Drake, Nick - The Thoughts Of Mary Jane Lyrics

Who can know
The thoughts of Mary jane
Why she flies
Or goes out in the rain
Where she's been
And who she's seen
In her journey to the stars.

Who can know
The reasons for her smile
What are her dreams
When they've journeyed for a mile
The way she sings
And her brightly coloured rings
Make her the princess of the sky.

Who can know
What happens in her mind
Did she come from a strange world
And leave her mind behind
Her long lost sighs
And her brightly coloured eyes
Tell her story to the wind.

Who can know
The thoughts of Mary Jane
Why she flies
Or goes out in the rain
Where she's been
And who she's seen
In her journey to the stars.

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Drake, Nick The Thoughts Of Mary Jane Comments
  1. Now the Harsh truth will be Spoken

    Who can know
    The thoughts of Mary Jane
    Why she flies
    Or goes out in the rain
    Where she's been
    And who she's seen
    In her journey to the stars
    Who can know
    The reason for her smile
    What are her dreams
    When they've journeyed for a mile
    The way she sings
    And her brightly colured rings
    Make her princess of the sky
    Who can know
    What happens in her mind
    Did she come
    From a strange world
    And leave her mind behind
    Her long lost sighs
    And her brightly coloured eyes
    Tell her story to the wind
    Who can know
    The thoughts of Mary Jane
    Why she flies
    Or goes out in the rain
    Where she's been
    And who she's seen
    In her journey to the stars

  2. William Hall Leiva

    It's such a tragedy that his music only truly appreciated after his death and that he was such a troubled person who could never really find a way to find satisfaction with his himself and his life.

  3. Emrul Zawad

    that ending ❤️

  4. marlys mcgregor

    To the best MaryJane to have ever graced this planet with her presence.

  5. Isa Roeters

    This song is beautiful❤️

  6. Jon Healer

    Genius... of all genius, another outstanding genius, Nick Drake. When you listen to his music, you draw death. Listening to his music makes me feel the agony of life. How I feel so full of weight in the young friend's voice.

    The indelible binge of madness yesterday dizzy hair, arms, legs, and branches And the cold sweat that comes down the back line. It matches Nick Drake's voice.

    The dead are said to be silent, but not many of the thousands of people who have left the world at the age of their youth feel that much like it. Randy Rhoads, Tommy Boiln, Jim Morrison, Jimmi Hendrix...

    Countless, the sense of death of the geniuses being drawn.
    I can't believe the keyboard is so heavy today.

    천재.. 수많은 천재중에 돋보이는 또 한명의 천재 닉 드레이크
    (Nick Drake). 그의 음악을 듣고 있으면 죽음이 그려집니다. 그

    의 음악을 듣고 있으면 삶의 고뇌가 느껴집니다. 그 어린 친구의
    목소리에서 어찌 그리 生의 무게가 가득 느껴지는지...

    어제도 말릴수 없는 광기의 폭음. 어지러운, 머리와
    팔과 다리와 늘어지 모가지. 그리고 등어리 선을 타고 내리는 식은땀의 느낌. 닉 드레이크의 목소리와 어울리는 지금 입니다.

    죽은자는 말이 없다고 하였지만, 청년의 나이로 이 세상을 등
    진 수많은 사람들 중, 그와 유사한 느낌의 사람은 그리 많지 않습니다. 랜디로즈, 토미볼린, 짐모리슨, 지미헨드릭스...

    무수히 그려지는 천재들의 죽음 느낌. 불편한 몸으로 한줄, 한줄, 힘겹게 두드리는 키보드위의 자판이 오늘따라 이리 무거울 줄이야........

  7. Hexis

    A shooting star...

  8. Jinkin Lavislad

    The haunting songs that seem to come from my OWN heart but were born years before my physical existence on this plane. Thank you for posting this.

  9. Mišo Vuković

    Best marijuana song ever, outweeded every reggae song ever.

  10. richard brown


  11. Marcus Fairweather

    Was this song about marijuana?


    Marcus Fairweather No...😉✌️

  12. David Hoade

    I just cry everytime

  13. adamscott

    Did she come from a strange world? Leave her mind behind

  14. lacasadipinta

    ostinato ed ingombrante pensiero
    dedicato e posto da umili presenze silenziose
    generato da sodalizi e visioni ambiziose
    friabili sostegni che perdurano nel tempo

  15. adrian powell

    Love the way he hangs on the words, great singer and artist

  16. Lelio Menicocci

    Grande canzone di un grande artista . Poesia allo stato puro

  17. mdpatsos

    Nick's music helped me back in the day. And it still does.

  18. David Hoade

    always cry when I hear this

  19. vero nique

    My sweet beloved Nick!

  20. queeneggplant

    I like to smoke mary jane and listen to nick drake

    zakk davis

    queeneggplant smoke a Nick to Mary


    You def know where it's at😁

  21. Monica Taylor

    kind of like John Denver meets James Taylor

    james rae

    with a touch of joni mitchell


    Kind of not like either of them, thankfully

    Talleyrand Music

    Kind of like two million levels above both of them combined.

