Drake Bell - Makes Me Happy Lyrics

Well hello let's go
everybody must know
love's in my heart like a bomb
It's blowing a song inside I'm singing
sunshine that your bringing now and it makes me happy
Listen to the radio playing back in stereo
Sounds like my favorite song
I'm humming along my head is ringing
And I just can't stop singing now 'cause it makes me happy, it makes me happy
You're everything I need, handed from above
I can't get enough of your love
Cause it makes me happy
Living in a day-dream
I'll show you what it all means
Spending some time in the sun
Let's get up and run it's just beginning
And I just can't stop singing now
'Cause it makes me happy, it makes me happy
Like a fantasy that you never find
Right in front of me all the time
And it makes me happy
I want it all but not too much I wanna feel the way you touch me
I'm the kind of guy who's always there to come and find you
Save the rainy days for another time
I'm just here to say read between the lines
I'm so glad that your mine
Cause you make me happy
you make me wanna sing
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do
do do dodododo
do do do do

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Drake Bell Makes Me Happy Comments
  1. Poodz

    When the Conservatives are predicted an 86 seat majority in the exit polls

  2. The Abrupt

    Christmas season 2019 anyone?

  3. pmstreetskater

    Hulu brought us here

  4. WinterAusfire


  5. Another Argentinian Gamer

    its like the beatles xd

  6. hannah carter

    This is my new happy song

  7. Dymetri

    Here I was thinking they said “save uranium” all these years 🤦‍♂️

  8. Captain spongebob underpants Hicks

    Those dislikes give me HEADACHES

  9. BOBY Bobbyjr

    is it just me, or does the beginning of this really sound like Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen?

  10. FerGamerDJ

    This music is my childhood

  11. hannah carter

    This is my new favorite happy song

  12. The Super Law

    Bummer I can't find the clip the the "remix" Josh agreed to

  13. Enrique P

    Just saw him live and came here to relive my childhood.

  14. UnUniversoDiverso Go

    Es un recuerdo muy hermoso muchas gracias algoritmo de shutuf

  15. Silent Undersea

    I think they're called pr0nz

  16. spinningninja2

    1:36 the line that’s been stuck in my head for a decade now

  17. BreadWinners Association

    Those dumb boobs😂😂😂😂

  18. Andres Marquez

    Sólo recordando mi niñez.

  19. hannah carter

    This was the song when drake and josh ended I miss them very much

  20. Crispyer than Chips

    Whenever I feel like I can’t do anything I listen to this song and guess what it makes me happy

  21. Juan Martínez

    Que depresión tan hijue'puta

  22. Donavon Law

    Still here in 2k19

  23. Warrior of Radness

    Love this song so much. Idk why it always reminds me of a Christmas song.

  24. Nico 97

    Pop Punk ??? Lol

  25. Itzelt Her-Aya

    Tuve que poner "zapatos Daka" para encontrar esta canción xD

    Alcatel Arrebol

    O un camaron jigante😂😋😎😎

  26. Andrassinator

    Why does listening to make me tear up

  27. drummerboi 16

    I lowkey miss drake and josh. That was my shit

  28. Michael Paone Productions

    "that's my song. that's MY song!"
    "shhhh. don't spoil the moment."

  29. Maryhelen Piceno

    Love this👏🏼👏🏼

  30. Euronymous27

    Drake and josh made me happy

  31. francelita Mejia

    Nostalgia al 100 ♡♡♡♡

  32. francelita Mejia

    Dios mío mi infancia

  33. David Canseco

    Cómo olvidar a mis 17 años me encantaba esta rolita do do do do do

  34. Scorpia212

    Back to hear my childhood 😭

  35. Combat tostito

    That’s 1 big shrimp

  36. Hayden Clark (Student)

    Drake Bell - Makes Me Happy (Lyrics) HD

  37. Nao 1309 :3


  38. Saul Arcos Beristain

    quien es de México? :v

  39. Madeleine Baltazar Romero

    In love ❤️🌻☺️

  40. pedro luis chavez tito

    buen tema

  41. Lauren Boyd

    Drake and Josh is the og of Nickelodeon sitcoms! One of my favorites!

