Drake Bell - Hollywood Girl Lyrics

Are you putting in your songs?

No, I'm not when you ask
Kind of I guess

Hollywood girl
Is lost again
All of her hopes left her stranded
Seasoned dreams
Are just pretend
She can't stand it

Why'd it have to happen to me
Why'd it have to hurt so bad

Cause in this town
Can't find up but I found down
In the city life
Can't turn around
Can't give up I feel too proud
Under the city lights

She doesn't believe
In believing
Miracles have died in her mind
She knows the world
Is deceiving
Everything is wastin' her time

Why'd it have to happen to me
Why'd it have to hurt so bad

Cause in this town
Can't find up but I found down
In the city life
Can't turn around
Can't give up I feel too proud
Under the city lights

Get in line and hold your head high
Pretty face will help you get by
Step inside I'll make your tears dry
So put on your smile

Cause in this town
Can't find up but I found down
In the city life
Can't turn around
I can't give up I feel too proud
Under the city lights

One of the drivers has to pick you up at the airport
and bring you to my photo shoot so I can see you
I'm so sorry, I tried to get it changed
I'm so sorry baby
Don't be mad

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Drake Bell Hollywood Girl Comments
  1. Jessi

    T-R-L BABY

  2. Jessi


  3. BashanSandersRockstarchannel


  4. Curtis Levere

    Josh should've just gave them the G.O.... then they could've squealed to the police. Wtf.

  5. Bruce Wayne

    Who loves Drake and Josh???

  6. Sorcerer Vaati64

    Drake and Josh is what made with fall in love with LA vibes

  7. deadpool butternubs

    This just makes me think about Bowling for soup

  8. King Quentin

    Drake & Josh: Go Hollywood is a good movie

  9. Angel J

    He should have continued his music career honestly

    Alexis Fitzroy

    He's doing it.

  10. hannah carter

    I finally finished all of the seasons of drake and josh now I’m watching victorious on Netflix I finally finished season one now I’m watching season two I’m loving my new childhood club

  11. JD Diggy

    Happy to say Drake bell is on the playlist of my childhood.

  12. TylerGamingTV

    And here we still are, in 2019, listening to the most underrated songs from my childhood, because nothing will ever satisfy my bones like this does.

  13. ioKOALA

    OMG the teenage memories!!!!!

  14. Leehie Shamia

    this song goes harder than an exergonic reaction with a high transition state and a high negative ΔG

  15. The Dark Pandora

    They say songs are epic.. THIS IS LEGENDARY!!

  16. hannah carter

    I watched drake and josh go to Hollywood I have been trying to find the movie everywhere on amazon but I watched and drake rocked it in Los Angeles I love him

  17. edson Chavez

    Hollywood girl

  18. Regier Productions

    2019 Anyone?

  19. Angie Marisa

    On today’s episode of: Why isn’t this on spotify???

  20. Alex Zevallos

    The Drake & Josh movie is DARK

  21. hannah carter

    This song that drake sang in the movie in Hollywood in Los Angeles

  22. Kerry Smith

    TRL Baby😎

  23. Sara Brown

    Great singer and great guitarist !!!

  24. Elton Nolasco

    Fuck this song still slaps!!!!!

  25. SouzaDaAyatollahOfficial

    It is July 20, 2019, and I'm still listening to this song.

  26. colinkrulz

    Am I the only who wants to go back 2009 again?! 😭

    Joe Whitehead

    colinkrulz 2006 is actually when this came out?

  27. SR.A

    This is such a good song!

  28. SadBoiiiDanny

    It sucks knowing that we cant go back to the day this movie came out and when we first heard this song. It makes me cry

  29. Mo Rashid

    2019 anyone ? 🥺🥺❤️

  30. Zelig CEH

    This makes me want to cry 😭, my childhood


    Same! I just wanna go back to 2009 again.

  31. Sorcerer Vaati64

    I love LA vibes than NYC anyday

  32. alstinson

    Ah yes, I remember TRL featuring the up and coming Drake Parker.

  33. Rachel Houghtaling

    2019 anyone?

  34. Stalín

    Sk8tr boi?

    Joe Whitehead

    Stalín Is that what this reminds you of?

  35. Tevin Cotton

    Why it had to happen to me.. Why it had to hurt so bad... Blasting this shit.. 2019

  36. Marvin the Maniac

    This song makes me think of Sarah Lynn from Bojack!

  37. Reid M

    This song just brings unconditional happiness to me. My childhood in three minutes

  38. Night Hawk

    2019 :)?

  39. Hey Guys Micheal Here

    2019!!! Still love this song. Where you at ppl!!

  40. celeste lara

    2019 y sigo amando esta canción

  41. suda moon

    It's pretty crazy that he was an actor on Nick and managed to get a show where he was himself and played his own songs in the show.

  42. SlimShadow

    2019 ;)

  43. Daniel Barwatt

    Drake Bell > Justin Beaver

  44. Michael Paone Productions

    cut to josh dancing backstage

  45. Nick Thomas

    Drake and josh go to Hollywood

  46. Sorcerer Vaati64

    I get mad goosebumps at 0:25

  47. Marvin Flores

    2019 Anyone?

  48. שגיא אייזנמן

    hi, someone can tell me which distortion effect is he using in this song?

  49. Brandon Bryant

    Y'all cant tell me drake didn't kill this song ..

  50. O S

    this song is just too amazing hits me right in the feels! <3 <3

  51. Ostin Ruiz



  52. Austin Blansett


  53. King CJ

    2019 🔥🔥🔥👑👑❤️

  54. Josh Benedon

    “in the city lights!”

  55. Benjamin Lee

    How can you not invite this man to your wedding

  56. Luz Lezama

    I love you Drake Bell😻❤

  57. Xtreme SkillZ

    2019 anyone?

  58. Marianini Barron

    2019 ❤❤😘

  59. Bryce Franken

    2019... Low key banger!

  60. Noah Gore Hoe

    Drake actually write good songs

  61. Dead On Arrival

    This song was my childhood

  62. Vitor Santos

    2019 😊

  63. Dawson Conrad

    Click like if you’re listening to this & watching Drake & Josh on Hulu in 2019

  64. Daniel Baker

    Hear it and like it

  65. Johnny & Daysha


  66. Reid M

    This show is as iconic as it could get! We need more!!!!

  67. Brandonn Bellamy

    2019 :3

  68. Jorge M


  69. E. K. T. P 24

    The good old days

  70. Brandon Smith

    Drake & Josh Go to Hollywood brought me here!

  71. tunasub

    This was, and still is an anthem

  72. Axel Martínez

    ¿Por qué no está en Spotify?

  73. Tabinda Batool

    30 nov 2018

  74. DNF Danninetyf

    Im a 23 year old child and i want to cry while listening to this.

  75. 13echo


  76. shelton misheck

    2018 and it's still amazing

  77. DR460N B411 Z

    November 3rd 2018

  78. triggerbell :P

    Everytime of "whyd it had to hurt so bad" my heart breaks and jump at the same time

  79. Fernando Emmanuel San Martin Abrego

    Very good

  80. Zayn Malik Legend

    Always love this song

  81. luna Yunii

    Te amo Drake