Drake, Nick - Three Hours Lyrics

Three hours from sundown
Jeremy flies
Hoping to keep
The sun from his eyes
East from the city
And down to the cave
In search of a master
In search of a slave

Three hours from London
Jacomo's free
Taking his woes
Down to the sea
In search of a lifetime
To tell when he's home
In search of a story
That's never been known

Three hours from speaking
Everyone's flown
Not wanting to be
Seen on their own
Three hours is needed
To leave from them all
Three hours to wonder
And three hours to fall

Three hours from sundown
Jeremy flies
Hoping to keep
The sun from his eyes
East from the city
And down to the cave
In search for a master
In search for a slave

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Drake, Nick Three Hours Comments
  1. Dumbledore’s Ballgag

    very sad that he passed so soon, sounds like he battled depression unfortunately. He was so talented it really is, very much so, an incredible shame. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Flatus Antiquitous

    Chills in 2020. Nick Drake was an artist for all time.

  3. John Coleman

    In a parallel world/universe he is still alive, creating, who knows what magical music.


  4. Joachim Rosendahl

    Danny Thompson has been part of some pretty incredible and most magical music. Adding a big part to it himself, needless to say.
    Nick Drake, and then all the years he worked as sidekick to John Martyn.


    Agreed. No question. Does anyone play bass like Danny?

  5. Bas Binsbergen

    He still stands tall #2019

  6. rob slover

    basic bert jansch and pentangle sound.


    i am so glad that im not the only one who thought that

    rob slover

    @anepik right on man! bert and pentangle have such a great distinct sound and groove.


    ​@rob slover yeah, definitely. loved bert/pentangle ever since i stumbled across it and i've listened to drake's other 2 albums but not five leaves left for some reason, and when i heard this i immediately went to youtube to see if anyone else had similar thoughts on it lol

  7. Fernando Oliveira

    God his music is awesome. The nuances, the composition, the tuning of the guitars, his voice fit right into the atmosphere he produces. He was on the border of classic guitar, for fucks sake! Really goood and underrated music right here.



  9. Scott Mc Fadyen

    Discovered to late his music legacy is outstanding.

  10. Caldera Records

    He was SO far advanced about society, capitalism, gluttony, & the lack of peace in our time that it is practically impossible not to relate to him today.

    He knew just so much too soon & rejected the way we live in a constant fight against each other for profits. We really do need an alternative to this destructive path our species leads. It is not suited to everyone. And as Nick sadly proved here... some would rather die than capitulate.

    Today we can express our woes anomalously via the internet. To have had these feelings back then in isolation; to have the record company skew his art into pub gigs & mundane tours must have been pure utter TORTURE for the poor man.

    I wish I could reach him... but alas, this is a one way communication from the grave. Utterly tragic.

  11. Manoel Serafim

    Parem.de colocar buchas em minha lista de musicas. Eu. Tenho. Bom. Gosto

  12. John Maskell

    This song is so amazing that there really nothing else to say, it always moves me deeply

  13. Fellow

    My favorite song from Nick. It's so sad that he passed away in such a young age..

  14. Andy Quinn

    So well recorded. A musical giant.

  15. Bärbel Nitsche

    This is ------------->>> wonderful , so wonderful !!!

  16. Monica FL

    Strange face
    Etrange visage
    With your eyes
    Avec tes yeux
    So pale and sincere
    Tellement pâle et sincère
    Underneath you know well
    Au fond de toi tu sais bien
    You have nothing to fear
    Que tu n'as rien à craindre
    For the dreams that came
    Car les rêves qui viennent
    To you when so young
    A toi, si jeune
    Told of a life
    T'ont parlé d'une vie
    Where spring is sprung
    Où le printemps s'est épanoui

    You would seem so frail
    Tu paraîtrais si fragile
    In the cold of the night
    Dans le froid de la nuit
    When the armies of emotion
    Au moment où les armées de l'émotion
    Go out to fight
    Sortent pour combattre
    But while the earth
    Mais alors que la terre
    Sinks to it's grave
    Sombre jusqu'à rejoindre sa tombe
    You sail to the sky
    Tu vogues jusqu'au ciel
    On the crest of a wave
    Au sommet d'une vague

    So forget this cruel world
    Alors oublie ce monde cruel
    Where I belong
    Auquel j'appartiens
    I'll just sit and wait
    Je m'assierai et attendrai tout simplement
    And sing my song
    Et chanterai ma chanson
    And if one day you should see me in the crowd
    Et si un jour tu devais m'apercevoir dans la foule
    Lend a hand and lift me
    Tends-moi ta main et soulève-moi
    To your place in the cloud
    Jusqu'à chez toi dans les nuages

  17. Robot Bjorn

    Wow! This is so good!

