DragonForce - Fallen World Lyrics

Soldiers of Fire
Rage of the Universe
Cold steel and bloodshed
In the Lost Barren Wasteland

Fear Rising Higher,
Rage of the Winter War
Death calls and night fall,
Our Hatred Still burns us

We march through endless skies
Mankind will Fall, Death will arise

For Our Lifetime we fight without reason,
Still we wait for the warrior's return
Though we're cast out and broken, we still carry on
Alone in a lost fallen World

Flames burning higher,
Curse of the winterland,
Black, torn, and twisted
In the fast-fading twilight

Storm winds still flowing,
Still chase our destiny,
Death calls and night fall
Our curse with be lifted

Disguise these timeless cries
Brave men will fall, evil will rise!


Still heroes were born,
With promises so black,
The light at the end of the road which we all must light!


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DragonForce Fallen World Comments
  1. Axel Ninjago

    Megadeth:That's cute


    Why are there obnoxious Megadeth fans everywhere

  2. Vrdy JR

    Speed 0.75x Hardcore.

  3. 21st Century Stops

    Best line
    Soldiers of fire!!

  4. Vali Lucifer

    This is the first dragonforce song I ever heard but it sounds like cry thunder on steroids

  5. Електро Максимум

    Охренеть, вот это скорость. Тут и сказать больше нечего

  6. The Shane

    Dragonforce is better even with Marc Hudson and ZP Theart. They all are good.

  7. tobster and dee bearspaw

    Sounds like a good song to go with devil may cry game

  8. John Charnley

    These guys are awesome! Like Iron Maiden on speedball!

  9. 沙緒里後藤


  10. Guardian-Angel

    The song is slow as hell. Don't forget to set the speed to 2.0x, guys!

  11. TulRid

    can someone make a drum track to this song

  12. N'zoth

    I prefer marc over zp

    Dont roast me pls :3

  13. Rachel Logan

    480 bpm wtf

  14. Azazeru Nightmare

    whoever like is a GOOOOD boy!

  15. JMX 41

    They don't be scared by a rope break 😁🤘

  16. Shoki The guardian


  17. Dino Productions

    The beginning sounds like an anime OP lol

    Dead Meme

    like an old style anime, if you get what i mean. Weird looking anime's like naruto or shit lmao

    Creative Name

    A lot of DF songs sound anime imo.

  18. KoD83

    I just heard "Soul Source - Heroes (at Heart)" which sounds very damn similar to DF - Fallen World...
    and it came out in 2011, a year before this. Did Sam nick that? haha

  19. Dynamorphic

    What happened to ZP anyways?? Why did he quit?

  20. Randoman35

    What is that sound at 0:18 that sounds like claves?

  21. Joaopaulo Almeida

    me de papai!!!!!!

    Karlisson THE BASSMAN

    Eoq ? :v

  22. Simon Mathiasen

    expiriment #005 2x speed. its getting to much for me im gonna stop my research here

  23. Deku nut from smash

    When you thought through the fire and flames was the fastest

  24. Deku nut from smash

    Should be a street fighter song

  25. MetalMaDNeSS

    fastest song


    Now it's ''The Game''

    bjarke _l

    hardly, just listen to astral empire


    @bjarke _l in terms of BPM it's still The Game. If memory serves, Astral Empire is 225bpm while The Game is 240bpm


    an8248 240? I heard something else

    Rhyez and Shine ツ

    IDontNotDoThings while Fallen world is 480

  26. Logan Hudson

    almost forgot how much i love metal

    Razgriz 1

    Welcome back brother!
    One does not simply forget about metal without metal also forgetting about you


    No soy como que muy fan de Dragon Force pero esta canción se Mamó está buenísima :D EN pleno sábado 2 setiembre 2017

  28. CrafterOfWorlds

    just gonna leave this here, hope someone sees it.
    Is it herman lye or herman lee? (pronunciation i mean)

  29. hunter affleck

    I liked zp theart a little better . But I loved how there going through basically different genres in mostly each song. I loved there old stuff but I think it gets more fans for more different sounds. Love the hell out of dragonforce

  30. DarkCity94

    Am I the only one who prefers Marc over ZP?


