DragonForce - Inside The Winter Storm Lyrics

Strangers they come with the rise of the sun,
To escape from this madness forever,
Rivers will dry, bringing holes in the sky,
As the empire is fading away.

Silently march now, where the lost souls run wild,
In a time long forgotten, forever,
Pain brings us sadness at the dawn of the world,
But this nightmare will still carry on.

Through the day we'll find a way, we're lost beneath the stars,
Faceless they fall now, and we all stand as one,
Long wasted tears, but a light forever shining,
One stand one last demand to end it all.

[Pre chorus:]
Outside the world in a fallen land, turn away from our despair,
We stand alone in a silent dream, lost within eternally,
Whoa, oh oh ohh,
Whoa, oh oh oh ohh,
Rise again and try to understand.

A light for the world will save us tonight,
Redemption still so far away,
Marching on inside of our loneliness,
Still searching for all that remains.

And time will pass me by,
But I'm not so far away,
We're the sons of the land, our lifeblood runs into the ocean,
Tomorrow we're gone, our souls rising up to the sun.


It's just one wasted man in one wasted land,
Suffering, still burning, so alive,
It's just one wasted man, in one wasted land,
Until the end of time,
Inside the winter storm.

[Pre chorus]


It's just one wasted man, in one wasted land,
Suffering so far, and so alive,
It's just one wasted man, in one wasted land,
Until the end of time,
Inside the winter storm.

Inside the winter storm !

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DragonForce Inside The Winter Storm Comments
  1. Nick Shuffles

    Definitley one of my favourite songs from them!
    It always seems to take me *far away* into a land of imagination...
    Whenever times are rough I come back to visit this song and it really helps me see hope on the horizon of every problem I face :)
    TY Dragonforce for your magical music!

  2. Woodcock Johnson

    I'm just surfing through YouTube listening to a bunch of bands I've never heard of. I don't like this. This is cooch rock. Sounds like some Iron Maiden spin off song with a gay 1980's chorus.

  3. Gustavo Silva

    Isso não é uma música, isso é um Hino...

  4. JacobShack

    Arguably their best song. Every time I reach the end I find myself reeling from the glory.

  5. thefoxtrot 99

    Holy shit 😹

  6. Smallfryjaz

    Goddamn this song is so good

  7. AirTraffic Control

    This is metal

  8. Nico

    8 minute pure orgasm

  9. Draggo 2012

    3:59 Power metal!

  10. Runexavier FE

    These guys know how to use allegory for events that have taken place and will come to be on our earth. Just sayin

  11. Daniel Son

    It sucks that this album isn't on Spotify. I own the CD, and I think I can import it to my playlist. But yeah. Damn it. This was my fav song of theirs for like 2 years.


    But the song exists on Spotify

  12. Hayden Albert

    Up da dragonforce they r awesome

  13. EpicWafflehouse

    Currently mapping this for beatsaber

  14. Luiz Totman

    Best power metal band, this is number one

  15. xLiamCRx GF

    Guitar Flash :D

  16. Gabriel Godina

    Dude this song gets me high when I’m running

  17. Empanada Francesa

    03:58 Super Saiyajin Activated!


    @Empananda Francesa try Super Saiyajin 4 actually this soundtrack fits the feral nature of SSJ4 better than SSJ in my opinion.

    Empanada Francesa

    @Argonne Im agree with u dude

  18. вячеслав самур

    anyone from 2018?

  19. Nate Leonard

    #Minnesota winters ❄❄

  20. Behind you


  21. Tom J

    Great song, brings back tons of memories from shredding at the skatepark

  22. Hayden Albert

    This is sooooooo awesome luv it wooohooo

  23. Thorvald Stormhammer

    I was 777th like. Long Live Dragonforce!

  24. RobiKahfi02 Robikahfi

    really nice that music,i really like this song

  25. Saladave the Snivy

    playing pokemon mystery dungeon: gates to infinity to this music

  26. The Nuclear Llama

    Everyone always comments on how the guitarists are insanely awesome, but what about that poor drummer? He is constantly having to hit EVERYTHING VERY, VERY quickly, props dude!

    Levi For Waifu

    Bass/Drums are hardest instruments. Because if you make any mistake, EVERYONE will hear.

    Prospit MaidofBreath

    As a guy who has played with a steel drums corps it's because there are certain you could call cheats; when a person hits a drum that fast they aren't actually moving their hand or arm that fast they are doing a trick were your hand holds the stick in a very louse grip. Meanwhile on a guitar they are having to move that fast; though if you want the hardest instrument at that speed talk to any violinist.

