Drake Bell - Wishful Thinking Lyrics

Wishful Thinking is away there
We give people their dreams
Wishful Thinking means something
Just as great as it seems

Wishful Thinking shines bright
Like a magical light beam

So come on along,
we’re singing a song
about this magical team

Wishful Thinking is amazing
Like a beautiful ring

Wishful Thinking can make us
Make us both wanna sing

So come on with me
And we can go on this magic blink
Wishful Thinking is the way
Any time of the day can be a glorious thing

With you by my side
There’s nothing I don’t think I can do
And I just can’t hide
The feelings I have deep inside for you

Wishful Thinking is great
We could do it forever
Flying so high, up in the sky, magically
Wishful Thinking is the best
As long as we’re together

So come on along,
It’s where you belong
Wishful Thinking with me
(Thinking with me)

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Drake Bell Wishful Thinking Comments
  1. bhoxz justine

    Her character Here is less crazy,but her other character Trina is super crazy

  2. GB Intouchable

    j'adore la musique cool cool 👍👍👍😉😉

  3. petev23

    Daniella = one of the most beautiful woman alive!

  4. Drakester Bell

    I just adore Drake Bell!

  5. Daniella Monet

    Thank you for 2,000 views!

    Karma Ackermann


    brooklyn lawson

    you sound great better than victoria justice