Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone Lyrics

She says "kiss me like you miss me, fuck me like you hate me
And when you're fucking someone else just fuck her like she ain't me"
Damn, those words are scary, those words are scary virgin Mary
I just tell her to spare me
I was in love 2 years ago and gave the baggage to my ex
It's all for her to carry, bags she deserve to carry
I hate that ho, I make it so hard just to talk, don't I?
I get off topic don't I? I get it poppin' don't I?
I'll end up stopping won't I? And by the time I end up stopping
You'll be rocking one of the rings you pointed out while shopping with a nigga don't lie
She's losing it right now, cause if I wasn't who I am, she would've been moving in by now
But instead we're moving slow -- I guess she's used to it by now
And she gives me all her trust and I'm abusing it right now
But this money coming in is just confusing shit right now
You just told me I ain't shit and I guess I'm proving it right now

I'd rather be with you, but you are not around
So I'mma call somebody up and see if they be down
Cause I hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
Half the time we don't end up fucking, I don't ask her for nothing
You leave me in the morning, I don't see her for months
But I just hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
So she's here and we're both so gone

Hotel to hotel, girl - I could use your company
Full name and birthday, I book a flight, you come to me
But she don't want a weekend - she wants all of me or none of me
If she can't work with all of me then she say she done with me
You say that you over me you always end up under me
You know how it goes - don't be crazy, don't play dumb with me
Don't start with yo shit - I put you back in your place
She tells me "I bet you won't, you won't say that to my face"
And hang up yeah, how dare you tell me it's tougher for you
Like I don't hear about the niggas you fucking with, too
And whoever I be with, they got nothing on you
That's just something to do when there's nothing to do
Yeah, but she's losing it right now
She has choices she should make I think she's choosing it right now
One more chance to make it right, I think I'm using it right now
You just said I never learn I guess I'm proving it right now

I'd rather be with you, but you are not around
So I'mma call somebody up and see if they be down
Cause I hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
Half the time we don't end up fucking, I don't ask her for nothing
You leave me in the morning, I don't see her for months
But I just hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
So she's here and we're both so gone

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Drake Hate Sleeping Alone Comments
  1. 1 Channel

    songs still lit end of 2019

  2. LuxFlowz

    Too much Nostalgia, damn...

  3. Christina Brinson

    Dec 2019

  4. Edgar Mendez


  5. Jody Pichon

    I miss this drake, the music climate around this time, and everything I was doing around this time❗️

  6. Lucy Young

    Trill song light one up and clear your mind

  7. Unique Johnson

    Why that goolking

  8. Unique Johnson

    Why you that mean 😡 shatoya lol g poo yg they her marshane

  9. Robert Loya

    2020 and still drake and driving 😢

  10. Youngking Humble

    I like this

  11. Whyinem

    oh shoot

  12. lucas bolek

    Yo that whole outro gave me exterme goosebumps it's beautiful

  13. Connie Marie

    Its 1:53AM 🌙💔

  14. Connie Marie

    Who hears the background vocal at 0:23? So subtle and soothing.

    Romy Taylor

    Connie Marie sounds like Abel


    Connie Marie The Weeknd

  15. Kenne J

    Just call me Bel'vontae Devinaire

  16. Eric Smith

    You say that you're over me you always end up under me!!
    Wowwww Drizzzzzzzzy lol!!

  17. Josh Newkirk

    A million of these views are from me.

  18. Christopher Bradley

    True facts

  19. Waleed Hassan


  20. Tati Baybi

    Still my all time favorite 2019 anyone?

    jay Xash

    Tati Baybi yupp

  21. Angelique Artistry

    This song literally takes me back to how I was feeling then... I love drake and how he has that affect.

  22. Kay Dunk

    4:44 am, Nov 28th, thanksgiving morning alone smoking in my apartment.. Ill update y'all when im a millionaire lol

  23. Lone Wolf

    Been sleeping alone for 24 years and counting..I want a gf so bad

  24. Justin Blancas

    I wish they had this song on spotify):

    Jay Martin

    It's on soundcloud

  25. Terrance Bryant


  26. Please don't mind my really long name, thank you.

    Who remembers from like 2011?

  27. Rafiq Dawood

    Drizzy Drakes best album! All of the songs are great and full of meaning! Miss this younger version of him where he was at his best!

  28. Sergio Nazario

    No wonder drake didn’t put this in the care package this would of put people in a sad and thoughtful zone. The song brings feelings back for someone😔

  29. Atoke Ade

    Instrumental at the end of every drake song

  30. Iliana A

    Bitches aint shit):

  31. Nick

    Totally forgot about this song only to come back years later and feel the emotions I felt when I first heard this masterpiece.

  32. VMB Sony

    Bro I miss my ex 😪😭

  33. The One

    It’s 3:50 am in nov 2019 and I’ve come to the conclusion I hate that hoe

  34. Jodylynn Mobley

    Me too ii hate sleeping alone !!

