Drake - Bar Mitzvah In 1999 Lyrics

I'm black and Jewish
Don't be so foolish
I'm black and Jewish
It's a Mitzvah

Please don't forget I'm black, please don't forget I'm Jewish
I play ball like Lebron and I know what a W-2 is
Chilling in Boca Raton with my mensch, Lenny Kravitz
The only purple drink we sip is purple Manischewitz
At my show, you won't simply put your hands in the air
We can also raise a chair or recite a Jewish prayer

Like Baruch Yitadel Yisrael
Ve'et ha Kim Kardashian Kanye West, amen
I eat Hova with nova, knishes with my bitches
A bagel and cream cheesy with my boy, his name is Weezy
Do not go to Feingold's, though
The pickles are rubber
And I will not be harming ya
I read the Old Testament, okra and matzahball, I'll eat the rest of it
I celebrate Hanukkah, dated Rihannakah
Birth right in Israel, mama from Canada
Daddy from Africa
Best of worlds when you're Jewish with black in ya

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Drake Bar Mitzvah In 1999 Comments
  1. HunnyBADger G


  2. Nola Dee

    Loved drake before the beard ❤️❤️

  3. Tineshia bobbitt

    Love Drake he is so talented

  4. Lazie Kid

    Snl racists against Latinos

  5. Lazie Kid

    Fuck @snl when they got a mexican in there not a latino republic

  6. Jay Hooks

    So when drake goes gangsta I laugh. Dude is an actor and not a street dude at all.


    Jay Hooks jokes on you hes never tried to act gangster

  7. Norbert Dovecz

    Anyone got the black goi reference?


    This is NOT a funny skit at all... its got all the "BLACK" stereo types and the original Hebrew Jews were and are many of the so called "BLACK" people....ALL of the People of the Torah Including Jesus Christ of Nazareth were so called "BLACK" melinated people... the original human indigenous beings were all dark skinned melinated.... Egyptians/Hebrews??? The "Native Indians" who were in "America" first were and are Israelites/ "BLACK" people (to my understanding of studying thus far) ... AND so that means DRAKES father is a Hebrew Israelite by DNA... which means Drake is a Hebrew Israelite "JEW" because of his father... And we are our Father. Of course Drake knows the truth but can't speak about it. Those who sell out to the system/ industry can't tell the truth.


    relax drake dont care

  9. Santiago Minotas

    That was hilarious and FIRE at the end

  10. Alexander Kunovszky

    No words.. what a cringe fest

  11. RJ21283

    That was awesome

  12. The ERNAL REAL ESTATE GROUP at Keller Williams Capital Properties-DC

    His a check for $1000,don't cash it for 90 days. I laughed so hard. 😂😂

  13. Harriet Muthoni

    Killed it🔥🔥

  14. Lindsay R

    Vanessa’s hair is giving me life

  15. Tina Fortson

    Watching this and seeing him now he looks good with the beard

  16. Don’t give A damn

    Man I love the rap!!!!

  17. 1ma4ighter

    wait a minute. . . so Jewish is actually a race?!

  18. Jeremiah Hurley

    Is being Jewish makes you a part of a race ?

  19. Ralph _

    Soo funny!

  20. Janelle Allen

    Awesome 👍🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Rebecca Lash

    The uncle Barry looks nearly exactly like my dad

  22. JaacksonSpeears

    I looooove my man!

  23. Jenelle W

    Makes me laugh everytime!

  24. BIG D

    Don’t cash it for 90 days😂😂😂

  25. Adam Wallace

    Fuck drake his acting all ways sucked stick to sucking on birdmans dick.He cant rap everthing he does is fake.. I have never seen such a fake person he even stole from soldier boy.. Please don't sing no more god..

  26. Abood Life TV

    Now I know why Drake is actually famous , it's because he's half Jewish and black!! 😒

  27. TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate

    Being young I always was mad because I felt disadvantaged my whole life no Mom no body I was mad at people who had parents and family now I just be like we all gotta go

  28. TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate

    Tune It Up Barakh ata Adonia Eloheynu...

  29. GladsOTK

    They didn't meet for the 1st time when his parents got married?

  30. Maya Sharabi

    There are a lot of black Jews and not because they're mixed

  31. בן יצחק

    Guess Im just Jewish...

  32. BodaciousWickerman

    5:02 - 5:10! Yes Yes! Man like Drakob!

  33. Nathaniel Shalam

    My bar mitzvah is next week

  34. Gabe Sachse

    im white and jewish and i love all the jews in the comments

  35. אוריה שגיא

    מי ש ישראלי שיתן לייק

  36. Vania Orozco

    I watch this over & over again for his rap! This is basically the hyfr music video😂

  37. Erik Seidler

    Drakob lol.

  38. The One

    YouTube recommend...

  39. :5 ,

    The last thing SNL did that was actually funny. And that Dunkin' Donuts thing with that Afleck guy😂

  40. ManyGalaxy

    How did they get actual footage of staves bar mitzvah?

