DRAM - Group Thang (DEMO) Lyrics

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Cardo Got Wings
Ayy, ayy, ayy

I'm into the group thang
I'm into the... yeah baby, I'm into the... yeah baby
I'm into the group thang, ayy
I'm into the... yeah baby, I'm into the... yeah baby

So can you man-
And yes, your friends can come
Thanks for askin' first (thank you)
Matter of fact, hold up, send some selfies first (thank you)
Oh yeah, shawty cute, just as cute as you (ghetto)
And yeah, I'm feelin' you, but let's get in a group (ghetto)
Both of y'all are fans, to what I understand (thank you)
Y'all look like y'all do drugs, do you want a Xan? (Take two)
And I could call my man so we could make it even (yeah)
But it's a special evening, plus, I'm greedy (yeah, yeah)

I'm into the group thang
I'm into the... yeah baby, I'm into the... yeah baby
I'm into the group thang, ayy
I'm into the... yeah baby, I'm into the... yeah baby

So can you manage a ménage, à ménager?
So can you manage?
Take off her bra while I take off the planet
'Cause I'm into that kind of thing, babe, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause two heads are better than one
Never the bad kinda thing, baby
'Cause two attempts is way more fun

I'm into the group thang
I'm into the... yeah baby, I'm into the... yeah baby
I'm into the group thang, ayy
I'm into the... yeah baby, I'm into the... yeah baby

Oooh, ayy, ayy, yeah
Three is company
Two of you
Four is even more
Yeah, yeah
'Cause I'm into, I'm into the...

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DRAM Group Thang (DEMO) Comments
  1. ShadomanG

    A perfect SUMMER vibe
    Idk how this doesn't have over 20 million views

  2. Donny Lee

    Why has no one chopped n screwed this yet?

  3. eddy haze

    this that song

  4. theincredibleyou2413

    Now that I’ve come back to look at this video again... it’s a little creepy.

  5. TjCash *OFFICIAL*

    This song is so slept on 😑

  6. Storme Jordan

    So we finna ignore that this only has 100k views

  7. Teri Wilkerson

    omg. every guy in this video looks soooooo freaking ugly. smh. cute girls all in this video but they all sluts and gold diggers

  8. big baby josh

    0:40, juju on the beat!!!!!!!

  9. James Rhodes


  10. Giuliano Nunes

    Algum brazuca aew curtindo um som de dram ?

  11. Darth Vader

    I seen Skrillex, School Boy Q, Young Chop, SmokePurpp, Playboi Carti, I think Dave East. With fine lil thotties Shesh. That party was prolly lit as shit

  12. nome sobrenome

    To viciado nas músicas dele

  13. ItsMeBooney

    •FACT 1 Playboi carti can be seen @1:01

  14. Alex Azul

    Does anyone have the instrumental/beat for this

  15. HuEy HuNcHo

    Love how ever rapper I didn't think I would see was in this MF video

  16. Portia Sardinha

    This is absolute 🔥

  17. Justin Edge



    Cardo GW u a beast bro, beat is 🔥🔥

  19. JCMthebrand

    King of the Mario samples!!!


    Is smoke purp in this video


    I fuck with this... 👌🏾

  22. vedabou

    Is there a chance that there will be an extended track on an album?

  23. OfficiallyPDG

    @Therealwavybaby brought me here

  24. Jerrell Simmons

    Anybody else made friends with someone solely off the fact that you both love the song Cha Cha?

  25. TheFrathouseRadio

    this Dude is a hit maker!!!!

  26. JaVale McGee

    This song make me wanna jack off with 2 hands

  27. ODBSKT

    0:53, 1:14


    Cardo crazy for the beat shit is🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Ashley Lorden

    D.R.A.M 😩😩😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Love the vibe!

  30. Francis Tu

    this was on my bday we went to all of garden tho

  31. Destiny Washington

    Yassssss I love him so much!!! he gives me life😁

  32. Dat Cat

    Dude is wild- he made an official video for a demo?? It's lit af though

  33. Doc 74

    the song is short so anybody can hop on the remix wit a hot 16

  34. Cosmo The Squid

    ayyye 😁

  35. Think Tank

    The beat reminds me of Toy Story or something from my childhood lol

  36. Miami dolphins Snag

    Is this a rape video

  37. Boi bleed

    I Kno where he got Tha sample idea

  38. Not Aesthetic


  39. Dean Pizarro

    Man idk what's better: the video or the song?

