Doves - The Greatest Denier Lyrics

The English skyline
Falls down to the future
No one noticed
In this Empire

Cause I'm the greatest denier
And I will cut you if you look

The English bloodline
Clashes in the sun
No one noticed
We are coming down

Well I'm the greatest denier
But I can cut you with a look

Clashes in the sun
Don't speak of it

I'm the greatest denier
I was the greatest denier
And I can cut you with a look

Clashing in the sun
Start a revolution

Couldn't sleep since then
Wake you up when we're done

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Doves The Greatest Denier Comments
  1. higher ground

    understated brilliance.

  2. moorzymoores

    Is this about mid 80's tights?




  3. mnannoni

    Adoro questo pezzo,fa parte del mio mondo e del mio pensiero di visione del paesaggio, come nei miei quadri....Grande pezzo da ascoltare attentamente,lo proporrò al mio gruppo, sono vivo eccome se siono vivo........stò realizzando....

  4. Oskar Persson

    This song had top gear in the saab tribute ! :)

  5. Andreas Argyrou

    yeahhhhh top gear

  6. atmobile1

    I think that instrumental of this song is better.

  7. WhiteRoseMOT

    top fuckin band

  8. colintierney

    can't really beat that....

  9. quimjizz

    my fave track off this album - me loves it!!

  10. TheLucvD

    good song

  11. Ty McCrary

    saw a video on mtv2 with people pulling horses out of a burning barn, loved doves since. go sooners (in oklahoma, not a cowboy) black??!!? cant help it. doves are awesome

  12. XXFrancisXX

    makes me proud to be working class englishmen and this song nearly takes the storm, off as my fav doves track but i said nearly ;P

  13. permaveg

    I noticed that too, also nods to Kraftwerk,+ smiths can be heard. I am stunned how good the album is. You know your Joy division !

  14. permaveg

    Thats very interesting, what with the Rob Greton connection as well, i feel the Doves are going to be very important in the scheme of things to come.

  15. dermotoblong

    well spotted!

  16. Ginger c

    U right, and Natalie Curtis (Ian Curtis' daughter) did some pics of Doves, she's a fan of this sublime band.

  17. jolleyjames13

    Should be number one on saturday. By far the best album of the year!

  18. fletchdies

    Such a well crafted piece of genius!