    Nope. Take my updoot.

    Lanz khoo

    Its for fitting for Marc

    Vali Lucifer

    In edge of the world Marc was a god especially at that death metal like shit

    Marco Feliciano

    EH same

  31. Rough

    many of you reading the comments probably didnt know this, but a new DForce album comes out in 2 months

  32. Refy


  33. Simon R. Cosbren

    OMG... 240 bpm !!! Uncredible !


    this isn't 240, closer to 220

    Rhyez and Shine ツ

    Aymbaut it’s 480

  34. Not Chris

    I wonder if UKOGMonkey has fc'd this yet.


    I actually fc'd it

  35. Daniel Of Tamriel

    Sounds weird on speed 2 lol.

    Killua Hg

    oh really

    Daniel Of Tamriel

    +Killua Hg yup

    Killua Hg

    LoL, that insta-reply

  36. 404 not found

    when i went to the doctor with extreme carpel tunnel syndrome and degloved hands all i had to do was play this song and he understood

  37. Da-Ja's Quality Crap

    Of course he's no ZP, *get over it!* We all know it by now. But how about appreciate Marc's own special Power Metal talent, because ZP's *gone*. This song in particular really shows how far DragonForce has come, with one of their most badassly dramatic and exponential choruses ever! But more importantly? Some top, *top* tier instrumental quality, with a lot more intricate mixups and strings (I come from the world of Fighters, big surprise right?) than most 8-minute songs even bother with! And a kickass intro like what's totally not ever present. The band may well be confirmed dead as of (FRIGGIN' 'MAXIMUM OVERLOAD') but Power Within was arguably their most alive moment since Valley of the Damned!...

    ...And there's my 5-minute spill for the day...whew!...

    David Fraser

    @Da-Ja Thinks They really did, and wrote it well. That solo is also really fun to play on keyboard :D


    Have you listened to Reaching Into Infinity?  not their greatest album, but a small return to form in some songs besides their shitty ballad, 11 minute song and that stupid song called "War!".


    Who the fuck is ZP?

    Nathan Gehman

    @Da-Ja's Quality Crap I do think that Fields of Despair has one of the best choruses of all time, but I wouldn't go as far as to say best metal song or even best DF song of all time. I would much prefer Judgement Day. Then again, it all does come down to opinion, like you said.

    Vali Lucifer

    MARC PERFECTED HIS VOICE IN REACHING INTO INFINITY SO DONT FUCKING DOUBT HIM. I do agree tho war and silence from R.I.I. were terrible

  38. Lord Arvadus

    It's too bad the new singer is tone deaf xD what I mean is that his pitch seems to be all over the place ergo, he can't hold a tone.

    Da-Ja's Quality Crap

    +Francis Zornek Defenders, Fallen World, Wings of Liberty and Avant Le (WHATEVER)? These are just a few of the greatest DF songs I've ever heard! Others would definitely be Inside the Winter Storm, The Last Journey Home, Storming the Burning Fields, Fields of Despair, Valley of the Damned, Starfire and Heart of a Dragon, in no particular order. Although Fields of Despair has always been on top for my past year of DF experiences (always will be)

    I guess it's just Marc is less tiring to listen to with how much less random tone swinging he does and rings out less; he's a more natural fit for the band and as a metal band singer. BUT. This can be a bad thing as well when you consider how generic he is singing this genre and how much the music is almost all that's carrying the band now. It's easier to introduce ZP era DF as unique and satisfying musical works of art, but Marc really makes it sound like...metal? You can't appreciate his presence without appreciating the history of the band!