    Brian Neijts

    they are all very talented :D


    dave mackintosh is a drumming boss

  27. Tis Bann

    carry on through the fire and the flames, done that, inside the winter storm done and seen that,burned my guitar and still kept going, to the evening star, hmmm DONE THAT. the blazin chikkin wants a challenge


    your insanity inspired me

  28. Gilgamesh

    Guitar Levels :
    god like

    [Asdf] Gam3r78

    do you know "thedooo" ? His a legend, he can play almost all songs that you know xDD

    ShanAnn Conner

    "Chinese" lol


    Asian* not Chinese lol

  29. Habituated Abnormality

    There's 'lel' in the video url

  30. Jason S.

    The last Journey home, Heroes of our time, Through the fire and flames, Fury of the Storm, My spirit will go on, Flame of youth, black fire, Revolution Deathsquad, The fire still burns, Soldiers of the Wasteland, Once in a lifetime, and Above the winter moonlight. All of my fav dragonforce songs


    Mine are: heroes of our time, through the fire and flames, fury of the storm, once in a life time, above the winter moonlight, a flame for freedom, lost souls in endless time, inside the winter storm, trail of broken hearts, dawn over a new world, and black winter night

    Vali Lucifer

    all of them are my favs, but the new album coming out has potential


    I have played more than 80 songs of dragonforce on Clone Hero


    This honestly sounds like a final boss theme, when the entire world is at stake, as every warrior fights for the world while memories of their journey flash through their heads.

    TheFrog Gaming

    it does


    This should be the song playing during the storm in frostpunk.

  32. Eternal Nightmare

    5:53 - 6:03

  33. Randoman35

    So gr8 m8 no need to h8, I r8 6/7

    Eirika sacredstones

    +Randoman35 9/11 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. Silenc9

    one of the best, if not the best dragonforce song in my opinion. Absolutely love this song, so freakin awesome


    @Dave My 2 favorites is this one and Fury of the storm. I play drums so i kinda make them a little more intense with my own play when I play them


    +Arex Fury of the Storm is the reason I started listening to this band and also intense songs like this one are the reason why she's the number one band for me..It's been almost 3 years by now, it's preety cool that you can play their songs.. I wish I could do it to


    @Dave Yeah but you get so tired after playing one song. I sometimes cant play more after a Dragonforce song, but its still fun


    This actually is my #1 song from them.


    i wouldn't say the best but totally underrated. Flames is my favorite

  35. verlis is life

    4:27 Soldiers of the Wasteland


    +Ariel Ace And in Three Hammers they took a riff from Revolution Deathsquad.

    verlis is life

    +Randoman35 Where? I don't hear it. =(


    @Ariel Ace In the fast duple-metered section of the guitar instrumental.


    +Ariel Ace True, the ryhtm is the same just a bit faster, but have you noticed that there are several songs more who have similar rythm with each other?

    verlis is life

    Yep. Sign of the Winner by Heavenly sounds a lot like Gamma Ray's Strangers In The Night.

  36. James Bondoc

    Epicness in 8 mins

  37. Saurus

    Man this is amazing! These were the days...

  38. Ryan M.

    Wow, this takes me back to when I used to listen to them, or rather first heard of them, back in 2007, FUCKING AWESOME.

  39. Mr. Cold

    I don't usually listen to Dragonforce for the vocals, the instruments are amazing, they must have to replace them after every recording session, Prometheus fire consumes them everytime!

  40. Riley The Flaming Wookie Cookie

    Two people crave wiener! XD


    @Riley The Flaming Wookie Cookie Which is how it works. Saying mature things does not make you mature, because you mature naturally, yet saying immature things DOES make you immature. There's a line between playfulness and immature that you learn over time.

    Riley The Flaming Wookie Cookie

    @MAXimumRPG Ok then. 


    5 people now.


    Lmao wtf

  41. Radin Nidar

    Dragon Force IDOL!!!

  42. Frost S.

    DragonForce should be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. +1 if you agree.

    Greg Sanossian

    Metal hall of fame

    Renan Leite

    I agree

    Sarim Faruque

    They never even bother to put Iron Maiden there.

    Krystian Głogowski

    They're definitely very recognizable and iconic in power metal genre


    dragon force isntrock and roll libtard

  43. Jose Ruiz

    big fan cleared the sky it dont snow here any more 

  44. Dan Kayur

    It's certainly mine!
    Well, that or "yeah".

  45. Callum Hales-Jepp

    nope, it "so far away"

  46. chilnvillain

    this is a kick ass song

  47. iwearpants13bro

    @Drake Gentzel They have two really good guitar players playing very fast with the notes synced up

  48. FPS Voltage

    or so far away

  49. Fafnir Gaming United


  50. Fafnir Gaming United

    this is like being muther f***ing f***ed by a celebrity but with more pleasure :D

  51. Fafnir Gaming United

    my favorite 0:00 18:12 x10000000000000000000000 times listened

  52. Traestaree

    it's both. :)

  53. Teemu Valonen

    You're wrong. It's "So far awayyyyyy...."