  35. Keryn Altomo

    DON. D 👑

  36. Gaming with Rene

    Here cuz this song iTunes exclusive😅

  37. american maniac

    i hate that ho i make it so hard just to talk dont i! od real

  38. Mr_anonymous da king

    Here in 2019 cause ovo for life

  39. Naomí Jones

    I see how old people feel when they hear old songs they be so full of joy its like I still feel the same way I felt when this song first came out years ago 😫♥️

  40. Josephc Chavez

    I rather be with you but your not around so I’m call somebody up cuz I hate sleeping alone 💯

  41. Yash Coolestguy

    she says kiss me you damn those words are i just tell you ibags i hate that i get off topic i get off topic but dont lie shes losing everything she gives me a lot of music i said i rather be you i hate sleeping alone half the time dont ask i just hate sleeping alone so shes hotel full name she dont wanna be the weekend you know how dont start i bet how dare you fucking with thats just yeah shes losing it shes losing it but i guess im proving so i m calling up hate sleeping alone fuck beleive me dont ask i just hate sleeping so shes here both gone oh shes here and so gone ohhhhhhhhh

  42. Deonte Harrison

    This is the legendary, have you in your feelings Drake type music 💯

  43. Isaac Bobonis

    Who's here after Limetown?

  44. Amazing Amy

    Sleeping alone allows me to answer your calls

  45. Vithursan B

    I was 15 turning 16 when Take Care came out and I would listen to this song all the time and made think about girls that I never dated💀😂 too bad this didnt make through the care package

  46. Michael Arnett

    This album is under appreciated in October of 2019.

  47. YRNKamz KM

    4:50 am 😕

  48. David Aldaba

    Girls fake and don’t care about yourself feelings

  49. M BLAZE 187

    I hear this song and realize that I'm the same way .

  50. Pinkyy Banks

    2019 anyone?

  51. Cody Sanders

    If drake is the GOAT of the this generation like this comment

  52. Faisal Munayam

    Knew this was my g 40 on the beat 3:00

  53. My Life As Chey

    Here in 2019 it’s 8:55am

  54. My non famous burner account Famous

    Thinking of ex's I haven't X'd with yet
    Drake & drive=watery eyes

  55. Nocturnal Delirium

    Heard this on a public restroom in my dream after I almost got into a relationship with somebody.

    The funny part is that I haven't listened to this in five years.

  56. Laqwesha Savoy

    This should've been on care package😩

  57. Sung Mook


  58. Bootz Money

    Love your music Drake

  59. erickramos432

    Cant wait to play this album for my future kids and put them on

  60. good funeral

    Hate that bitch still

  61. Flip Ruskii

    2019 shit still a mood 😫😫😫

  62. Keeping It Real Records

    Who's still listening this in 2019?

  63. Tajinere

    2019. It's 00:38

  64. Trey far West

    Story of my life ✌☝

  65. Youtube Worm Hole

    If you like this comment I will pray for all your dreams to come true

  66. Calvin Soafo

    come home

  67. Jap Woodz

    Spark one up turn your head phones or speakers ! Just know its all seasons with music

  68. C_RodTV

    Makes me think about all the good girls I let go. You grow up and realize you lost some really good women.

  69. Joshua Thiel

    I'm annoyed he didn't put this right after club paradise on care package because they mix right into one another perfectly.

  70. Kelly Mkhize

    Makes me think of a nigga I want so bad... We're just vibing but not in the way the I want.

  71. Shaviva18

    This one should have made the cut on the "Care package"

    Malick Fontack

    Shaviva18 it’s on Take Care. It’s a bonus track.

    AZ Beats

    Malick Fontack this song ain’t on it on Spotify

    Malick Fontack

    AZ Beats This is why Apple Music is better.

    AZ Beats

    Malick Fontack that’s literally the only song spotify doesnt have, do y’all have Reasonable Doubt on Apple Music tho? Lmaooo Nah but we do

  72. Robert Voorhies24

    Old Drake music spree 😂 I'm pit stopping right here ATM

  73. Wavy LikedavieeTV

    This should of been the track after club paradise 😭😭😭

    Ideas and Theory

    Wavy LikedavieeTV hell yeah

  74. Katie B

    Fuming that this ain't on spotify 😩

  75. Ashley Timari

    Why couldnt this be on the care package

  76. Tia Prater

    The feels


    I'm home alone rn so I'm listening to this 😪😥🔥

  78. Gabriel Sanchez

    Drake should’ve put this on the care package he just dropped!

  79. Ideas and Theory

    Put this in the care package!

  80. Qualeem Slade

    Who else found themselves here after “Care Package” dropped? 🙇🏽‍♂️💔


    Maaannn it should have been on the album bruh

    Organized Slime

    It’s on the iTunes version

    Qualeem Slade

    Organized Slime no it’s not

    Eddy Medina

    2011 memories vibes bro, great times ! bscly club paradise pt 2


    Yeah.. Listening to Club Paradise again made me come back. 'Material Girl' and 'Fear' along with this song are greats.

  81. insert random name here

    anyone else wish this was on Care Package?

  82. Jay Coburn

    This album and If You’re Reading This are some of the greatest r&b and rap any era has produced. Hate as they might, Drake’s legacy is cemented.

    insert random name here

    @Jay Coburn nothing was the same too

  83. originalbookie

    2019 listen ?

  84. Azrael Prometheus

    Wait, where'd my melanin go?

  85. Hxzi Yt

    Damn it’s 2019 I just wish we could go to back to 2011 so many great memories and great people 😩

  86. Leonel Rodriguez

    Damn July 2019

  87. big ol'


    👇 smash that right there to confirm

  88. KoKo FitFaded

    Takin it back a little 🔥

  89. Casualties

    Im only commenting so there won't be 666 comments.

  90. Snm Beto

    This nigga drake is cold 💯🥶

  91. Enlightened_One ॐ

    This is a perk of being alive


    Enlightened_One ॐ lmao the way you worded this is golden

  92. Jair Trail

    I still love her. Always will

  93. WeLuvJasmine 2020


  94. Rosa Nova

    I hate sleeping alone... 😔

    M BLAZE 187

    You and me both, ma'