Drake - Yamaha Mama Lyrics

Listen girl, you so bad and you single
What’s this I hear, we ain't met yet
My name Drake and I’ma take the world over, this my year
This I swear, had my share of women that I been with
I’m young, can you blame me
I know you feel like a lot of things off limits
At least let me describe what it can be
Be faithful, I do that, not really baby girl
I’ll do that
Cause everybody break up when the cake up
We can be the couple that’ll never go through that
Yeah and if we’re ever falling off
I swear I’ll remind you that we’re not who they are
Now all I really gotta do is find you
Where you at?

[Chris Brown - Chorus]
From the east to the west, scream for me if your my number one lady
Take a lead in the race you can go fast speed it up for me baby
I’ma a G, whats next? One night with me would drive you crazy (crazy)
One night with me would drive you crazy.
Starters are you ready, take your marks and get steady
You know that its about to get heavy
Cause shes a rider (a rider)
My Yamaha mama [x4]
Aye aye

Tell me how I locate you
I know satellites are a breakthrough
But they don’t really lead me straight to
And I gotta arrive ‘fore somebody take you
Know there’s someone you don’t mean a lot to
And you would hate to know that I got you
I even got a speech in my head that write
and recite at the moment I spot you
Hey there, your name is?
I like that, it suits ya
I’m young but I’m different
I’m not what your used to at all
If we stop at the same red light
I’ma celebrate the fact that I found you girl
And I’ma ride for ya too as soon as it turn green
Wanna hear from all my ladies from around the world
Where you at?

[Chris Brown - Chorus]

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Drake Yamaha Mama Comments
  1. Enos Isheloke

    Who here after NO GUIDANCE

  2. SUPERYOUTUBER Guess who i am

    Never knew this song even existed I thought they didn’t know each other back then

  3. sf11691

    Trap Lore Ross sent me here

  4. Keziah 22

    had to come back bc that finally collab again

  5. Louna drey

    who’s here thanks to the coldhart’s song ?

  6. Carlos Lopez

    Yamaha Mama and No Guidance.

  7. Elie G

    I like chorus, pre-chorus and the beat but the rest of the vocal production is really weak. Of course this has got to do with the fact that this is unreleased but still dope nonetheless

  8. Spurr_ovo

    Who’s here to show support for our new Breezy and Drizzy collab that we just got?

  9. DayyViddTheKid

    We finally getting Suzuki Sister this summer!

  10. Bonutay Champloo

    After their new song dropped 🤭

  11. Texas Mexican

    Future just sampled this beat

    Bonutay Champloo

    Texas Mexican what song

  12. broke boi

    Back here because we’re getting another collab dropping finally! 🙇🏿‍♂️🖤

    Prince thaboi

    broke boi it's fire

  13. RealAceSpadez

    Back here in 2019, brings me back to Junior High 😭

    super sinalo


  14. Kenzo Keno


  15. SupermanSJG

    2019!!!! 🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🎶

  16. Kenya Moore

    2019 👌🏾

  17. SkateLyfe

    Damn drake really do be biting of Soulja

  18. XXX YYY

    Big Soulja!!

  19. David Ortiz

    Chris & Drake got songs together in storage without a doubt but since they weren't cool it can't be released. But hey. They cool now

  20. Ana melsam

    I came here when they made up 😂😂

  21. Kenzo Keno

    2018 🔥

  22. Felix Jamaels YoungMoney


  23. Edi Sasquate

    I read this song with the same touch
    Only with different beats and it was a woman who sings someone knows how to tell me?

  24. Timothy Jaucian

    2017 🖐

  25. Douglas Bomfim

    quando o Soulja boy quer fazer musica boa ele faz que nem o Drake e o Chris superam.

  26. BBoiiLite

    People don't realize this came about a few days before that bottle fight at WIP in NYC lol..... this is probably a reason why they got into it lol. Drake probably threw a jab at Chris by releasing this

  27. Love Grimes

    just got what this was all about now.... couldnt figure out why when listening but now seeing the lyrics...👀

  28. Luis Miguel Ardila Julio

    yo dije llamar a mama y me aparecio esto, pero esta buena

  29. Zenitsuuu

    Throw back time..

  30. TheDevil_Inside


  31. Diva Diva

    I thought they were fighting over rihanna

    Joe Pomerantz

    Diva Diva they got together i guess

  32. Da_N00B93

    What's crazy is that a lot of people don't know about this song.

    this guy

    chris was the best on ot

    Cynthia Lopez

    Just found this and I've been a Drake fan since 09 😱

    Motrell Morrid

    Cynthia Lopez ME TOO

    Tamoiko Futch

    jahi davis no what’s crazy is that this is Soulja boys song .. it was realeased in ‘08... smh drake is wack af


    Tamoiko Futch you cleary have no idea how the music industry works and how songs are shopped around to different artists.

  33. Dylan Thomas

    Looks like Breezy & Dreezy are cool now ever since that fight in the bar

    SLAB gaming


    Miguel Paradas

    This was way before they had beef

  34. Minounours Chou

    I love this song 
    @Dany Loupassion 
    ouais il s'ont chanté ensemble ;)

    Dany Loupassion

    @minounours chou c'est une belle chanson et merci pour le lien

    Minounours Chou

    @Dany Loupassion Dr

  35. AtheeshanBala

    wasn't this song supposed to be in nothing was the same?

