Drake Bell - Golden Days Lyrics

These are the golden days
In this golden age that we're livin'
I show you a thousand ways
I show you how we take what we're given


You can say what you want
We don't need your permission
Cause you're so busy talkin'
That you don't even listen
You can do what you want
You know that we don't mind
You got the years
But we got the time

These are the golden days
In this golden age that we're livin'
I show you a thousand ways
I show you how we take what we're given

You can say what you want
We don't need your permission
With all the things that you hide
How do we look suspicious
Better look straight ahead
Don't look over your shoulder
Because you'll wake up to find
That we've taken over

These are the golden days
In this golden age that we're livin'
I show you a thousand ways
I show you how we take what we're given

(We have the strength to survive)

These are the golden days
In this golden age that we're livin'
I show you a thousand ways
I show you how we take what we're given

These are the golden days
In this golden age that we're livin'
I show you a thousand ways
I show you how we take what we're given

Don't take what you're given
Don't take what you're given
We won't take what we're given

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Drake Bell Golden Days Comments
  1. Un wonejo comun

    jaja al chile no c ingles

  2. emo fish from spongebob


  3. MEGAXON99

    Grande dreic, saludame

  4. Родион Назаров

    Give me back my 2010 when this serial was on TV P.S I know that this serial lasted since 2004 - 2007

  5. G. m


  6. Jebbtsr

    this song sounds like drake is attempting to be like a band called jellyfish soooo good

  7. D: ß

    Massa essa musica

  8. Larissa Uemura

    alguem sabe o snap do Drake Bell (se ele tiver)?

  9. rauln pedia

    i love @drake

  10. Aurora Albin

    My fave song when I was 9 years old or something ;D Now 17, jeez time flies

    Saul Z.

    +Aurora Albin same song, now 19, it blows my young mind, before know epic and antique rock music


    Same for me. First discovered his music when I was about 11 and now I'm 21 and still listening from time to time. Good music is timeless!

    Hey Im Awkward

    21 now lol

  11. Poke's Post

    Cuando saco Lost a Lover fue hermoso :'3

  12. Krislyn Morales

    Drake Bell is so great singing <3

  13. Bailee Cromwell

    Drake bell is so talented love his voice :)



  15. M4SSACRE

    i used to  see him live when i was in 1st grade i remember loooool

    Aurora Albin

    lucky bastard

    Andrea Sorio Da Silva

    MafiaOfQuick Scopes

  16. Brandyn Mitchell

    Like a happy young the giant

  17. mondodicarlo

    If you do that AMAZING music, why you wasting your time talking about a commercial product?

  18. Connor Terrell

    Reminds a lot of "Fixing a Hole." Love it! :D

  19. Andie Pereda

    stop comparing drake with justin damn it!!
    please,that's just annoying..

  20. ShootTheZombies

    Because Drake and Bieber (fans) have a kind of bad history between them. I personally don't know how it started, but just check out Drake Bell's twitter sometime and you're bound to see plenty of Bieber fans insulting him with Bell retaliating.

  21. Jenny's Welt

    I´m from Austria and I´m one of the biggest fan of Drake Bell!!!! He is so amazing!!!
    I´m so speechless now because I love this song!!!!!!

    Diegoroddi LOL

    JennyBrailey hey voll cool ich komme aus Deutschland

  22. Imbi1300

    Fuck Bieber, Go! Drake Bell :)

  23. robin nightwing

    drake bell forever

  24. Metzengerstein

    That has also happened to me, you just desire and wish to go back and do what you used to do desperately. I know that feeling bro.

  25. the kaiser

    music is music /;;/ this is good, nothing that not is metal xD

  26. Diego Garcia

    i'm metalhead but i really like this fucking song

  27. Irene van Amersfoort

    dutch drakester here :)

  28. Amber R.

    I'm from The Netherlands , I love this song sooooo much! <3

  29. Night Faurey

    *3* i love him! safsafsdsfd *q*

  30. Kira Dalton

    Drake's not very popular here in Colorado: ( but my friends and I love him soooooo much

    Ethan Renteria

    Kira Dalton sucks. Every where else he's the most popular human ever.........just kidding he's not popular anywhere

  31. shotGTA

    god , its 4:30 too >_> im scared

  32. dragonbrawler22

    Most of them are in Spanish because Drake is VERY popular in Mexico. He had a huge show there...

  33. Julienne Abeleda

    I'm from the Philippines. LOL. Just sayin ;)

  34. David Choi

    so fucking good

  35. MrSebastian

    I'm from Chile and I love his music, he's very talented

  36. NoSuprisesjb


  37. greenhorn23

    @nickoly21 yes he is international...i'm from austria...and i listen to db =) great music!

  38. Mister Roc

    I'm form Croatia & I love him

  39. La Ñera Skan

    tanto sin escuchar tus canciones :D!!<3

  40. Gallows 〈3

    @nickoly21 half the people loves the tune and other half knows the lyrics and the mean of it but all of them agree that changing the language of the song would ruin it so nope, he didn't sing them on spanish.

