Drake - The Motion Lyrics

It's not me and you
It's not me. It's you
You're reckless and you know it
They don't love you like I do
Say you're moving on, well, I guess that's just the motion

I guess that's just the motion (oooh) [x4]

I don't have a fuck to give
I been moving state to state
In my leather and my Tims
Like it's 1998
And my dog Chubby Chubb
That's my nigga from the way
On the East side of the city
That's where everybody stay
Seem like everybody calling
'Cause they want me on their song
It's like every time I touch it
I can never do no wrong
When they need a favor from ya man they don't leave you alone

But, I guess that's just the motion
And their phone doesn't ring when they got everything
That's the motion (ooh)
I guess that's just the motion (oooh) [x2]

Looking back on it at least my pride is in tact
'Cause we said no strings attached
And I still got tied up in that
Every thing that I write is either for her or about her
So I'm with her even when I'm here without her
And she know it
The girl that I want to save is like a danger to my health
Try being with somebody that want to be somebody else
I always thought she was perfect when she was being herself
Don't even know how to help

But, I guess that's just the motion
Yeah, she'll probably come around soon as I settle down
That's the motion (ooh)
I guess that's just the motion (ooh) [x3]

Nothing less and nothing more
I hear your heart hit the floor
(I guess that's just the motion)
Talking to you's not enough (no ohh)

I guess that's just the motion (ohh)
I guess that's just the motion [x5]

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Drake The Motion Comments
  1. CPA

    01/03/2020 anyone??

  2. Me funny slippers B

    Best is drake super excellent bro!

  3. ralfiejr34

    NYE 2019?

  4. Elijah Ridley

    “When they need a favor from you, man they don’t leave you alone. But I guess that’s the motion. Then that phone doesn’t ring when they got everything that’s the motion.”
    Feels ;-;

    Reecy the Rapper

    Elijah Ridley drake the goat fr 🔥🔥

    Elijah Ridley

    Reecy the Rapper def one of the GOATs. Most people won’t realize how great his music is until he’s gone. 🔥💯

  5. Raymond Torrrs

    Ya just a few days left and got say it was bad but next year

  6. Amina Green


  7. HuStLeR

    I feel like this song is a perfect balance of RnB and Rap <3 One love

  8. Hiacynt Surre

    dwóch typów podcast brought me here

  9. Aphrodite Blighty

    2019 and loving it 😎


    Still a tune till this day DEC 2019!!

  11. Crunch Cor

    i always thought sampha was lil boat singing

  12. Xaniyah Morris

    I'M GIVING LIFE! 81238PM 12/12/12

  13. TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate

    Tune it up FUSIONKING [S]HOP

  14. WeLuvJasmine 2020

    It’s not me and you, it’s not me it’s you. 💭

  15. 2423 6585

    craig david murdered this track


    I DONT HAVE A FOOT TO GIVE I BEEN MOving state to state in my leather and my timbs like it 1988

  17. TheCabIsHeresOhYeah

    This song is such a banger

  18. Trey Way

    Still here in 2019 who with me

  19. bilbojumper

    god damn this shit hit even harder now than it did when I was in 10th grade

  20. Mr.Unknown

    2k19 Gang where ya at 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  21. God Given talent


  22. Jacklyn Carrico

    still bumping this is 2019 who's with me???

  23. Jeffrey Chives

    this song is underrated as fuck 🥀

  24. Babsey Houdini

    Sampha's part was so deep

  25. Fatih Sorkun

    I guess that she's the motion. What is the meaning of this sentence? Can someone explain to me?

    samauri butler

    I guess *that's* just the motion

  26. Rohan Yasin

    Top notch! Even still

  27. Chardai Adams


  28. Strem 4ek

    I subscribe

  29. alex poitras

    Imma get high to this later 👌

  30. Mouad Echaif

    No no noooooo my hit get the fuck up

  31. Renny Martin

    Who run the world... millennials

  32. George Elliot

    I love this song so much <3

  33. Poppy Pulp

    Who is still here in 2009

  34. Ernesto Robles

    Whats is the definition of the motion? I don’t get it. ¿is like saying: that’s how it goes? Something like that! Or what does it mean "The Motion"? Help me!

    samauri butler

    Yes. The song is about Drake accepting things for the way they are. At face value, as he became more successful the behavior of those around him change. This is him reflecting on those experiences.

  35. ag2407

    “She’ll probably come around soon as I settle down that’s the motion.”

