Drake, Nick - River Man Lyrics

Betty came by on her way
Said she had a word to say
About things today
And fallen leaves.

Said she hadn't heard the news
Hadn't had the time to choose
A way to lose
But she believes.

Going to see the river man
Going to tell him all I can
About the plan
For lilac time.

If he tells me all he knows
About the way his river flows
And all night shows
In summertime.

Betty said she prayed today
For the sky to blow away
Or maybe stay
She wasn't sure.

For when she thought of summer rain
Calling for her mind again
She lost the pain
And stayed for more.

Going to see the river man
Going to tell him all I can
About the ban
On feeling free.

If he tells me all he knows
About the way his river flows
I don't suppose
It's meant for me.

Oh, how they come and go
Oh, how they come and go.

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Drake, Nick River Man Comments
  1. Wolfgang Roß

    What a great song!!!

  2. M M

    I think this is my favourite song. Depression has been my foe and friend throughout my life. I've learnt so much from it and this man sings depression perfectly for me. This song is a blessing.
    For those of you on a similar path, much love.

  3. irishcowboy42

    Emily, find the beauty in this ok, its not all unresponsive, its full of hope, the river man is the choice you make. I hope you'll understand.

  4. Paul Dickerson

    I think the strings are mixed in a touch to loud. To hear that guitar chugging along under Nick's voice is stirring enough for me.

  5. J Faber

    Arjen Grolleman brought me here Thanks Arjen...

  6. Tony Kuehler

    This song would be a great lead-in mix to be followed by Pink Floyd's Grantchester Meadows and Several Small Species...

  7. E Doyle

    Steve Gorman brought me here.

  8. Joe O'Connor

    Dont need the sound effects. Ruins the song

  9. Robert Cubinelli

    Came here from Gabrielle Drake. I know Nick used to entertain his sister, Gabrielle (sex symbol in the 6Os "U.F.O." TV series) by playing impromptu guitar licks on the family couch.
    Great unforgettable genius.

  10. darren sexey

    Heartbreaking that Heath Ledger was a massive fan of Nick Drakes music,and he's gone too.😕

  11. francia3

    Nike Drake deserve a film. Like Freddy Mercury and Elton John

    steph c

    Although I'd love that, I feel like it wouldn't work out too well tbh we barely know anything about him/his life

  12. MorbidRavenPages

    Went to the bank today and the guy saw my name was Drake and suggested listening to nick Drake because he thinks of his music when he hears Drake.

    I love it!!

  13. peter ryder

    Mmm, just don't get it. Yes, he had talent and played the guitar beautifully, but his range was so limited, all his songs sound kinda the same to me. Always THAT mood. Perfectly, wistfully, late summer and early autumn days, sensitive, romantic, English public school, 'dreaming spires', etc... circa the sixties. He even looks the part... that prim, precious, boyish, prettiness. Someone should have given him a Fender Stratocaster... kick out the jams motherfuckers !!!

  14. steve hewitt


  15. Michael Kilgore

    I know how this man felt. He was extremely talented but wasn't recognized nor rich. I have many talents, but, I am not wealthy and am looked over, and it is extremely frustrating..I even helped our local police chief solve several vandalism crimes, but, my part WILL NEVER BE ACKNOWLEDGED..

  16. Jolly Infidel

    This song will pick out the deep thinkers and poets for sure.
    Beautiful from every angle i look at it.

    allan powell

    You can see him on the only film which captured him at the Fairport Convention live in Kent. It's on YT. It was in 1970, I think. Once he hooks you;re always hooked.

  17. kenneth furlong

    laura nyro and nick trading vocals >? laura doing the piano ? nick is was beyong unique

  18. kenneth furlong

    my next album may not tell ive listened to nick but the feel and the inspiration came ffrom him!!

  19. kenneth furlong

    its amazing that classical guitarists still play in that linear tuning made for flamenco and rock !!lol if you tune to other places and can play it becomes a search for sound and not positions !! seems classical players practice too much and leave their game on the practice tee so to speak!!

  20. kenneth furlong

    I write like this !!amazon music .com /scott furlong ive taken it further!! rip nick

  21. يسرى بوليما

    مـــيـــن🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بـــي🥰 يــــضغـــط لايـــك🥰ويــــراســنـي خـــــاص واشـترك بقـــناتــــي

  22. Seonad Macleod

    A beautiful, talented, tortured young soul. Gone too soon, never forgotten.


