Drake, Nick - Poor Mum Lyrics

Poor mum
Poor mum
After a lifetime of dreaming
Poor mum
Poor mum
Whatever became of your scheming
Nothing worked out in the way that you planned
Nothing was quite as you thought
Try very hard not to misunderstand
Joy as it flies cannot be caught
Poor mum
Poor mum
Where did you take a wrong turning
Poor mum
Poor mum
Pack up that last little yearning
Pack it away with the books and the toys
Silent and bound
Silent and mend
Go out and grab at you life and forget
You are poor, poor mum

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Drake, Nick Poor Mum Comments
  1. Flipindistical Pictures

    I think that she is taking the Mickey out of her own son....her son was a sad boy. Didn't he have a song called Poor Boy? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Mike Mono

    Wiw... She uses exactly the same phrasing and melodic soundscape Nick Drake explored. Shows you that sometimes talent of genius doesn't appear out of the blue

  3. Antonio Persano

    One of the most brilliant and sublime song that I ever heard here. Thanks you Mum, thank you Molly, Thanks you Nick

  4. Riccardo Verde

    These are in the english ballad tradition- and it's heir in pop...is Morrissey

  5. Molly Pots

    Oh my. How poignant and fatalistic. Mesmerising. Love it.

  6. Static Face

    Ur mum gay