Drake Bell - Christmas Promise Lyrics

There's Christmas magic here, and there's one thing I know
I'm already there
Just look around you, feel it everywhere you go

Cause it's a new year, it's on it's way
A special dreams for all who'll say
That it's Christmas, so promise that you'll stay

Sleigh bells are ringing with just one thing on my mind
I hope it'll snow
We should be here together, 'cause it's Christmas time

So how could you go so far away?
You should be here, so I can say
That it's Christmas, so promise that you'll stay

Is that a reindeer landing on the roof above?
I'm letting him in
This Christmas let's remember kindness, joy, and love

And when you move in, I'll have to say
It's been a while, but that's okay
'Cause it's Christmas, so promise that you'll stay

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Bow-bow (giddy up)
Bow-bow (giddy up)
Bow-bow (giddy up)
Bow-bow (giddy up)

I don't want some fancy present, all I want is you
So how could I be
Alone at Christmas time, when all you need to do

Is listen to me - we'll find a way
To make it right for one more day
'Cause it's Christmas, so promise that you'll stay

So stay - it's Christmas
Promise that you'll stay - it's Christmas
Promise that you'll stay - it's Christmas

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Drake Bell Christmas Promise Comments
  1. cookie_steph

    I miss this drake so much

  2. Jonathan Molina

    Like amas a Drake
    Comenta no


    Amó a drake bell incluso escucho sus canciones y he visto las series y PELÍCULAS que ha echo

  4. Angel Díaz

    Like si veniste por el Tweet de Drake

  5. Drakester oficial

    Hola enamora Drake bell
    Porque esta súper guapo es el mejor y es muy humilde con sus fans
    I love you Drake bell😍❤️😘

  6. Raven Madison

    I love him since I was 5 <3 he's amazing!

    Drake Bell Fans

    Me too!

  7. Kevin Foristal

    Drake bell is the best thing ever

  8. Davon Douglas

    Happy Holidays From Merry Christmas Drake & Josh.

  9. eryk gee

    Happy holidays 2017 nov-jan!

  10. Mica Suero3

    Me encanta 💕💞😍

  11. red x Dick grayson

    he is a good singer, Justin gayber is shit overrated!!

  12. Kevin Casales

    hola las musicas de drake bell son las mejores 👍


    drake eres la ostia (onda vital)

  14. Liam Gardner

    Favorite Christmas song

  15. Smoothwave Proudctions

    Anyone watching this think of
    Merry Christmas drake and Josh

    Olivia Gilbert

    Stopmotionwizard2001 Oneal were do u find the movie on YouTube

  16. Rebecca Rutkiwski

    Drake bell is better than Justin Bieber 😊 😊

    Christian Taylor

    100% agree!!

    Christian Taylor

    +Rebecca Rutkiwski I'd take Drake over Justin anyday

    Rebecca Rutkiwski

    Me too

  17. Alexis Gomez Morales

    La canción favorita de todos. Salu2

  18. Bruno HD FOOTBALL

    3 años de este concierto navideño grande drake

  19. Lucas V

    I dont want some fancy presents, all I want is you. So how could I be?

  20. Orbit LynxZ

    anybody else think this sounds like maybe by Shane Dawson a little bit?


    Shane Dawson worked with Drake's producer (Backhouse Mike) to make his Christmas songs. Originally Backhouse Mike and Drake wrote/recorded/produced all of Drake's music, but then Drake introduced Mike to Nickelodeon, so Drake and Mike produced all the music for Nickelodeon shows (including D&J).

    Also, this song came out in 2008.

  21. SpringTrap 45623895

    I love both versions of this song ITS AWESOME!

    BlackSouls PowerOfLiez

    Ikr :D lol

  22. Stomach-Turning Thrush

    That drummer looks like Flash Thompson.

  23. Samuel GV

    2 years.

  24. O-Tube

    Merry Christmas Drake & Josh (2008) brought me here.

    Christian Taylor

    Me too :D I love that movie!

    Jack Spinhooger

    MeTube shut up

    Brett Kollins

    O-Tube Me too.