    Fucking facts

  36. Jay_jay Everyday

    I heard this song and I loved it right away 😝 you’re amazing

  37. Anthony Loomis

    i love you sampha

  38. Lana Dusse


  39. Mr Wick

    thats my dog Chubby Chubb, thats my nigga from the way....hahaaaa Go Browns!! Cleveland on top..get em...Chubb gonna run us to the playoffs


    I’m a Georgia fan so I’ve known him

  40. Ashley Gabriell

    Shit still hard

  41. Andres Luna

    Always remind Ed me of a pac beat

  42. Karim .H

    2019 ?😂

  43. Erick Cox

    Going through the motion like lotion! Lips hips and fingertips!

  44. LaJoya Williams

    Im Boppin And Just Goin Thru The Motions In 2019

    Jacory Beauvais

    LaJoya Williams no cap crazy its about to be 2020!!

  45. Jainesha Ragsdale

    its like every time i touch it i can never do no wrong

  46. Michael Moya

    I have this song on the nothing was the same on my phone idk why it's here I thought it was popular

  47. Frequent Flyer

    Back when everyone was on that groove shark grind

  48. Supreme Express Ballers

    2019 ANYBODY ???

  49. Greg Chen

    PFUT brought me here

  50. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    I'm vibing to this one

  51. Cristian Rivadeneyra

    I don't have a fuck to give.

  52. Renato la flame


  53. R3N G.

    2013, going through the same shit then as now... this plays right into my feels ATM.

  54. blood raven

    and the phone doesnt ring when they got everything...... say what you want about drake but he relates to good ppl

  55. Senor Jay

    3.9k dislikes....I guess that's just the motion.

  56. Jayce Neptune


  57. El DD

    Damn.. this takes me back to my first year of college. #2014

  58. Andrew Lefebvre


  59. Alexis Ortiz

    Take me back to these drake days❤😍 beats and lyrics killing it.

  60. Kobi

    When care package finally has this song

  61. tara rdouglas

    2019 anyone

  62. Recxter Blaze

    This song is so underrated probably one of the most unique drake track

  63. lamm soto

    2019-2020 motion

  64. Wudasie Zemariam

    I guess that i am in motion🤫🤫

  65. Lacey.Jckson Lcy

    Hands down favourite Drake song

  66. ezgi koparan

    August 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  67. Matthew Rabindra

    Please someone make an nba mix with this

  68. Roderick Johnson

    Feel free let the motion take over you

  69. Stef villef

    escuchándolo desde el 2013, un dios Drake


    Does anyone peep in the words drake teling you he had XXXTENTACION killed smh sacrificed

  71. Stony From Br

    If u dont like drake u must be a hater!

  72. Neight

    Most underrated track of Drake’s

  73. The Milkman

    The intro sounds soooo familiar I can’t put my finger on it

    jacob goldberg

    The Milkman it could be cause it sounds like bad lil vibe by kid ink

  74. Olivia LONG

    Thank you Drake !

  75. NAY. B

    Justin Timberlake cry me a river TYPE

  76. Alvin Ugochukwu

    I love this song! What do you guys think?

  77. mikeap1987

    This sounds a lot like Actin Crazy - Action Bronson

  78. Lauro Pena

    Dis song sounds better when you’re high cus you can feel every tone in the song jaja


    shut the fuck up

  79. jordaio


  80. akintola richard

    Did this get a grammy?

  81. __offwhite sud

    2019 ??

  82. Shary B


  83. saliou mback

    2019 Anybody?

  84. Nikko Aris McCarroll

    The girl that I wanna save is like a danger to my health
    Try being with somebody that wanna be somebody else

  85. s1t1

    I want this Drake back😪

  86. Mila Dopp

    Bro I forgot this so existed and like know every word still. Fuck yeah.
    Classic Drake.

  87. Eddy Medina

    Summer 2k13 for all the newbies!!! great times!

  88. MACKBAD49

    She probably cum around soon as i settle down i really felt dat

  89. Nikko Aris McCarroll

    Then that phone doesn't ring
    When they got everything, that's the motion

  90. Ladell henderson

    Every break up I come to this song

  91. Zlatan Thenamuthan

    Drake is actually singing about his poop

  92. Kevin Starrs

    Holy fuck this gave me chills haven’t listened in so many years

  93. MattyIceyyy

    care package got me missing this drake

  94. MattyIceyyy

    2011-2015 drake was on a different level

  95. Crispin Lionah

    Hit like if Russ sent you

  96. 10Rackz BEATZ