  42. bienvenido gogle

    Son unos putos los que no hablan en español

  43. Pablo Escobar

    Alguien 2019?

  44. Cl 007

    Aún recuerdo al ayuwoki bailando está canción, que recuerdos....

  45. Aleena Elliott

    this is what happiness sounds like

  46. Sorcerer Vaati64

    I never really knew other singers long ago in elementary school but ive known drake since amanda show and drake and josh and i was a huge fan of him back then. I still am. He’s pretty much my childhood

  47. Sarah williams

    Love :3 drake bell

  48. Angel Pineda

    Drake and Josh ❤

  49. Brian Barajas

    They are reviving the show

  50. Guada Suppa


  51. Fabrizzio Pulella

    2019 jojojo don dimadone y turco asis fumandose un buen comigarro con chacho castaña sonriendo de esa manera que solo el puede hacerlo. Adios hermano del otro lado

  52. Aquamarine Dolls

    This takes me back to my high school days! Haven't heard this song in forever!

  53. dario duarte

    es oasis

  54. Dylan Y

    Bring drake and josh back please!

  55. vos 247

    ¿volvemos mindy? V:

  56. Samson Small

    Who's still rocking with Drake Bell 2019? 🔥

  57. Hamad Ali

    Watched the episode today

  58. ArtOfWaveTv

    My shit

  59. Diego Jamanca Asencio

    Makes happpppy🎶🎶

  60. Justin Brady

    I want the shrimp

  61. Kayla the Powerpuff Girl Rules 2009

    Pororo racing adventure reminds me of this.

  62. Matthematical Reactions

    Pretty damn good song in a damn good series finale

  63. Misshana Xox

    When life was simpler

  64. Nick Marinello Games

    “I think its called a prawn” 😂

  65. JSD / SDNinetyFive

    "I like being bad. It makes me happy."

  66. Winston G.

    I unliked this video just so I can like it again.

  67. Jesus No

    best song ever no cap

  68. ALAKAY10K

    196 Dislikes?? ... MEGAN

  69. MOEKer

    This song really makes me happy!

  70. Alan Lopez Tovar

    Quieres echar pata?

  71. zDarkinx

    Drake Bell-2018

  72. Guilherme Guedes

    Brasil 2018???

  73. carly donoho

    fuckin great song

  74. Laura Valdivia

    Does someone have the video when drake parker sings this song? I think it is in helen's wedding...


    Laura Valdivia really big shrimp

  75. albertoperecito horacio

    I love this song jsjs

  76. zaiden lee

    this song still...Makes Me Happy ☺
    also, anyone listening in October 2018?

  77. Khea RM

    Quieres hechar pata? :v

  78. Lucas M

    Sounds like my *favorite song
    Drake Bell is American, we don’t use that spelling

  79. EfrainTortellini

    ¿Que tranza mamasita? ¿Quieres hechar pata?

  80. Ana Luisa Ch

    i loveee ittt


    Yo solo vine por el escorpion dorado...

  82. Alfredo Vásquez


  83. Jesus Morales

    que tranza mamasita :v

    Max Hernández

    Que tranza papasito :V

    xDavidXDXx Casta

    Cuanto cuestas mamacita

    Joseph Pech

    Pinche cochino jajaja


    ¿quieres echar pata? xd

  84. Cesar Valdez

    Oye tranquilo viejo

  85. Rene Ramos

    Drake se me calleron los pantalones

  86. xiomara medina cervantes

    Esta es una cancion que a pesar del tiempo no averguenza volver a escucharla

  87. Sheyla Grajales

    like quien vino aquí después del escorpión al volante

  88. Christian Lococo

    This song makes me happy

  89. Joel Sanchez

    171 dislikes Megan😑