    Nique Drake, j'écoute Nick Drake.


    J'sors un single j'fais les scores de leurs mixtapes

  24. Le dealer de Caba

    Nique Drake, j'écoute Nick Drake

    X X X U C H I W A

    Mdrr jetais sur

  25. Leonardo Dicaprisun


  26. Wakim

    Je suis là après le son de Django

  27. yannandy

    “Django - Cyanure” brought me here

    Mighty Cakwak

    Nique Drake, j'écoute Nick Drake

  28. Jonathan Mills

    I discovered an amazing indie artist the other day:

  29. Andrew Chevrier


  30. Anemarie b

    I love you since 40 years

  31. kenneth furlong

    I can lay this and we throw the term genius around so easily these daYS if one plays and understands open tunings on the guitar its not that difficult what is needed is the arrangement and backing musicians but..it wonderful to hear writers who kick  the butts off anyone from mostly radio fever I mean who would love pau simon he was the worst lol along with a few thousand others who should have gotten a real job lol I believe nick was murdered by the way for his publishing

  32. 김규리

    amazing. complete perfection for my bipolar disorder

  33. Jp Ryan

    Fantastic job on this video..brings a sense of realism to the stills..very atmospheric

  34. Keith Bolton

    Is it just me, or do other folks also wish that Joe Boyd had sent the strings home and just recorded Nick and his guitar? As it stands, it is a great song, but perhaps less would be more here...

  35. Matt Alexander

    Could have done without the sounds effects, honestly.

  36. Neil Wilson

    There are many realities in the multiverse. We are lucky to have this in ours.

  37. Sammy Scotch

    Wish Nick could have gotten help for his depression. So young. He left us with alot of beautiful music

  38. EJ T

    Shows what happens when you're a quiet soul, unable to sell yourself: Brilliance isn't enough. ND, never forgotten.

    allan powell

    EJt You can see the only film of him on the Fairport Convention live in Kent. It's on Yt. 1970 I think,with Dave Swarbrick lead singing. What a time it was. I left England just before the putrid Glam rock and pseudo progressive era. Commerce can always sell you what you later find to be dross culture. They couldn't sell him.franciose hardy the french singer had a soft spot for him, he went to see her but hadn't the courage to knock on her door. Oh to have been at his elbow and pushed through that door. Sad.

  39. Nick Drake

    There's only one Nick Drake. I agree

  40. Chuck Itall

    Such an amazing haunting track.
    I knew about him way befor that VW commercial turned all eyes on his music. His story allways resonated with me.
    Died way too soon, can't imagine what he would have created has he lived.

  41. pdxrailtransit

    Nick was almost as pretty as his sister.

  42. Enrico Facconi

    Una delle song preferite da Michel Houellebecq, attualmente forse l'ultimo degli intellettuali più famosi e ascoltati a livello internazionale (fonte: "Cahier" pubblicato 2019)

  43. Burt472

    Thanks Nick for your talent and emotions you gave us....You won't be forgotten

  44. Steven LaPar

    I've been playing music for 20 years and I was just introduced to Nick by a friend. How in the hell did this escape me for this long??!!

    Lupco Kotevski

    Laura Nyro, Tim Buckley, Jackson C Frank, David Ackles. Nyro "influenced more major songwriters than anyone" Elton John. See Nyro youtube discussions by Elton, Todd Rundgren, Alice Cooper.

  45. benjamin S

    The original doomer

  46. samensa1

    god, this song is sad

  47. 심근창

    I love you Nick

  48. pogo dancer

    Just a beautiful song executed with a breeze of genius

  49. Sparra

    i'm now in love with this

  50. Fooks Lee Ho

    The Beatles he is not

  51. thegabatxdu11

    that's j-e-w-e-l-r-y, so sorry for deaf or hard of hearing people they gave thumbs down for song like riverman!

  52. pykkervots

    4:10 To anyone who's seen the YouTube film of the tall lanky 'mystery man' picking his way through a festival crowd {search: Nick Drake 70's Festival} with his back to the camera. What do you think? I think this picture persuades me. It's Nick

  53. Autumn Wilson


  54. pawdaw

    Timeless. Could have been written yesterday.