  41. Bardi Damn

    People are really fucking ignorant on black culture it’s getting fucking annoying

  42. Bardi Damn

    Drink every time he licks his lips

  43. Ofer Cohen

    Btw you can be jewish and black from both sides, lots of black jewish people living in Israel. Jewish dont mean white, its a religion... Saying my mom is jewish and my father is black is like saying my father is Christian and my mother's Chinese... Just saying ...

  44. PepePepere


  45. jeannette harvey

    You're actually a Jew because of your father not your mother because he is a black man. SMH

  46. Devorah Fried

    Knishes with my bitches 😂😂😂

  47. אורי מור


  48. Stephen Bruce

    america lol

  49. Joe Turner

    He wasnt raised around his black family till when?

  50. Joe Turner

    🤔 raps about drugs and poisen and genocide?

  51. Spoon Face

    One thing Drake has for sure is timing. Music, comedy, hosting, he’s got the rhythm down

  52. תאיר יחיא

    Proud of my religion.⁦✡️⁩

  53. reya porche

    Drake used to be kinda ugly😂

  54. WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    Only there black jew i know is Sammy davis Jr. , wait Lenny Kravitz??

  55. WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    Acts,sings, raps & is funny...

  56. This Real Real

    Yeah because being black means you're not jewish and being jewish makes you not black DUHH(Let's just pretend Ethiopean jews don't exist.) So can someone enlighten me than wich race makes you not christian, buddist, muslim etc?
    No but seriously, if he said he's dad's for example christian and his mom's jewish that would make sense. But why compare a race with a religion as if those two counterdicted each other?

  57. Marissa Roman

    And you are hilarious you're great at everything you do I think you should do a movie a funny one cuz you're funny your friend Marissa

  58. Marissa Roman

    This sketch is the bomb I always knew that he is so talented you go Drake. God bless you and your family

  59. Collinster Kannah

    The pickles are fucking plastic. They are toys

  60. Payton ThaProphet

    Drake look like a fish with a hairline

  61. emuna lepon

    אומיגאד מי פו מישראל 😄?¿

    אורי מור

    emuna lepon חחחחחח ימלךךךך

  62. Greg Santiago

    He said “I eat Hova with Nova.”
    Regardless bodied it, fire skit.

  63. London .CHANEL

    Be thankful you haven't been brought up in the Israeli colony, else, you would have been shot or discriminated against.. just like the real jews, Ethiopians.


    Or involuntarily sterilized



  65. aditi banerjee

    If he lost some more weight, he would make a great Obama

  66. Joaquin Ramos

    I'm Puerto Rican and Jewish..

  67. Riya Patel

    Why shape eye brows ? Not good on a man


    The only black jewish rapper who makes more money then any other rapper in the world because his people run Show business Facts 🙏🙏🙏 or the world Same shit lol

  69. Leslie Chow

    Drake: *breathes


  70. Mitchell Cutler

    i was there. it was well catered. I met some black jewish girls and I wasn't sure if I wanted to 'get wit them' or 'finaygle her kashmoygin!!!!"

  71. Jaunty Hat Society

    I play basketball and also know what a W2 is...almost choked to death at my desk

  72. Nelkon Nsamba

    Drake the only rapper appearing consistently in SNL. Respect

  73. Michael Booth

    Drake - when he was likeable.

  74. Gilad Pinkkusevich

    Drake is yours "Omer Adam"

  75. POP king

    לייק מי שישראלי

  76. pq az

    Venessal'e is the most suitable for playing a Jewish Mother

  77. Canais Young

    It's weird that he actually admitted he was on DeGrassi, when he was trying to forget that.

  78. Jamesblah

    Not try to be rude, love deake, but I didn’t find this funny

  79. realprophet1

    אם הוא יהודי, הוא לא היה מנגן את המוסיקה הבבלית. כדי לזלזל בנשים וכל זה ...

  80. Odeleya R

    מזל טוב

  81. Mr Wisdom

    Drake is the bomb. One of the best Snl performers they've had. His talent is out of this world. He's blessed beyond measure. 👓🙏🏽❤️

  82. Isaiah Quiah

    Drake is everything

  83. shlomi gabay

    איפה התגובות בעברית שאמורות להיות פה??
    Where are the Hebrew responses that are supposed to be here?

    N B

    הנה אחת

  84. אין לי שם


  85. Taiwo

    Drake brought that Black Jewish 🔥.

  86. TaniyA Hodge

    Clone drake he perfect 2 perfect

  87. TaniyA Hodge


  88. michael samson

    מזללל טוב !!!!

  89. JEB's LSG

    he is wearing a girls jacket


    Wow.drake is fake.Jewboy from the mean streets of Toronto,huh Aubrey???

    B Oche

    Thats a good thing.

  91. Sam Duch

    Now I love being jewish


    Great skit 🙌🏽👏🏽

  93. Abigail Hare

    Aa..Aubrey gram??

  94. Chris Cooper

    people love to ride a sub par mixed rappers penis .

  95. Micaela Ennion

    he is literally rapping to have nagila 😂😂😂😂

  96. Dayton Midwest

    Amazing. Love it. Great comedy and totally personal and emotional and the rap was on point!