    Francis Zornek

    +Da-Ja Thinks i like heros of our time fallen world i enjoy seasons i love the maximum overload album zp and marc are great singers for DF but i like Marc 10 times better

    Francis Zornek

    +Da-Ja Thinks one thing about DF ever since Zp left i think the band itself is prospering and maximum overload album is just out of this world

    Francis Zornek

    +Da-Ja Thinks but it be cool for marc and zp to do something together i think it would work

    Da-Ja's Quality Crap

    @Francis Zornek And do you know why you're right about the band's development? And probably wrong (blunt but true) about a team-up-together kind of deal? ZP left...because of disagreement in musical opinion! Why do you think he just went and formed his own other band? They got a long fine, but the band couldn't keep working like they did so magically back in the Valley of the Damned days, and maybe we can explain away why Ultra Beatdown was so crap. I don't really mind I Am I either, but power metal is just what really draws me.

  39. Antho

    DAT TAPPING! 2:53 <3

    Bo Diddly Squid Niddly

    +Anthony Cruz It sounds good, but its actually Vadim the keyboardist, Sam comes in right after where you hear the "auto-wah" effect

    David Fraser

    ive done this on a keyboard. Its really fun xD

    JameX Martinez Ugaz

    It's actually Sam and Vadim together in that part

  40. Syazwan Ruslaine

    Most of the time, Dragonforce sound better if they are more straight to the point. This song is really one of their best I've ever heard!

  41. spencer mcbride

    Dude, this new singer is really bad. He sounds so bad compared to ZP.

    Bianca Musial

    I actually like him. It's just that, compared to ZP, he will never be as good. He's as good of a replacement as they could get though. I am glad they chose him.

    spencer mcbride

    He sounds way too similar to the bulls for my valentine singer


    He sounds nothing like Matt...

    Francis Zornek

    i enjoy Zp but i think Marc the new singer is just as good and better Zp had his style and Marc has his way of doing things in DF

    Francis Zornek

    spencer mcbride last singer was awesome but i disagree with you on that new singer i feel is 10 times better but zp and marc have they own style of leading DF

  42. xzemiyl

    I like  more Dragonforce's first singer, but Hernan stills here, this is good

    Sonic Firestorm

    +Randoman35 HerMan to the rescue!


    @BGM *Herman


    @Randoman35 That's the joke


    Herman =/ Hiswoman


    Also Sam. Fake fans always forget SAM TOTMAN.

  43. Lim Jahey

    Whoever disliked this is a hardcore fan of justin bieber:


    Oh come on.. Justin Bieber isn't even that bad.
    But yes. Whoever disliked this is fucking lame.


    @Dynamorphic Justin Bieber is really that bad, and then some.


    @Randoman35 you guys are so fucking pretentious

  44. cat4514

    well actually too many songs are equally good

  45. cat4514

    best DF song is die by the sword. The last journey home, heart of a dragon, operation ground and pound are the next 3

  46. ShadowCammando24

    This song is so badass

  47. Chad Thompson

    Dat solo!

  48. TheStranger _

    Is ZP Theart the guy who sang through the fire and the flames

    Dennis van der Wijst

    all the songs before this album really

    TheStranger _

    Never realized i wrote this two years ago. Well i know of those who replied might not see this but thanks for the info.

  49. Josh Sonon

    Alright, first off, I love how the music link in the description is for Cry Thunder. Second, this song would make a great background for a video game commercial about post-apocalyptic survival and all that jazz.

    Vali Lucifer

    Jazz? not attacking you here but saying that in a power metal comment section? Really? (JK, I know what you meant)


    This song fits a story i started writing a little too perfectly XD paired with a tinge of Last Man Stands and boom...story i a nutshell

  50. seth toney

    They are not equal ZPs got him but gotta admit he brings his own style and it's pretty good too

  51. Octavio Alfeo

    dragoforce you are great!!!

  52. The Indigo Experiment

    No. It's a valid strategy.

  53. Jay/Fam; El Nerdo Gamer-o

    Am I a bad person for falling for Nightwish and Dragonforce without knowing who ANY of the band members are? It just keeps me out of fanbase trouble.


    Is Nightwish a good band for someone who loves dragonforce? I havent heard their stuff yet

    Discord Lexia

    Listen to the album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful". It's my favourite album. They're a bit more... Intense... than DF though. Less fun and more deep. At least, EFMB is.

