Drake - Jaded Lyrics

[Drake (Ty Dolla $ign):]
Ayy, yeah
Dogs on this side, dogs over on this side

Leaving me (leaving me)
Dippin' out on me (on me)
Already got what you needed, I guess
Quickly (quickly) learned yourself through me (through me)
Already gave you what you needed, I guess (ooh, yeah)
I guess, (yeah) yeah
That's why I'm not with nobody (ooh, yeah)
'Cause I don't wanna hurt nobody (ooh, yeah)
Did it over text, didn't call me (ooh, yeah)
Still got love for you, mami
I know you wanna be somebody (body)
Even if you gotta leave somebody, yeah

Yes I'm hurting, yes I'm jaded (jaded)
Most of these things, I don't wanna say (jaded)
I wanna be around while you chasin' (while you chasin' it)
You wanna hit me up when you make it
You'll try and come back when you famous
I always want the truth, but it's dangerous (dangerous, oh)
You got something real, not basic (ooh, yeah)
You wanna get with me, stop
Yes I'm hurting, yes I'm jaded (jaded)
Most of these things, I don't wanna say (say)
I wanna be around while you chasin' (wanna be around, wanna be around)
You wanna hit me up when you make it (ooh, yeah)
You'll try and come back when you famous (back around, back around)
I always want the truth, but it's dangerous (dangerous)
You got something real, not basic
You wanna get with me, stop (playin')

Dogs on this side, dogs over on this side (ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah)
Told me about all your insecurities, for what?
Dragged me like two hours to your family's house, for what?
Said you need some time, but I should stick around, for what?
Always felt like stickin' 'round's the same as being stuck
And like guns with the inkin', you're getting under my skin
Pretty little young thing (young thing)
Had a nigga convinced, got me too excited
You played me
You played me, you played me
Low down, dirty
Shameful, crazy
I need to know how the new nigga you got does the same thing
I do for a living but is way less wavy
How you even managin' to keep straight faces in all the pictures that I seen lately
Lord knows you still look amazing
That's besides the point I'm making
You're way too opinionated, have to force it, have to fake it
You have potential, I could've shaped it
You went and caved in (ooh, yeah)
We could've waited
I wasn't rushing
Differences in ages
You're old enough, but you're still a baby
You've shared stories where you did amazin'
Things to be loyal, things to be patient
That was before me, I must've changed it
Shifted your focus, lens lookin' jaded (jaded)

Most of these things, I don't wanna say
I wanna be around while you chasin' (while you chasin')
You wanna hit me up when you make it
You'll try and come back when you famous (back around, back around)
Dogs on this side, dogs over on this side
You wanna get with me, stop (playin')

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Drake Jaded Comments
  1. Harper Anderson

    Is anyone here from the Jaded Love playlist on spotify???

  2. Scorpio Queen

    Some of y’all slow as hell like this sounds nothing like drake... but this song fyeeee🥵

  3. WALokotes509

    Charter brown 🔥

  4. dbandrews1987

    Yea gimme this fake shit cuhhh

  5. 2OverRated1

    U lucky this shit fire

  6. Jackie Wells

    banks was here 2020

  7. Aj Johnson

    Love u drak u the best of 2015-2020

  8. Aj Johnson

    Drake me be cool and act bossy to people that mean to me

  9. Ms. Cherry

    A whole vibe 😎

  10. Stupid Slut

    I am jaded I am not with nobody because I don't want to hurt nobody on god

  11. Omar Romero

    U wanna get wit me stooop playin!

  12. Tattoo Teo

    This shit dope

  13. glffcknwng

    I cant even be mad that u tricked us cuz this song is my shit now

  14. Mell Lewis

    Post on soundcloud

    Mell Lewis

    Its fire tho bro💥

    Carter Brown

    where are you located ?

    Carter Brown

    appreciate you

    Mell Lewis

    Im in Michigan, flint

    Mell Lewis

    Add me on snap bro mell_lewis19

  15. Charlie Stucky

    I’m sorry but I’ve never been more frustrated in my life I honestly just wanted to listen to drake

    isaiah brinkley

    I wanted to punch this dude in the face after this I said this ain't drake tf

  16. ImHazed

    Wtf is this

  17. I’m Baked


  18. ant mcg

    Wtf is the real name of this song

    maya h

    ant mcg Its Jaded but it’s copyrighted 😭

  19. RioVaunnI UOENO

    What happen to the song 🤦🏾‍♂️🙍🏾‍♂️🙍🏾‍♂️


    official version on my channel, check it out

  20. Kj marquise

    bitch this aint drake...

  21. Redd Dizon

    Draks - stands for do right and kill sometimes

  22. Eric Adair

    oh yah what is my name - ________________

  23. gunna mace


  24. gunna mace


  25. silent ted

    this is carter brown not drake thank me later

  26. Bill Nigh II

    Can't use your own name and face chump? Don't flex.

  27. Johnni Hendrix

    This fire. Who's the artist?

