Drake Bell - Circles Lyrics

Here we are at this party
Everything is going down
Music's playing loud
Keep the pressure off my coffee table

Momma said it's not loud
Girls are laughing way too loud
Jocks stand around
Oh damn they look so proud

A dude is spinning records
Like a stupid fool that won't stop
Quiet, quiet, baby
My ears are about to pop

Look who just walked through the door
It's Brian back from the store
To show the party he can
Break it just a little more

Hope there's more to life than this
I'm sure there's more to life than just
Spinning in circles
You got me spinning in circles

Hey there little girl
Haven't seen you for some time
How's life been
Is it good, is it bad, is it fine (so fine)

Sorry gotta make my rounds
See you when it dies down
Music so loud
Hell, your voice is drown

Hope there's more to life than this
I'm sure there's more to life than just
Spinning in circles
You got me spinning in circles

Now that the party's over
Hope everybody leaves here sober
Don't forget your lovely coat
I'm so relieved that nothing broke

Whoa whoa stop right here, what do you know
She just brought me another one
Just like the other one
Sorry pretty baby but I think I'm done

You better slow down girl
You look a little wired
I gonna slow down myself
'Cause I'm a little tired

Hope there's more to life than this
Better be more to life than just
Spinning in circles
Spinning in circles
A one, two, one, two
Spinning in circles
Spinning in circles
The end

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Drake Bell Circles Comments
  1. Celeste Rubí

    Quién en 2019?


    Presente lml

  2. Vincent Fuentes

    I love this song.

  3. Ruben Dominguez

    The original drake

  4. María Guadalupe Nava

    Amazing Drake Bell! Come back

  5. Texas Fishing Chronicles

    His best album

  6. Jazzora

    Josh Peck did the beatboxing

  7. Grace

    2018... :') miss this drake

  8. Jason Lange

    Love the piano at the end

  9. Faith

    Beat boxing

  10. Alejandro Nuñez

    The outro is my favourite part

  11. Avidzer

    2018 ? My childhood 😭

  12. Julio Farias

    Love this! Memories!

    Άξιος - иυмв

    Julio Farias callate mes

  13. Adil A

    the original Drake.. great tune

  14. Young King [FPS Gaming]

    2017 Anyone? Man This Came Out 10 Years Ago.. Wow!

    Nick DeCastro

    Young King [FPS Gaming] it came out 12 years ago man


    2019 bud

    Okabe Rintaro

    @kanishk hey there bro.... well atleast an indian who also is a drake bell fan.. Drake and josh memories 😇 will live long...

  15. c o t w o

    LISTENING 2017

  16. Kenichi Shirahama

    2016 lml

    Joshua Hughes

    Kenichi Shirahama 2017 :)

    Brian Scott

    +Joshua Hughes 2018!

  17. Andrew Bokole

    3:15 ABSOLUTE MAGIC :O :O <3

  18. Doll Music

    amei essa música! 💗💗💜

  19. German Garcia

    i love you !!!!

  20. Marcus Jean

    The beatboxing in this song is done by Bell's Co-Star in "Drake And Josh" Josh Peck.

    Taylor Hahn

    thats cool

  21. GoodGuySm

    ο ντρεικ μπελ γαμαει

    despoina driva

    τσεκαρε το καναλι μου

  22. Aurora Albin

    I love how he always gave a weird twist at the end of his songs, a funny outro, you dont hear that anymore..


    But the outro in this song isnt funny, its nice, but theres nothing funny about it...

    Ethan Renteria

    Redux i think he meant unusual

    Martin Cruz

    @Shotwell chill

  23. Flor McCsan

    En definitiva me encanta más "el Drake Bell antiguo" 

  24. Stacey Saville

    Love this album

    Jeromy Lyon

    isnt it amazing lol...

  25. Stacey Saville

    Love this album

  26. The K-Meister

    Nostalgia. ;-;

  27. The Daily Knife

    Here because of IMDB?

  28. Adolfo Jv


  29. Julio darkest den

    Great song ! Great Memories :D

  30. zack brown

    i heard this song on all that when drake played

  31. Gey Seaman

    I love how this song takes such a bad turn at 4:07.