  22. angelique Noordman

    mucho love respect
    Nick Drake hope you found youre way in the stars above

  23. Radio Bla Bla Leiden


  24. Adrian Powell

    talented fella and a great voice

  25. Rachel Romo

    Is this a Baroque music?


    Rachel Romo yes.

  26. Aurelio Gago

    Ray Warleigh on flute.

    Giovanni Sarstre R.L.

    Do you know what type of flute is this? And where can I find its cipher? Thank you.

  27. Rupert Thompson

    Reminds me of the girl I loved who had no idea I was in love with her .

    Ash Ha-Shamaim

    +Rupert Thompson awwww <3


    same :(


    Better to have unrequited love than no love at all

    The Hoff

    Oh I hear you. I had a girl called Janemary. Thats why I am here. So it goes...


    fuck bro too close to me home

  28. yaniv sardal

    sounds like Hookah knows... the thoughts of Mary Jane 

  29. Midnight Sun

    One of Nick's most beautiful finger picking songs, also a nice song to smoke cannabis to!

    Kenny Gates

    Yes sir!

  30. Richard Davies

    good flute

  31. evolutionisnear


  32. Renan Alves

    Música boa de se ouvir a qualquer momento.

  33. Burt472

    Thanks Nick. A hug from Italy. You won't be forgotten.

  34. hardfolk

    10 dislikes? fucking bastards..


    who put the thumbs down has no emotions

    Moses Lawson

    hate is really just a search for love. Let's hope those who disliked this will find their love.

    Gotter Dan

    well said, my thoughts excatly


    @Moses Lawson Fear is the opposite of Love

    p.b.palacios almafuerte


  35. Brody Forrester

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

  36. Gavan Borgias

    Hey Roger, you're taking a lot of energy to troll each of Nick Drake's videos. Maybe you should quit wasting your life away.

  37. Berg Vasconcelos


  38. Roger Doger

    What's there to know? Anyone who takes their own life is a self-absorbed coward.

    Michael Correnti

    You are so mistaken.

  39. downtown

    I am very happy to read about someone who has the right news about the happenings! It wasn't Nick's fault. He thought to take the "medicine" as he had always done without letal consequences. It is incredible that the police closed the case as a suicide!

  40. downtown

    grandiosa davvero! Un'Anima irripetibile!

  41. Laura Corrado


  42. Alex Burke

    happy birthday nick, taken away too soon

  43. mcsquare77

    The more i listen to Nick Drake the more I realise he was a genious!

  44. Jesus Rios

    A better place, I'd hope.

  45. vedran beslic

    Nick, where are you?

  46. tc030564

    Im as strait as a dye me, but god if i could love a man it would be this bloke, thank you Nick just love your music R.I.P X

  47. Hankchinaski

    One of the most beautiful songs I know. There is also a more simple version, only with guitar, which is even better.

  48. J35ZZ13 M5R15

    He's a poet!!!

  49. Reinier van der eijk

    jammer dat hij er niet meer is, zeer gevoelig rein v.d.Eijk

  50. thelostpiranha

    @shaynescope It's from his "Time of No Reply' album...I can't seem to find a version of that on youtube, but I like that one better.

  51. Michael Holt

    Smoking to this song, absolute beauty and freedom.

  52. randell

    @panikman66 I believe he died from an overdose of depression medication. I don't know if it was intentional.

  53. Ana Santinho

    he died with a huge lack of love and care like many special and talent people did, was a beautiful angel deserv our respect forever, thank you nick.

  54. rilim r.c.

    true music

  55. Ingi Bjarni Skúlason

    Tell me what you think of my cover version of Thoughts of Mary Jane. You can find in in my channel

  56. Inigo_Montoya

    @whitelily123 he's blowing in the wind with mary jane

  57. RenaudCalisse

    Lol of course this song is abour weed he lived in the sixties and seventies how can you be so blind and deaf it doesn't make his music any less enjoyable and beautiful

  58. T. v W

    where is the multiple thumbs up button? I freakin' love (t)his stuff!

  59. These Days

    @jzoom45 alright, thank you so much

  60. jzoom45


    i may let u know as soon as i find out. i just started reading a book on drake by trevor dann. but the morocco reference i think i read on wikipedia. or i may have heard it in a documentary about drake i saw on youtube.

  61. These Days

    @jzoom45 I read something similar, but are you sure it was morocco?

  62. jzoom45

    is he talking about marijuana here? comes from a far strange land....morrocco? i read his friends took him there because that's where the best, strongest cannabis came from at the time.

  63. Brandon Bovero



  64. Kelsey Waterman

    Good stuff right here!

  65. Hectorschizoidman

    I remember when I heard this song (and the whole first album) for the first time...I cried like a baby because it was the most beautiful thing I've heard in so much time

  66. Robert

    its quite true that the great die young because this earth cant harbour such amazing different people

  67. student389

    his voice sound a bit like colin hays... or the other way around, whatever

  68. Kinwa Kornia

    Tetsuya Nomura had a hard time escaping the influence of this song when he composed "Breezy" for the Final Fantasy 8 ST.