  55. Robert Schmitt

    Hard to accept that such magic coexists in a world with some of the garbage claiming to be music.

  56. dustystarsoul

    I love how his eyes move around 3:54

  57. Arjun Sekhar

    I think I just stumbled upon the wrong Drake video. Oh wait...scratch that. This is the right one.❤

  58. R Michael

    A man who realised the evil of meat eating and stopped. God bless

    Joe McGrath

    Lol.. Nick was a vegan eh? Well, that's good news.

  59. Arpita Banerjee

    After listening to this fabulous song which is an amalgamation of sadness, despondancy, a feeling of unimaginable bliss , it seems to me that his composition as a whole reflects the entire spectrum of music. Through his songs, he has very skilfully connected the two contradicting poles together , which is sadness and happiness . Hats off to this genius. Can you imagine a young man who can compose this extraordinary music, which is definitely impactful and exceptionally perfect. It's a big no. It's difficult to replicate his talent. I am just 16 years old and his songs have already etched an irremovable mark on my passage of conscience. I am an aspiring musician and his works divulges that he was clearly an exceptional musician with an astounding grip on the various processes of music.....

  60. Broomehall

    Sorry Mr Sheeran..... there was a man and guitar a long long time ago ..... and boy was he good.

  61. Mary Clark

    It's so sad this amazing artist is no longer here. I feel such a connection to him thru his music. I feel like he understood all of us better than we understand ourselves. Like his mother's poem, The Shell. Rest in eternal peace, Nick.

    a fan in Missouri, USA

  62. 슈퍼저격남

    God! I fucking love him.

  63. L R

    That was total utter beauty. Never heard anything like that before. Been a musician all my life. It covered every emotion possible in one song.
    It was almost menacing with those chord changes.

  64. Kurt Winkelmans

    I see a beautifiul painting when he sings. Mindblowing.

  65. Watcher Dave

    The fab lyric : 'How they come And go'.

  66. Google is retarded

    Who decided to ruin the song by putting sound effects over it?

  67. John Lucas

    I put the number of Nick Drake complete and finished studio songs, (not demos) at exactly 40. Are there any massive fans who could confirm this? What a collection! He really didn’t write a bad song!

  68. Iga 27

    beautiful music made by a beautiful man; hats off!! try to compare it to the trash they listen to in 2019 ;


    Iga 27
    The world has always had good and bad music. Look a little harder (never easier with the internet - but you have to make an effort) and don't be such a stuck in the past dinosaur.

    Iga 27

    @bofursgun OK. Name three good rock bands in the last 20 years;


    @Iga 27 You're missing the point completely and utterly and sound like a schoolboy. It's now about what I think are good - or bad - recent rock bands. No. The point is that since the dawn of the time, there have been negative people like you who can't/won't embrace the present or the future and wallow in a safe past, as they're too lazy, apathetic or fearful (or all 3) to find anything new.

    It's not for me to to tell you about newer music, but up to *YOU* to make the effort and discover it for yourself. But this requires a sense of adventure and to be able to rise up from your comfort zone, something that's clearly not easy for you. You obviously prefer to play it safe and stick with the familiarity of yesteryear which is sad. But of course your choice.

    Iga 27

    @bofursgun You're a moron. You make claims that you cannot substantiate. Don't waste my time.


    @Iga 27
    A good start for me not to waste your time is for you to be not so much of a little coward. That's right - nice job 'posting' rather than actually 'replying' to me - like the weak, small, cowardly, chicken shit thief in the night passive aggressive geriatric you are. There are no notifications for your snippy little post in either my YouTube inbox or the email account linked to it. You know this as well as I do, ya little weasel turd:) I saw it coming a mile away, dear. And you've been caught with your elastic waistband maroon polyester pants down, little one. *LOL!*

    Let's hope that when you turn 85 next year, you won't be such an old saddo, grandma. And once more, it's up to *YOU* to seek out new music in lieu of wallowing in your never to return past. Give the 21st century a go - it won't bite, miserable, negative old one!

  69. T W

    Knowle in the mutha fuckin house!

  70. Thebigfatcheesebruger

    Coker brought me here

  71. monique cavard

    Quelle belle chanson!

