Dr. Hook - Sleeping Late Lyrics

Sleeping late, sleeping late

Whenever I sleep late you know I can dream
Some of the strangest things that you've ever seen
I could never tell you the things that I do in my head
Leaving nothing unsaid, sleeping late in my bed

Sleeping late, sleeping late

Sometimes I'm embarrassed by devious thoughts
When I'm undercover let me never get caught
Crazy notions begin with that old devil grin on my face
We're such a disgrace, me and my pillow-case

Sleeping late, sleeping late
Sleeping late, sleeping late

The blissful state of sleeping late has been known to compensate
And sometimes even stimulate
I for one appreciate, sleeping late
Ain't it great sleeping late

Sleeping late, sleeping late

Live and in colour, my wildest of dreams
The best ones are re-runs if you know what I mean
I don't believe I can wait for that clock to stop ringing in my ear
It's so lovely here, I may sleep for a year

Sleeping late, sleeping late
Sleeping late, sleeping late.....

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Dr. Hook Sleeping Late Comments
  1. Teresa McMeans

    Love!!❤️ Dennis is too cute!!😍

  2. Evelyne Partial Preterist Christian

    I'm gonna add this song to my 256GB phone. I love it 😘

  3. Sherry Robillard

    What can say about about these guys they’ve gave us such variety and had fun doing it ❤️🇨🇦

  4. Yokai Kitten

    These guys fought me, that I never wanted to date a man. Unless he could make me laughs alot! Thanks guys!

  5. Sherry Miller

    love it

  6. Thomas Deenihan

    Currently doing a tour of youtube with Dr Hook. What a great band with a great sense of humour....

  7. Cindy Rizzato

    I'm in!!! ♥

  8. MaryJane Hairabedian

    This is one of his many songs I love... can this guy ever sing a bad song ... *NOT!* <3.

  9. Sinead Colgan

    2+ ppl didn,t have any devious thoughts or re-runs