Drake - 1Xtra Freestyle Lyrics

Who else really trying to mess with Hollywood Cole
I'm with Marley G though
Treating Birmingham just like my Hollywood shows
I'm trying to tell you something that you probably should know
This that Slum Dog Millionaire Bollywood flow and uh
My real friends never hearing from me
Fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me
That's why I pick and choose, I don't get shit confused
I got a small circle, I'm not with different crews
We walk the same path, but got on different shoes
Live in the same building, but we got different views
I got a couple cars, I never get to lose
Don't like my women single, I like my chicks in twos
And these days all the girls are down to roll
We hit the strip club, and all them girls find a pole
I live fast die young, never take it slow
Tell your girl to tell a friend that it's time to go
And tell me today's weather
I know they say they good, but trust me I'm better
I sound like the coldest Miami night ever
I'm cold but still hot you can't decide on a sweater
Really it's whatever
I am murdering and this is so amusing
If they're a sight to see then I am an illusion
I tell you I'm the man baby what is the confusion
And if they still sleeping on me, someone hit the snooze then
And keep sleeping while I sell a couple million
I'm headed for the moon, I ain't bout to hit the ceiling
I'm about to hit the club, women tell me I'm appealing
But fuck what they say let me tell you how I'm feeling
I'm drinking
These London street lamps got a real glow
Dizzy playing driving fast but it feels slow
And ask your man, he a hater, baby, he don't know
I could kick a punt and turn that shit into a field goal
This here was meant to get buried
I got a lot of things, I mention those barely
I ain't lying to the kids like the dentist ain't scary
I'm what Lebron was to Saint Vincent, Saint Marry
But I ain't playing high school games
Pullin McLarence through a McDonalds drive through lane
I'm to fly, I keep it hip hop like Afu-Ra
Baby girl on that Mclaren
You gotta lift the doors
Blades chopping through the city streets, liquid swords
I do it better than the best could
You know what it is, Drake and Tim Westwood

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Drake 1Xtra Freestyle Comments
  1. Rico Chapaneri

    Charlie sloth is the worst DJ ever, shut the fuck up bro and stop dropping those bombs you idiot

  2. Azzp 'Dubzy production's aka azzp m34 Azzp

    The best rapper ever he takes over Tupac easy.

  3. darshanvithlani86

    Charlie hits the siren 41 times 🚨🚨🚨🚨


    Is this much dank's 7 min version of fire in the booth?

  5. Chase Chu

    *That's fire in the booth my guy, THAT'S FIRE IN THE BOOTH*

  6. Angus Dope

    Drake: Freestyles
    Charlie: 🚨
    Drake: I like that

  7. lordfredplus

    Take a shot for every siren or glass breaking ... we all die

  8. Dani Tarigan

    Back here after WAR

  9. Aryn Mosadeghi

    This is annoying af

  10. charlllo14 FPS

    Fuck Charlie sloth and his shit effects

  11. soflynn22


  12. vi x2

    I feel like Drake saying "i like that" is the opposite. 🙈 Also him laughing, i feel like it's a rage laugh 😂

  13. Daniel Banks

    booo this sucks

  14. Stay Hydrated

    this nigga loud as fuck

  15. Jazz Singh

    1:51 even drake has to pull his headphones out looool

    Nick M

    Jazz Singh getting saucy lol

  16. Alt Fit

    N15.5er loving BBC at it again.

  17. Berns 6009

    It’s nearly the end of 2019 and legend says he still smashing that damn button 🚨🚨

  18. James Stewart Hodgson

    Whys my G Godzilla extra fresh brings best out of mrGR1M fire the booths blacing back wackster you lock the billing of I like the billboards ends to ends gto ac crober twintown Barnsley 12345 I stay alive vibe's freedom ant slaver high grade a Gstar my sidearms blow up senter stage

  19. Mr Toad

    Imagine how often that button needs replacing.

  20. Sadie Fazal

    That siren hurts the nerves in my brain. Is this a guy thing or something 🤦‍♀️

  21. Jay S

    Serious make up levels on this fitb sesh yo. Drake had a nice vybe tho on this beat

  22. Ryan Embay

    Employer: " Got any special skills?"

    Him: * Screams and hits the siren button*

  23. Nijy Islam


  24. The Only Separation

    Charlie is HORRIBLE!!!! 🌽🌽🌽🌽 never thought in my wildest dreams that someone would swagger jack DJ Khalid corny ass

  25. Mustafa Karemzadah

    2:04 and 3:28
    You’re welcome

  26. AndyCarroll8 on TikTok

    Drakes bars are dead 💀

  27. Unseen

    Lol, never gets old...

  28. Keston Skerritt

    Am this is so much crap yo, u need a few pointers from tory lanez on freestyle 🤣😂

  29. ActuallyIan


  30. mell

    I would have LAUGHED

  31. Cloud Jitsu

    This video proves Drake's Lyricality is back.

  32. dabmaster420 puff puff pass

    Fucking Cunucks

  33. Björn Official

    Nigga pushing that button like his mom told him not to.

  34. Cheese Baller

    Drake trash

  35. Mix Payne

    I swear to fucking god I want to eliminate that soundboard from this earth

  36. Darth Seti

    This man got a problem. BBC needs to hold a soundboard intervention.

  37. Realist

    I loved how he didnt overstep his mark with top boy.... but the same cant be said for how he acts on the sidelines for Toronto Raptors in the NBA

  38. C2 Productions

    Do *NOT* get this guy a nuclear launch button for Christmas.