  54. koalakupcake

    dragonforce FTW :D

  55. jb111082

    yeah, but it's an epictacular "Woah"

  56. Angelica Hurtado

    can't stop listening to this song!!!!!

  57. Bananablob

    @Xanza781 Right after "Far away"

  58. Anubis893

    @lmlA7Xlml tbf you are a complete stranger.... ;)

  59. Anubis893

    those beautiful notes at 4:54 to 5:21 almost put me in tears, how can you make such life fulfilling sounds with a guitar? i bow down to you dragonforce!

  60. digipoke12345

    @Xanza781 Or 'SO FAR AWAY!'

  61. B S

    This is my favorite DF song.

    I'd call it the best, but then you people would tell me which ones are better :P

  62. Zezku The Gaming Celesteon

    actually the whole song is insane guitaring and it is a very good song

  63. Derek Bumgarner

    the guitar parts r insane

  64. 43fastcars

    best songs: strike of the ninja, valley of the damned, this one:P, ttfaf, and fury of the storm... so uh yeh........dragonforce pwns

  65. truKarmaCode

    Dragonforce is just a kick ass band and all of their songs kick the most ass.
    Dragonforce Kicks ass!

  66. Wrapture

    This statement only applies if you're a brand new DragonForce fan.

  67. rupertroberto

    this song is quality. it has the best lyrics of any dragonforce song

  68. solar464

    their best song is above the winter moonlight it terms of pure quality, dramaticness, and emotion. (im not saying that because its my favorite either, operaton ground and pound happens to be my favorite)

  69. MRX2099

    they play at about 100 mph on the guitar and drums.

  70. FlippieCocu

    This is my second favourite song of DF, after Cry For Eternity. It's awesome!!

  71. B S

    Is it just me, or are there a lot of fluctuations in volume in this vid?

  72. stefan429

    doesnt anyone else think that theyre getting a little softer or is it just me?
    i like them cuz their fucking fast and powerful but theyve slowed down a little this album...did anyone else notice?

  73. kevnar

    Asking why powermetal bands sing about fantasy themes is like asking why blues singers sing about the blues.

    Gopnic Otaku

    Or why 90% of pop singers sing about heartbreak or why rappers sing about drugs.


    Or hoes and fucking

  74. Wasp87

    one of the DragonForce you can make love to hahahahahahaha

  75. Michael A

    fucken sick song one of the best on this album...

  76. Wasp87

    I totatly fucking agree.This would have to one of their most beautiful songs

  77. Jimbobob5536

    Dragonforce is awesome.
    All their album's have cool names too.
    "Ultra beatdown"
    "Inhuman Rampage" etc.


    the album names? what about the song names?

  78. CenturionRyan

    For the lyrics, don't fix it if it ain't broke.

  79. W Defender

    I think "Woah" may be their favorite lyric.

    Realm of the misunderstood

    W Defender nah it’s “so far away”

    Gopnic Otaku


  80. truKarmaCode

    One stand one last command to end it all.
    Outside the world in a fallen land, turn away from my despair,
    We stand alone in a silent dream, lost within eternity,

    is the best part of the song

  81. AnimeCrazy687

    I HEAR THAT!!!!!! LOL

  82. Jack Ulsprat

    The drummer does stick to a single beat, but if you watch one of their concerts on YouTube, the drummer's the only one who can actually keep up.

  83. nomorecakes

    this has to b my favorite DF song on there new album pumps me up for running and hockey XD

  84. Joyless_Division


  85. Lrllrr

    lol you're dumb too. i won't bother. keep saying "change the beat" all you want.

  86. Nick Bonsanto

    What does what Cannibal Corpse sings about have anything to do with Dragonforce's drummer? I do listen to a lot of power metal, love the music but the lyrics make me chuckle often. And while DF's drummer is good, he uses the same beat for EVERY SONG. Listen to 3 DF songs at the same time, you can't tell the difference lol.

  87. Lrllrr

    lol i can tell you don't listen to power metal much. the "beat" is normal and commonly seen in a lot of power metaal songs."get a new beat" lol...it's like saying cannibal corpse sing about fairies and flowers.

  88. truKarmaCode

    just a little lol

  89. Andrew Telepak


  90. Andrew Telepak

    swear much?

  91. Andrew Telepak

    ultra beatdown
    it says in the description

  92. Nick Bonsanto

    Finally atleast they have a song with winter storm in it... Now they can't use the lyric on a cold dark winter night, on a nice night in winter, or anything with FUCKING WINTER IN IT! Comeone drummer get a new beat...

  93. Ryan

    oh, and it looks like this is theme music for WoW:WotLK

  94. Ryan

    So true, it is Soldiers of the Wasteland part 2

  95. truKarmaCode

    HOly Shit FUck one of the Best SOngs I've ever fuckin heard...shit fucking amazing

  96. blanedale



    the beginning sounds like Revolution Deathsquad.