  18. Capella_11


  19. Kate Brown

    Great accustic!

  20. jeffrey gorey

    This is fucking amazing

  21. Ned D.

    There's something weirdly intense about this song.

  22. richard trumpet

    There seems to be some interesting harmony work going on at some points here. I'd love to take a look at some sheet music for this.

  23. pyewackett 5

    There's a quiet urgency to this

    Robot Bjorn

    Can't remember the last time a song made me _feel_

  24. Abril Larramendy

    ay lo amo

  25. edmartick

    What a song, What a song, Oh My god....

  26. Manuela Priolo

    three hours to wonder, three hours to fall…. NICK IS THE ESSENCE OF BEAUTY AND MAGIC…***

  27. pyewackett 5

    I once asked a boyfriend to teach me how to play guitar & specifically like Nick . He gave me an incredulous look & shook his head. This was in around 1990 or thereabouts.

  28. Romy

    Nick Drake est une légende

  29. Laura Berry

    Legends live on. What a beautiful soul.

  30. Matthew Stokes

    Always a mystery... special work... thanks Nick, God bless

  31. Chris Cain

    He was ahead of the time ...sad thinking about the phrase 5 leaves left. Do we think he was counting down to his suicide?

  32. Mike Gallacher

    Just perfect.

  33. sally archer

    Nick, beautiful boy.

  34. Tom Dante

    Good album

    Emrul Zawad

    Tom Dante yeaap

  35. Marsha Bass

    Beautiful just discovered this one.Gone so young.


    It's not very funny. Stupid yes. Funny no..

  37. rightfromtheart

    I never heard of Nick until today, I found him by way of his guitar tuning shown on a video here in youtube [CGCFCE] so sad, such potential for future works =( ... Another such artist with similar style, who created and was taken, was : Jimmy Spheeris - did songs like "I am the Mercury" - Immediately after Jimmy finished the last track of what became his last album, he was struck and killed by a passing motorist as he was leaving the studio ...

  38. Alan Dickinson

    I just hope 1 or 2 of you realise the sadness behind this wonderful music.

    Johnny Shamrock

    Goes without saying ,Alan.We all know.

    Robot Bjorn

    No shit. Honestly though, it's beautiful in its sadness.

  39. James W. Driver

    I discovered Nick's music late last year. Late to the party. Since then I have become intimate with all of his songs. I'm still as astounded by his talent as I was at the first, and also amazed that although his music is melancholy it is also uplifting every listen. On some level we all wish to leave our mark on this world, to make a contribution that will be remembered. In truth we always do, but the fact that Nick died hoping he could help inspire even one person with his music and has inspired millions (although his fame really didn't take root until twenty years after his death) is a striking example. I treasure his music as an enduring treasure.

  40. mike robinson

    good music

  41. kevin carroll

    A dropped D at St Francis Coffee House...excellent!

  42. rockkiller124

    Nick Drake is way ahead of his time


    This is a meaningless phrase

  43. Chris Hartz

    I’ve never heard anybody like Nick Drake...he is without peer in his genre...

    Tom M

    John Martyn maybe? He's different but equally genius in my opinion.

  44. David


  45. Baptist

    Just how did he make this?

    Robot Bjorn

    Only Nick can say, and he's not talking.
    I'm willing to bet he knew it was golden the moment it all came together.

  46. David McPherson

    I know Nick Drake has many amazing songs, but I'm having a hard time leaving this one out of my top 10.

    Johnny Shamrock

    Got to be in there along with River Man and many others.


    Have you heard the alternate version on the Made to Love Magic album? Sublime..

    David McPherson

    @sunshaped Wow, it really is. Thanks for the recommendation.

  47. 鈴木早苗

    Ten reafs left .

  48. pixoariz

    Wherever Nick is, I hope it's bright and wonderful there.


    from some of his lyrics i get the impression he believed in reincarnation. i like to imagine he’s been reborn into a happier life

  49. paulg

    Wow, his music is this old. I didn't realize that. Good year. I was born. All I ever heard from him was "Smoking too Long" because my brother sent it too me about 10 years ago trying to get me to change me ways.

  50. HU13 9AX

    Just feel lucky that his depression never prevented him from sharing this with us all.