  41. Gallows 〈3

    @nickoly21 I am Mexican, we have "Drake & Josh" show, or we had it when it was on air (idk if it's still on) it is/was a very fun show in my opinion and many people here like it, on the show they show some of drake's songs i believe that's where the latinoamerican fans comes from o-ò also as someone said before, he made more than "few" tours here so... cheers from Mexico.

  42. didinica213

    IM from romania an i love him

  43. Siobhan

    @nickoly21 Ive noticed he is always doing tours in Mexico

  44. Soap Price

    this is cool

  45. Manny Pas

    I'm from mars and we love DRAKE BELL!!!

  46. Helga Pataki

    @nickoly21 Iam for the middle east and i know about drake bell im muslim too :)

  47. Kurt Caruana

    @nickoly21 i'm from malta and i know about drake bell ;)

  48. bestmusic4every1

    this song is so freaking owsome

  49. Dee Petersoni

    and I'm Polish and I love him too

  50. Gabriel Uri

    Cara(One Brazilian on here...),fiquei doido com esse couro,eu vivo iventando histórias com as músicas do Drake...
    depois tentem ir na musica do Drake Highway to Nowhere:Lá em baixo tava escrito assim:esse coméntario tem muitos votos negativos.
    Clica lá pra você ver!

  51. Dani Nicole

    this is best drake bell song lol xD

  52. Miguel A. Rodriguez E.

    No es que yo escuche la canción el mismo día que salio pero al escucharla recuerdo viejos tiempos como llegando a mi casa por las noches de escuela idas en el auto yendo a muchos lugares que ya no voy que tiempos 2OO8 ya no volverán // Not that I heard the song the same day it came out but I remember listening to good old days coming to my house at night school trips in the car going to many places that I do not go that times will not return 2OO8

  53. drugedupjuggalo

    Drake's hot.I loved him in Drake and Josh.He was funny.

  54. Helena ( •̀ω•́ )

    i love you soo much :)

    Hey Im Awkward

    Hello from 8 years from the future

  55. Dominique Ubbels

    i think this is one of his best songs!

  56. Melani

    oh,yes ! i like this song so much :)
    good sound, good voice <3 :D

  57. bestmusic4every1

    i love this song
    this is the greatst
    song ever but drake is the best singer ever

  58. Axethunderer

    @nickoly21 lol. that was a long time ago

  59. OMGitsDSypl

    @kazim421 Highway to Nowhere

  60. SPEEDSTER7201

    new artist just autotune. drake is plain talent

  61. MyObstsalat

    whaaatt? I didn t know the song till yet!
    but love it.

  62. Golden Hour Marketing

    is he actually still making new songs?

  63. whitestarline08

    @Ermeig same here :)

  64. Ermeig

    Two years ago, I was obsessed with Drake Bell. I haven't really listened to any of his music since, but I just randomly woke up craving it (it's 4:30 AM) XD. And I still remember every word to all his songs o.o I love Drake Bell <3 :]]

  65. Joao dasilva

    esta cancion es damasiado bakana dias dorados wena

  66. Franco Amun

    la edad dorada o dias doradas muy buena la cancion

  67. Eduardo Anaya

    que cool

  68. Daniel Halfinger

    Über geiler Song voll der Hamma xD

  69. henry diaz del carpio

    golden days
    ta seuper buena la musica

  70. zack3825

    da has de recht voll gail

  71. henry diaz del carpio

    ta xidiksima la can

  72. lightside4

    always changing style! pure talent

  73. Guy1321 Crimson

    Yeah drake !! Love your song man !!
    Loveee itttt Keep making more cool songs !!

  74. lai

    I keep replaying itttt. <333

  75. Rachel Louise

    Its his own opinon, and he means his teenage years,
    if you actually listend to the lyrics you would get that.

  76. skaterose

    drugs acohol and woman are easy to get for a teenager to them its the golden age

  77. Gamino10


  78. Gamino10

    overkill1123456789 is a HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Gamino10


  80. Gamino10


  81. Guifwan

    Drake bell es la polla

  82. CrackYouUpFilms

    I wonder what happened to him. He doesn't play in movies or shows anymore. Did he just disappear

  83. Sofia T

    Hes awesome!!

  84. Chris Jericho


  85. xdwere1

    drake bell is my idol!!!!!!!!!

  86. javier De la cruz

    drake bell is my idol!!!!!!!!!

  87. אבי שגיא

    cool dude love his songs

  88. ScarletxCrimson

    Best song off this album :)

  89. lionbite121

    how adorable.. the song and drake (:

  90. Ik Thomas

    he is the best

  91. anjan14

    excellent he rockz

  92. anjan14

    true .hes got talent

  93. anjan14

    true his mucic is 1 of the best or the best

  94. Emil Alegada

    not many musicians make this kind of music and this is the music some of us are just dying to listen to.. that 60's like music tune.. simply the best.