Drake Bell - Break Me Down Lyrics

Break me down enough I'll take your side
And all your attitude
I would like for you to just decide
What you're gonna do

Maybe I'll decide I've had enough
Of what you put me through
Then perhaps you could return my stuff
And all my records too
my 78's and my 45's give them back

I can't believe I'm fallin' for you
a rusted silhouette
embracing burning filament
I can't believe I'm fallin' for you
a verbal avalanche is serving up your innocence
so bye baby bye
Don't try baby try
You can do what you want
stay for a while
know at the end of the day
I still make you smile

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Drake Bell Break Me Down Comments
  1. Beryl Music

    that note around 1:34...wow

  2. Vale 〰

     i love do what you want i am free

  3. HeartsTatum

    Drake was on Nick from 1999-2007, so I wouldn't really call him a 90's Nick Star...

  4. WilWithOneL117

    He deserves so much more recognition than he gets. No one with this much talent should be delegated to "Disney Kids" status.

  5. Kelsey Rose Beeckman

    he needs more attention he is an amazing singer <3 i really like him <3

  6. saddlefreak123

    i wish more people listened to him. his music is really good

  7. Ceri

    Awesome quality, thanks for uploading :]