  51. ehcszteinhcirdeirf


  52. withoutcrux

    Three hours from sundown
    Jeremy flies
    Hoping to keep 
    The sun from his eyes
    East from the city
    And down to the cave
    In search of a master
    In search of a slave

    Three hours from London
    Jacomo's free
    Taking his woes
    Down to the sea
    In search of a lifetime
    To tell when he's home
    In search of a story
    That's never been known

    Three hours from speaking
    Everyone's flown
    Not wanting to be
    Seen on their own
    Three hours is needed
    To leave from them all
    Three hours to wonder
    And three hours to fall

    Three hours from sundown
    Jeremy flies
    Hoping to keep the sun from his eyes
    East from the city
    And down to the cave
    In search of a master
    In search of a slave



    Mario Alberto Manasse

    @Robot Bjorn Giacomo?

  53. musicisbrilliant


  54. Paul Sneed

    I feel like Im writing this comment three hundred years before this song was recorded, it carries me away so far. I love you music, Nick.

  55. Jasper Neil

    I got into Nick in 1986 and have loved his music ever since. For a while my own sadness made it difficult to listen, but now I'm older, can appreciate it's stark, quintessentially English beauty.
    Check out this song by Tim Buckley, Jeff's dad, from 1968. It has a similar feel to 3 Hours.

    drew sale

    I got some Jeff Buckley from this actually. Magnifique.

  56. ehcszteinhcirdeirf

    Nick Drake - Three Hours

  57. Shark Hagins

    Legend !!! Arthur Lee is only slightly better !!!

    Johnny Shamrock

    Nah.Forever changes maybe.

  58. roger w

    I'm trying to put my finger on his playing style . I've heard this style but can't remember who it was . It can reach in and touch apart of your soul . I love this song . I put my head phones on and close my eyes and it carries me off to a peacefulness that I never Knew I had in me . Thank you for this Beautiful song !!! Roger the Farmer from Grantsburg Wisconsin !!

  59. roger w

    Wow the 12 people that Don't like this??? Can Pack Rocks in there ASS .

  60. jaxon jaxon

    if you like Nicks music ... take a listen to Alexi Murdoch

    Hacking tutorials

    Thank you. Orange sky was my favorite

  61. Charles Pukeowski

    Some are born sad and go young,it seems like they are here to create their art and than vanish like foreigners and strangers


    SO sad indeed <3


    Jeff Buckley is another one, although his was not a suicide. What another beautiful soul lost..


    I started listening to Nick some 50 years ago and his music & lyrics are timeless. John Martyn (Solid Air) makes a close second. I've been hanging around musicians on a national & local level and it never ceases to amaze me to watch a genius able to put his mind into simple yet exquisite notes and elegant meaningful lyrics to match.

  62. gerard guillard


  63. Charles Black

    Nick Drake and Tim Buckley were the best singer/songwriters of their time. Both died around the age of 27. Sadly, very few people know their music.


    So did Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Hendrix, and Janis Joplin. all 27

    Andyh Halst

    don't despair. millions still listen.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    I know Tim Buckley who hasn't spent time down at the meat rack tavern lol

    Lupco Kotevski

    Laura Nyro was arguably the most innovative, versatile, soulful and technically complex of all singer/songwriters. Elton John asserts that she influenced more major songwriters than anyone. Check out her track 'New York Tendaberry'(1969), or 'December's Boudoir' (1968), both unique.

  64. Bryan McCabe


  65. Kna

    Escuchando Todo Pasa en Océano FM conocí este mostro,

  66. TomasJHoly

    Now that i found Nick, i feel cheated that my musical friends did not share Nick with me sooner.

    Joe Jacovino

    be glad not sad, enjoy the powerful brilliance


    Take responsibility for your own learning.

  67. pyewackett 5

    Oh me Oh my ...

  68. SagaciousFrank

    The guitar and vocals at about 3:04 in are mesmerising.

  69. roger w

    Wow This is so beautiful. I can't believe I have never heard this before. . Totally Awesomy

  70. Philippe Cirse

    Drake will produce more popular albums during his short life, but he has rarely been more distinguished than on this first album ... It is with him that we must discover and explore his complex and introspective music!

    Johnny Shamrock

    Yep,it's a beauty Philippe.My favourite one of his

  71. Epic Nice People

    Nick Drake was light years ahead of his time.

    Johnny Shamrock

    no doubt about it


    No he wasn't nor does it matter. He's just the best in what he's doing.


    @ЧтоПлохого No, his sound is decidedly anachronistic due to the more modern qualities of his singing and playing, which were later emulated and influenced artists decades thereafter.