  25. Justin Schulze

    Bringt mal wieder die weihnachtsfolge

  26. Taylor Kennedy

    This is so awesome! I wish I was there. Oh well, at least I got to meet him recently.

  27. frank robles

    drake es el mejor del mundo *-*

    Valeria Argañaraz

    +frank robles Es el mejor

  28. Furby Lidenskap

    Todas las beliebers putas comentando acá!! XD Dan pena boludas ;)

    Valeria Argañaraz

    +Furby Lidenskap Drakers Drakers las/los mejores

  29. TVjuggernaut

    Shoutout do Drake

  30. Jesus Martinez

    This is his original song right


    It's his past co-writer's song "Backhouse Mike" who worked on his first two albums with him; I'm assuming Mike gave Drake permission to sing this at the concert. The song was also in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh too.

  31. edmlover always

    omg ... it's 2:00 @ night and watching this video makes me wanna jump off my bed and dance in my house!!!!! men i love this season...!!!! i love xmas so much!!! and of course i love drake bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  32. Stormy

    can't you all just shut the fuck up about justin bieber versus drake bell? enjoy the song instead.

  33. sydsydsyd29

    Where has this video been all my life?!

  34. Grinsebacke67

    merry christmas drake & josh

  35. Steph Hulme

    yeah right

  36. Steph Hulme

    Yeah but he isn't hurting you in any way

  37. Steph Hulme

    why do you even bother??

  38. Steph Hulme

    You're the one who said Drake Bell is gay when he isn't you twat

  39. Steph Hulme

    Where's the LOVE button??

  40. Steph Hulme

    you're gay! Drake is awesome

  41. francis vargas

    i would do anything to meet drake bell he is awsome and he is my favorite singer of all times

  42. iDontKnowAUsernamee

    No, I actually look at Drake's Twitter. He can't update it without JB fans sending death threats. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. You should be asking what's wrong with the damn fan-base that you're apart of, because there's quite a bit that needs improving. And Drake Bell was already famous. Way before Justin Bieber, might I add. He's a person. He has a right to state his opinion. People like you just need to understand that. Sorry that you're so against people speaking their mind.

  43. UKevBiebswift96

    well he said he hates Justin at first right? well i admit those beliebers who sent a death threat is immature but we dont send those death threats like a billion times omg there's something wrong with you. you always looked on what media and people say. i felt sorry on you. well the matter is Drake Bell started all of this. Thirst for fame maybe. bye

  44. UKevBiebswift96

    as i know an old man found him??????? a major label record believe in him???? drake bell is obviously hating on the boy who reached his dream sigh plus a few months ago suddenly he said he dont like beliebers not hate on justin?? what is that? what kind of bullshit is that? felt tired already? sigh

  45. UKevBiebswift96

    but that comment were post 6 months ago byE

  46. UKevBiebswift96

    they already disliked it. so?

  47. escuse me

    that's my point...

  48. UKevBiebswift96

    so what

  49. UKevBiebswift96

    so what

  50. Riedy

    But why are you under a Drake Bell video then?

  51. escuse me

    what if the drake fans came here to dislike you?

  52. Anna Little

    Just to let you know he's stopped the whole Twitter thing but you guys keep hating on him and making you guys look immature. If you look on his Twitter page there's nothing he's recently posted about Justin. So that basically shows he's done with the whole "war"...so if you see that then leave him alone.

  53. Dj England

    Drake Bell, who the hell is Justin Bieber?

  54. Keren Rivera

    Who is better Draje Bell or Justin Bieber!?!?

  55. Anna Little

    Just FYI, Drake does sell out. He had a South American tour and all of his shows were sold out. Also one of his friends posted a video of him performing in front of a HUGE crowd of more than 18 people. Also he does not lip sync...

  56. gfhjf gghf

    NO, HE'S NOT!

  57. gfhjf gghf

    I loveeee DRAKEEE BELLL

  58. william ching

    I luv drake no homo cause he's the only singer in Hollywood that can hit the right key!!!

  59. XxFrankyxX 25

    un genio

  60. Cathy J

    I'm belieber and I also like drake.

  61. el Chakaro

    buena cancion..!