  28. Steven Manzueta

    You can tell that’s not drake voice on the song 👀

  29. Beyond whatever

    jaded is a mix between jorja smith and faded btw

  30. kamehameha Hadouken

    Next r.kelly. Prediction on lock.

  31. Georgia Dunn

    What is this ahhaahah

  32. Tooey XO

    Don't really care how good you are man. This is clickbait and it's bullshit.

  33. Angelic Melody

    I'm having trouble trynna sleep
    I'm counting sheep but running out

  34. Hec's Vids

    What the hell is this trash

  35. Shirley McArthur

    Two thumbs up

  36. Steven Hambrick

    U killed it bruh 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Maui Waui

    “Yes I’m drunk, yes I’m faded.”

    Story of my life🤦🏽‍♂️

  38. Matthew Ledoux

    Sounds like A Boogie

  39. SaucyJay1k

    Bro wtf u suck

  40. Robert Cobb Cottman

    Fake ass song

  41. Francis White

    I never heard the drake version & this my 1st time hearing the song overall. Dope. I wanna hear drake version now.

    La B

    Francis White Pandora 💋

  42. Tsubaki Mirach

    He sang this sexy af honestly I’m not even mad it’s not drake

  43. HIM

    Why is this the most viewed version of this song ? Good cover tho


    official version on my channel, check it out

  44. Gregory Brown

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  45. Gregory Brown


  46. Niya B

    I like this version better than drakes

  47. kamikazelombardo

    Put that is a damn cover, damn. I'm here hearing this track thinking this was a feture from Drake or something.


    Fire bamboozle good job bruh

  49. Bonjour Señor

    Bruh fuck you. Take your wack ass and go cover another song. And put it in the fucking title bitch

  50. WALokotes509

    Sep 14 19 🌊

  51. A.C Williams

    Love💖 this Song, sad my ex🚮 sent it to me UGHHHHHH 😂😂

  52. Tle Rico

    It's lil blakee

  53. Raquel Futch

    That describes me

  54. Raquel Futch

    Nice song

  55. BabyFaceAlTu

    Not the original but who ever this is can blow. Much respect

  56. joyner lucas fan guillen

    Drake is the type to make me sing to this girl I loved a lot and tell her how I feel

  57. La B

    Urm just buy the album. I’m in my feelings about this version 😣


    official version on my channel, check it out

  58. SayboP

    #strangerthings .. kinda creepy just reading the lyrics

  59. Anastassiya Li

    fucking die. worst cover ever

  60. Queen Messi

    Please state cover so when we search we won’t click on nonsense like this 😒

  61. ThatNovo Guy

    put ya own name fam.


    Keep your hair coming my guy. Check out my channel!!!!!

  63. Bartosz Preiniger

    Jacob Chupa

  64. Lp Grim Reepa

    You suck asshole

  65. Cloutless

    Was gonna skip as soon as I didn’t hear Drake’s voice but it turned out better than I expected ☕️

  66. Julian Gomez

    U know I love U even tho it’s between us a small price if my heart belongs to u and I know u won’t hurt me 💯💯💯

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    Wait, this is really good 😍

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    I love him high me

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    i cant lie you harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd but i wanted to original ygm

  71. Jed Payne

    fuck it ill give it a shot

  72. Bella Nutella

    “That why I’m not with nobody
    Cause’ I don’t want hurt nobody “
    -Felt that shit 🔥

  73. Daniel Cardenas

    Sound like if aboogie ass did a drake cover😂😂

  74. RoDiggityDangit79

    Not bad.

  75. nene no name

    "dog on this side
    dogs over on this side "


  76. boofys

    where the fuck is the actual song?

  77. James L


  78. Nick Pirro

    This will have to do

  79. Javier Alvarez

    Usually hate when I get tricked into listening to covers but bro this shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Good shit bro, keep it coming!! U got a subscriber dawgy!!!

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    This som make me chill and feel high before I smoke weed ✌️

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    Love this so fucking much. Drake with out auto tone is wavy 🌊 🌊🌈🌠🔥

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    You did a really good job on this cover bro. I want to thank you because drake took track of YouTube and you did your thing

  87. Jared Banks

    A rare OVO sweatshop leak. How did this make it out?

    Drench006 North

    Jared Banks holy shit 😭😭💀 underrated comment 😂

  88. Jared Banks

    You going straight to hell.

    James L

    Why? Because he covered a song?

    Jared Banks

    ​@James L I don't see the word cover anywhere. The cover isn't even that bad either, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get them views up.

    James L

    Yeah, true. Also you need like YouTube music premium to listen to most of his scorpion songs, so people pretend to have the real song so people watch it when it’s a cover

  89. Diego Rodriguez

    I know the whole song I swear 😂 just a couple lines I ain’t get but thanks for the lyrics 💪🏽

  90. Diego Rodriguez

    Yooooo can you please release the lyrics this shit is fireeeeeeee

  91. Mar Speaks

    Drake before he hit puberty

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    This song makes me hide under my covers😂😋💛

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    Lmaooooo this shit terrible! 😂😂

  94. KenTGravity

    This is not Drake and the Jaded song can not be uploaded on youtube because Copyright strike