    Dominic Guglielmo

    @AtheeshanBala na this was made in 2009, theres a version w/ soulja boy

    Typical Hype Beast

    +Dominic Guglielmo this is doula boy song lol he made it 6 years ago

  36. Matthew Gomes

    this is shit. soulja and kingston did this 100% better.

  37. Al-patricia J

    Yeahhhhh sooo Like I love drake but this is shit.. I guess soulja boy sounds are just meant for him only

  38. EyonDreams

    Eyon Dreams - Out The Door [Explicit] (Official Visual)

  39. Alex Hardison

    What mixtape was this on I cant find it anymore !!!????

  40. marizol carrisoza

    You guys ruined soulja boyz song

    Leo Stowers

    the only good thing about this is the chorus. they don't need a yes man they need a no man.

  41. dashawn Riley

    i wont lie souja boy kinda yeah souja boy kinda yeah im sorry drake your my favorite SINGER next to chris and hes next to michealjackson  but um soulja boy kinda yeeeaaahh :3

    dashawn Riley

    but then drake fits the song but souja boy rap fits better but drakes soothing voice fits FUCK IT THEIR BOTH EVEN

  42. Ashanti Whitted

    With souja boys rap and chis browns voice this song would have sounded better

    Josue Isaac

    they do have a soulja and chris brown version and a soulja and kingston version too. look it up on google

  43. Ashanti Whitted

    With souja boys rap and chis browns voice this song would have sounded better

  44. PinoyBoiAko

    This is probably the only time I'll say that I liked the Soulja Boy version over Drake lol

  45. ch ow

    so sad knowing that they probably won't ever make another song together again

    Andrea Peraza

    ch ow HELLO 2019


    Your in for a treat.:)

    winston jamal


    The Buzz Inc

    This aged well

    Enos Isheloke

    No guidance

  46. Austin Sexton

    This is a kick asd song

  47. CLareISLove

    Anyone else here, TeamBrezzy and TeamDrizzy ?

  48. shayy shayy

    yess drake and chris did that fuck yall haters

  49. S Uise


  50. Abel Jr.

    This is brizzy

  51. kanojonny

    Fuck this! -.- Soulja boy make this song better!

  52. rich voy

    Turn up

  53. rich voy

    The beef over

  54. Celine M. Pham

    Drake was the only thing keeping this beat alive.. Chris was NOT about it on this song.

  55. Niamh Wilson


  56. Niamh Wilson


  57. lay fall

    no matter what soulja boy is better!!!

  58. blackmixmad

    thats why he says she's my rider yamaha mama

  59. blackmixmad

    yamaha is a japaness motor marc

  60. RockyV

    Ok the more u listen to it the better it gets. I OFFICIALLY LOVE THIS SOng.



  62. RockyV

    Still like it tho. :)

  63. RockyV

    True fuck does Yamaha mama even really mean? Lol.

  64. kuitlahuak rafael argumedo vera

    hell naa this is garbage

  65. kuitlahuak rafael argumedo vera

    Sounds like Ray J - One Wish.......

    isoulja boy version is more Cool

  66. RockyV

    I juss like the chorus. Sorry drakey.

  67. RockyV

    starting to tolerate it a little bit.

  68. Deja Rene

    This song isn't really doing for me.

  69. Sunky Pandey

    chris ruined this song drake did right thing :P

  70. Breanna Rosario

    Lol , you dumb fucks . Soulja Boy is GARBAGE . Drakes version is by far better .

  71. Breanna Rosario

    The lyrics aren't all right you fucktard .

  72. WillYum Rogers

    Soulja boys version is better.. srry

  73. Caspian

    WTF, Bring Drizzy back!!

  74. Abdell97


  75. Timo Ekhart

    hmm even then, soulja has a dead flow -_- haha but okay i guess that's more acceptable xD

  76. Ilie Raluca

    I love both . Stop hattin ' ! 8-| .

  77. Vasil Burnaski

    i was talking bout their "Yamaha mama" song, bro ;]

  78. Chelsea Rae

    This song sucks ! Old as it is soulja's was better

    Bizarre N Rugged

    you know Drake made this song first, right

  79. Jamal Howard

    I guess this makes soulja boi good

  80. Markus Bustamante

    drake forever

  81. puspa silakar

    luv breezy

  82. Christian Suarez

    I thought they beefed it.?
    I like Drakes music but I think Chris Brown is a better person. Drake looks like a stuck up lil girl.

  83. Mack Rollins


  84. nunu breezy


  85. BossLadii Junious

    YAMAHA MAMA boiiiiii luv drizzy n breezy 4 eva

  86. BossLadii Junious

    Duh who didnt kno

  87. Yoshi Thao

    they should totoally collab again hahaha

  88. Niyah Drake

    hell yea dat wuz funny drake a beast my babii.....

  89. Victoria Haywood

    This song is so not all that

  90. Clodagh Gleasure

    I cant believe Chris wrote this when he was 14 :L he sounds so young