  62. Linda

    HAHAHAHAHA ALL THE COMMENTS BY A DRAKE BELL VIDEO ARE ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER. OMFG LOVE THE POWER OF OUR FAN BASE. By justin bieber video's there are comments about JUSTIN BIEBER. but no, the "fans" of Drake Bell only comment about justin bieber <3

  63. JellyS0916

    that some of his fans are immature.

  64. JellyS0916

    I dont think I'm right. I kinda know I am. Drake has said many times that he thinks you guys are hilarious. Cause you can't deal with his opinion. Not everyone is gonna like Bieber. Why dont you guys understand that. Hating is NOT far from an opinion. It's a NEGATIVE opinion towards someone/something. I'm the one who should be tired explaining to you simple shit. Seriously, you dont understand that everyone has an opinion. and i didn't say ONLY immature children follow him, I just said

  65. UKevBiebswift96

    yeah whatever. haters always think they are right. i mean like u hate Justin right? ha got you.you're just the same. you're lying. He is hating a.k.a giving awful opinion(your understanding) which is so so so very far from opinion. i'm done. i'm tired of this ridiculous stuff. i'm tired explaining easy things that u cant never understand. and yeah even Katy Perry dont liked him anymore. Thats the proof that not only "IMMATURED CHILDREN WHO FOLLOWS JUSTIN" said its a hate.

  66. JellyS0916

    First off I wouldn't give Drake the attention that he is obviously striving for. Stating an opinion is not different unless your opinion is nice/kind to the thing you are opinionating. By the looks from his tweets he thinks Bieber is an immature child who can't sing and his fans are a bunch of immature children who follow him because he is the "cool" thing now... honestly, Drake has every right to hate Justin. It's his opinion about him.

  67. UKevBiebswift96

    i never said him talentless. i just ask him to reevaluate himself. then u just know from the outside not from his inside. nah IF drake bell said jobros isnt talented,you'll did the same too. oh i dislike this video as an immature act? like what i said he should give out the opinion nicely. not with HATING. i think thats immature too. okay lets get this straight,i'm immatured, Drake Bell immatured. Good enough for you?

  68. JellyS0916

    Hmm lets see, how I know he laughs and makes fun of your hate, maybe its because he constantly tweets how you immature beliebers make him laugh. I follow him on twitter because he is hilarious. He finds you guys immature and hilarious. Drake has talent too, jjust cause he hates Bieber doesn't make him talentless.Drake isn't doing this for his ego...he's expressing his opinion bout the newest music artist right now, just saying if you Beliebers IGNORE him he'll most likely stop.

  69. UKevBiebswift96

    u said u're NOT drake bell then how can u know that he laugh and make fun of our hate when maybe in deep his heart regrets for what he'd done.Why would he said Justin's not talented when he doesnt reevaluate his OWN talents twice, "Am i good enough or i should work harder" like that better than sending an opinion smell like hate.He should state that he make an opinion like what Carlos from BTR did that.Carlos even make an apology when he's realize that he's wrong. Drake Bell just with his ego.

  70. JellyS0916

    yes he can. He can sing.

  71. JellyS0916

    It is an opinion. His opinion is Bieber isn't as talented as his fans think he is. He has an opinion. Hating someone is based off an opinion. I am NOT Drake Bell how am I supposed to know his opinion bout Bieber all I know is it isn't a good one since he displays hate towards Bieber. Belieber should just leave Drake alone, we all know he does it for attention and a laugh. He laughs at you all when you defend him, he thinks its funny. His opinion bout Beliebers isn't a good one either.

  72. Andrea Savloff

    he cant

  73. ccxmc

    I didn't mean literally stalking his tweets, it's just an expression. If none of the Beliebers look at his tweets, then he wouldn't even be getting all this attention. It's you guys that are giving him the attention. Just leave it. I don't like certain people on the internet. I don't look at what they do just so I can hate on them more.

  74. UKevBiebswift96

    How do you know that i stalk his tweet when i'm not even do it? Do you know that Beliebers are the largest fanbases which mean we has many connections? So which mean some of us RT'ed or many ways more. I saw the tweets and ofc i mad. Justin is part of my life then saw the hates he gets. Of course I MAD. you said i am immature but the hate Drake Bell give to Justin is not immature?????????? Tell me more girl~

  75. UKevBiebswift96

    as i know that stating OPINION and HATING are two DIFFERENT things. We just defend our idol. How can we just stare there and saw him tweet hate stuff on our idol. Tell me what's the opinion of Drake Bell on Justin? He is HATING FYI. Not an opinion anyway.