  72. Historic Living

    Nick was, is and always will be. x

  73. Nancy Ferraro

    I had never heard of Nick Drake. However I am a Taron Egerton fan and he was asked what he does to wind down after a day of shooting.....He said: I put on some Nick Drank and drink chamomile tea. Thank God for you tube.

  74. Paul Morson

    Riverman ❤️

  75. Joquebede Dias

    Já estou chorando😭🇧🇷

  76. kelvin lewis

    God given talent ..

  77. David Boura

    If only all music was so absolutely beautiful...

  78. Matthew Brandabur

    I wish I could blacklist this version with the spurious added audio noise. Who thought it was a good idea to adulterate this song?

  79. mollesassy

    I AM 12 and i have listen to nick drake since 4..best music..best intellectual music. My generation is wac k


    Get that. Drag city. My daughter is 18. Trans. It's a ride. Hang in there. Gets better. Be true to yourself. Defn wack. Brian Eno for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNwYtllyt3Q and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP-RFsuv-8Q

  80. Gaurav Joshi

    Betty Said she prayed today for the sky to blow away don't know but this line gets me

  81. carlos carlos

    Pure gold.

  82. Florence Autret

    Betty came by on her way
    Said she had a word to say

    About things today

    And fallen leaves.

    Said she hadn't heard the news

    Hadn't had the time to choose

    A way to lose

    But she believes.

    Going to see the river man

    Going to tell him all I can

    About the plan

    For lilac time.

    If he tells me all he knows

    About the way his river flows

    And all night shows

    In summertime.

    Betty said she prayed today

    For the sky to blow away

    Or maybe stay

    She wasn't sure.

    For when she thought of summer rain

    Calling for her mind again

    She lost the pain

    And stayed for more.

    Going to see the river man

    Going to tell him all I can

    About the ban

    On feeling free.

    If he tells me all he knows

    About the way his river flows

    I don't suppose

    It's meant for me.

    Oh, how they come and go

    Oh, how they come and go.

  83. monique cavard

    que c'est beau! je l'écoute en boucle...

  84. SpookBones


  85. magic w

    first time listening, reminds me of some Opeth songs. I'm sure they must have been influenced by Nick drake.

  86. amaya dorr

    i didn't know you till this very day,2019.
    ufo tv series - gabrielle drake-then you.
    and such one of a kind music.

  87. MrSwj2009 ____

    Jazzy and classical, decades old. Mysterious and haunting.

  88. SolamenteVees

    This song is as mysterious and haunting as the disappearance of journalist Davey Johnson, whose steps ended at the Mokelumne River.

  89. RAM4

    Brad Mehldau brought me here........


    was the right way....


    what a beautiful song

  91. Laura Strobel

    You were too beautiful and deep for this world Nick Thanks for reminding us to keep seeking the beauty It matters ☺💝🎆

  92. Tania de la Combe

    Can you imagine something more beautiful than this????

  93. Dula e Nina

    Id like a movie about his life

  94. Janet Wilhelm

    A sensitive gentle soul who now plays for the Gods.

  95. trueblue37

    Wierd story. I first time I heard this song was this morning. I was running late. So I decided to get an Uber to my destination. When I sat in the Uber this song was playing. I hardly talk to drivers but I could not help but ask what this piece of music was. This song was like it was sent from heaven and I'm not religious. It made my life make sense and I have never related to a song like this before, especially with my type of music being techno, house and rap. But what makes this story weird is that I was on my way to therapy for major depression. I searched for the artist of the song and soon as I got home and found out about his tragic battle with depression. This song feels too good to be true and It has potentially saved me. Its incredible how much I relate to this song, from the lyrics, singing style and the instrument. It is like it was written for me. And played at the perfect time to change my life around.

    Edward Turnstile

    I hear people say this kind of music is too sad, or makes them feel sad, but for someone who suffers from depression, it is some of the most uplifting music



    Rohan Kirkland

    Dude, yeah, everyone listens to this music and doesn't get the same thing. Hope your depression is getting better. You might reach a tipping point like me and realize you are better than the corporate job you're heading to. Its sucking your blood. Theres more out there, people like us need to stick together. We know what's going on but cant admit it without freaking people out in defense of our security.

    EJ T

    Someone very close to me had a similar experience. Hope you're doing well now.


    Great post.