    Arcane Furor

    I know this is 4 years late. But I've listened to both for a long time. I see nothing wrong with it

  54. Rauan


  55. Jayvey Airson

    Marc= thor. Herman Li= the guitar hacker. the two and only most awesome people in the world have joined with some other band members and formed one to rule them all. DRAGONFORCE.

  56. WhoTextedMeInClass


    Joanete Tragano

    The game

  57. DarksomeRaven

    Alone in a lost fallen world

  58. The Indigo Experiment

    Eh, I'm just planning on ignoring the fanbase for a few months. When it blows over, I'll start talking again.

  59. The Indigo Experiment

    That... may be the most intelligent thing I have read on this website.

    Good job.

  60. Niv Rh

    This is one of the songs that you can hear for hours and play assassins creed ! love dragonforce!

  61. The Indigo Experiment

    So I'm a Nightwish fan, and that particular fanbase tends to argue about whether Tarja or Anette is the better singer. I thought it was ridiculous and incredibly intrusive. They're both great singers. Then I get into Dragonforce.

    And I look at the comments on Youtube videos.


    Th3 Troop3r[TLS]

    The Indigo Experiment u gei lel

  62. NeoiGaming1337

    My personal favorite song. I can't wait for Dragonforce's new album. They are recording this month.
    Keep up the good work, AeonofOblivion!
    Long live Dragonforce!

  63. Resurrected Reviews

    No. If you bought the cd you have a booklet in there and somewhere at each song you have those random lines. Sorry my english sucks

  64. Linde

    guys, just leave it on MARC AND ZP EQUAL!
    and still, the music is the most important

  65. Linde

    herman, sam and hermans hair are all genius!!

  66. Linde


  67. Conrad Shtock

    are these like your favorite lines from each song?

  68. ShiningwingX

    I understand. I never said I didn't like ZP. Hell, my favorite DF song is Heroes of Our Time (ZP). All I'm saying is that I like Marc's vocals more. I think his voice really fits with the rather heroic theme that DragonForce portrays in their songs. I agree with you that fans shouldn't fight about it though. DF is and always will be awesome and rather you prefer Marc or ZP, that fact is something that both sides can agree on.

  69. NeoiGaming1337

    I agree that Marc is an amazing singer. And that Dragonforce made the right choice with him. But ZP is an amazing singer. Honestly, I don't know who I like more, but I just don't want the fact that ZP was replaced to tear the fans apart and create a huge argument. I really like Marc, but i will ALWAYS have an attachment to ZP.

  70. SaberJet

    i have to agree w/ you they found the perfect replacement, REPLACEMENT but you can never replace ZP that's why this album just inset the same in all respects. but that's just my opinion

  71. abu hanifah

    Herman Li Top Guitarist In The World :D

  72. ShiningwingX

    Okay... I know I may get flak for this later, but I'm going to be up front here. I like Marc more than ZP. There I said it.

    I don't see what people's problem is with Marc. Maybe I don't understand because I'm a relatively new DragonForce fan and don't have the 'attachment' to ZP that some might. Now, I'm not saying ZP was bad... not by a long shot. He was an amazing singer, and I love the old albums. I simply think the band found the perfect replacement in Marc.

  73. Luiz Fernando de Jesus Ribeiro

    0:00 - 4:08

    Dave Mackintosh smashed in this song!
    Herman Li & Sam Totman, without comment...
    Vadim & Léclerq, too...
    Marc caused an powerful wave of quality of power metal.
    Simply AMAZING!!!


    Mto foda msm
    Very good song

  74. karaouq

    good song :D

  75. Ryukrulesapples

    Not bad, though I am not a fan of Marc, This would be amazing with ZP.

  76. xtomom _

    BEST (not official) DragonForce Channel! :D

  77. grizzfang

    quality is so good compared to the other vids :O

  78. AeonofOblivion

    "With so much horror from our past and present, is this the world we are living in?"