  32. Vanessa Villaseñor

    D: horrible ......

  33. autozeta1

    thi is drake bell not blink

  34. Giovanna Andriani

    ele é muito perfeito sériooo

  35. dragonbrawler22

    Orly? He's got a new album coming soon xDDDD

  36. dragonbrawler22

    Josh Peck beatboxed in this... :D

  37. Anthony Flournoy

    Drake bell
    Our love
    I know
    Highway to Nowhere

  38. Yoshitake Tanaka

    essa musica e shooow !

  39. Jacob B

    @xxspicypepperxx really? that's so cool that they kept in touch

  40. smegzy454

    gotta love drake bell <3

  41. xalys

    @drakeisamazing12 who doesn't? :D

  42. Rebeca Lisboa


  43. Leonie B

    @mast3rfox nope he didnt,, he still give performens (orsomething) but dont wrote new songs

  44. TNAisWWEv2

    this is my favorite song he wrote

  45. Pablo Josué

    que loco

  46. angeline2606

    i lllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee drake bell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Marije Timmermans

    Didn't listen to Drake Bell for a long time. I missed this song.

  48. Golden Hour Marketing

    @TheKC0303 you r not the only one!!!!!

  49. Frannts B

    The biggest of the uncountable difference between Drake Bell and Justin Bieber is the fact that Drake is an actual talented musician with a good character.

  50. Camilla Jørgensen

    @jennamichelle83 Please don't compair them (: I like Justin Bieber, but i also like Drake Bell :)

  51. Simon Delogne

    just awesome :)

  52. herdiv1kro

    esta hermosa esta cancion

  53. Lifer

    i like it so much it's great

  54. Darius Frye

    josh did the beatboxing for this song

  55. Elizabeth Lennard

    very vool

  56. Maris V

    love this song. Drake is cute, and has a lovely voice!

  57. Lucas Di Sessa

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's very funny!!!!!!!!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    i love everything songs of Drake Bell

  58. Saada Askar

    love this song and the album

  59. blowusawaywithyoursound

    cooles lied :D

  60. dannys1andonlyfan

    i went to one of his concerts and he sang it true story

  61. spiderral08

    I love listening to this song when I get the chance to be alone and close my eyes (well probably that's because I like listening to this song before sleeping) but anyway, this is one of my favourite songs from Telegraph. I wish Drake would cover this song in his concerts coz he'd probably change a bit but make it loads better!!!

  62. marjolein

    he's cute ^^

  63. Cora G

    josh beat boxes in this

  64. Hayley Boyd

    yes will have to agree

  65. kruegerbaby

    doesn't Josh do beat boxing on this song?

  66. gigtanur

    muy bien drake

  67. tomboy2081

    it's a really good song db

  68. Ik Thomas

    he is just the best

  69. majinfrans

    this is my favorit number!!! that song makes me happy!!!
    some pepple suks, drake bell rocks!!!

  70. gustavo martz

    amo a drake bell soy su fan n 1 i love drake

  71. Pai

    Würd ich gern haben xDD fragt sich nur wie... xDD

  72. Pai

    Hehe "nua" xD

  73. Hayley Boyd

    love this song

  74. Pai

    In Germany hes not so famous and so there are not many posters, i've got just 1 :(:(

  75. Emil Alegada

    uhm just go for those youtube downloaders and download the videos here for free.. just have the output format into mp3..

  76. Megan Hanberg

    i have three. :D

  77. Kimberly S

    & hearts ; without the spaces.

  78. Brittany10491

    Drake is simply amazing. all his songs are so awesome and very catchy they never get old! I was lucky enough to see him live at six flags new enlgand 7/3/08 at his concert he is very awesome live too. I was right in the front it was amazing best day of my life!♥

  79. shpwhm

    drake bell drake bell

  80. shpwhm


  81. IloveSPIDERZ

    Drake Bell is awesome. Josh Peck is beatboxxing in the background of this song.

  82. shpwhm

    I love this song so much
    Keep it up,Drake Bell....

    Young King [FPS Gaming]

    How is life 8 years later? :D

  83. Hungliketictacs

    yeah hooo!!!!! go drake

  84. Cristina Montoya

    me encanta simplemente lo amo =)