  39. 1k subs with no videos

    im only here cause of muchdank and jesus this dude is fucking obnoxious

  40. prod. lexy

    this video gave me cancer
    how do i dislike it a second time ?

  41. Avannas

    This is absolute garbage. Broken sentences, very little flow, that god damn fat bitch. Drake is not very good at this.

  42. Avannas

    Dude, who the fuck is this fat douchebag?

  43. Francisco Alvarez

    Wtffffffff ahahaha

  44. Shorouq Tahraoui


    Was he speaking *british* ?

  45. Debz Mahj


  46. Cboesch Music

    Damn man chill on the board a bit my boy

  47. Maderbiich


  48. qusai eskangi

    That guy should calm the fuck down..
    Good god!!
    It's enough that he called drake the best.. i mean seriously who thinks that!?

  49. Lesego Rapoo

    Roll Safe has more views


    J.I.D would body you

  51. Let's play Pai Sho

    *l like that*

  52. Xilis Records

    I thought fucking funk flex could over hype niggas well clearly I was wrong

  53. Xilis Records

    How many times is he gonna hit that fucking siren 😣

  54. ejmcvay420

    I've watched this so many times and I'm just realizing how Drake mentions the paper cup. Seems like he really enjoys being there cuz this is fire

  55. battlecat


  56. battlecat

    Not gonna lie hes a good hype man lol

  57. call me eShuncho

    about charlie sound effects - 100%
    about actual bars -

  58. Jean-Paul Bays

    Is Drake too famous and rich for us to understand anything he's saying?

  59. CincoJayMaio

    Bruh he’s even annoying af in the original vid🤣


    what do P, C, and Drake have tatted on them lol

  61. marcell wilson


  62. Fungivibe inc.

    Too much, too much

  63. Cyrus Winter


  64. BlancoPop

    You can tell this whole thing is staged.

  65. ItWasHisHatMrKrabbsHeWasNumberOne !

    Who gave this nigga a line of meth to snort ?

  66. David Rock

    This is edited...
    Real one here

  67. Niksterkai

    That's why everyone hates the British

  68. innocent karangwa

    the one and only in the universe!

  69. Muhammad saeed

    charlie need to stop with those annoying ass notices

  70. akimboist

    this shit is so fucking cringe

  71. Terry Makichod

    Let's play a game...
    Take a shot *every time* Charlie presses a sound effect button. 😎
    Edit: This is a joke. Do this at your own risk.

  72. Art D

    “Private jets with 11, I’m on my Epstein shit”

  73. ssxldnxm

    please stop hitting that pad

  74. Augustus Bazzani

    Imagine sloth on coke

  75. Nick Barton

    Who else is here from MuchDank

  76. STATiSbeats

    This guys worse than funk flex jesus

  77. thepdw

    Thank God there's not a line about Epstein in here.

  78. Danny

    Lmfao! Fuck this jewish cunt!!!

  79. Danny

    This is trash, drake is wack!this dj is trashy as garbage!

  80. Thorn Watkins

    This is a MuchDank video in real life

  81. Purple Six Beats

    He really thinks drake likes those annoying fx so he keeps pushing them, he just tried to be polite lol.

  82. Sonata Mob

    Here for the Eleven perv bar

  83. Kanye West

    How much coke does that fat boy snort?

  84. Salvador Castillo

    Lame ass fucking flow LOL

  85. it's 2sum

    Who else here to see if the Eleven/Epstein line on here? 😂


    mandy maurier Seriously, let me know if the line is here! Haha!

    Jeff Bozier, Jr.

    Lol nah, it's not on this haha

    John Boone

    It ain’t on here


    I am also here for that but the staffers line is pretty close.......
    Make sure the staffers paid well. Make them think twice about the stories that they tell.


    Wouldn't be surprised if it was real but it was scrubbed from the web. Either


    I love how the DJ was in NO rush to get to the point 😂🤣

  87. itz DeTeX

    Bro plz chill with that I cant hear drake when you pressing that goddamn button screaming like a fat kid who just dropped his ice cream cone😕

  88. Nathan Gilchrist

    sorry but drake is not the best rapper, don't get me wrong he is good but there is only 1 best rapper and that's eminem FACT

  89. Kai Isaacs

    Drake is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  90. Atlantic Music

    Shut the fuck up Charlie🤣🤣🤣
    Stop those siren everytime you say something

  91. Bryan Salyers

    Somehow this is more absurd than the MuchDank video.

    AlreadyWoke Spared a Joke BarelySpoke Rarely Smoke

    Dude dead ass what the hell is this

  92. Sibusiso Maboya

    What time is it Charlie? 2 o'clock! We got the whole studio to ourselves... Ohkay

  93. Bigzy

    Every time I come back here to listen the comments never fail to make me laugh. Jus imagining bare Americans thinking wtf is this with Charlies antics Loooool

  94. Janith Abayadeera

    What’s the Boi-1da Track named ?

  95. Marcus lalremmawia sailo

    i came from Much Dank and i didnt find any difference at all. MD was on point.

  96. RICO

    Rapping starts at 2:10 and 3:28

    like to help niggas out

  97. PathToParadise

    Wouldn’t wipe my ass with this fire in the booth, bag of shit

  98. Feb

    Drake : how many times are you gonna push that button?

    Charlie : Yes