Tuke


  77. Frosty Productions

    Thanks Shawn for this

  78. Bob Mcgee

    I feel like H.E.R. is singing to me and I love it

  79. Bob Mcgee

    Shawn Cee?

    Yawnnnz Ingg

    Matthew Bonneau YEP he said this song is an organism so I gotta see it

  80. Ze big Guy

    man shawn this song is really how you say it is...

  81. BIG BILL

    Who else came from shawn

    No pause

  82. Joseph Jones

    Thank you Shawn

  83. Muhamad Rayada

    Whos here after Shawn Cee released his top 50 songs of this year?

  84. Steven Melendez

    Who came here from Shawn Cee

  85. mannymega

    Don't lie. You came from Shawn.

    A King

    Sultan AlAli word this song isn’t even that good only ppl who like are r and b heads

    Michael Devin Smith

    A King I’m not an rnb head but it’s my song of the year too. And I heard this the day it dropped and didnt just have a Shawn hype nut

  86. Iby K

    Who here after Shawn cee had this as his song of 2019

  87. FCR17LM

    who's here from Shawn Cee?

  88. Summer Williams

    Man I'm in love...🤯😍

  89. William Ludeña

    You can't avoid feel PROTECTED by that guitar moment together with those vocals; insane track

  90. Michi

    This is so coool!!!

  91. Radovan Takac

    don't mind me I'm just here because of Ajay

  92. Awkward Zozo



    Ajay bring me here

  94. Gabriel Ferreira

    let's say together: THANK YOU AJAY

  95. All Good Music

    Who's here after Ajay?

    Andres JR

    All Good Music yesss she really put me on

    Muaz Rana

    What did she do? THAT!! THAT IS WHAT SHE DID!!!

    Legendary Hip hop

    Her because of Shawn

  96. aBeyçoado - por Beysus

    Here thanks to AJayll

  97. Jaqueline Pereira

    ❤️ 🎸

  98. DRAM

    Excited about introducing yall to the new Big Baby DRAM chapter. Let me know what you think of the video✨

    Baf Mkhize

    Loving this new Dram chapter well done sir 🙏🎉

    J Lit aka the icon

    It grew on me no lie💨🌳🌲🌴💨

    Corey F Sanders

    Love the old school feel. Reminds me of Berry White.

    Ashley Tilofaga

    DRAM love the vibes


    Off your self