  40. Eric Edwards Jr

    This song is so lit, on heavy reply, this song should have been 4 mins, blessssss

  41. Tabz

    stop at 0:53

    You're welcome

  42. Raphael

    loveeee it

  43. Kevin Glover


  44. Jabari Julian

    Dope Vibe👌

  45. Will_Curtis

    its dolph!

  46. breynoso17

    Of course Carti doing his own thing

  47. Ethan Gurule

    Bro you better get a hit on this song or another in order to stay in that mansion or you'll run out of money

  48. -Sir WESLEE-

    I need to party with D.R.A.M. one time man I swear

  49. The Clown From SpongeBob

    Dram cool and all but he ugly as fuk😂

  50. Elijah Gaddes

    dope keep doing your thang dram

  51. Z NATION


  52. Monkey

    Purpp so lit awesome cameo but why that lil nigga goin crazy at the party

  53. Uzi for Work


  54. lilspice

    my boi *SMOKEPURPP* in this bih!!!

  55. VPN-Glitch

    0:53 free boobs!

  56. Jaymond Kreek

    A song about an orgy never sounded soo great and pure lol

  57. Bera Bera

    lol there's skrillex too

  58. issyoboi Utchul

    It was posted the day of my birthday, Thanks DRAM

  59. Hurt Davis

    I see you JOON!

  60. Muddy Taylor

    Aye s/o tho homie izzle

  61. MrSluby


  62. guacamole nigga penis

    0:53 he thought i wasnt going to catch that picture with the tittes huh? too bad

  63. Sami Jemini

    0:53 that motherfucker XD

  64. asdfmatt81

    When he says Demo he better mean this is only part of the song

  65. Linubee

    this song gonna get copied by drake once again. Its so good!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Aron Karter

    smokepurrp haha

  67. Wild Leaks

    Here before 1 mil

  68. RealGuild

    Coming to America classic line lol

  69. 1randomlol

    I would wanna party with D.R.A.M

  70. Trapical Genius

    If only his fingers weren't there on one of the pics.

  71. João Zadra

    seu americanos filhas de uma puta

  72. João Zadra

    vai brazil

  73. Gregg Hillhouse

    D.R.A.M is always on it. To others, quietly heating up in the game
    Yet another perfect hit for the summer from him!

  74. Jay Jr

    I'm into the group thang!!

  75. Muhd Alnur

    sounds like video game-sampling again...

  76. Jonathan Townsend

    soundcloud YTTK

  77. Martin OnEstLa

    This video was not sponsored by mega 😂

  78. kingsley amugo

    Perfect summer song B! Love you Dram!

  79. Danielle Rodriguez

    all those bitches r sum hoes YUP i said it.#exposed #thotties

  80. RAYDi8OR

    Why can I hear a bit of Drakes - Portland ?

  81. lovesashdreams

    I'm really feeling this lp

  82. Junayd Fisher

    was that skrillex

    Junayd Fisher

    and xxxtentacion

  83. Jonny G

    that's some sweet pink ass titties @0:52

  84. highpanda

    provocative and fucking looooooopy as hell

  85. Sean Matthews

    My nigga smokepurpp in here

  86. Sean Matthews

    pause 0:53

  87. Ali Mousaali

    beautiful just beuautiful, lovely and immaculate, precios to say the least. can you manage a minajjjjj

  88. Top Ten

    Dram's singing tracks are the best.

  89. Marco Reyes

    0:53 thank me later!

  90. Slyest

    Smokepurpp zay hilfiger dolph Carti all in the mix


    Young chop as well

  91. alex

    The B-List rappers party anthem


    Playboi Carti
    Sonny Digital
    Young Chop
    ScHoolboy Q

    reply whoever else you saw


    Young Dolph tooooo


    MIKE MILLIONS young dolph

    boombox boy

    MIKE MILLIONS Zay hilfigerrr


    MIKE MILLIONS larry june


    Mike, his body guard REAL MVP

  93. why

    This is when you hear bitches say rappers use to be cute..niggas nowadays got enough appeal to turn straight woman gay..

  94. theincredibleyou2413

    sponsored by Nerf

  95. John Tyler

    idk what it is but I keep watching this video over and over

  96. pevce

    D.R.A.M can't stop making jams!!!~

  97. Kolby Turner

    ahah shouts to izzle lol