  72. Edixa Sanchez-Pacheco

    I love how his lyrics whispers in your ears and tells you a message:)

  73. Edixa SanchezPacheco

    Its amazing how the other musicians are able to keep their pace along with Nick's

  74. 2soles2

    Que belleza, simplemente maravillosa

  75. T J Gluckman

    1969 I bought this bc a YF serving me in the Mcr record shop recommended it. Unique record; synthesis of words & music. Drake - died tragically young - was great at creating projection surfaces 4 u to weave in yr own ideas / feelings / myths

  76. Ara Gregorian

    If Nick was alive today, he would be my best friend!

    richard trumpet

    If he was still alive, chances are he wouldn't have any friends.

    Robot Bjorn

    Well that's dark.

  77. Laurie Fromont

    I recently discovered him. I completely fell in love with his songs ♥️

  78. Lucy Wear

    This does something to me

  79. micky donavan

    I think this is Nick Drake's best album I've listened to all of them and this one really was put together very well.

    Johnny Shamrock

    agreed micky

    Steve Charlemagne

    Indeed the very best of the 3 released in his tragically short lifetime

  80. Denise Martin

    Please consider removing #8. The sound of the recording is so bad, you can't tell if he's actually playing the song well, or not.

  81. gms77777

    Haunting, deep and moving....will we ever hear the likes of this again?

    Johnny Shamrock

    Probably not gms,Those days are gone.
    He was an exceptional talent .His albums are treasures.This song 3 hours is just stunning.Never tire of it.

    Cameron Schotter

    @Johnny Shamrock another musical revolution will follow, the world rises and falls like the crashing of a wave

  82. Juanita Thomas

    Love Nick Drake, awesome voice and guitar playing.

  83. Pierangelo Scano

    suona divinamente, oltre a possedere questa voce che addolcisce, che leviga...tra le mie preferite

  84. Phat Dickinson V2.0

    this music works better on acid


    Intoxicating Breadwater lol it works great without it too...although take your point

  85. michele beart


  86. ArtTube

    chills forever with this song

  87. Pg Tip

    Amazing playing.  An amazingly beautiful song.

  88. braig crogan

    if you play guitar and have not learned to play this i suggest you do so for it is the most beautiful progression to play

  89. Mario Mele

    I know Nick Drake, but I discovered this song just today ... And it's like if I had discovered a treasure.

    Johnny Shamrock

    Yep,a real treasure is Nick Drake.Great find there Mario.

    Guillermo Gonzalo

    You did

    Thomas van Heeswijk

    I've just done exactly the same today! and I fully agree with you.


    Indeed you have

  90. Descendant of Kraff

    I wonder if this song inspired Desert Island Disk by Radiohead?

    Andres Parra Avila

    Maybe ❤

    1 of 8 billion

    I love Radiohead...

    Charles Black

    @Vince Dotson He was saying this song influenced Radio Head, not the other way

    Jules Gilmour

    Parasite definitely influenced subterranean homesick alien.


    Honestly who gives a shit. Radiohead fans see all preceding music in relation to their idols, which is excruciatingly boring

  91. Chinmay

    Such a soul piercing voice and a very underrated guitarist.

    charlie horse

    His guitar work is wonderful isn't it...he'd lost so much of his ability by the end. Someone on here has said the acoustic version is better but without Danny Thompson's wonderful bass it loses something...glad the strings are not used.

    Joachim Rosendahl

    In fact he is Not that underrated at all. On the contrary. And he has influenced a hord of guitar players.

  92. techrater

    In my Top 5 of all times. Often at numero uno!

  93. Antonio Calvo

    Great song.

  94. zakalon123

    Is there a lyric in it " January flies" its hard to make out Nick sometimes.


    +zakalon123 Lyric sites say that it is Jeremy, but it does sound like January

    Gaijin Deviant

    Jeremy was his friend at University who used to sneak out to meet women, hence Giacomo's free.

  95. Giel de jong

    Zou 'm wel eens willen horen met een orkest.

    The Funkloft

    ... said no one ever.

  96. Antonio Satta

    Vedi recensione in Day is Done.

  97. Vivek Anand

    This deserves more views!

  98. Dustin Bass

    I first heard this when I was 14. I listened to it on repeat for days.

    Joe Jacovino

    hypnotic stuff

  99. Jolene DeLilys

    This story called "The Last Leaf" by O'Henry will show you where Nick probably got the name for this album --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXOMQ_qLJWA --- Go to 5:50 minutes to see, but the whole story and/or movie is wonderful especially the end.  I saw the movie in elementary school.  I also like Beautiful Zero's idea, further down, that this album came out in 1969 and he died 5 years later in 1974.