  76. UKevBiebswift96

    first,idk that hating is an opinion. as i know that stating OPINION and HATING are two DIFFERENT thing. Tell me what's the opinion of Drake Bell about Justin. TELL ME.

  77. JellyS0916

    lol a concert of his (justin's) flopped!!!! LOLOL thanks for telling me that, I hate Justin. I just like Drake more because he was in my favorite childhood show Drake and Josh...miss that show.

  78. Dj England

    Drake Bells type of music (Classic Rock/ Big Band) is popular in Mexico, The West Coast of the States, all of Britain, and France. America has been on and off again with the digital music Bieber produces, and it's not always bad either. I personally really enjoyed One Direction for their image and reasonably catchy music, Justin seems more like a tool of pop culture and never followed his passion or relied on friendship like Drake or One Direction. Also Justins concert in Argentina flopped..

  79. JellyS0916

    no, he isn't famous cause he choose a genre that sounds close to what the Beatles genre sounds like which was back in the day, and that's not popular anymore. He can sing.

  80. Andrea Savloff

    He isn't famous because he sucks. Thats why.

  81. JellyS0916

    lol yeah...i just miss that show so much.

  82. Kevin Leon

    probably, still though even if they did continue it probably wouldn't have lasted that much longer because youre right they were getting old, BUT they couldve lasted a season or two more

  83. JellyS0916

    they mustve been done with their contracts

  84. Kevin Leon

    no it got cancelled, drake and josh have been interviewed on it and the tweet about it every time they get asked

  85. JellyS0916

    Justin lip syncs JUST LIKE Britney Spears, you can soooo tell. Also, so what Drakes concert was cancelled cause he didn't sell enough tickets...he has talent he just chose a sucky genre of music to dive into...his music sounds like things from the 1950's, music that isn't as popular as it was back then. It's because most of his musical influences have music from back then.

  86. JellyS0916

    No, the actors got too old. Josh and Drake both had facial hair and Miranda needed to do something new before she was stuck as ONLY Megan Parker forever.

  87. JellyS0916

    He's okay with the hate, you immature beliebers make him laugh.

  88. JellyS0916

    He is talented. He should've chosen a more popular genre of music though, thats his problem.

  89. JellyS0916

    That's the point...Paul McCartney's a big influence on his music...his music has the same genre as the Beatles...Drake is talented...it's just he chose a bad genre that isn't popular anymore. That's why no one likes his music. The words and voice rock...i just dont like the beat.

  90. JellyS0916

    You do realize...that he hates on Bieber for two reasons. 1. he has an opinion & 2. He isn't afraid to share it. You guys hating him is ridiculous...ive read his tweets, he LOVES the hate, he thinks it's hilarious. You're just showing him how immature Beliebers are. If he doesn't like Bieber who cares? Isn't he irrelevant anyway? Does it really matter what he says? I still like him cause of his time on Drake and Josh...but really you beliebers are ridiculous.

  91. Paulz

    just stfu justin has no talent in singing hes fans are just 12 year old girls who cant stfu when he is singing

  92. Tina Tuerlings

    he should be way more succesful. he should do a worldwide tour!! i really want to meet him... i'm a fan for over 6 years now

  93. Tina Tuerlings

    probably because of the jacket. and because he's extremely talented :D

  94. Christina thomas

    God, his voice.
    * Melts*

  95. Andrea Savloff

    Cool story bro. But no one but around 8 or 9 people like him still... Besides he is pretty fucking annoying, he should have gotten over Justin's subject the VERY FIRST time he tweeted about it... He should have expected to get a lot of hate if he went on bashing him..

  96. hazukishinji

    You mean he's famous for being a good actor? Total burn.
    Also, he actually got his first big role on The Amanda Show. Him and Josh Peck were so good, that they created a show based around them.

  97. Andrea Savloff

    Because he*