  69. sampson1959

    instead of the useless arguements about his alleged drug usage,lets celebrate nick drake timeless contribution to our lifes-the incredible music that we all can share and enjoy.

  70. La Lala

    whats all the focus on him, or on you?
    why not focus on the idea

  71. SuzanneGD

    @teawithbeardsley true

  72. Justine Grace

    Mary Jane <3

  73. SuzanneGD

    @7rohu I agree

  74. mboydgoogle

    he actually was on anti depressants and suffered from a sleep disorder. in either case the coroner had said that he had "Acute amitriptyline poisoning — self-administered when suffering from a depressive illness" although no suicide not was ever found. maybe if he had access to some of todays medications he would been okay. a great musician was lost.

  75. VanKlaunch

    @MatteusNova I also have the same birthday. How magical.

  76. MatteusNova

    Damn, what a waste when he passed... Same with Sandy Denny. Their words and songs sure makes you think and dream. Don't they? Nick and I share the same birthday too, not the same year, of course. Growing old, is no fun, I'll tell ya.

  77. socobliss

    so beautiful; the flute and cello.

  78. SuzanneGD

    @panikman66 Nick Drake died of an overdose of prescription drugs

    marijo matura

    he died by accidend took a litlle be more depression pilules...in that days he was very weak ,and heart just stop beating till he was sleeping.

  79. Fetish of Death

    these comments are awesome.its cool to see people are still discovering his brilliant legacy of melancholy and hope.this should go with out saying, but if your into his work you should definitely give Elliott Smith a listen.RiP mrDrake "safe in your place deep in the earth,thats when theyll know what you were truly worth"

  80. Jay girl

    weird that Nick Drake died of an overdose of legal drugs that I too had been given in the seventies when in a mental hospital ( I took them because I didnt feel anything from them) I didnt want to have the heavy stuff they fed me I was only 15!
    previous to that they tried to give me barbiturates then Valium, Librium sleeping pills the lot!! :-[
    BUT it was Tripdizol that I took for a short period - I thought it was totally harmless!

  81. 24fretguitar

    steebzs- i did the same thing...one night my girlfriend came over and we listened to the "way to blue" album. everything seemed perfect, sooo perfect, i cradled her in my arms as she would fall in and out of sleep...after we broke up i tried to listen to nick drake again but found it too hard to relive the memory... but time passed and i got over it. nick drakes music is so relaxing, so calming so very..... hard to describe

  82. Spencer Pearce

    @1958jimmymac So the heroin theory was BS?

  83. davidoffon

    @Uniden2907 Hu stuckin fupid are you?

  84. CultClassic

    love the last line pause transition to graceful outro

  85. HeyyyGuyyy

    smoke buds

  86. Jackson May

    the greatest song ever written and sung

  87. birdonet

    Se parece al tenista este gualtrapa.

  88. Jack Martin

    Another lost hyperbole....

  89. davidoffon

    The meanderings of the mindless is always interesting to behold as the pain of mistaken slights takes hold, allowing them to spew their rage on a subject that , when its contents are considered, disallows them from having a coherent or rational opinion on something that hoovers their mind to a spotless condition, then allows the spewtonian bug free and wreckless reign. Your attempts to undermine my views would be hilarious if it were not for their accompanied psychosis.

  90. thecritiquevirtuoso

    It's settled then! Everyone should consult with davidoffon for advice on marijuana/anti-psychotics/cocaine/acid/electroconvulsive therapy/mental institutions because it's obvious that he's currently on all of them.

  91. davidoffon

    If I was to advise you it would only be to shut up, (g)love muppet, which now begs the question as to which digit controls your speech/touch? In your case there is a lot to be said for saying nothing or its nearest equivalent in the (g)luv(ov) muppetry. fingers tight!

  92. davidoffon

    If my stalker could talk for
    My words be untrue
    Then what would I think
    Who would I sue as
    The pollution to my problem
    Is looking like you.

  93. thecritiquevirtuoso

    I will not take advice from someone who cannot even make a grammatically coherent sentence.

  94. thecritiquevirtuoso

    well, it's not well written. It's actually shit.

  95. davidoffon

    Every thing is can be a word, even if written absurd. Ask Patrick Kavanagh.

  96. davidoffon


    You can ease your demons in many ways
    Writing is for me, it says
    Everything my dizzy daze contradicted
    In the learning faze
    Fear of death and induced stupidity
    helped me to survive though many friends
    did not arrive at this conclusive paradigm
    They amalgamated their self hate and
    Were early fried and dined upon by
    The march of dates that death likes to deviate

  97. makisswe

    happy they probably are not but hey...we all gotta eazzz our "deamons"...

    havent smoked in 4 years ....temted though:))))

  98. SuzanneGD

    I agree

  99. 0leander410

    Agree 100%. People seem to all too often ignore those crucial details and pay for it with an unpleasant experience